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Jack Edwards: The Leafs have every reason in the world to continue to play just like that

May 9, 2013|

Sure they're down 3-1 in the series... but Jack Edwards has been quite impressed with the way the Leafs have played against the Bruins. We update the series, and figure out how the rest of this series will go.

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Well they're a third name in there for the next hour Jack Edwards the voice of the Boston Bruins on nests and brought to vibrant and smoke shop Boston private bank and the by precision fitness equipment. You are right -- you talk. Yeah -- it's the allergies more than they the volume last night it's you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without some sort of help the apple some 56 until a lot better and I was when I was thirty that now I told them up to that game last night that would who will make young -- because it was the it was just. It was a great game and I said earlier at the top of the -- I feel like something should have been Clinton last night what you should be. Okay now the Bruins advance or -- some award given and it was just game four. Of a first round series. And that's what makes it great that they still have. The hardest step to take and if you're the Toronto Maple Leafs have you know look at the games look at the games that have been played. And you realize that when you really let it rip that's when you get Boston stock in its own into the ice so you know. The -- photo makes a dumb play he Mans up totally owns the moment you know he apologized for great. You know that's great. Doesn't change the fact that he he -- don't play in and it cost to run of the game -- you know white. He he's moving on and that's what you have to do in a series -- -- in the leafs the leafs had every reason in the world to pin their ears back. And just try to play sixty minutes just like the just not necessarily with your defense and pinching at the wrong time but I mean just. You know it you know at that that -- oil it's on right now that that you know that one engine ends up blowing up if you read the fine print -- -- They run these two engines at red line for five days straight and therefore -- want them to fail. Well because you know. The -- Serena -- -- -- this cost that he got a nice guy who got I got you know what you can even have a gas tank that predicted that right without your engine cooling off to fill it up right. But but that's how police are gonna play they're gonna put it at the Red Line as soon as they drop -- and they're just gonna try to keep it there for sixty minutes and see what happens because what they have to lose absolutely nothing. Now I I watched you guys for most of last night but I mentioned to us last year that it one point. -- Bob Beers said on the radio he said Padilla -- not sure what he's going going on here in any prickly. First period second period is pointing out beyond enough and saying I'm not sure. What do you know it just pare phrase I'm not sure what he's trying to get out here so. You can say that it was a a dumb play that -- in the game but there were some foreshadowing there wasn't. -- and there's been foreshadowing for a long time this is a guy who was a act Calder finalists in 06. As rookie of the year he lost out to Ovechkin. She ended up being a a Norris finalist as the best defensemen in the NHL. In 2008 and lost out to nick Lidstrom on the other hand who didn't. And since then shifts you know the of the huge. Beginning of his career went totally flat and began to regressing Calgary with the team. That had an aging core and there were attached to that aging core of it give line -- often they just let it wilt on the vine. And then he got wield the Toronto but he still hasn't really changed from the guy who was a sensational skater he has a tremendous skated very strong skater. He's got a pretty good shot. What his decisions. Are what keep him from being in Norris. You can hear -- vitamin there's a lot to like about I remember watching him as a rookie you just can't thank him. You know if things go one way -- and -- -- a better -- -- -- mean he -- as a rookie like there was if if he went in that direction -- -- and Crosby didn't do everything that he's yeah if you're -- a guy turns into a super dominant defense -- -- -- -- as we -- hardest position to play all sports are so why do you finally integrated our tests show that he was going to be the greatest player of all time. On -- way. And now we sit here apologizing for a mistake last night yes you're given credit. But as Michael I think aptly pointed out we talked about it. That's the difference include system and everybody else is close guys don't do that -- and and you can say oh well they only won because well now. They didn't do that because that's exactly the system. It's getting -- upon an ingrained in them for as long as as well I don't I heard you make that point earlier that's an excellent point and you know what when -- and I brought this up during the game last night when we cover teams and and we do it from. From one city. We tended describe one teams play. And and sometimes we fail to acknowledge that the other team is qualified for the playoffs and knows the other team. Is worthy of winning a playoff series yeah yeah when I disagree on this plane back as you've been you've been pumping the tires of the Toronto Maple -- the route and I thought last night was a great example you can take their best punch and still win you're just better Tina. Well originally better than. Also I'll say this I'll say this that that when Matt frightened hit that one timer backhand that Rask saved about an inch off the ice that. Personal that was an unbelievable shot. -- he he put some mustard on that thing and just go out and try to do that next time your on your local pond next quarter. And make sure you got 911 ready to dial recognized you don't downed power and and and you know my heart stopped on now I thought that was going in and they had a couple coaches think that the -- -- -- -- -- oranges are people out there for Iraq. Aren't the glass rental that is our hero and everybody had their arms yeah I mean it was it was a tremendous overtime game. But this is what I'm saying Mike is that it you know in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You had an eight seed last year when it all okay granted. LA really under achieved in the first half of last season and then they came on strong at the right time everybody got hot and they play together and they want it and got a great coaching job. But their plant gets a six seed from the east. Well go figure -- -- New Jersey Devils got their -- teams find ways to win tonight I Andrew and and what I'm saying is it that if you discount to model's ability. To win a game. And get itself back into the series. You haven't been paying attention enough because to -- can win a game to get back in this literally the Bruins let. I really believe that it I think the Bruins have control of the series for the Bruins lighten them in overtime last night because you know my -- was bent to the right almost the entire overtime death and yet has yet because the Bruins have a better goalie who was one of the guys on the team and he is by far. The better -- you think your big drivers of our -- I wouldn't say he's bad I'd say below average season he's an average NHL goalie he's an average NHL -- and put them somewhere between twenty and forty. Please note if you had yet when he fortieth -- it was pretty bad yet so if you had if you had eight took a Rask there upper Toronto -- are they the same teams. I mean is that it isn't so dramatic that the differences. Goaltending. Usually comes -- a -- I understand that but it's part of it. And it's certainly part of it. At Toronto's rally another really good defenseman short. But their forwards are scary and you know it. Full marks to Randy Carlyle for the way he's gotten his team to gain traction. You know if -- ward who said it either you guys two years ago you know Mikhail group -- he's gonna end up being a pretty hard checking forward you -- laughed in his face he was at times best player in the -- tell us what that the guy -- every chance he gets -- frightened played College Hockey in North Dakota he led the NCAA in scoring. Mat -- and administered three hardest body checks we've seen all season last night. If he catches you and he gets leverage on you Europe go one dollar I mean I -- -- all -- that is already Carla. But they've bought in all of saying all saying is that is that. Don't presume anything because it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs and you have no idea. What lies around the next event. I'm not gonna presume that the Bruins are gonna win although I think the Bruins are gonna win and and and I think you do too but. I do I just think it's up to them and that and and because they're talented because you're right until Abbas is really good player and at times his best player on the ice last night. Frat was hitting -- you know what the Bruins have those guys to and they have more of them. They roll four lines and all four lines are capable of doing something impressive every time they're out there in -- at least four if not six defenseman deep and they've got the better goalie and they are as good as anybody else in the playoffs are. I think when they play their game and maybe that's not true against Pittsburgh or some of the other great teams in the NHL where. Both teams played a game and it's a tossup as to who wins when the Bruins play their game against an opponent like monster like like Toronto went. They win more times and it was on every game but they should win the series and I think that's where it's gonna go. The -- been getting them to play their game -- number -- last. -- creature. I got scores a hat trick in a one goal overtime game. You know Rask did his job he actually did his job he made some sensational saves. And -- all star of the game kind of thing it's. In a team sport you're kind of comparing apples and oranges and avocados -- It's no wrong answer yeah yeah I don't I don't know if there's if there's a clear. Absolute. Most valuable player of that game but David courage he is is just in such as all of you know I ran some numbers on him in regular season. Games. Crate she averages point 728 points per game in the playoffs. He averages point 796. Points per game so it's up about. Seek to be more productive in the playoffs against better defenseman who has scouted you better who know exactly what you've got an how to stop you. Is pretty extraordinary there aren't too many guys like yeah and that's what I like to ask you why do you think this -- in the -- she was -- -- phenomenal last night. But the line has been good throughout the series rides his line doing so well against this team and you obviously have a lot of a lot more respect for Toronto than a lot of people here. Some idiot on the radio said after game three -- the series is over this thing was Michael lesson on -- I Joseph. So. But white lies -- that line doing well investigating. Personal -- she. Is a tremendous competitor and he gets -- during the regular season I don't think there's any other explanation. I mean he just hits flat spots. Where he seems disinterested. And if you contrast that to the way he plays in the playoffs she Kipp believe it's the same guy. But it is and when the playoffs come and it means the most. He is an extraordinary player. At the same time Milan Lucic found his game. In the last two or three games of the regular season because the Bruins finally got him in shape and they gotta motivated by sitting him. And he has turned it on and when -- each leads Horton follows and when you have those two big guys creating -- much space. Defenseman are always looking over their shoulders and set -- concentrating. All the time encouraging encouraging gets a little more time a little more space which makes both of those -- a lot more effective and and it you get the synergy thing don't. What should go back just a little bit yeah don't tell me what you know now tell me what you thought then. Did you ever think it was an interesting debate when the Bruins had a decision to make Peter surely had to make the decision. I can only -- I want these guys gave a great -- Phil -- went -- Did you think Tom -- at the dilemma because you're a YouTube one of the guys but what I'm asked to go and that's going to be huge loss did you think that ever. I can't recall ever thinking that. I castle is a brilliant score he really is a brilliant score and he's -- to his credit. He was trying to get to crate she and Dellucci each on the back check. In the in the game winning sequence he was trying to get there after Chara. Had started the rush by sweeping the puck away from castles of Kessel had to go as far as anybody. The catch back up to the plan actually skated past three of his teammates to get there so you know. I I give him credit. For trying to get better in that area he still. Often a liability once a physical game and went the parks in his own -- He is a brilliant score is an absolutely gained changing skater. And you know that the goal he set up when he came cross ice in the neutral zone is just how do you defend against that. How do you defend against that. In all of us unless you have a defenseman who's reading it actually perfectly steps up and busts him at the Blue Line. They're gonna get a scoring chance out of it and that's how good -- is but David crate she makes players around him better I don't know if Cassel makes players around him better. Kessel there -- that the the end of the food chain okay creatures in the middle of it and everybody beyond him gets really fat. And he's and it's a fast Ukraine and everything went very Huskies upset. I just a question how is so fast Steele I mean like I go out how we always used to be fast. But with the increased weight genetics -- I was he kept -- is he's genetics his face alone must -- I don't know how much talking about Phil yeah. Seems face to get different guys as to which -- he he's he's -- he's an unrestricted free to throw coming up counselors. Is is there any chance. Or is it is that bridge that bridge gone to bridge burned I think he's got an early year. Now one more year. I thought it was a numbers are treated but -- I'm not I'm not gonna challenge Jack Edwards -- have a caller it's more fun to -- jacket was on the ground and got caught by -- the got a little. Aren't I not gotten -- of imitate adults when in doubt Joseph and no I still are thrown on to see what happens ray isn't Dartmouth rays got a different name for player of the game last like at right. -- guys on. -- -- did much right to me and will be gone forward opens well it jogger. Mean what that Baghdad and third line it's like nobody can get maximum. You put the puck on everybody's -- He creates for everybody and I think I saw out there are multiple line combinations whether they're in the middle changes and not I don't know but what that must do to the psyche of the the other. Team defense. And are you gonna -- match up with those people I mean how can -- And he makes everybody look -- -- like the Gretzky. You know that nobody can touch and you know they don't want -- -- can't they can't -- -- -- granted -- liability on the -- and that -- hope they take -- You know the -- player -- I think if you get back you know on the second or third market the next two years the Bruins will be phenomenal go forward and. He gets two more years worth a slow I wonder there's going to be able to go tremendous and. Coming back around occurs. When I was scrambling that they had to be under the don't -- injuries. Sergeant with the forestry which has increased oil Chris Kelly and and did just the injury combinations mix up that they had. I think he's helping in getting what she just say hey I'd better pick it up around I'm not going to be kind of in line. Jeff what do they what in the weather is the star of the game last night I think it's probably a stretch but what what effect has yarder had a on the Bruins. -- getting better. During this playoff series he's getting better physically because say he was bedridden for a five or six days said he never experienced anything like it. Lost a lot of weight was weakened by it. His work in the defense -- -- still leave something to be desired the fact that he's a wing and occasionally is on the far side of the ice from the bench. When it comes time to change out. Has been a factor a couple of times that he has stayed out to law. The Bruins try to play temple game sold that they can get the most out of what he's not a speed advantage you know they have a speed disadvantage against Ronald. So they need to play physically -- temple game obviously -- not a guy's gonna go around Boston bodies. He's got some issues with getting the puck out of the defense -- on. And being able to play that fast change fast temple. Physical game I play keep away forever so since -- surrender to watch like he's terrific about what he's gonna help this team he's gonna help this team. This season in in these playoffs and and I'm not worried about that. But John Edwards right again -- -- -- you know one more year do five point four million dollars global. -- and an appropriate and so did did the NHL -- right. When Tuukka Rask was not one of the three finalists for the vezina trophy especially after watching him play last night Jack's got a smile on his face and I know that can lead to a great answer. And excitement Jack Edwards who says he's in his fifties and still Mumbai and it coming up salt and -- WEEI. You go to twelve. You're trying to accomplish. Something you know so. And two -- brings us closer to those two are able. I'm not gonna presume that the Bruins are gonna win although I think the Bruins are gonna win. I'm not presuming and I just think it's gonna happen. That would be presumptuous on my part Jack Edwards is let us. Which is fun a full hour of Jack always brought you by Britain and smoke shop Boston private bank and by precision fitness equipment you wanna see Jack go off. I think Jack go often. -- I don't look at -- to review. A statement from the AT and a question from the eighteen detects I'm reaping cost. Texas says Jack. The bailout -- seems to have lost a step this year has feet. Or is that a result of the condensed schedule he just looks less dominant. The past year. This is what I was getting had a few weeks ago is that. Jars not getting any younger he has played huge minutes in his career. It. I I wouldn't anticipate he's gonna get any faster I don't know if he's lost. A half a step he certainly hasn't lost -- that but he may have lost that half a step and and the -- you agree I thought well but and -- -- go any faster is gonna find himself but he yeah actually into the conversation with Dan Dan Shaughnessy and and well he's just he's gonna be right addressing have a lot of conversation you know -- in Armonk Shaughnessy side anytime he wants to question anybody like that that's fine I think you should it's good to stir the pot it's good to ask those questions. But but here's the thing when you have this many games in the short time and you have. No turnaround and you're asking chart a play against the best. Forwards every shift I mean they try to even when they're on the road they try to match him with the best forwards every shift. That is gonna Wear a man down and yes Chara is. Is not as quick and powerful as we have seen him. At this stage. In most playoff rounds that said the guy played 33 and a half minutes last night he assisted on all four Bruins goals. His plus minus ends up being -- zero but you know what. I was pretty happy as a Bruins follower of the way he played because he he answered that bell. And Clovis has sort of back out there I mean the five on three that the Bruins had to kill off the bridge between the second and third periods. I think he he probably played of that like it was a minute and fifty -- I played like a minute and 39 of that. And the guy that guy has just nominal stamina incredible and against the plus one became easier if he was on the -- for all four goals because they can score but but you know when -- on the -- for power -- go for -- turn -- it does not count as a plus millions -- -- So. -- back to the goal is for the answer. I was curious your smile when we brought up -- -- while this is the thing it's kind of -- harassed knock it non. Not we. Economic I'm presuming that all of us here in in the studio behind the glass. -- Grants -- awards at some point in our captain. I you know linger productions it's. A war. Says that race in -- and -- -- Young enough that trophy just for show awards personally -- -- Marconi. It's naturally date they are silly you know it's all about. Creating some blows so people talk write and here we are -- and and here we are talking about it will take the -- But a huge part of of getting the awards is lobbying. In campaigning. And riding on reputation. If anybody actually watched Hendrick won this year. How could you say he's one of the three best goalies. Over the 48 game stretch. Where he was one of the three best -- over the 48 game stretch that said. The one guy you didn't want a race in the first round of the playoffs if you Boston Bruins go down the stretch and we're talking about it internally all the time you know who don't want a pace in the first round. Rangers' first team on everybody's lips why because you'd have to face one -- and he's capable of being. The best goal on the planet period for an indefinite period like eight weeks like enough to win the Stanley Cup. He's capable of that but during there's no he -- six regulation losses and Tuukka Rask. And probably added another dollars in soft goals more than -- there's no way he deserves. It more losses -- what five more aware more wins that's more like well that's because more liberal on their back up your boarding the wrong when your team's playoff structure. Because Lundqvist got off to a terrible start. So replays every single game he's got a huge number starts. And you know it compares favorably in that way to -- -- rats get more -- -- of -- he of 1% or more chances to -- shot -- for instincts. A round and round we go and it gets the spin that they wanted it to. -- -- -- I I had -- The order for the league. You know I thought it was on the Cosby getting nominated but there I -- you have one was like in the top. What took it took as one a series before him and and that all by himself but he's been at the goaltender on a team that has won a round in the play. Do you but do you think with that said that was a couple of years ago. Do you think he's a different goaltender now or is it just edit if he is what is what's the biggest difference. It's between his -- is what's different this technique is is virtually the same it's a little bit more refined but he handles things better that he. He will let himself -- when he needs to vent which he he really. That's why we saw the milk crate in the DHL you know the milk -- get thrown over the collaborate because that's the only time anybody ever saw the guy in most. And now he let's himself do that and that's good because you got to let. The gala at the cap off the pop bottle one it's got that much visit and and and that's better about him and I think he has a tremendous relationship with his teammates his teammates have come to respect him even more. Then they did when they respected him so much during the 2010 seasons I think he's a better goalie for so what is it. Between easier is it just confidence but when I watch him play last time Michael and I were talking about it he just seems to confidently go after every pocket. As if he knows exactly where he wants to be he snatches pucks out of the air with the glove hand. And that he's been the biggest difference between him and run there was a political shot that local sort of set up that's green and tried to beat him glove side low. Sort of crossing -- reached across -- it's like yeah yeah post game. -- says why I was cheating to the glove side a little bit. His I was pretty sure he wasn't gonna go stick side while that's what being older does for he's been through it he knows the shooters he's got a book on most just took a last night. And you sort of you know trying to block can and I cannot condone cheating glove side of Vegas. -- there's no chances -- -- plug your side and the sun -- last second and so -- stay calm and his team a chance to just go score that goal and memo. Today yeah -- Michael Long was -- eighteen say okay. The whole seek what's happening at about one point eight cents. Sold that entire 182 thought is going through his head in a lot less than one point eight seconds because he's got to do what he's gonna do after thinking that thought. That's experience that's what makes -- rest better now than it was three years ago question what should we expect tomorrow. I mean you know -- you there's there's a fundamental disagreement here -- you in Toronto was very capable of of winning this series -- I don't think that. Mike doesn't think that what you expect tomorrow. The the theme with the Boston Bruins for the last month has been. Sustainability. And extending leads well they've got the the ultimate lead in the series without the series being over by having. In the team to get the three games first. They've got to get up by two. And they've got the to remove the will to continue to put that that red line effort out there. For Toronto and the first period is going to be immensely important. Toronto is gonna come out with huge energy. A lot is going to be riding on the first goal emotionally for Toronto but far more if the Bruins score the first goal. Will be riding on the second goal of the game and and that that could be the point at which she starts seeing Ronald start to break because then. They may start going outside the system and each guy will try to do too much. They are in a desperate situation. That said. That may be one they've played their best hockey you know that team can flat out fly compared to the -- they have tremendous team speed they know how to use it. You got guys in blue -- and frightened who were really feel it and Cassel certainly knows how to create offense. That's a dangerous team still it's a dangerous team. The Bruins did one thing last night that I don't think we've seen them do for a long time I think people were worried that they didn't have the ability to do it. I wanna know what it means for the future alas that next Jack Jack hundreds of assault and colleague of -- -- get. Them to get this. You know so is too big win Preston and I think you're right it was good today. Now we know job's not done and us us as always artist you know. Nathan Horton a practice today looking to dance the night away tomorrow. If the Bruins can get past the Maple Leafs in game five and win the series about the dip -- do moves he's been Macon along the wall I mean is he start to feel real confident or what. We don't usually see that -- -- He's a catch and release guy you know get the get the past settle a pocket ever I think he's ashamed because of the Orton actually hasn't -- Google and I series. The only dangle movie idea that I lifted that all of the goals of the year nobody ever would have heard the end he just would have been talking about a forever -- some bad news Jack Edwards with a that's not the bad news outlets. Tell you quickly. Joel Hanrahan sixty day DL. Sixty day DL Mike Lee came in this morning talking about his issues and and I didn't like what he was saying about his. Or -- guy I was talking about openly talking about Tommy John surgery and pay at the worst case scenario happened at least I'm 31 years old and there's time to. Come back if he's saying that -- anytime you go see doctor James in drills. Which he did. Which he plans to do. Well -- using -- Tommy -- Behind that was sixty day DL the knowledge that he was still able to throw 9596. Miles an hour to we didn't lose any. Velocity but did lose his control all of that spills elbow you're talking about the forearm. I'd be very worried that Joel Hanrahan will be done for the year sixty day DL. As of today makes room for dilatory on now on the roster more -- a little bit later while we have Jack obviously talking on -- of hockey and I'll say this Jack last night I know the team can come out come back from two nothing and there's one concern he had about the Bruins it's what happens when they get down by a couple of goals. And you worry about a third period lead but in the playoffs and hasn't in the same kind of concerned. I still worried that if they got down by multiple goals they'd be in trouble. They weren't last night. Well since 2008 since Claude -- became their coach who's the 21 time in the playoffs they've been down by two at any point in a playoff game only the fourth time they'd come back to win. So it is rare and it is very difficult and when you consider that. Most teams get to the playoffs by playing good defense and by being able to shut down games. That was so it was pretty impressive because the Bruins played really well the first period but they gave up one early one late and it didn't look so good but. The the Bergeron goal. Early second period change things radically especially because it came so early in the period it just changed the whole. Atmosphere of the entire game but there was Sagan. You know I don't know if it was a hometown thing but. He was -- at himself at the morning skate yesterday more than I've ever seen him do that he I mean he was. Really upset and and -- the tight and that's that's unlike him he's -- he's an intense young man. He's a pretty driven young man. But at the same time he can be loose and and a little bit goofy. But. The loose and goofy is nowhere to be seen right now and he's feeling the pressure of being -- go to guy. Really for the first time in his career this was the year that everybody was looking at Tyler Sagan and saying okay. We're looking at you you need to score the big goal and right now he hasn't scored any goals that said. I can't believe he's gonna keep gold through the playoffs and and not get really hot at some point if you're the Toronto maple leaves you also. Probably are aware of that. And if you consider how unproductive in terms of points Marchand has been on Bergeron other -- Holy smoke it felt like gets it going. It can be really fun -- are just a way is Cassel better skater than than say. Different. Pastor. Stood straight line probably faster yeah but but Sagan has. Sagan has more rope in the bag so to speak you know he's got a few more tricks I think. But castle's -- ability to separate. Is just astonishing. -- Personally I think Cassel might be a little bit better shooter anxious it Sega might have a little bit better moves. -- different kinds of players but the most impressive thing this year is is that Sagan has has manned up. At a lot of different points and he's played conscientious. When there was a real good Jack -- I saw right shot and I thought it was Horton and it was actually Sagan who obviously uses a much smaller guy. But he was using his body in a big -- he's only 21 years old -- is now 25 so there's a four year difference between them in terms of age you go back and look at Bergeron is. Season that he had at age 21 it's the only -- -- season of screening is about minus twenty something I was something asterisk Dave Lewis that's. And he would have to take all the blame for we look at and that's the only mind this season of his career. And Sagan was plus twenty something in the Asia numbers from the right now the reason I was looking among. Was the discussion among -- had today ownership and you heard but it was based on the the hypothetical idea if you could make each grade right now that only lasted the rest of the plants are forgetting about the future. He talked about forever no doubt I'd rather have Sagan and Hamilton that have -- but if for just the rest of these playoffs. You could make the trade back. And give them Hamilton and Sagan and get back bill -- as of right now at his age no. Affect on your future would you do. And the reason wouldn't do it is because filled in by hand. It's as simple as that and you know last year's symbol. In the team was a change and don't be too weak link in the chain Phil wanted out of Boston the Bruins wanted him. The Bruins wanted to keep him. But he did not want to play for Boston April would want to keep on. In spite of of knowing what his limitations absolutely so it doesn't because his because what he is the pluses in his game. Outweighed the minuses because the Bruins could play around the but I would not take him back for anything. Only if you want to know why he -- out because he didn't he wanted to be a free player one -- plus years he had he had one year plus 23 every other year of his career has been a minus that was so infuriating to low fat -- if you had to get out it wasn't I got on the it was a -- what you want it to -- we -- who has just it was Huskies -- And that that's definitely didn't like the city itself. I think he was OK with the city the the system. Didn't it didn't play too incredibly high scoring. For him maybe it wasn't so much fun. But as coach Julian famously said. After the Bruins had made the trade believe it or not I was trying to make the player better and he wants and that's. What I and I give saying credit for this that's what Sagan gets that Phil Kessel didn't get and Phil Kessel has gotten. When he saw a million dollars for going to play for the Maple Leafs but then again. You know in the time that Tyler Sagan has gone the playoffs now three times and already has the Stanley Cup ring Andy's only 21 years old. Phil -- is playing his. Playoff game since he went to Toronto tomorrow night. And yet you look at that you that you look at the numbers form to. He had 36 goals this final year here now maybe he made this decision before the final year he was so upset about his first two years in the league when he was nineteen and twenty. He knew so much about the game at nineteen and twenty. That he could Jack I totally agree with you by the way out on the and I was trying to present the other side for the sake of the discussion I'm a 100% with you. In his first two years he scored eleven goals in the nineteen goals in the -- your final year in Boston he scores 36 school sixty points. He -- -- that 36 gold number -- last Syria 37 -- it -- by much he was so upset about the defense of system here in the lack of offense but he went somewhere elsewhere he had no more offense. Chance to -- older more a chance to be the guy the star. Put all aside it's could. You know what I wanna get inside Philip -- said probably not there's room now thank you make a cute he said it I didn't know okay but let's. No wouldn't take him back is one thing we've learned about Stanley Cup champions several is one. And there is no -- that's how teams won the Stanley Cup you know and how brilliant was it last night and am we all hope the mark Fraser's look at. A slide from Toronto this morning I have no idea how he's doing now finally -- A CT scan on him last like is he took it square in the forehead from boy chuck whose shot it's been measured at well over a hundred miles an hour so. Eight but but how how awesome was it that Kelly gets three -- or maybe it was six stitches boy Chuck -- Lucic gets nine. Right. Boy checked gets hit both cycles that was there ever any question those -- gonna come back employee an -- to know why they're gonna come back. And you know I'm sure the Fraser was arguing that let me get back in there are other restaurant points yeah. Well I got here I thought there are some things you I was gonna say what you you can see him there right you can see it there on the bench -- and yet people hold them up right. And look like you government ran what is wrong I was trying to get away -- hockey you literally couldn't move out there I was pretty impressed -- him come back up the other guys up and it's not impressive -- got a much tougher than me but. I got a sense they were gonna come back in the face it looks to look painful but not something that was gonna keep them out I was -- boy chuck had broken leg. The way he was but the way he was trying to -- Well true story. The Bruins places during the Dave Louis last year and the network took this sick game away from a so I was says it's observing this game from the the tunnel. And neck when Marie took a stick across -- upper lip. That actually. Opened up a V shaped. Almost extension of his mouth right underneath his nose. And there's a plastic surgeon present at every NHL game in case somebody needs some significant work. And before and -- don't like -- leads -- down into the tunnel and you know he's got rusher against the wound. And and must just sort of takes his forearm and puts it against. The wall and puts his forehead against the form while -- pressure and pressing this this ice filled towel into his upper lip. And I of recited this to brick after he gave -- of what the heck was going on their -- they just put on the table personally. They got to go through like a pain management period. I had this -- Tenth and it's not so sure enough Murray gets put flat on this table for 45 minutes -- work and on his face for 45. It cured of all the way delta goals equipment off he puts his skates back on it goes out he plays the third during the Bruins ended up losing in overtime a -- What some -- -- with these guys cut cut cut. What's best in the last few days have been incredibly fun last night's game about as much fun. As -- could possibly be Michael and I were telling her stories of how excited we were how we reacted when the game finally did and last night and the great play by creed Gian. There's nothing like the end of playoff hockey game because it's the sustained that nervousness intensity. Stomach clenching the -- only get. In playoff overtime hockey incredibly fun to watch Jack thank you for a thanks for adding to the excitement at least around one in which it was a right you just hope -- parlor game like now when do you play always good to have Jack Edwards and he's brought to buy bread and smoke shop Boston private bank. And by precision fitness equipment. Coming up next may be the most hated man in all of his sport. Has added to his legacy that's axle and -- the Emilia what's the matter with these guys -- --

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