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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com: "Gut" tells me Doc will stay

May 9, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins the show to discuss the trade rumors swirling around Paul Pierce, KG, Doc Rivers and the Celtics. She also discusses the future of the Celtics head coach.

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-- -- -- never throws against the wall as an ESPN Boston joining us. On the eighteenth the hotline Jackie my little Dario. All right guys thank you guys -- today. Good I guess we'll just before we look for let's look back at this series and at what stands out to me the most is that and as good as the knicks war. The Celtics with you know a viable point guard and fewer turnovers that won the series this first round you think. No no no. I dealt I think it took to get the for the series that it but the knicks were better and more talented deeper. Better scores which is to -- -- as though he's a perpetual problem for the Celtics team. So I mean I think he'd look at any series and they did this happen and that happened but I think the right team won frankly. And that's not take anything away from the effort and the resiliency that once again. That core veterans showed you'll love it. It makes you so appreciative of what they'd do. That but yeah I can't cannot comment sorry dear. The fifth. Do you explain how maybe in to -- fourth quarter for one quarter we saw the view Braly that we thought. You know that was what meant something and I was so glad for him because he's a hardworking kid he's -- good -- And and you know we suspected. That one of the shoulder was bothering him he never said a word and I give them a lot of credit for that. But you know no matter how you look at it. What they asked him to do is he would -- -- ready for he was overwhelmed by the city still young player I'm not sure guys he's never going to be. The kind of player that can handle the point in an NBA game. You know as a fulltime role I just don't think that's what his skill -- is. And and that you know you're looking at I was joking with someone like that he saved himself about twenty iPad. Thousand dollars an intensive therapy by that fourth quarter because they get he had done that he goes into the offseason that the with a series he had it would have been grim. So it was great for the Celtics. It's what Avery does best that pressure poking out from behind he he didn't try to do too much and I thought earlier in the series. When things can go his way he tried to hit a home run on defense make up for a -- You know there was one -- in particular member I think it was game one where he -- like it was game two we flew out to JR Smith. To try to close out and we'll pack him you know and their adjustable patent for Olympic and -- don't spend and that but he was trying to make up with. Make up for his ball handling problems in the -- problems with all the things he does best but -- He shot the ball too much too bad shots quick shots earlier in the -- and again he wanted to make up for it. I think what you saw in the final minutes with -- about an occasional. This is what I do. On this gonna do the best I can't -- that and if I can make a difference. Well and we start to look ahead now because it's been the -- couple of days people wondering what is next for this team and I'm curious Jacqui what. What domino do you think is best known more important but which one -- first is it deciding what the Celtics wanna do with Paul Pierce or deciding what Kevin Garnett wants to do long term. With his feature basketball. Well the -- together and -- all the cards in his situation as we now two years no trade clause. But I think he's I think he's taking probably -- -- -- I am not telling you what I did tell you what to do with Paul Pierce. And they have a big big decision to make here and it's so we've outlined it many times they -- you know on the have to make to -- a decision by June 30 they wanna buy palm for five million. Or you know they want amnesty him which could give them a little more I think a little more released either way. You know do you try to turn -- Paul Pierce. They had on them and try to trade him and gets something form I think if you buy it -- to the amnesty people say well how can you do that appears after everything he's done -- and I understand that. It's difficult emotional decision but if you're Paul Pierce at this point because I know you're on your -- wouldn't you like a choice about where you go. Wouldn't that be nice if the Celtics like you do that as opposed to getting whatever they can't see when the trade in which case you don't have -- say it. All. Guys guys what you just thought -- quickest and we've kind of danced around talked about before that the whole Stephen -- rumor about the clippers tonight and I'm trying to figured out because habit. If that's a way for Chris Paul assigned long term it doesn't but it -- gonna be that long term with them is maybe even Doc Rivers that it. -- -- Even say what did he really really did he knows stuff. I he'd have a hard time believing that Doc Rivers is gonna walk away from that I have a really hard time believing that go back to what he said. At a press conference and I guess it was 2011 now when he signed that five year deal and shocked all of us. He talked about he means. And the Celtics but he was really talking about -- Showing faith in him when things aren't going right member he's he's presiding over an eight team game losing streak the team that you know had no chance of making the playoffs. He people forget when when -- first came here really wouldn't go that well. And he talked about lying to pay any back for that kind of loyalty and that kind of faith and he's gonna walk away from the team now. Pat that's not the Doc Rivers -- now. I feel like he's gonna give him at least one more year now if you expect if he decides that you know walk away for well after next year OK I. Guys I just can't -- not on that I don't based on the very limited conversations I've had them and accorsi has been tipped -- hand anybody I don't see. I think he's back. Well I think the reason that it's at least a conversation has report the nets are gonna try to talk to doctor -- whatever reason -- ask permission but. The way he answered at least in the initial media scrum after the acting Jackie when he's asked about his future needs that I don't know a lot are now. Without a contract for three years and I think the way he answered it leads the speculation of what you mean you don't know you're under contract is -- and try to -- go to TV for a year replaced van Gundy and then MB of freeagent a year from now. Right I understand all that but you know what he says that at the end of the year and he said it was a few days earlier in practice. When I was trying to press them about what he wouldn't cut which way -- he was leaning -- -- -- -- now he's gonna retire if you ask me right now I want to retire. I mean doc is you know it's a long grind it hasn't gone away we hope he -- and then I sit at home for a few days and and might might like Chris wants -- the heck out of the house the kids want nothing to do with me and I realize OK I need to go back. So I think any coach at the end of a long grueling season with all the injuries they had it again I don't know I don't know that after that initial -- you're referring to. As he was blocking back -- is an office it was a much smaller group of us talking to him. And you know again we're pressing him on on his future he said look. -- -- you know he should be -- an apology -- -- other guys I'm coming back until I say I'm not coming back. That's not to be like god it's coming back now he often took a big but in a -- can make a lot of money is not -- Celtics don't compensate and he certainly they do. -- -- ES PM boston.com is joining used to go back to pierce the your point about letting him sort of pick and choose where he wants to go does this organization. They have the stomach to do that -- to bot either buy him out or amnesty him and just relinquish his rights and say you're an asset we can probably packaging younger player with the U. But we wanna give you the chance to do I wonder about. You know the ownership and -- -- -- going to be -- battle back and -- as -- -- doors. Paul Pierce we know that and it I've -- I think he'd have a hard time to Sanyo walk away goal. Via I ate a piece of a championship team -- -- contender somewhere -- next year or not. -- questions and an election they try to type. Paul -- before the February deadline last it is just a question about that they've they were they were prepared to deal both pierce and Garnett for the right price. It's seemed to me. They'd be ready to do that again for the right price now the promise you -- Celtics this. Popular this value has dropped this year. -- there's no denying it doesn't mean he can't help the team. Doesn't mean he is an all time great what I tell you one of my favorite players of all time here because of the personal and professional growth he showed here I can't -- -- -- Well I think a populist. I've just grown to appreciate him so much and I think sometimes still. He's under appreciated in this market I I really feel that way because he's not perfect he makes mistakes he says things you know at times he shouldn't that thing wrapped around. You know they all those years ago -- -- done some kind of quirky things. But then he is. Committee one of the the best Celtics we've ever had here and I think that all that they know they were looking at willing to trade him last year because they had to. Because that's business and eat and you know he can't stand it that's what he says hey I might have to come back here signed for a day and retired public you know with cumin and if your him. You're you're much better served coming off the bench. As a veteran presence on the contending team -- about twenty some odd minutes tonight to keep your legs fresh. Same thing with Garnett played 25 minutes tonight and help the team win the championship. It's wrong to ask these guys to deal with the Celtics. Had to ask them to do this season because of all the injuries they can't do anymore they shouldn't have to do it anymore and their bodies are breaking down because -- Yeah I just wonder he looks up people look at Danny it's it was really get most of this window is really grown produce that your window and they're all still here and that's why look at and signal. With what they've waited for the snow last couple of years everybody speculating I don't they if they tried deadline. When Nixon dictate we get a healthy Rondo back in soldier back and Jeff Greene to step forward to bring them all back bring a whole band back together again we can make one more run. I think it's possible that they don't get what they want if they don't. Militants if they get rid of -- they get rid of that kind of in the great way to put it. If they let your skull if they let Garnett go to a you know placed -- mutually agreeable to him -- to the team. And you carve out the space you don't -- nearly much as much as you want and we don't have time to talk about the salary cap -- its intricacies because you show would be over at 2 o'clock. We and we put people asleep because it's too much right red tape. But but the point is you don't get nearly as much related to take its not like that that eleven million in the fifteen million dramatically comes up the book doesn't work that way you don't have. Thirty million to go out and chop around. But you wouldn't have a certain amount -- If you're the Celtics we know that about parliament's Millsap everybody -- Paul -- so that's -- no you know breaking news story they have enough to get him now I don't think they do. Do they have enough to get someone like Al Jefferson who we've heard -- name incurred before we're gonna hear it again because he's also a free agent. In my mind milk that's more desirable that had the injury history -- better defender and it took -- a real Frontline top player. -- but can you get Jefferson here who always you never want to leave here in the first site has only talked about coming back here who loved Dawkins doc let him. Do you bring him back -- will eat cake. Maybe take a little bit of a discount to come back now I'm almost -- here who noted that can now happen. But there are possibilities. I guess Friday not real good. Arts donate go to training camp -- this is what we will not hold you to this but is it more likely that this same cast the characters is back in a similar order or. Is it more hours or more likely know KG no Paul and a brand new looking Celtics roster for 2013 2004. I can't be a brand new roster doesn't get too many guys under contract so they have to trade a lot of they'd have to -- a lot of guys who are not so treatable at the moment once Courtney Lee right now who wants to take on Jason Terry's numbers you know that the problem. So I'm gonna say knows it yet here's the other scenario that we haven't talked about that is entirely possible. They hang on the KG they hang on the -- and they wait till the trading deadline in February next year. And get the most they can form I think that scenario as well. -- great stuff is always should be an interesting off season appreciate the time and I enjoy the weekend. You got demoted -- Colin dockers and talent to get his plans clear because it's muddling up our week at. Why did we need to Jackie when I appreciate letting us know on a column goes up beacon drop a dime our way I'll let people know what's on people. You wanna make sure docs to be back he's a big linchpin here. Right I know I couldn't agree more -- -- at my gut tells me he's back but my -- been -- before. Now we're making you get to work thanks -- -- -- it the best vacuum equality SP in boston.com Jackie I'd joins us brought to you by. -- Nashua by now Newton Wellesley dental partners. And by drama -- ports 61777979837. The phone number AT&T text line is 3793. Several get back some Bruins -- including. A debate that has nothing to do -- -- happen on the ice last night. It's a fundamental debate that is gone back to the beginning of time. You prefer blondes. -- for Burnett.

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