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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 05/09/13

May 9, 2013|

We tackle four or more topics we haven't yet touched on today... the worst HR call ever in MLB?, Lying, Belichick and Tebow and more.

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-- And now -- -- Silicon Valley store already roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And remember that scene promised or at least comfort them. Over. Last night in Cleveland Oakland's Adam Gonzales should have been in the game tying home run. The planet -- being double of the umpires went by -- and has reviewed the replay an uphill but don't. Everyone whose -- they hit you with a home run beyond a shadow of doubt. Only four people on the ball or -- exits and please everybody else it was a home including their announcers when it came here later. I I don't get it I don't know what the explanation would be when when everybody else involved or knew it was a home run I went and looked at it later clearly. It hit the railing behind -- man. I'm at a loss complete loss. What should be MLB do to rectify this situation I was Bob Melvin right. Yes I have with them hit it he's at a loss I'm at a loss to you guys have seen it if you look at it there's no doubt. Hit the railing there Jacobs Field a progressive or whatever -- call -- now. Should and home run game over here's my problem Major League Baseball and it's an obvious fix Joseph Torre. Who works with the league office now executive vice president he says by rule the decision to reverse the call by use of -- -- plays at the sole discretion of the crew chief. It was a judgment call and as such its -- that final. And there's your problem do not have these replays at the sole discretion discretion. Of that crew. Have central casting have some place in New York old ball Peoria I don't care where it is. You're looking at the live feed of the game. If there's a controversial call somebody removed from the situation looks at the video and makes that call Major League Baseball should do that. And they showed. Re playing that ninth inning they're not gonna do it but that. A patient is bishop the problem -- I don't disagree than giving you said except that the NFL doesn't need to do at the NFL's been just fine allowing the head official the rep three in each game to make the final call on replay that that this everywhere officials there they are but ultimately the play the decision is -- -- -- -- -- different. Because they're going upstairs here there's a replay official removed from. All the action on the field so they're working together they are working in this case is it just it just -- right. But that's not the real problem. That would be a temporary solution is a real brought a real problem is guys like Angel her name or Angel Hernandez he -- well here -- our guys like him they have their other guys like him in baseball but he is the chief culprit among them -- -- -- -- to me. A former pitcher just wondering -- -- -- he's batter right here he's a bad on how bad is the you remember was yeah. Well enough to remember that everyone and I mean every one. Considered him to be the worst one in the -- combination of terrible at his job arrogance and I asked. And that's pretty that. And yet because the -- the umpires association their union is so strong. A guy like him gets to continue to run rough shot in 1991 I read article today from 199122. Years ago when -- -- Tripoli umpire global horrible call. Buffalo license game. The stories then. About Angel Hernandez were that he wanted to be the story in the -- want it to be well known to be in the middle of the spotlight a lot of money to yes I don't know how does Major League Baseball. If they can't -- how they stand back and let this year it is so aggravating. Watching a guy that wants to be the show when you were nothing more than an umpire. -- The Tim Tebow dilemma continues according to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports Bill Belichick quote hates Tebow as a player. David Caldwell new GM of the Jacksonville Jaguars apparently took the job of jaguars promised him they would -- Tebow will Tim Tebow ever start another and it. Personal do we believe the Bill Belichick actually needs to Idaho Blair now. I don't the fact that Belichick may have said to somebody in no way convinces me that that's actually how Bill Belichick feels it is Lotus he may not love them as a quarterback is a drop back passer it's hard to imagine anybody loving him as a drop back passer. Yeah. Yeah yeah it. But I refuse to believe that Belichick doesn't see some value in Tim Tebow and -- doesn't mean it's enough to take him on his own team. But I I just I I don't know my gut tells me that he doesn't he he's been hired me. Of Tim Tebow is game as to whether or not he'll ever play again it's looking real -- form. Nobody seems to want on the GM in Jacksonville was saying I wouldn't even take the job unless I have an assurance that they would not pursue Tebow. That's happening in Jacksonville people feel that strongly about you it's hard to see how he. Finally why is it David Caldwell general manager of the jaguar I can understand why you said that because Tim Tebow from the area and he has to say I'm not gonna take the job. If if you're gonna force -- do this because he wants assurances. That he's going to be able to make the decisions. That he wants and not just decisions based on. Marketing and though the local. The local fervor. Four for Tim Tebow and -- and various fervor there he wanted -- -- football. What reasons not much have you seen they've they've got a petition these people are trying to put pressure on the president -- some with our United States. Take ought to intervene -- can you imagine doing that and the fact that this act that well imagine I thought process area opening economic cameras. Asked the president of the united what state like after make a decision. Until deep under the petitions. The president in the eighties publicity he's got to meet those two Olympics -- -- -- other actors that I -- don't have that -- he's the local hero here in Boston how dare he be on the Chicago Bears the petitioned the residents. To get Doug Flutie back in a treat you know why he has time because those college basketball teams -- more relevant in the Jacksonville Jaguars but I do think. You got -- I do think Tim Tebow. Will play in the National Football League and happy to be pretty good when he does do. -- During this NFL offseason their eight head coaches hired in seven general managers hired by teams all of whom were white. Of the fifteen job openings not a single minority candidate was hired is the Rooney rule working. -- -- service that's where. There -- a fifteen job Zocor -- your job openings all of the hired candidate or white right or our way and a question of what is the Rooney rule are. Over fifteen. I'm what is de Mayo ominous is that working the way supposed to now here's the good. The good thing is that. There's a job interview. You are you're guaranteed to be in front of an owner whether or owner or general manager. That's the good news bad news is -- -- it may not be listening to it words you say or they may have their own ideas of who was gonna lead the franchise. And you don't get a shot. I think it needs to be some people think tweaked. It does need to be rethought it go back to the drawing board and in what he wanted to -- -- sad. Overall and of the big victories it's sad that certain. Franchises. Have to be forced to do this -- -- that. You would think it would open up a job search to everybody. And and and hired the best candidate of the fact that you have to have a rule. To make you look at the entire field is pathetic I agree you it is pathetic it's sad that it needs to happen that way but. The fact that his one year did not yield any African Americans GMs or coaches. Or anyway. You anyway. It was an applicant this year next year now that is go so well known. Bring -- -- interview with no with no intention of hiring -- just for entertainment purposes are definitely -- -- programs. The -- -- He's. You would do. Do we have. Do we have the auto -- song we get a play that after four -- -- -- -- -- Men's health recently did a study about lying between men and women according to the study men like most. Of the time to women about their height and women like most of the time about their weight. What is something you have lied to a woman. To get their attention. Our first of all I can imagine line about my -- I'm five foot ten or not at all. I'm not particularly short at least I don't think so you know with the problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of -- past. Life becomes what the future I think -- numbers. The numbers that you're short the -- -- I am average height for a man forgotten is that it is a 510510. Is -- tied for. I was little taller -- like 511 that's on them ashore at worst damage below average -- Tight tight tight tight -- -- -- So yeah relied on never lied about it I had lied about your height doesn't really didn't seem to get I never lied about my way I think that doesn't do for me either. I think I've never I don't know that I would lie about that I did have a -- you lied about his name in order to meet girls we were sitting at a bar. We meet these two girls in the process today. My name is Rebecca hit my name is Rebecca. Rebecca -- -- looked right batter without breaking start without missing a beat as well but isn't. My name is Peter -- we -- for jobs and it worked it worse you bought. 100% bottoming she bought it I manage -- no real I mean that she -- I know Andy as -- -- and you've done something Andy and the ever. Once tried to fake an Irish accent. Jennifer wrote that you try to bring it -- -- because girls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A girl tried to do that to me one time I completely felt for. A broad -- Russian. And I completely bonded as hammered. Body in at the end of night she told me now from. Out of that night and it and had a meal alone in my bed. It was a great ending tonight but it was pretty funny I totally felt. As -- -- guys like all the time about this stuff right there you don't have to lie about your height or your weight where your name was an accident. He just pretend like -- interest in what they're saying we're alive and -- scares all of its mechanics real early tomorrow so it is sitting there nodding throughout our like -- not I know cause an interesting idea for documentary absolute. That is today is that 44 by the way text pouring in AT&T text line on average height. Some say the average height of the US mails five foot nine and Simon giants' other saying worldwide average is 57 which means I'm definitely a giant and then other saying. -- me right now I'm five foot nine that's not true I was measured this morning. For physical measured your article this morning I did yes for life insurance. OK in my time my wife will be taken care of you worry at all dilemma you have you have life insurance. Yes you start thinking about it a little differently like everything everything after you have like -- you can look in your wife pulled it differently was her idea she's kind of pressing need again it. And I can't I can't help feel like why are you asking me to fly by myself or you think about the wanna I wanna fly out there play this man really grow at a couple country. This the American fix -- luckily it's acknowledging it a little suspicious quote I don't -- you know that says some electorate is shocked and relax a five foot ten measured in today and get any do we have that we have to -- heard the auto tuned version. The auto tuned song of votes against them. Charles Ramsey yet the guy who found Amanda -- him -- talk with Charles Ramsey is a neighbor. To walk you through again what happened this afternoon and in some. She's been -- My name. So we can. She goes. The little girls women and. I go is that Charles Ramsey auto tuned aren't auto tune is interesting but the original -- -- her under agreement that he rarely say this week between the 911 call. And the interview he did he's talking about the pretty little white girl but you know black -- on -- just a shocking the first hour here senate. It just -- just the way he say this like I know we've been laughable Charles Ramsey and his funny and I only kill joy on or anything. But have you read anything about what actually it really is it's atrocious it is also -- story itself yeah like I know what he's. He's funny. But it does it take away from this just got in years these girls were changed up and tied up -- is this guy's house what what the job. Absolutely. So awful yet it's a it's a frightening story and it does lead to. At least to many questions. Are Charles -- -- that their four year. And he. He that he hurt somebody screaming and he was able to rescue the of their before him right. How how's that -- ten years how that's able to go on for so long now. And this guy was just able to to keep this going. -- -- Or did someone just one person. It's it's really it's creepy beyond belief so just as funny as Charles Ramsey is just now I kind of can't look at it now that I've really heard the rest of the story it just. Is kind of gross feeling advertisement think about it.

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