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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington on the Red Sox start

May 9, 2013|

Ben Cherington joined the program to discuss the Sox start to the season. Ben told the guys that he has been happy with the performance thus far and that there is

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I joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- the general manager of the Boston Red Sox spent Sharpton good morning about how -- That morning they were well when you're out we watch the game and you're paying attention to your game are you able to keep one eye on the young Bruins gamers or or do you not have divided loyalties when your team's plan. Were in the sweet I wasn't there allotment -- the were in the box largely gamble and the Bruins are final certainly have a one of the season. So happy for those guys have played it a game last as. Bad would you agree that the -- of a team is demonstrated not when it's playing 700 baseball but when you had a pothole or rough spot and I think you hit one now do we now find out what this team is made of -- the next week or so. Yeah I think I think I think that that I think you know execute. The good news. You know making those rough -- is smaller -- -- -- -- of longer and and you know so we get a little bit of -- and I was there last night it was an honor. That night and you know just got to grind through those and get back plans. Better baseball more crisp baseball excuse me and that's what we've done per. Most of April and just got to minimize the little rough patch and get past that. Whoa whoa what are you worried about today and then obviously you don't want this to continue its five of six. You don't you wanna stop the -- what is the biggest concern. But it all comes back you know as it all really -- back to pitching him in. What were executing in and pound the strike zone and you know sort of take it to the opposing lineup. -- a much better in and then gives ourselves a chance. And control the game and then. Fitter to allow them to Carolina in the dugout and people have brought it that are. You know we feel -- about. Our team and word is. And we just. We had a bit of a rough patch. I think we have we had to use a lot of a lot of football but over the weekend in Texas and certainly Monday in Minnesota so. We we know that the scramble all the people the last two days in. Hopefully we can get. Hopefully as we move for the next few days we'll get the chance to read that the bullpen kind of the -- -- back on track from a workload standpoint and get going and doesn't it goes back to pitching but the same guys there and and you know -- -- in the back excuse. Bad as it's safe to say that you in the medical staff the training staff or may be a little more concerned about Joel Hanrahan in that he is seeking a second opinion as opposed to well Bailey and his return. Yeah that's you know we knew that -- I was gonna require some sort of significant period of rest and as is the cases these things -- include pitcher than an arm issue. You know our our. Our initial. Work is all the focus on trying to see if we can manage this situation conservatively. You know. -- get a pitcher back on. Without doing anything invasive. And but we're so gathering information and as you said -- get a he and the other doctor which which he should we encourage that. The only way we can get that informational. You know talking you know amongst the group of the -- to figure out the best the best course but. You know -- got he's got a real injury and we just got to keep gather information and ultimately allow and so. -- culpable with the decision and to a transfer them. Are we call Ben back in spring training there was a line of questioning that you heard in John -- heard as well and it was as almost what are you gonna do with two closers why do you need to closers as it turns out who actually need three. Where were you ever. Seriously considering trading one of these guys away obviously was a good thing you didn't because you know you need three not too. Yeah we never really considered that. And of course now. Well. Now both Hendry and failure on the DL and and we expect Billy to be back sooner rather than later. But the whole the idea. Going in the spring training was you know and built. You know as much depth is because -- perhaps have more guys on paper than we have room for knowing that. Inevitably there's attrition whether it's happened during spring training early in the season. And avoid putting ourselves in the position where we were. -- Early in the air force to go out and make -- field acquire someone. And you know we've added it's been to the triple I bet these little bit more early in the year than we hoped but. We've got some guys you know -- there a lot of another guy in there tonight. Was it bill -- well it is his -- in their abilities and throw the ball really well as some of them all really good golf for over a year now AAA. Is talent pitchers so. This is an opportunity for other guys to step up and and but it but it you know we certainly. Which are little mindful of that possibility would be facing a certain boundaries -- -- as much as it was a good. -- the one thing you did get criticized for a lot in the off season was the David Ortiz signing band do you feel. Of vindicated at all do you surprised by his production so far and what did you think of the Shaughnessy column yesterday. Did you feel it was inappropriate or or on line. I was disappointed by that you know and it's it's not I don't mean toward -- -- specifically but just generally. It -- visit. -- When a player happens to be in his thirties so. Is still performing at a high level. There's his -- automatic. Suspicion then. I think it stylized that you looked at yesterday and thought about it I wonder if you know David David among the most consistent. And durable. Players in the big leagues over the last several years even counting the fact that you missed some time last year. His performance when he's been out there has been remarkably consistent including power numbers. And so if he has started this year. You know they'll go first thing you and so hitting 300 with some power instead of more of the power. You know would would anyone saying anything and then. And then once you went to -- take that into account. And recognized that well. You know every good player goes through street during the year where they -- 400 and then every good player also in the history during the year where there is 200 over ten games and that's how they end up. At 300. At the end of the year and you know David would be the first facilities. Probably not in and year hitting 400. But we fully expect and then here being you know one of the best hitters generally have. Huge part of the middle of our lineup so it is it disappointing to me that. Because of the hot start. It's got to -- that questioned whether. As he said yesterday you know when he didn't get -- -- its first couple years because get this question the other way -- to the disappointing thing and it's not. I take it we understand. In the big picture you know where those questions come from but. As David says he's. You know he's part of program as every as every player you know -- players baseball is. And you know that there ought to be. But if that Bedard they -- them on a hot streak. Raise that question in my opinion. Two part follow up to that bent but didn't the players and the players union sort of bring the suspicion on to themselves with their actions and an -- there stonewalling during the steroid era. And the second part is would you not agree to what David is doing. I know it's not going to be you know until the end of the season at his age coming off of that injury exception rather than the rule I mean what he's doing stands out in the crowd. Well. Except for the fact that he's been doing it every year you know he's he's again I'm not saying nobody -- -- 400 but he's been. One of the most consistent hitters and power hitters in baseball. -- year year and year out you know for for a long time and so no it doesn't really surprise me that he got off to a hot start because he's that good a hitter and he is he's not to sit out there but he was smarter. And we'll go through stretches where he's not as hot. And then no -- that stretches like where he gets really hot again over the course of time. There is no even itself out at the end of the year we'll see numbers that. We're accustomed to seeing this is generally the way things worked in baseball and look at if there had been. He had -- he had an injury last year which cost us some time. But there was no indication. Prior to that in his play on the field with that and his hitting skills were. Progress but it is one of the best there's only before he got hurt. So this is not a guy who looked like he was then. Decline over the last you know year two years where you'd expect these start to think about OK well he's in -- the crime period made one and one that kind of do you expect further of course I'm not use it looked like it that hitters the -- that last year and really got hurt so once he's healthy we'd expect and he really get better again and that's what he's looked like. Do you think you think guys are beating the system and notes more -- -- that blood now and in in your. In your gut do you think some guys have figured it out and beaten the can be in the testing. I don't know -- our knows that you know programs and plays that the strong program. There's a lot of testing are every player in baseball tested including ours and you know they don't know what it's gonna come in. It comes you know it doesn't happen during the offseason have entered in training camp and during the season. In this corner -- Those penalties that are. For testing positive players that if if the player tests positive. There there. That player has that you know. At the past has to -- -- will that take responsibility -- -- penalties but until that point. It just seems. It seems unfair or certainly into it is unfortunate that almost that. We have and David -- that you know -- of that and we have to. Hear about it without any without any evidence other than. You know players do well on the field. A -- not looking so bad either right now from what is what does the future hold for -- -- -- what's the plan. Jose is. In the same places that he has been in our minds and that is that he's going to be a very good every day Major League shortstop them. We blew it out of the Bronson. I'm at the end of last year. You know we we just weren't certain yet that. That I was going to be in April of 2013. And we were trying to build the best team we -- And we thought -- through would be. Did a good fit for us say it compliments to the team. So we signed him and then of course I was a I think showed in spring training in and certainly early in the season it. You know perhaps -- even more. He's more close to being ready for that role in the big leagues than. We thought it 89 months ago. So that's a good. You know it's it's it's a good problem process that have been. It means those -- got to play in triple -- right now and of course he'd rather be in the big leagues both. -- say he is he just voice. Yes network and and and you know he's he's in his situation part as far as our work -- situation hasn't changed so expect them to be. I have a shortstop that -- thought a lot of times. Is he just expressing his disappointment. To Gary -- are -- or -- Or is he land down on the team what is what is he doing down. He he's -- he's he's a young player who's still developing and you know he he has a great start this season in the big leagues he got sent down I -- think it's our perspective. You know for the past two days he. You know what through you know couple days that. Commentary no player -- players all the frustration that is. There is our manager and felt like there is as good time -- -- take it there -- -- and regroup and he did that is in their last night and played very well also. You know if not it's the this is this is pretty common. Common thing that happened in my early baseball and the big east side and well in the big leagues for a long time no doubt. This may be irrelevant based on the affected it appears Ross is going to be back to future phrase sooner or later but if this -- -- long term thing. Would Napoli -- your backup catcher or you try to manage his his health situation -- wake him up to be back. I think we're still focused on and on that you know at first base. You know lindros went down to you know we're talking about an emergency and you know it's the eighth inning in the -- -- that -- back there and do it but. If there was a more permanent. Solution on the roster than we -- he looked at calls about. Final question -- any kind of a solid theories about pitchers and run support or is it just totally random bad because I'm looking at Dempster. He's getting half of the support that Lester Buchholz and do -- will I I guess maybe at some point -- that turns around but sometimes a pitcher can go an entire year and for some reason whatever reason. Doesn't get near the run support as some of the other starter. Yeah I think it's pretty random. You know there's something he said maybe for the defense to play behind the pitcher. Whose cases better and you know the has that certain tempo and keep the ball on the ground -- there's some evidence that says that you know perhaps that the defense -- board is. Well Chris -- behind those guys go all the time but but I I don't put it in correlation on the opposite side it is totally random to me. -- Red Sox general manager bench -- him Ben thanks for the time that's what we'll talk to down the road. Bench right -- -- doesn't tell how on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT he was speeds up the -- times after the three GAT and T rethink pop.

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