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John Farrell: We're sitting Middlebrooks and Ross for precaution

May 8, 2013|

We talk to the manager of your Boston Red Sox John Farrell and get his state of the team update for the week live from Fenway Park.

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John Farrell joins us every single Wednesday's I was brought you by our -- insurance town fair tire. And by celebrity cruises and let's start here to -- start we'll start with like he -- -- for everybody which really appreciate. Well if we're all gonna drink got a same come from Iraq. Markoff -- and yesterday that's hardly resist the memo yesterday about assault bringing food for talent at least that at least Dunkin' -- those consumers can we get some updates on on your injury situation from last -- tough play with the middle Brooks and and Ross both crashing over -- -- near the wall. What's the latest both. As the -- today however Dave Ross is commenced a much improved there's still some swallowing he's walking and -- able to get down -- -- stance or -- show without any discomfort. Or or I should say much less discomfort and when he came out of the game last night. He's not in the line up today just to give him another day of recovery for that. -- Brooks. He he's sore. Oh on the right side with those ribs he is that David -- he's out of line up today as well but. I know Willis fought a little but he wants to be in a lot of precaution than anything he's still a disorder -- downswing in the cage off the -- Robinson soft toss. He does feel it but as far as the tests -- CT scan and all the imaging. There's no fractures which is a positive but we've got to let this slowdown but where is he feeling it in the right rib area -- right rib cage so. Base or when when they slid in collided last night. Will slit on the left side of moments ago from whiplash actually he slammed in the wall. Thankfully it's padded but still way he got banged up pretty good in and in general -- little nicked up right now in and of viewers both in the relief corps is we've seen the transaction the last couple days and in last night's. Collision. But that doesn't look to be long term and both guys are David. I know Ross said last night you it happened so fast he wasn't sure what happened did you ever did you get a sense of it good side of it and attacked him actually watch the replays to see. How this injury now. Yeah Michael had to go back and look the replay because from our vantage point you know you're you're on them you know your eye level is about ground level standing in the dugout and all you see your two guys come together full speed and hear the some impact on the wall you don't know exactly what's taken place so. With with David -- situation when he slid. The shin guard kind of peeled back a little bit because of him sliding on it and they have exposed the that left water in the lower left quad area just above the -- and that's where the the impact took place so. Again stability tests all that we're fine with him is knee is solid it's just who's got a pretty good deep -- going on right now could could play tonight if needed he is yes if we didn't have situation let's say differences we have a situation where salt is gonna have a game. David could go back there yes. We are going to be doing this. Every single week because -- -- ask -- a few more questions about will middle Brooks will move it up to the beginning of the interview instead of the -- this is the Mohegan Sun dinner. With John Ferrell contest today's question for the manager. Comes from John Franck. Who is from oak dale Connecticut. And he asked can you pinpoint. One reason why will middle Brooks has struggled early at the plate so far this year for being selected John. As when he midweek overnight stay at Mohegan Sun is now eligible to in the end of the season grand prize. An overnight stay in dinner. With John Farrell and our show assault Holley show Mohegan Sun visit WEEI dot com slash Mohegan every week to submit your question for the manager dinner with John Farrell. Brought you by Mohegan Sun among -- millions of moments some of the very -- are made by Mohegan Sun create your moment. At Mohegan Sun dot com Mohegan Sun time to show us if you rumor. Member of the questioners are residents got her there there -- a lot wrapped around -- question right there but I think in general Obama I think we're looking forward to the -- -- -- event at the end of the year but it is a release the woman of books. You know you can't say that there's one thing mechanically is a flaw that's that the cause -- the reason for the current batting average and -- ever setting aside assisted the consistent contact him. What I would say to that is. He's expand the strike zone a little bit because he's an aggressive hitter hill -- hole. I think he's to me he has the mindset to -- and when they're with the belief that he can hit any and the pitch is thrown out. But fortunately. You know we we've got to get through a more consistent defined strike -- stay within that and allow his abilities to have to play out and when players. You know going to book a little bit of stretch of time -- -- and a special -- and grind right now and he's learned about himself the league is learn about him. This is at an adjustment counter adjustment type of situation that's going on but he's got to stay with the it defined strike zone and consistent approach at the plate. I tell me about -- the way you viewed it yesterday before middle brits got hurt we talk about talk about it on the airs in one middle Brooks is in a grind -- -- -- wanna call it. As -- he's batting seventh tonight. To John -- consider batting him ninth consider an off day. What what is your what was your approach with putting him in the lineup is that the best thing forum. Hit your way out of it -- what was some of the things you were thinking about -- in regard them meadowbrook. You know as a -- -- status he's a third baseman. And were working and be with him every step of the way through this we're gonna support him are gonna continue to work with them early work and in BP in any kind of film review that's got to go on. And it was teammates report Foreman for us -- you know at some point when you don't we give a breather down in Texas for one of those one of those games down there. But this is a guy that we believe in these are growing pains that many young players if not all young players go through. And the fact is were -- a six week stretch worries had glimpses of what everyone is anticipated that a little. And there's been times were used on just what -- -- before and that's expand the strike zone and and become a little bit much and too much of a free swinger. But I think the consistency of approach and what I mean by that is. Settling in on an area on the plate which is looking for pitches and if he doesn't get it in their trust in the fact that. Oh it's only one pitcher once strike in the attack and he's still gonna get two more pitches thrown out of and sometimes that impatience inside of that grind stretched. Starts to admit to get the better guys at -- John -- with us here on WEEI tonight. We get to see Alan -- again I really enjoyed watching in the first and just from a fan's perspective I'm excited about getting another chance to see him tonight what do you look for what would you like to -- different better at the same from the last from his last start you know I would go to the same part of -- of that question first and when you think back to -- his debut against the -- the first pitch he throws coordinates -- a double -- left field -- -- the -- -- Presence in the poise that he showed following that. To escape any further damage I think is one thing I take away from his first start his Major League debut that he was relaxed he's got electric stuff. He's got late movement to his pitchers to the strikes on this is an aggressive fastball hitting team as well. So the use of the secondary cancers were -- are gonna come and play here tonight but. I think when -- when you drop a pitching prospect. How much is the kind of tied type forgot that you you would properties. -- understated as far as personality goes to you doesn't get too high with the emotional side of it put to this is an -- a tremendous physical abilities and what he's been doing a Pawtucket in addition to what he did all spring training we're looking forward to making his second start here tonight -- his repertoire complete or would you like to see him develop and down the road -- -- need to develop another pitcher to no no -- it's not a matter developing another -- he's got a four pitch mix now you know again he's in that. Phase of transition into the big leagues in establishing himself here it's going to be about meeting the challenges that a big league game we're gonna throw him that's. Big league talent up and down the line up verses you know Tripoli talent where you've got maybe two or three guys -- our our our our Major League ready at that point in time so. I just that just the environment pitching and an and the consistency. To which you'll have to execute pitches that that's the the thing it's is still in development transition period for him. We haven't taught you since the Clay Buchholz controversy developed in Toronto. Oh what was your take on it when you first heard about it and now that you had some time to think about it -- -- the pros and cons would be thing. You know it to -- June. -- -- and throw accusations of cheating -- against anyone you know that's a pretty strong statement. And you know looking back you know you look at it says if that's if those -- the comments can be made by guy that was six and no pitcher of the month. Pitching exceptionally well a very talent pitcher. That his stretch of performance in this early season is not. Out of the book out of the ordinary for him we take it as a compliment and -- takes as a compliment for compliment as a guy who's on top of his game and pitching with a whole lot of confidence. How common is it in baseball for pitchers to use some substance to get a better grip on the baseball. Well most everybody does and it's illegal substance -- draws and -- on every moment every game and and that's record uses what about Curt Schilling was on yesterday with with ESPN radio insane that you mix resin. With bull fraud he says a and start your suntan lotion and that that's another common thing in and -- certainly. Hinted that that's exactly what Buchholz is used is that the type of thing that is common as well. I common I can't say that it's common because of guys are using it do you certainly don't see it and to attach that to place in my mind is it is inaccurate. We know for a fact that he uses -- and he also is the only put Waterman is scared to try to create a little bit of -- a grip rather than being so slick console. To say that there's another substance in an additive or mixture. I don't know. I know I heard you are talking about Clay Buchholz and you you were impressed even though he was down to Minnesota. 42 at that point you guys came back to win and now extra innings. You impressed with how we composed himself. In an inning that could've been a big one you felt like he had dominant stuff in that game. So I guess that maybe -- is the question to ask -- Did any of the chatter affect him at all in terms his preparation. I don't think so because if not not is not as far as preparation certainly an answer a few more questions I mean that that -- answered them I think is honestly in this candidly as he's answered questions and I've thrown Adam off on in game or post game. Type of conversation and it's with a relaxed. Demeanor. And so that tells me that he's not hiding anything. But as far as the game goes in the -- you know the one thing that as we follow up our conversation as we always do the day after years ago as the one thing that he took away if McCain was. In the past that first inning could have been and likely would have been a five run inning. Credit the twins he threw some fastballs that found little plate they're aggressive good hitting fastball team they squared him up a couple of times but to leave the bases loaded. Striking out a couple of guys -- and the first. That inning had a chance to get away from woman and he came out of written you know with a game under control. And we chipped away after being down three nothing 410 to win a ballgame but. I thought -- stuff you know up to 95 the action to a secondary pitches equal to what we've seen in the past. It was his powerful games he's had all year. And to credit Minnesota they they -- -- good against. What's going on Jose Iglesias. I know he's been out the last couple of days -- the talk it's and you know what I think. I would respond to that with the kind of a general statement that players. Personal goals. Sometimes don't align with the team's goals and and that's where a little bit of the -- a little bit of the friction might come in and and how players deal with that. Every player has an eagerness to get to the big leagues that are that are worthy of a from a talent standpoint and a production standpoint to perform and establish a big league career. Jose came up at a very good start to the season's one about well performed very good. He knew coming in the spring training that Stephen Drew was signed in the off season as we all know one who's gonna be your starting shortstop. He comes back from the DL -- Jose goes back down and I think he's starting to work through that hey I'm down here maybe people forgot about me that forgot about what. He did an early portion of the season which were all well aware of that he's a very good player and I I think right now he's dealing with that timing issues I mentioned. His personal goals wannabe in the year now. And yet Stephen is doing a solid job for us and start to get on track offensively. And we feel like we've got a very good and an everyday shortstop and waiting in the -- He seemed like he handled it very well when when you first have a conversation and remember we talked to you either that day -- the next day. And you seemed very comfortable with how he handled the fact that he was gonna go back down now. Has something changed between now and then he he's been out what's -- Saturday. So. There has something changed specifically. And no I wouldn't -- Say specifically are echoed those same comments emergency at the time when when -- -- was option to -- that it is he handled it like a pro he understood the situation. He went down and and handle the initial. Optioned back to the talk that as a pro continue to get as worked him but I I think as time has gone on he's. He kind of feel like he should be in the big leagues and yet. That time isn't now. You have. Forget I could hear. You have some roster moves coming in terms of middle relief because it is our night closer -- Hanrahan on the DL you have Bailey on the DL. And where a spot where to -- was before you need some might fill those roles but in an end the same thing -- Bailey -- in Bailey was there in the eighth inning and then became a closer. Any anything comes on the horizon. Nothing imminent right now as we as we've called publisher to start today -- Broncos -- the bullpen in this was a situation too much with you know we felt like we we need a couple of days to regroup and the and we found that we thought that the best approach to do this was to put -- in the bullpen for the short term. Start -- -- and start Allen much of today to get us through going to kind of get caught up with some rest for Koji first as our. And what more instances been asked to do with the frequency used in the -- the use in the extra inning game -- -- so. What the pending move might be if we look to get Felix back in the rotation because we fully expect this to be a one turn through the rotation Felix from the document in a rotation so. We've we've we've got. Franklin Morales going out on -- on rehab assignment that'll be tonight it'll start tonight with Portland. So the timing of this we've got Monday as an off day. -- we've got to get through this weekend to determine what their next move is but I can't say that there's somebody -- external of the organization that we've gotten any kind of talks to acquire. Or someone internally that are ready to make that move after the game tonight we know we're stay status cooperate or we've. Real quick Mike in a car in Connecticut and like just hung up -- -- -- that -- preposterous. Question party was asked about -- -- and and where he's at right now he's in Pawtucket -- in Portland and I play shortstop -- -- -- a -- looking young player you know this is someone that we're fortunate to get -- worldly exposure in the WBZ -- on a bigger stage. And I think the one thing that stands out when you get to know this guy is that you and everyone sees the physical abilities and the ability to hit play shortstop all the things on the field but. This is a guy that's extremely intelligent he's very much under control. Great interactions and his teammates. I don't know that there I don't know they can say enough positives about percent of all parts though that the person is a play areas. And he's on his development path and we expect at some point who gets in Tripoli at bats this year. I have that would be very much a logical prior process for him in 2013 which -- lineup tonight. We've got to -- religion off victory in 02 hole Pedroia Ortiz Napoli Gomes. Salty Ketchum had been seven -- -- in the atoll in the -- -- their base in a month ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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