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Adam McQuaid, Bruins D, on series with the Leafs

May 9, 2013|

Adam McQuaid joins the show to discuss the atmosphere in Toronto, being up 3-1, the play of Phil Kessel, and his mullet.

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Is huge goal on this series model -- -- -- 37 WEEI Bruins have a 31 lead. They head back to Boston game five on Friday night plucked out of -- year -- just the second multiple reporters -- on site as the Bruins dip back into town. And Nathan Horton talking to reporters saying it seems like he avoided. Any major major injury on that hit with the -- for enough we talked about earlier Michelle looked like an elbow on TV. And you get a great job he found the NHL dot com video awards clearly -- the contact and look like now. Port not available after the game is there an issue their lingering. He's told reporters he's okay which is a huge break for the broad generalities -- -- -- that line is don't break that thing up at all. Yet though it was scary on knee on knee look at it put tires hockey player stuff adamant McQuay it. There might be. The most beautiful thing. These eyes -- upon well. That was couple years ago when we talked on his -- Not him as a person but you say that you want to ease its glorious -- hat which will get to -- -- joins us here on the eighteenth the outline at a -- -- Oreo. So good you picked out yet here and -- a sound -- Sin but I was looking for -- -- is there anyone has some of that as we saw it there a lot as a guy who took is taken part a couple of big charity events of bombing is there I'm sure I'm not the only one -- mentioned how glorious. That all that right. -- they had. People seemed elated but. It. Kind of spend borrowed welcome my guess. So you buzz that it's not coming back is that official. Not anytime soon. Follow rule though you know for down the road but right now. Probably not. -- feel like Jim Carrey and CC and has a chance on the whole month and a lot of talk out about the atmosphere in Toronto during these games have been nine years in two days between playoff games. You -- play the playoffs last year but the year before your part of that Ron can you compare it to. Other buildings was it a a really charged atmosphere of these two games and Ronald. The analysts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a year. I think helped us be able to to deal list. And -- yeah they're excited. Stuff that was going on real that is focused on our agreement. You know it's fun to play in in and plays like that when -- some excitement around the game. Some people of the media want to compare it to the Vancouver atmosphere a crazy that fan base was and on par with what you saw on the cup couple years ago. It has -- there was a terrible. Yeah it was there's pretty close. Now more about it in the year you guys played tough obviously shortened season games every other night during the last four. But then come playoff time -- a couple days in between how big of a break was that for you before game one then. Then before game two. Is nice it's. It is weird that. -- let's just you know during a regular. A regular season not not shortened season. That follows a regular occurrence if you know few days between games and now for -- to to get that was nice. I guess -- they rest up a little bit recharge and then -- radio. So far in this series talking -- Spezza and Adam -- -- chess match back and forth between quote in and Randy Carlyle in terms of defensively kind of matchup with Phil Kessel what kind of problems -- deceit. Present out there is a fan just watching on TV he looks like one of the fastest skaters you guys have faced this year. It has just days you got a lot of speed and you know he's. That the great offensive talent get a quick shot Citizens -- need much time to. You know to get a good opportunities so just. It'd be arrested. Try and you know limited opportunities and feel where when he donates. It much different up pairing expected defensively and you paired up with. With -- -- lot of talks you know who's gonna be out there is Hamilton gonna be there written comes out he's pretty much to -- of -- game one just worked with a guy that's been around. And in playoffs before. He asked. Minority. In the that has a -- of experience and I think you know kind of and going through what he he went -- last couple years I think speaks. Appliances and the type of person he is in. -- persevered through that then. CR is happy to him as a success cities and a pretty fortunate. -- and like that. Lou mentioned the end of the year the -- all those games at one time there were also lot of changes not only in the the offensive lines -- but defensively the pairings for a couple of games -- seem to mix and match every single game. Is that helpful at the end of the year just in case you're playing with some guys in new guys in the roster to prepare for -- anything come playoff time. Yeah I know I -- I don't think it hurt to think there's been. In -- different times. You know we play with different guys and it on the play out -- no. What can happen so. I think it's it's nice although the familiarity. Playing with different guys in not just. -- be locked in and it was one guy. You alas that was unbelievable game and we're talking about the what there's really miss it was just. Just the hate I mean they're inept play off run it was easy to hate guys who took one game all of a sudden have that kind of the team to hate you guys search for that. -- in in the playoffs early on to get to get you guys involved that little nobody hate hate that's got to help. Well it's you know it's worth playing for the Stanley cups it's. And you know they -- a across communities northern China for me from getting that so it's pretty. It's pretty easy to. Dislike. You're playing against you know there. Kind of takes something away from his so. And I -- He's the kind of no no we -- playing into the same time they're kind of trying to focus on ourselves and make sure that there were -- How different is he talked about the speed of castle in the other offensive got -- stands out is van riemsdyk and he. Not the fastest guy but he's a a big guy I would guess that you with the offensive players. That's sort of different skill sets different challenges a defenseman to keep track of those guys and in Iran. Yet did you. You know different guys bring different things the table and get to in -- Just be aware of we are playing against and China have an idea of what they're still that is and Spanish together again it -- saying he's a big body in. To protect the puck well so. I think it's. It is giants do have awareness of clear out against them knowing -- guys are on the case. These are -- worry about yourself I'm guessing going into the cup playoffs you're judging. The last couple weeks going into the season what things you guys focused I was getting the puck control the puck out of your zone. Was that a big focus for you guys -- turnovers in Euro zone. The allies never Communists. There's -- they want is to. He returned to outsource virtually their own Boehner and so. There was the on area that we need to clean up and and I think we've. You know there's there's going to be mistakes. There's no. Perfect game. You know we're trying to to limit where our turnovers and make pictures that. When there is that we're we're back on and there -- They announced the vezina finalists yesterday and statistically. You're your goaltender Tuukka Rask was right there and there was lot of surprise here locally that. He was not a vezina finalist was -- surprise Adam in that dressing room that he was not -- one of the top three finals for the award. The Federalist. You know we don't know how about -- is. To our team and then -- what he brings star team. We. We let him know that and in our eyes -- he deserved. To be there so. You know I guess the there's some guys to joke around he's just gonna have to be better next year. Meanwhile is right there and save percentage right there and shut outs right there were saves in the year and you say he's got a better and actually etc. that that's a step up for him to be in the top. Bad -- schedule just kind of you know you know guys they're just kind of trying to got to make light of the situation that legacy that you know we. We know how important it is our team and then and how good he is so. You know. -- there was little bit surprised that that he wasn't nominated -- You know -- -- that his value within our team. You know we we know how important. We'll get -- on this you know in a regular season situation you're one -- the most physical guys out there you're not afraid to drop the gloves and jump in there. And his great shot you with a six smile on your face at one point this year during one of those altercations -- it is a tough round of the playoffs knowing that if you take a fighting penalty. You can put your team and a bad spot -- -- At -- remind yourself he can't quite be as. As is easy to drop the gloves in the playoffs in the regular season. -- -- I -- it's a little little different. United. In front of the matter in Scranton stuff you have to kinda. Really yourself in a little bit at times -- error. Wanna be. Be they got to take that action -- -- -- You know legislated demon in a tough. Situations so. You know they got a cannon is still the united on a changing game and play hard and nobody that. The right times I guess. Adam great stuff is always appreciate the time best of luck as you guys prepare for game five on a Friday night look for talking on the tests that progress to get -- Adam McQuay Bruins met Wednesday. Joining us on the -- -- AT&T -- LTE -- speeds -- to. What was the streets here that you know Foster body here at the ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible I was in its. It about the -- I wish you bring the ball back and in the play prosecute -- Well yes right now if she's. Asked -- to -- -- she was not set -- -- ethics. Why. Great stuff that a McQuay on the AT&T hotline at Texas right holy mackerel what a full line that just what did you hear that. Like you all again without it got a picture Joseph O Eric Pelosi nice job I can't win -- of the week and the Bruins beat but I'll tell you lists. That is the greatest long line of ad for gas in a long long time that's the op member Gammons used to join us this phone line could. Occur. I'll call -- -- always be doing his seventh time Peter all of they repeat Gammons. Great stuff -- we'll get a break come back which is set for us open holly to. And boy. I -- beat Tim Tebow news we come back -- Bill Belichick. In the news local anywhere.

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