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Mrs. Reimer VS. Elisha Cuthbert: Bruins leave them disappointed

May 9, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the death glares April Reimer and Elisha Cuthbert had on their faces after David Krejci's overtime winning goal and discuss which one is hotter.

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-- not -- seven WEP guys. I feel like all of a sudden -- in -- Saturday night because fact that this music where west and Johnny's. He's just. Saddle up to a girl the bar icicle -- -- and it. As the you know little Maloney -- his music as soon cranked up on Saturday night. -- favorite things about last night's Bruins cable take all your calls the -- 6177797937. Is the video making the rounds after the game. Where you have the wife. Of Toronto and minor James primer April primer. And Toronto captain Dion finesse girlfriend only she Kopper who you've seen in 24. You've seen in old school girl next door. But you know both -- a table like a movie where she's not dressed very much and plays they ruled an adult film star. Patrick talk seismic cleaner rolls. In the minutes and seconds following the end of that game there's this great exchange. That got caught on film. Where in the short clip and it's gone viral -- can find it anywhere. Mrs. primer April is seen shooting an icy look back -- -- -- only moments. After Boston's David great to notch his third gold and like U the Bruins in overtime win in the video cost copper. Rolls horizon response. The goal came as a result of a blown checked by if enough culprits boyfriend -- force and Boston and the playoffs and 31 series lead. Across the social media Lansky buying dot you know mine had a great video on this Twitter. Fans immediately assume that the bad play was what caused April primer to glare culprits why I told you guys -- for the show. It is a clear video of turnaround bitch base. Viral viral turned back around in a million times this classic girl on girl crime. Not -- girl longer but girl on girl crime. And I -- for shore. That April -- I was pissed at copper because cup report friend made a stupid play -- knee on -- with a Horton. Well when you think comforts look at her senior bureau husband sucks in net. Because she's sitting behind April primary drivers on the turns around that which leads the culprit stare down viral. So I was adamant in the pre show that this is clearly an issue. And I can read women's body language -- better than YouTube Chlumsky. But according to April driver herself however the angry glare had nothing to do with the play on the ice. April driver took to Twitter it's issues react to something -- manage shouted her way and she obviously didn't like it had nothing do with -- -- for new. Despite the denial many news out of three and the story is legitimate news item anyway it's likely driver in -- -- to speak at this at some point in the coming week. And it's written here on this story in the globe news it's -- -- should be a welcome distraction having to speak about the performance. The last two game against the Bruins. And April driver tweet it out for those who they who were thinking. I'm happy only ship and I rolling our eyes at each other was the jerk beside us hash tag rude comment. So we post the picture up on line FaceBook dot com slash WEEI. A driver's wife Italy should comfort now driver's wife does not have an actress pars in a leash is. She's much more well known what we got. The blonde or Brunette c'mon in this case isn't a contest I agree with the -- comfort is a hole clear cut in April driver off for a month the Brunette. Not by a long margin but stealing go to this. -- -- -- -- and if you look at the video April's hotter by the if you Google major actors. Worst pitchers and it's ridiculous to think that. You think that she's looking really good. She's doll up its game whatever in -- Don't -- about first off let me just say this McCain and all fired up over the thing I -- -- that this is one of the biggest non story stories of that gone viral here on social media. That -- she gave my look because her boyfriend -- it chipped in a closet or turn over and everything else -- -- look at her husband because Europe the goal. What he's just two wives girlfriends what do you wanna call it on a team wants a wife every often find at a friend's. That they just lost game four in overtime and then look at each other rolled her eyes like accurately that just happened. Why is it to be one hates the other 22 women look at each other realized that. They -- -- back with their husband and their boyfriend they just lost game four and they're invested in this now because I -- reacts -- think. Just I Roland can't believe they lost the game. We think if she if she dropped an -- bomb meets all -- she -- and that it primer knowledge react. Two people reacting. It's all. Don't believe in anyone from that. My initial reaction for people's tweets were -- stop you should think perfectly moat sought by April tweets at the April correct mean to saint accumulation believe everything. The response either I'm sure when -- -- -- deceit to luckily the whites and a girlfriend. Just reacting. The -- game I see the goal his wife turning around at the the player's girlfriend who set up that odd man rush the other way. And given the absolute stared down -- pace copper looks -- goals all I roll and then you have -- ever come back. She goes viral an immediate turnaround how -- three that is. She's -- that. While it's while not as hot it's right but you pop princess because driver's wife is hotter than her that's -- downer for mortgages for her reach in big time. Region. You know you go all the wives up there a section and a playoff game. The game is over everybody's -- goes up so it is best to get there investors do just do corporate this'll I don't and a lot I played it. I know what happens it -- wives girlfriends pox I don't grow I don't have no idea what happens an affair recession. 'cause I played -- on the field and a bench. And that's the brick version but. It's just lives reacting to all of -- Of their -- as something on the east. But the bigger show I have not with apathy you really go copper override. You won't -- over -- really it's a question. It's it's it's a girl vs girl comfort -- looking girl.

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