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Seguin and Dougie Hamilton for Phil Kessel?

May 9, 2013|

In this hypothetical trade, Mut and Merloni debate whether they would trade both Seguin and Hamilton for Kessel for this Bruins playoff run only.

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You guys started jumping on the -- TT tech -- 37937. By Dahlia. You know the deal. Bruins traded for. Phil Kessel trader Phil Kessel for Tyler Sagan got traffic in there the scoop up Doug Hamilton. When you ask pat British Ronald -- -- and second and be in -- Sagan and Jared Knight. In the draft throttles first round pick back the other way Doug Hamilton perspective that 2011. And -- draft. -- I feel like that trade was we call them recently. The heat with slocum to really think about slocum for Varitek hello this trip was in that category you got Sagan and -- Hamilton. And a lead offensive player in the making and defender that should be a top pairing defensemen when he's in his prime. For Phil Kessel -- did not wanna be here to -- his face it one way offensive player right that fairway breaking it down here -- area and up until this series it's they would still make the trip on percent of the time. But as I castle. Am I could have my choice of castle. Or -- Hamilton for the rest of the series. I'm Phil Kessel the -- this playoffs just this playoff run well it's a silly Sports Radio hypothetical now. But then you get easy teams -- flickered back it is an eraser. Was it really shares trade area say they are -- it let's put it that way you know he sets up you know I think -- slocum deal you know exactly you know worry was a complete steal because that's how it was viewed. As a complete steel and I don't think it's a complete steel now I mean just while watching castle. As does -- at an opinion was was that Sagan was going to be Cassel and he just added. -- top four defensemen on top of on top of that Doug Hamilton absolute no brainer yes but as we sit here and -- You know for -- kind of show that consistency and I think it was pleased that you rookie year but he -- a LP scratch you know here in the post season while that -- it's a slam that's because -- Like stole -- Again. Tech in the golf course for slocum you know being up there. Now it's seven outlook -- -- we certainly do what you will get some to gloat about as bad as Bruins transferred dipped early on early on success. I do you know this is all this is all -- don't serve for everybody. It's ideal Phil Kessel -- wanna be here. The media didn't -- you know he'd like to mediate didn't like he had the atmosphere. Like the style you like -- style of play half court case you yeah nine and was acquired -- people couldn't figure out so he. He gets up on another you know another hotbed. -- firm media and I mean angry fans that love crazy and I need to get crazy angry fans. And he's under the might still began I think the -- that happening tomorrow Brian Burke. The guys. Local Boston guy who I've always respected. Went you know did he is always -- incredible job. In the NHL and I think you what you're seeing now is Toronto's getting that the benefits of still castle -- that trade took a little longer. Hi -- you know Kessel led the at least in scoring last year they've been built around this -- Nice nice you know don't tell me -- the least don't have to a bunch -- young water bug. People that they can -- Lockheed team around you've got primary their goaltender that just. Or to brilliant being made 41 shots last night and OT win it could've gone either way. I kept his team and it he's never had any NHL playoff experience whatsoever so for me right now. You know I believe the Bruins are gonna win this series I believe the Bruins are to win two more -- are gonna -- -- morning. But if they win or lose this playoff series to -- me police as a hockey club have grown. I've -- 500%. You know every area still think it would focus on Phil Kessel. He got he got the monkey off his back in game two in Boston and I think I think key you know it's a beginning of Phil Kessel second career as a super super. And now where we don't what I witnessed last night you know every time we got -- park. I he was gone he was jumping -- wind was jumping they were wreaking -- On the on the bruins' defense and dale thank god did out of Boston Bruins defense are are as good as any in the league and now they. Did they stood -- -- the town getting us as Jessica you thought what came out as a W in -- -- the future of them you know I didn't prick myself and apparently this one wasn't -- in those looking a little ball. Was versed on restrictive but they -- him -- of January to a five year deal Sanyo brand. He signed up for the next five or boss. There's on restricted in the 1415. Been riemsdyk is still around in the at the -- -- as well so. Yeah immediately and that that is equality core players that's a kind of -- great first lap together for a -- you you -- what's the carry it there a situation now that the Bruins. -- You know two years ago with Berrian and and everybody that was in in this organization you know they were building. And I I mean you know -- be scary you know it is Marty Savard was still playing parents a flight data is -- -- crazy -- You know you give the Bruins organization as I would give it's -- police organization the executives. Led by Brian -- up there our budget quality guys you know what you're doing now you -- drama in May police are going to be a team I believe. That are going to be around it and -- been in playoff contention year after year last year and that's what that's what Tony Sweeney in and out. And and I'm -- alien and now I'm all wanted to to do here and I think they've done it -- and not for nothing. Proof proof in the putting a Providence you know moving on in their -- house in in the NHL I mean you've got an organization it's -- Full of talent stocked with Tom thank you -- Sweeney Peter surely and and he I think you're gonna see that in Toronto so. You know again you've seen a much young guys -- some incredible playoff hockey man. Sagan deal with growing pains right now and I recognize that and if Hamilton ends up being what everyone expects in the B and Sagan. Like Phil Kessel flights through despite entering August -- went through this Mets the the other part of the castle assorted. Against following that castle track entered to figure out how to play physical and and I think -- Is that a pretty good job with that and in all of a sudden is top ten in points this year is a really good player so long term. The trade still looks good I agree with -- though that. I'm not sure it's the absolute slam dunk. Why Davis -- you insane and. Nine what nobody to be a tough anyway just a slam I mean look at the blossom -- is it in turner is it helped. Turn their with the organization into a top. Why I've contributor in the last several you know I would -- these guys did the in this position and NB vying for did the united conference championship. Next year younger players under contract guy and -- it started with Demi it would that was a major deal I was in a major building block. I mean the defense is well you know drug show that it without Cassel that go Danny Beagle scored cubicle what copter but it wins because in the castle. They would get -- the 3035 goal scorer and he. The main reason was because that it was so good -- playoff run that you know army but he was used Gooden a couple games against Tampa. I think in time of course it's gonna play out -- of course got the better deal here but I think there's. Hatred towards -- poppy beloved because what they've gotten between locals and fat everyone I just ask they'll get sick because every day snow that faced a castle -- -- but it I think a lot as a doing that I think the -- that nice job of of just. Like got to trashing this guy in a way out about this he had to always this bad -- everything else trashing him is that everything in so I have a lot nobody can be as nice is you my excited to this please. The much political question is that about pop -- here's today's question long term not -- long term the rest of this playoff run. Would you trade Tyler Sega and Doug Hamilton for Phil -- Text Yasser -- 379837. Rice this year just -- playoff run would you trade Sagan and Hamilton for castle. Yes Arnaud three seven's 937 of the way Amy -- -- by visiting WEEI dot com slash month reloading. But multiple present of a -- -- puppet you know just introduced the new Mac and cheese pizza hot topic pizza. We exhausted rose red pepper pizza and the buffalo Mac and cheese pasta coal or order online a -- -- dot com let's see just what this playoff run. He can trade back at the end if you want Sagan and Hamilton to ask. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had to -- me and just to the majors rains going to be arcades -- -- to. Stayed home run for the next money out absolutely absolutely yes for the next month and a half. -- Well I mean Matt Cassel hit president and a enough enough enough -- but you know all by -- go ahead I guess what -- people agree the early -- -- this gonna set the record -- -- -- you front -- 67 studies that you would not trade Sagan it's that healthy scratch. And Tyler -- for Phil Kessel right you know -- I'm -- -- -- and -- at all coming up enough and the guys last year in in Toronto in Boston rather use. The opinions -- -- demon but you know -- -- -- 3036 goals in seventy games and by the way eight plus 23. His last year Boston. Not a two way player must point three up. Take bills and hand over talking about Tyler -- we get to your phone calls a bill. You can accelerate -- actually. LP and make sure probably a ten year -- had a -- and brutal -- -- -- the trophy now. I like yeah -- I -- always applicable law -- -- -- who -- Richard you deal break. -- and I am more. More more monetary -- shaken -- and really focus on that play in the series. And -- I look at the number turnover and that these -- not a law number -- -- and own. Giveaways like out in the -- that own shot from the point it appeared out and -- and -- replaces they are. Or screen he's actually -- on the net. It -- want to -- in game the -- in Toronto and I tripped up at a after after we got knocked on Easter. I think I -- -- steadily -- -- immature. And -- -- in the opposite result that it it'll plug -- not gonna win those battles. And I think it's really. They'll have a product. Eat he don't want you don't wanna get noticed -- yet I played a little scared. I don't like to see him move down that you are spot and -- -- up. Ain't gonna happen day and and and by the way you you you really neat year you expect harassing him get his nosy I. But he's playing some of the best two way hockey he's played his career. Is he is easy -- a mental issue is the trying too hard as you over thinking stuff. Yeah yeah I -- maybe he obviously something's going on. Is it you know I that I listen I guess I get a idea. Prefer you know -- IAEA gonna tell me that Patrice Bergeron is plan allows because he's guy you know he's yet to -- our goal to go our goal assist or whatever it is I'm not a sets -- -- -- so. But doc you know I it it. I I I would never I would never break up that line just like just like Eric you know that just like I was pumped bullets was back where he's supposed to be and what happened. You know things you know it's it's cyclical you know this this series. It's a -- line it's on fire you know I I I believe that the Bergeron and say in Marchand line contribute Dave. They they've done and done a great job they've gotten. A great opportunity they have yet personalized attributes of the Alabama finished at Douglas and wanna wind they're they're like a plus two of the line right now but they're not they're plus two is the line. Table I would I'll take I'll draw that politics -- any any other delegates -- -- -- they -- I'll take birdied all the debris coming out even against any number one line in the in the NHL playoffs. But but the good all year long. Mean that that lying goes up against an immortal line yet still very -- been most productive line right. Year so it's gonna happen dating I economic -- have a knee jerk reaction and stand and dismantle secular line. -- your team when you just won an overtime game in Toronto on us like you used one to two games on the road they haven't done since the first week -- -- It's not about dismantling I don't think they should break up the line you know basically what it is is -- you think they're better. And you want them to be better just like the first line with southern sleepwalking. We got frustrated with -- we said they're better than this pinnacle of the post season playoffs that they are right now people like -- that you hated him now. I was disappointed and I think they're better than that I want them engaged when they obviously are. Just like it is right now. -- -- got to give the other team credit liaison with the top two lines the other team you know it -- he began their coming out coming out on the positive and the score sheet. The other did tonight Celek is their fifth day Bergeron Sagan Marshal I was playing as the third fourth line of of of the try army police every gaming coming out even. I'd be I'd be -- pass. If it is -- at saint -- The there widow won a Stanley -- to stop it's about the power play at least and give up many shorthanded goals. Yes and by giving habits of the problems. It's awfully good sex -- as you guys been a screw the -- play they play well what about -- Bartlett Bartlett straight there when it over the weekend that gave the PKK it was and Bergeron was big part of that yes oceans our reporting that the Bruins -- reporting. To the garden Nathan Horton is walking fine. Given overtime and travel to be determined whether they'll -- so. I guess some positive news on Nathan -- vicious -- nice shot nice that he took and seemingly early on people -- with the steps in -- 74%. With you on the boats that it would not make that deal for -- -- of the -- -- it's very thank you well being a shot LB when he joins us that brought you -- -- and smoke -- club goes -- -- -- where -- rain and -- And by LB -- doctor doctor Robert letter changer -- change your life look and you're 1800. Again here and younger you missed it left here LP and a short at voicemail voicemail later on. Good stuff. A time figured out you know me and you know in technology people. I'll talk to the outside and get into this voice machine thing that I the worry about -- not have the weekend I gagged go being. See the game quick break we'll come back we'll talk to you Jacqui McMullen. Just after noon on the celtics' future keep -- here. But -- not a 37 WEEI apparently were on the wrong side of this -- beautiful question I think people are getting the questions. Could I really do a bad job explaining -- -- get a -- because there's a brain uncertain and Texas still talking about the future. Of this organization that future. Next year I would do it. Like -- Sagan hoping to become something in Atlanta question though no longer -- is not a fact the question what is the next month and a half. For the next for the -- for the rest of this playoff run and that's it. Would you rather have Kessel. And Hamilton was watching in -- -- at zero conference get a question at castle long long term not a factor just for the playoffs this year not next year. Now -- after these playoffs. Would you trade Tyler Sagan and Doug Hamilton for Phil I know who would say no doubt that yes or no Yasser -- 37937. It is 75%. -- right now are people watching film and -- a series he's the most exciting player. On the ice for either team -- the best player that's been a great. But the guy who makes you hold your breath for half a second everybody's got a -- the other way. Is bill Cassell he might be navel he might be about teammate he might not play defense but offensively you'd take a blogger team. Yeah but that's good point he might not play for your team -- so black and gold valued at. He's an offensive stud and I would trade Sagan and not Hamilton for the rest of these playoffs pick -- And then trade back as long term it's more like. That Hamilton and Sega and up being a better combination but just Phil -- what am I missing on this planet to -- -- could explain it to me -- a good looking. -- -- It's not. Is that a people that committed this is the Sagan east as Mack Calvin calls. Not a admitted to this this the organization are such a good job and -- Berrian Phil -- the reporter Republicans had to happen. And in solitary gotten in return a cast as a bomb I had to go. -- ago and we are looking at the numbers since then in these games and and plus minuses and the richest. I don't defensive player be refused to look at the plus point three last time using code system -- 36 goals in seventy games. I think people are next Patrice Bergeron can have -- afford to have a sniper afford to have one guy that offensively might not be great this figgins. So good defensively apparently. He's so far above -- defensively you will the they hit everywhere they are now think about is really -- only trading. Sits -- for -- strip is the point. What's your deal and the elephant the never out you say he's a key focus is former -- keeper. -- figgins perform what's been canceled before about -- -- I hope we turn a lot of -- castle but he's not filled the Phil -- right now he's not he's four years younger and go through going -- to expect that as a player Cassel better. Office player right now and that's from a short term rental piece of cake and a -- -- because people around here with the people took over the team just you know. You know he's going to be -- for the next six years so you can't. You can't get on him at all. I mean you me every excuse in the book always he's taken a lot of shots using gauged. I stick in 47 shots as last eleven games -- one goal in the sniper sorry gotta finish. Seven the first eight the second we're praising them for that I don't know I don't know I don't -- -- game that are -- -- for integrating all around yes he's improving it step by step mr. gonna get better is that goes on. But this -- a finisher that's how you judge him two shots given night one shot last night on net. Four that -- -- and violent. On this trade this hypothetical just for a playoff -- event it is part of the popular poll question tonight Mike Dario. -- I love your show will -- -- but just felt like a girl from the yacht Capital One commercial. What you love -- money are now you know 100 people. -- play or what's in this series but he played lots and that is not something to prove against a girl. You'll see he'll be the -- actually know as an app that it's wrong but actually at an app. Let me go play golf -- a -- yeah although although none you'd you know he's struggled against the Bruins is no question about it but you know when he doesn't play the Bruins you've seen his numbers. I'm pretty good gets on the Sony goes back. Replaced critic it's abroad as always up and brought to go back to -- scoring goals. He would never. In in court I don't are in this system is to eat and first he doesn't play anything. It was a plus 23 is last year in his system. And yes. -- opponent to. The opposite and -- -- I think it'll get an order before you put you would see. Uncle receiving -- is a plus 43 though that -- He had split when he drank I pulled it out what it is yet but. I think also that was a tremendous Bruins -- into the -- that was stopping everything right now sect. He's going to be eliminated in the first round that down 31 I didn't integrate -- this will. -- -- at some point in this series -- can light it up people lit up board -- the Stanley Cup at a horrible -- series. The report and I can't replicate what we took the economic put him back and and he lit up and see the growing. Yeah it was a Tampa based series they -- amend their guess what -- -- castle offensively as capable doing what -- Sega did a couple years ago based on watch him here in the series and a Chara. On the ice to negate what he does. Well equality even -- so Campbell and so I would never expect. Mike Mike Mike you understand I like to hold on -- understand the question the question is not in the future the question is. Or however many playoff games teams who play would you do with the rest of this playoff series that is it the playoff season that is it. If you had a series I would agree with. What next series the -- even I would -- -- -- -- -- I think -- could turn and turn it on musical eighteen. As well that we can't -- that it again. Nothing I don't I I have more faith of cat and -- I would have more faith in Phil Kessel. Matt says -- too -- the voting with 7525. In favor of no you would not trade Sagan Hilton for -- rest of the playoff but I can't believe. It is now trended even more so 7624. There hell is going that in that direction and Matt has the answer. He says on Twitter to us that much WEEI at the Maloney wants -- the voting is 75% not have castle. So called keep voting if the appeal. -- -- -- He despised and calls -- fat every single day that -- castle and a cellular -- Irish jig was electric in those first two games against Tampa but he Cayman. Coming -- and -- wins -- losses that in the loss -- goal -- two points even. Anyway which means by the way to get two points he's even he's minus you know he's only extra couple goals as well. That he had two goals and two assists four points plus three net at their game against Tampa that was just electric. And over the next eleven. In one assist. It's eight turned it auditor for a couple games yeah I just feel like entities and still waiting Bob -- and Nash beat Bobby next up. -- -- -- -- -- Why in all all all people are watching. It wouldn't make this tree right there are only the biggest. -- -- I'd I'd work my card games with one of -- -- up. All the -- get to me. And it that you would get an open. -- -- not certain people like the guy that looks. You know when I'm on right now. All I'm are. And they just tried to paint and you get people and I'm bored at 1 o'clock when he beat or an. You see more upside yet obviously in the future you. Can -- pretty good deal. -- -- -- -- Apple is playing. Not -- -- -- where the Bob where where the homers today Bob explained it perfectly Bob where the home -- -- because were pointing out how well -- playing in -- -- -- -- Las Vegas for years younger and sitting in right now is -- to the -- growing -- the -- -- and it's against a flat -- plateau. Okay he's insane things happening to him that happen to cancel. So you get a guy for years older. Who's more polished offensively and it's the fastest skater on your team the minute he puts on a sweater only gained -- -- comes close to Phil -- speed right now. I'm giving you Kessel for Sega and hailed the progress the playoffs and 76% of you say no people we have. When a couple what they have you know I'm just pointing out that. -- star's battle he talked about nineteen years old struggle you know army and seven against rookie year David good rookie year. Eleven goals eighteen assists minus twelve next year twenty years old nineteen goals eighteen -- minus six. At 21 years old in seven games at 36 goals and twenty plus 23. In closed system. But it's such a nice job of tourist railroad in this guy out and delivered a much of a jerky is that there's no way we could possibly keep bunkers yet at. Sum -- commits a fan based you trade away -- 21 year old kid who scored 36 called the report of people just despise this guy now. He's got the best team in a world. Not a great the Credo that was not there's plenty of stories out there it's he's not the best team but terms of scale -- these playoffs -- the last ten in the all star game and it it'll. While draft nobody likes the guy 77. -- have -- already three it is going in that direction 77 NEC would not make this hypothetical deal got. It's so stupid but I just. I was a home run. -- Bruins and the different ideas. Top of the hour John Chandler he's ray's capture up they will come back continue with your phones at 61777979837. AT&T text line. And 37937. Our whole other debate dig in to about hockey wives and girlfriends were who is absolutely wrong I -- the -- Jonas in about ten minutes from now we get Jackie's take. On the future of this Celtics team again go back the missing group next year is getting -- at the and it ferret out Jackie Mullen it will.

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