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Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports on Clay Buchholz bullfrog resin-gate

May 9, 2013|

Jeff Passan who broke the story regarding the substance used by Clay Buchholz in Toronto joined the show to discuss its impact. Jeff told the guys that while one definitely gains an advantage from using the tacky substance it does not rise to the level of cheating.

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It has the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan I posed the question as we get to talk with -- pass and from Yahoo! Sports. -- recent events we talk about mental toughness in terms of hockey players in the national Utley can certainly in the Stanley Cup Playoffs who recent events with the Red Sox baseball team. Indicate there is a lot of mental toughness and by that I mean. The day after the start after. Clay Buchholz is accused of doctoring the baseball was something on his arm he has his worst pitching performance of the season. But it wasn't to rent it wasn't dreadful -- saying that -- by his standards it was clearly the worst performance in his seven starts. Also on the day after David Ortiz is questioned by Dan Shaughnessy. About using PED's. Davidson hitting streak comes to an does that indicate a lack of that what they lack the mental toughness that may be ability to get guys off of their games by getting into their heads. On those of -- Ortiz goes into a little -- and yeah. Chauncey but -- watch -- putts all gonna be his fault I just pass them from Yahoo! Sports joins us and he enters the fray with a very interesting piece about clay buckled and it's sort of a new theory good morning Jeff Loria. Yeah we're doing very very well it if I understand her story correctly while you cite sources that point out a third substance on -- -- armed. It seems to me and correct me if I'm wrong. It exonerates clay at least from the suspicion of doctoring the baseball with a foreign substance is that accurate. Yeah -- which is -- you know what I don't understand about this whole thing would be indignant -- coming from him about it. I suppose if you were to come out and say. Yet sunscreen on my arm and what you mix it with resident makes really tacky. Glue like substance that allows you to grip the ball better. And pitchers know that across baseball they do it and hitters know that pitchers do it and nobody seems to have a problem. You know this whole thing if there were just a little more transparency. Him that's funny word used because both for our country goes on so transparently if there were a little more transparency here. Dirk Ayers is not a villain for pointing this out there and Dirk Ayers frankly. Gave us all in much better insight. Into the game. Jack Morris says something stupid. They did -- -- -- it's just not right the big hitters and the pitch as -- agree. That you do not get any weird movement based on using bull frog. Opt what struck. But for Clay Buchholz -- to continue to go out of practice say that there is nothing on his arm around in the process of powder. It arms looked like it was dipped and sold well I mean it was back. And it was egregious and that's why all the pitchers with it might spoke like you know what if you're gonna -- at least be Smart about it. And and and I used the word she very loosely because you know it's just probably really achieving at all. That's that led me nicely to my next question is enhancing your grip with this combination this concoction against the rules of baseball -- Now it's not right architect or if Major League Baseball yesterday and it is you know he gave me quoted the at the end of the story that I used that. If you Parse it then it makes sense he said we will look into any foreign substance that's being used to doctor ball. Q what he didn't say is we will look into -- are excited screamed to the Howard doctoring the ball that you know if they were actually look into that that's exactly what you said. Both baseball considers onscreen legal considers throughout the legal and -- did you happen to make a attacking substance that -- some old ball a little bit better than. I think Major League baseball's OK with that it's one of these sit back for years has been around. There's just so happened that one and is that if you look back he Yu Darvish is near perfect game earlier this year against Houston he's gone to -- left arm all the time and you know people I think noticed that -- Oil slick on his arm just wasn't merely is evidence that was a sparkle as an adult life. And it's not creating movement on the ball likened traditional spinners just giving them out. You know what it's doing it hell. Don't don't mistake it it's like does quite a bit because it ended in two ways number wide. If you feel like you've got a grip on the -- achieved pitchers out there. Struggling. What they can't get a grip on the ball OK just couldn't get a good Kryptonite the ball too slick whatever -- they have it but if you get good grip on the ball you are you are more confident -- any particular pitch. In the arm that the -- -- ball stays in your hand. It's like the same period. You know belong purple state under bat -- your -- deplorable state not your hand. The -- did your apartment so whether that getting. You know our rpm mom fastball or are getting a tighter spin on your burger. Letting your changer for and deeper into your hand to be more comparable with that it helps with each of these pictures and put. There are I think the main point here is. Everybody uses this stuff in so quite vocal in getting committee and the Serbs competitive advantage over his peers parties. In your in your research for the peace did you get any theories on. Why -- has been I'm almost unhittable this year. That he's been really good at nothing to do with the stuff that arm. Who stopped tenacity and his stuff. Have a lot of natural movement through written blog is quite vocal with helping you around the strike zone is gonna be under. It is better now has been on strike them in the past it's just -- did you finish. I just think that he's you know he's at that age right now where he realizes his career and beer water to waste can go down. Superstar government can go -- happen. -- all the potential in the world and threw it away. And I think John Ferrell returns I think Josh Beckett and it. That it created this confluence that label apple is turning into that star. With just passing Yahoo! Sports and Jennifer are we about to find out what this Red Sox team is really made of they've lost five of six -- -- get injuries to both of their closers they're both on the DL. Middle Brooks and roster up probably for not that long bench Arlington told us this is when you find out what your team is is is all about. -- and -- right in the north there's Baltimore Orioles are playing really well right now. The Yankees have hung around I still have a -- based in Tampa Bay hasn't throughout this probably dead in the water at this point but. There in the American League east that has a lot of good teams and so. Whereas I don't think the Red Sox. Are as good as what -- star was. I don't think there is -- they've been playing recently and you know as far as the mental toughness but he got -- talking about earlier goes. I I'm not sure I necessarily agree that this team is that mentally I think pep -- hole. It's frustrated by this and I suppose in some ways I cannot stand this search -- they'd rather be talking about. Baseball and -- in -- -- these big boy they'll deal with it don't get past that which quite buckles was you were regression and when you look at peripheral numbers set. He had news strip thing every runner he was not giving up home runs commensurate with its ground ball rate so. I would get a carry one point one area for the rest -- there's probably that some more in the guitar iTunes which is you know a lot lower than it is now but still really good -- advantage. David Ortiz has been hitting so well and has had you know with David Ortiz and just look back where he was three years ago. And now everybody you guys myself fan. Thought he was done and you know what David Ortiz has been through a whole lot of stores PDs stuff -- -- bothers him. I think he's learned by now that there's no sense in letting it linger and letting it affect -- game because. That that's always going to be Iraq. -- -- good healthy cynic Jeff do you think guys are beaten and all the testing is tough much tougher and on the given blood now. Our guys still out there doing the PD's and beaten the system. Oh of course -- I mean that they don't do blood testing merely frequently. A date yet to catch somebody having taken -- C for that report 48 hours have a shot. I've argued in their systems so of course strategies. It makes sense until you're testing him every day which obviously you're ever gonna do -- and so -- expect and even if you did that every. I would still accept because. It there's billions upon billions of dollars a month. It Melky Cabrera and last year Melky Cabrera would have that we five million dollar contract -- 88 -- got caught and he's making a million bucks a year or so let me. There's money. It needs at least sucked this year and he's been that this year so it just goes it is because surely you can get away with it. And get rich and not just like like reached that's like baseball rich. David Ortiz would say part of the reason for his recent successes he's actually become a better hitter not faster bat speed been a better hitter because he's decided to use the entire field and go to left field do you buy into that theory. -- Yeah I think there's some -- that I think if you look at the spray charts there's something to write as well -- The officials just -- -- because I think David Ortiz in the -- said he likes there's probably a poll I think you're going to left field. It out of necessity because as that slower. But he's he's he you know it's like. The 35 year old pitcher who lost three miles up to -- all he did you learn to embrace it and adapt to it that or EU -- -- die. And your career goes away and gave her accuses you know have -- respected figures survivor he's the guy who are recognized what was going on with his game and made himself better because it. Jeff you mentioned Toronto the -- think they may be dead in the water of the two all star assembled teams the one in last place in the American League east. And -- one of the last place in the American League west that would be able LA Dodgers which one is more likely to turn around and make something out of the season before all the said and done. But being -- exactly what you mean nationally nationally nationally listed don't we just could very well be about the Angel that's true that's true good point. In a program that there abducted. I I think the Dodgers. And the angels are far likelier at this point to pick it up I think. If anyone it probably be angels and I know things what desperately -- they're now. Our and I know that their pitching is created trips -- -- it. I I just you know I did to Dodgers too because. That division. I don't trust Colorado. I can't resist are really like -- are actually even though they've had. The JJ -- injury I I think ultimately. The angels and the doctors are at least it make it interest bearing at least get back to 500. Maneuver into contention. -- it is such an ugly start for all three of those teams their. In. Earlier this week I look I think here. 14100. Million plus dollar c.s out there six of them. Are well under 500 at this point Chicago White Sox. Are the angels facilities the Dodgers. The blue jays game there's been some ugliness among high price to go around and sort of like what the reports -- last year. And so what conclusions can we draw from those threads that connect all those high priced big start teams that are underperforming Jeff. That's a great question you know I I haven't I haven't garment look it the commonalities. Among those teams just. Off the top of mind and that. It takes a lot right. -- -- Yet there's no question about that there's no question about that because if I mean if you look at the raw talent that a hundred million dollar teams. He you'd think that the doctors. Where it Zack Greinke is Clayton Kershaw on Mac cam in each year -- your mayor. Adrian Gonzales. Carl Crawford and look at it and saying like there. It's an austerity. But. Injuries will hurt and what has happened to the Dodgers this year has strictly. Got an unfair everybody involved. Into -- other went into the year the court pitching wise and ultimately I think that's that's what a lot of this comes down to leaps to care and you pitch. And the White Sox you know there thirteen Medicare and that but otherwise you have a lot a lot of bad pitching out there and aren't that bad pitching will come back to bite you in just look worry guys -- last year at the pitching was stripped the patient was in question. This year with the stability of lesser -- also and you've got an entirely different thing. Well maybe we have to add a new cliche to the old cliche the can't buy happiness may -- can't buy a minute -- good talking to you we appreciate that your input always a pleasure talking baseball would you Jeff. And our board -- -- from Yahoo! Sports for Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T Ford GL TE.

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