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ESPN Boston's Joe McDonald previews the remainder of the Bruins-Leafs Series with Salk and Holley

May 8, 2013|

We talk pucks with ESPNBoston's Joe McDonald to get his take on how the rest of this Bruins and Maple Leafs series will play out.

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So what they're crying wolf that's a close says. When it comes to. When it comes to face offs -- she whom he says police -- just crying wolf looking for calls. -- like that element. I like I like when that happens I like when teams start getting after each other in the plan are listening column bug -- walruses. Maybe should have. But I don't think you went hosts are getting after each other during the play he keep talking 1986 World Series my -- and after each other all day. All day school you wanna go pick out -- it just blame Buckner that's fine you don't know can't get pink caddy saying. All is not his fault poor guy out there John MacNamara -- put a manipulation professional baseball player. In the first baseman. Make the play it's only the World Series if you don't have them if you happen crouch again that's cool is -- in that situation cold and it's your team up the. Feel cat shows up at the end it's his -- I've seen that video Buckner a thousand times or just -- Bill -- like everyone else we're gonna instead of actually looking at what happened again it that's fine salty you thought you were five years old when I was number is eight years I was eight years old and I remember like it when guys are clearly you know and I -- -- -- -- recommends that you say. A dad you know I don't blame bill proctor in that situation I -- yes I blame that old -- -- John MacNamara. Who put them in that position so we couldn't make a player Joey MacDonald ESP embossed and I'll blame for 86 the bulldogs before we address the Bruins and what's going on -- Toronto recently -- do you blame somebody else. How about you admitted. Okay I'm getting the local directory for the judgment and all for the wild -- a bit -- so I I don't get. -- -- -- Other embodied in blamed on not to her for putting -- that as a -- million people do you blame -- whatever we'll move on we'll talk about the Bruins a promise we we don't have to get caught up in the game that took place how many years ago almost what 27 years ago maybe Leno David we don't need to spend the entire day talking about it. Yeah I don't know what they -- and then of course you -- gonna happen now you just -- that because. You know probably gonna win tonight and they got a lot aren't all want to -- and like overtime. Eight record there -- probably took it well though oil all blame -- somehow or how does that happen let's say if I see. Our colleagues -- -- -- to -- but if Toronto Winston. Hollywood -- what what's what's the strength of the idea of the Maple -- and -- -- the get themselves back into the series -- that -- -- Why you know like I I think there's any thing they should have done that in game three and you know they had it really become up here and the period and even so -- like you know what what can beat you because you were at home now we capitalized on that they did and didn't harm me and any bit of momentum in game curry he didn't last very long Bruins responded. It was almost like okay this is what you're dealing with. And you are talking on the mic please players up in the morning -- stay in the sentence you know it. There -- That element of them happened to get used to play out style hockey because a lot of these guys and at -- haven't played and -- apply elsewhere as. Every guy liberal block them still I think there's an element of that but what they have to do it the outcome of Kryptonite you know in order to win the decrease in the scope for and they need -- They need to keep that momentum. And because what they did in the third period of game three -- can do it again they need to get as many shots. To burst possible and the -- he took its source so many of those shot cleanly. They weren't that many more people out. And did you have to get into those -- Dirty areas and they need more traffic in front. And they needed to make it very hard to -- See the -- and that's not a big bidding in Korea that they don't do that. In game four than the Bruins will probably have a chance to -- is being autocratic. Even capable of that joke I mean I'm not if the Bruins play they -- game. If the Bruins come out and play the way they did in game one or in the first few periods of game two when the games to release its stake. Our beliefs seem incapable. Are they even capable. Not to Arnold got no shot at the Bruins play. The pilot in the beginning game one and that there's nowhere that they're gonna have any chance in this game because what Scott -- CNET top line. It's what we we talked about that. -- all season long that when it is top -- gonna do well they're gonna go on account they've done an ideology. And played unbelievable Peter -- you go -- and -- guy. Which -- steps up the game. Nick and Horton and only illegal and it that's. You know the Bruins in the -- the winning score in if you think about it at the British are our mind can -- -- on the scoreboard and I. And do its job apparently as -- did Durham so consistently during the regular season. Then this team is very difficult being in -- has been doing -- follow up between quite so. You know at the group put out by elegant looking I don't think I don't think -- -- had a chance. What's your take and yeah armor yarder so far -- Like -- he's been okay. You know I think that there was an element of you know having to get used to have big cuddly and in a Chris Kelly here but. And he keeps. You can't blame the -- that he had toward the end of the regular -- -- it had a really good number armament he still doesn't feel great but he's got to come around. The one thing that he's been doing a lot he's been trying to take advantage of this side along the walls and the net. And I think -- -- old -- to talk a little long putrid. And that. -- during that old guy go. At 41. At least the especially game radeon nine years he was really trying to do that and who did you see what you all -- -- Long he wasn't able he didn't get knocked it wasn't able to make a the patent in -- front that heavily and into Kelly but. All of and that I think he's been good. He's. You know he's not a lock -- what everybody remembers the erection we're Lebanese not that style of player. But he's he's getting better you know in in game three and outline. -- played well and I think that. With the dilate the yarder at -- you know get help yet that's the problem in. I'll feel better and and get out there and do what he's doing. You're the you're gonna help out but. I only I wanna see it that -- that I still think the broad it passes around and I think that they they go deep here I -- see. You know does -- get better we're gonna get worse right now -- kind of mail. But we know now that they've -- that old story about how he's asleep -- -- sticks. In -- way back when we finally get say that he no longer on that but you still want to know last night maybe it would help a lot right up to see what happens. Of that and that doesn't help I don't know what possibly wouldn't committed sleeping with the -- don't have real quick -- anything new from practice today where there any different lines everything the same today. Not everything the same and on both sides so. You know big Bruins so that they know that they have a pretty good chance you're when this game and and go back to Boston up 31 and as you know him and having that type of lead him in the -- playoffs is pretty outcome back. Back from. So the parliament police say they have a cup chopped Biden has used its socket that can come out and play -- the way they didn't seem more in game three of them equally shocked. Are appreciated Jo MacKey can catch him on ESPN boston.com thanks manager at Toronto. Our current leader though there's Joseph McDonald and ESPN boston.com joining us via the eighteenth -- outline. Ask you this question Michael on the bronze and and this more relates to. Death to all championship teams is not just the Bruins question but it's born out of watching them in this run this year. Is this is this team as much fun it is like doubles 2011 to. Yes they are. He got it yet you have to match him up at the same point voted the 2011 team in the first round. Is similar to this team in the first round. You didn't get it love the 2011. Bruins until after the fact until. After they come back cut down -- too and they beat Montreal and they beat Tampa. They they wiped out by -- along the way they wiped out Philadelphia just totally destroyed them. And then you know -- Vancouver thing that arrogance of Vancouver bay browser to to Vancouver coming back here yeah. Is blowing them out here. In a couple of games in this. You know that Tim Thomas it was a mystery of Tim Thomas at that point we didn't know what we know now. What the team went to championship yes you fall in love with them but at the same point I think we feel the same way about. This -- did this Bruins team in round one that we get about the 2011. Bruins did. Well you know I wonder about it because. You know it's like being a teenage girl or something you never forget your first right and and that first team that did did did it gets over the hump. That's the -- comparison to other health is gonna -- in America. -- -- You have you have you you are channeling it teenage girl yeah permanent. Is that -- he -- -- allowed to do that. -- I just I does -- bicycle even IC government and I don't remember allies are killing our. Ever been aborted our quality you have any friends or girls and -- -- did you know any girls -- you I didn't know girl a major member Heidi talked about it you know any of them lost their virginity while they were in high school. Or maybe you went to school only we -- from Vermont I don't know. Did you did you go to -- so many girls that lost their largest shareholder -- -- -- did you did you go to high school and got out of everybody -- about -- -- I did it but I know from what I've ever seen from girls. The moment think -- for the first time they are locked in of that guy forever they -- I can do no wrong in their eyes that you just made the case four -- any any parent out there do not allow. Your daughter. Talked a boy ever because. You're not saying the same thing about the intangible. Well organized event saving my teenage boys keep your daughter's locked away but here's -- say about sports fans toys and related back and teenage voice while that's probably true also but I think there's a double edged sword in any event. Once you once that team won the first championship for you. They're like you build them up on such a podium in your mind that that nothing could ever compared. -- four Red Sox the break the curse the 022011. Bruins this Celtics team after after. Not 86 but the you'd be you'd find -- when -- 2008 the patriots team in 2001 those teams that get over the hump for the first time. They just kind of feel different from every other team and I think it's difficult. Two to match up and be as much fun as it was the first time now loving what's happening now it's incredibly fun. But the first time you didn't have this is. The idea of complacency wasn't there right wondering whether or not they're complacent wondering whether or not that team is gonna show up from night -- -- these question marks are asking now. We didn't think to ask them then even if they were totally fair questions to ask two years ago also. Yeah I think that the questions two years ago about the Bruins. Questions were. Could they get past the devastating loss. From the year before up three -- you lose four straight to Philadelphia. And you're wondered about that and they start off their first series of downs have to ask all of you -- So. In a valley where the questions can -- get over last year. But what they have the same cast going forward because the head coach's job is in question then. And -- that question was who was quickly saw book with a comeback in the series and then facing Philadelphia a year later I know Philadelphia was banged up. But the girls were little banged up your before when he when he coughed up the three zip lead right and they wiped the floor with them. I just think it's hard to say. Is this team right now as lovable as a team that we know won the championship Hillary can do it is just come as we go to some. Parallel universe and go to some weird place where you just match him -- episodes of this team is able to put all of those goes all those question -- -- a championship and I'd be more lovable yet they might -- Because I think. Fans. Fans think that this team is closer. At that point. For the very simple reason of Tim Thomas Tim Thomas -- being here now we now. Now the stories have come out that Tim Thomas was his own Manning didn't hang out with those guys in. And they they learn to accept him now we know about we know many stories about Washington and -- -- -- go to the White House this team wins you get the sense that they are closer knit group curses and -- the hikers. And get two putted eleven broad vs today's round but the very somewhat similar to the 2000 report slash 2007 Red Sox. I don't think -- on because. We now expect more of them -- they're that good of the team and when you're that good of a team we never had those kind of expectations. For the 2000 number ones and that's just my take your questions -- -- makes sense right I mean an end there there will necessarily be that comparison to this team were to go on another cup run. You almost couldn't help compared to 04 and seven right. Although this team and its its nucleus is probably closer to 2011 and 2007 was though for them makes them. Yeah I mean you think about 2004. And you had all those fun guys he had. You had the law are. In -- -- -- -- the Bill Miller was a fun guy but yet Bill Miller there -- 2004 he had Derek Lowe had Pedro. Pretty -- guy I don't there's a fund that -- -- where he came up with every big hit -- ever wanted to come up with a did some cool things along the way the two grand slams. And -- three home runs that team from either side of the play -- he he won them -- -- and A-Rod flight team he he essentially won the the game four after after Dave Roberts steal. Don't know it's pretty damn important about -- important sometimes they went and more I guess fun for that reason because some of the magic. Moment I'm just talk about you know Johnny Damon right on you know Johnny Damon personnel are. And a wild and crazy guys. -- the difference is and the for less than the first time does make a difference and end the drought. That the Red Sox had brought over eighty years yeah it's huge any team. They wouldn't even have to be fun to a bunch of boring guys. On a 2004 Red Sox still -- of course you have to say the whole team didn't talk to the media the entire year but they won the championship yeah -- your favorite. It but I still love them just a little bit extra because of the way it all went down and I told 2003 still the team would preferred but whatever and you -- -- that the personality does make the whole thing now much more right on the and and Europe that the Bruins personality maybe not that different now than it was couple years ago safe for what you see from the -- ten. Red Sox talked about hope you talk about something you're looking forward to work couple hours away from something I'm definitely looking -- to tell you what that is -- ex alcoholic WE yeah it's like being a teenage girl or something you never forget your first.

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