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Danny Ainge dispels the rumors: "I have the best coach in the NBA"

May 9, 2013|

We check in with Danny Ainge for our first talk to him since the Celtics season ended last weekend. We talk about the future of the team, KG, Pierce, Doc Rivers and more, as Danny directly answers the rumors being floated by ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.

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Well less than a week since the celtics' season came to an end against the knicks. A lot of conversation. For some fans the off season just as interesting as the regular season posting. Chance to figure out how you gonna build a team like -- like me like team building. Curious by how general many others operate love it love it love teams are made this time a year and then we get to see what their product looks like. When they actually get on the court Danny Ainge. Will be the architect continued architect of the celtics' and he joins us right now via the AT&T hotline at Danny or even doing since since the season came to -- Michael good afternoon. -- -- pretty -- north what I wanna go at the niceties first humorous -- we -- -- about high wanna say hot day. -- day. So. I'm getting ready for free agency in game -- for the draft and you know preparing to -- -- work out. Interred at the very time consuming. And it's a busy time of the year. Have you -- and you decided. What you wanna do -- with Woodward. We can go on and on about. Cap flexibility. And some of the decisions that that you have to make it. Is there a plan that you know that you wanna go where going forward with this team. No I mean you know it it's it's rare that you get to do everything you wanted to do. Because you have to work with him the collective bargaining agreement that I think that with our team in our circumstance. I don't know that's a good question because of there's there's a lot of ifs and what what I would -- deal and there's there's clear clear things that I know that I wanna do it as far as what our team will actually look like no I'm not sure. What is the first decision you have to make. Well the first decision that we have to -- will be. Paul. And how we make that's how I mean what what will be the strategy for making that decision what goes into it. Conversation with my coach conversation with Paul and his representatives. Opportunities that may present themselves. There's a lot there's a lot it will go into it there hasn't even started yet we have until June 30 to make any decisions that. Listen -- been like one of the greatest Celtics. Of all time. And that will play a part in it we we love what he's done for us but ultimately we have to do what we think is the that. For a from this point forward and I think also have a lot of basketball left in it. -- so much to talk with you about Danny. With regards to this team such as. Go back a little bit before we can and to Paul and the specifics of Paul and Kevin and what you gonna do what you could do. There was a report shortly after this after the series and with the knicks that it's in NBA circles. There was talk that doc and Kevin and Paul. Can be traded to the clippers. Did you hear that report and what did you make them. Walls went way to network. First vote that we what would you make of that. Thought it was crazy. But that's just put us it's me and I thought it was crazy and I thought. If the clippers made that if the clippers made a deal like that. And gave you Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe in return for for guys who are in their careers. That we have to bring out some new corporate jokes. Well in this did I get those things just silly those are wasted time even acknowledge. So not even not -- table another one this is from -- basement while they're both from Stephen basement but this one. Got into oh well I'll let you play -- listen to it this ST today on now on sports team yes even a now Steve are you on this sale an excuse is on the station. And he was asked about the future of Doc Rivers here -- -- audience. But I would save you about Doc Rivers that are would have been under contract with the -- to -- the -- to -- it absolutely love and respect Doc Rivers. But there have been some question the NBA circles. At the web would not be any -- -- related to diet to continue to -- a bit. They have respect with one another there's no and I'm could be a ball but anything like that -- that when -- -- -- -- body every day. You do tend to get tired of looking at if they sizzle -- -- be -- -- what they did that make you know and a mop the only thing like -- -- not and that's going on the table wobble at the open talk about the breakup acute and one of them. That's not what I'm saying you do reach a point however. We age you would like to embrace the challenges. Are sort of thing and well. You know you'd have to ask awkward -- thing but. What I think is that I think have the best coach in the NBA. And I'm not the least bit tired of hearing your voice. And I we have a great relationship from what I -- than what I. Perceived. And so I have no idea where that's coming from but it's certainly not coming from. Might -- With that in mind when doc was asked about returning as soon as the season ended he passed on the question me he didn't say definitively I'll be back despite having time on his contract. Why do you think doc who is unsure at that point or remains on short today. Well doc is always -- short coaching is very very draining I mean every year when doctors. You know he's had a -- and sort of recharge. And ask himself that question is something that I am passionate about it wanna continue doing. -- I understand that and we sort of give him time to unwind. And relax and after a couple of -- -- on the golf course he used to come back. How do you choose where if -- what did you shoot 72 that might be worried. That -- -- -- Now you hear that when you hear that report and whether you hear it yourself or someone comes back he was Danny. You you won't believe with Stephen A Smith. That on the radio today. You say all that's nonsense. Or. You say well this is how I feel about it but I do wonder is there any truth to that you call up Doc Rivers and say -- -- -- Are you tired to hear my voice. Well I don't and Heidi because you know it's sort of sound like there's that's a mutual thing right there and so. But then there's there's so many things out there that it's dead and and you know listen I know that there's times and I've been a coach and I know how hard and demanding coaches. Coaching is and I know what it takes and and I watched -- on the sidelines and you know you're talking about a guy who's involved and every play. And that is that grind that is a crazy. Running and I think that. I whatever stock they think a month ago and or. Two weeks ago or even the day after the season. Is not what -- opening when he gets a chance to look back and value the good things that he has his job I think doc does that mean -- appreciate the Celtics the tradition. At the same time I think that that he's that is part and -- this year in particular with all the injuries that he would manage. So what do you think -- will be doing next year. I think -- will be coached in the Boston. We really realtors. In this series overall vs the -- This is it do we simplify it and just say the Celtics lost that series. Because the knicks were the better team in the deeper team is it that simple. Usually it is that simple and I think that is I think that you could. Surmise that I mean at that -- into the series I I felt like the knicks had the most room for air which means they have better players. But you always believe that you can you can beat the team by playing together and getting contributions from somewhat unexpected -- You know turns out they got contributions from some unexpected guys -- three point shooting. But it could yell at me as an example. He crucial part didn't shoot the ball great series we have made real timely baskets. Broke our back. I think that it. Generally though it they they were a little bit the president and they had two great scores -- -- or against. Wonderful defense that we had to spread ourselves -- defensively to stop those guys. And that we left some of the lesser players open. But because that -- -- as much as are often erupted at a lot of right felt that we just didn't have the firepower. So how do you learn from that now going forward and preparing for next year knowing that you had one of your stars on the bench and injured for much of the season and certainly after the playoffs. How do you start to balance what you learned about your team without him vs what you believe you have with Russia. Well rush on -- terrific player we know that he can step up and have great games and in the lead this team. For an entire half. And for an entire game. He's he's had that ability of that over the past those as players like him are not easy to replace part defined. Housing door with his recovery on the we've seen you know we've heard a lot about Derrick Rose. And -- and he's unsure when he's coming back and he's taken some criticism over this. We're assuming Rondo we are on the side where some in the round is going to be bad I'm ready for the regular season. Is is -- on course for that horrendous it's just give us an update on Rondo. You know and so far he looks good and I have men are both -- both there -- have been rehab mean and people that -- of their race CO. You know he's such comfort this year he came back and you know looked like he was better than ever. After his ACL injury and Ricky Rubio took a little while the -- and that he eventually looked really good again. I don't know I mean every one of these injuries and surgeries are unique and in the individual. And I don't know all the details of by Derrick has taken longer I don't know. About the surgery in the rehab and you know what he also had done anything that in the -- repair but they're I have learned over the years that it. Each one of these are different and you'd be all these field there's of the same and -- -- between our medical staff just told us that Rondo is to agree he should be very veteran -- You talked Kevin Garnett out of retirement last year game at three year contract no trade clause. Which are which are your what your -- going to be this year with KG. You know same thing with cagey cagey I do the same thing that you would -- give them some time away and -- that's basically KG probably sometime next week. You know he put so much into the game. He invest. As much as any player I've ever seen. And you know I guess he just needs time to kill him and contemplate. His life and then talk. That's compute future time but I do anticipate that. They keep people well played like it did last year and we this year I I don't know for sure but. Wolf. Well no more than a couple weeks. You've said you got some decisions to make with Paul with KG it's better how much self scouting. Goes into making them of how much self scouting you have to do first before you can make those decisions. I'm not sure which means you have to go through and and and look back at the season and watched tape and try to decide to. Whether or not you know you guys that are are just a rush on healthy -- on Rondo away or one player away or whether or not it's the time to start thinking about 88 new group of stars you need to go through and watcher you already have a sense as to where your team -- All know. I I certainly don't think -- one player away were were more mad about a month that was like a really really special player. I think we're more than that way mean it would if it would be tough to become a championship level team. Where we are with out captain and our structure we be invested a lot in this this year. And hoped that we could maximize -- KG's career. And just to work I think that the injuries -- Rondo -- these are both really hurt us. Took away any chance that we might. Even even though over the long shot that we would be a championship team this year. If everything fell our way we thought we could -- Didn't work out that way. I mean is this may be obvious -- defending champions. Are you measuring your cells. Against the Miami Heat is that what it is you say. This is how how far away from Miami or do you just know what championship team when you see one. Regardless of Miami here Oklahoma City your golden staters and Antonia. Well. You know so I I think that you have to measure yourself against your competition. You're always aware of the competition and and I and sometimes I haven't done that when I first took the job I think that I over estimated. The the lead in some circumstances and thought that it was. Better than Paula I don't think I mean Miami is is the team that is the best team right now on most prepared to win a championship but. It's not a given that they can win the championship. But. Oklahoma City obviously. Suffered a huge blow losing Russell Westbrook. And I think that that you put that in Miami's favorite and a little bit more. But I don't think that they're completely unbeatable I think that there were really good basketball team. And now we're not close to that level. -- is Danny -- kind enough to take a few minutes with us today you're president of basketball operations for the Celtics a lot of decisions -- made ahead of them. Thanks so much -- Of affordable before you go one more thing and effort are forgotten you got my attention you said Rondo and Barbosa. That's -- Barbosa was traded or you you try to tell us something that Barbosa -- No not really I mean you're right we did trade -- -- but he was he's just been in our facility -- and some rehabbing and he's actually in Brazil right now. I just I guess I just saw him after his knee surgery here in our medical staff -- -- story that is. Had a surgery for more -- I just said that as we missed him when we hear them in Austin. Are any -- that that's not that's no inside information. All -- though he had suffered her thought that that's too bad thanks Daley appreciate it. All right thank you are -- others Danny Ainge. Pretty honest about where he is in this offseason saying specifically. The doc he expects Doc Rivers -- the head coach of the Boston Celtics next -- see hear that from them here that the first decision he has to make is Paul Pierce. What do you take out of the Michael Alaska the next alcoholic WEEI.

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