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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/08/13

May 8, 2013|

What's a vah-jay-jay?

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If you want music yeah. Analysts negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job yeah. -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. And they sitting room and now my job to wake -- the Colombian we've phase -- -- really we solve -- holly. And of course Mike Duff always brought you by AT&T. WEEI alive available on your iPhone or your android device brought you by AT&T they've set -- me. Text to donate line to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing text the word Boston. 280108. To donate ten dollars to one fund Boston messaging data rates. May apply full terms -- and give dot or do we got to answer the question jerky right after Mike dot. Any question. We seem to get Michael are a lot of this or patent questions. A lot of pick and choose between these two items and those are fine so what what are what are the other. Options available to me for the record any option is available do you remember your first -- teenage girl. We've got to -- that is an available question. But everything is available you can -- and have to be this or that does that to be comparison it can be -- why who what where when why how. Any of any of the big questions they're all available. So very different send a text 379 win resent when did when did Eddie. Come you or your radio -- your radio hero when I was a kid. You're the first the first guy you heard was Eddie -- while he's the first guy any of -- -- doing Sports Radio I was the first guy you said all right that's I want to do his. I mean. Paula I didn't really wanna do Paul Harvey's job I liked. I like the rest of the story everyday and I didn't necessarily wanna be Paul Harvey I've got pipes I've got commercials even to this day. Super Bowl Sunday par evidence on as much fun to sit around talking about Chinese food sports and -- can be better at math though. Any question whatever you guys got a text 37 -- 937. And to a -- from my -- well Michael you request via open Mike app. Submissions that we have you all costs. The Celtics that good to be in trouble next year wind got -- is pleased to go to the clip -- might. Was -- -- I don't ever did that that supposed to be like this team today. First the nation the tree that might I don't know. Who were a lot of rebuilding three years ago but finally the number if you can get Blake Griffin now he would do. But this team you don't have a chance to win a championship. Also this. It sounds good sounds very it sounds crisp it sounds clear it sounds better than a phone lines that kind of sounded good and do you think they're sound a little bit like Alger. A little bit now after. All she sold you -- it so whiny little speech you thought -- bomb. Most of us don't I don't it feel to give some reasoning behind that don't are you don't know we only got ten seconds nausea -- -- face some fun. That was our Russian for -- effort and I sounds better on the phone doesn't mean it's like it's too much clarity. It's better when the accent is more odds that document action I can pick up that accident very clearly. I wanted this unity and that is good is because of the border over I. Have got -- Are you missing the Vancouver Canucks so wiped out of the playoffs this year us through that. How lame is that team are friendly expo had a great -- on Twitter earlier today they've lost a couple of playoff games and losing games -- the -- -- turn whole franchise around. Our Canadian insider. Often at higher percentage and Alberto want to know what I always thought active plot and message brilliant minds and. -- like let's say I. Don't know if so. And that. -- Joseph Thornton hater but I don't worry about San Jose I don't worry about Joseph Orton winning a championship. I and we argued about it before Michael and I I don't think that I think they did it right when they traded -- no they didn't get as much as you would like them too but at the end it worked out. Getting rid of that contract and getting rid of him. Created a leadership void at the top and you were able to ultimately fill -- with -- Savard and the guys who ended up being the next generation of the Boston Bruins. -- -- Currently ill will towards Joe -- I just don't think it was ever gonna work here forms of the -- to. Miserable straight. And -- Yeah I think it. So what -- Victoria. -- hit it. That appointment. I think they'll feel it just sort of went about it yeah outfield that's the only reason they thought they won the game. And then I went in the -- and I didn't so it's -- -- -- But just like the audacity to called the team with what the best second best record in baseball over. I love it and I love the audacity of the audacity of calling yourself for Yankee fan. And never watch in the Yankees like she does you better watch the Yankees. Italy she flips back and for I don't know I know. Much or she is Cabell looks. Today you probably remember awhile back boy humor so you're debating which word was better at clouds -- pat pat. Well today I'm -- made them both obsolete when he invented the word. -- I don't drop. I think it but you guys you're -- now that you're here he was trying to say. I think you struck -- hit it yet he was trying to say I was a pilot I was in the cockpit -- -- back on the -- pilot but there. And -- yeah and what do DC but you know what that's so if you're the cock pilot. You're not an asset nor are you and has gone -- said that on the say the -- in pregame show at the post game show it's the same thing you've come out of his mouth. How -- act react and -- yeah. I'm talking about XX into. I just could not guarantee sometimes it into seven and fight it. What that wouldn't ya -- us. He be ready to go watch another game in Toronto they got all the -- The good look for that group really good look. -- he was channeling his girl there was thinking about birth -- You -- warm cozy feeling you just gave me. -- as a matter of fact that it it was warm -- but more -- It's like -- teenage girl or something you never forget your first. -- doesn't mean I remember what it was like it doesn't mean I have the same experience. We could still make the still make the analogy I -- after your first. Yes. I went all right I -- slowly awfully -- I was drama that was our Benedict. The. Price pronunciation. Blues -- Went to a fancy Easter. This place at Scotland class. I passed yeah you're -- -- -- And long. -- of the pregnancy. And they. Real quiet. I'm tourist hot it just won't -- So apparently there is a soda. Being made by the Jones soda company that your routine flavored soda. -- that they have taken it's it's literally yes. You're giving other day it was an Arab bacon flavored jelly beans. Apparently it does pop up that popcorn -- to Cuba but wouldn't you rather have popcorn. That a popcorn flavored Joseph leaving after really that's popcorn flavored sugar. That's that -- you know what I need from -- accordion man. What I need from you in a couple of days. Is zombie nation. On the accordion. When this series is over and he's obviously you can. Element of the playoffs would you don't -- don't you play that on the accordion all in her. Asked the man you split the Ric Flair right after you good to go that is Mike -- Powered by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins at the most four G coverage. In this New England let's answer the question -- It's. Time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question which sunk -- how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question -- And always brought to -- heiress restoration specialists -- property or facilities manager or an insurance pro call heiress to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan and please call 8774611111. Or go to a our -- serve -- dot com we have Mikey. Yes. Oh boy yes yes I'm Molly came it's just can't ES anatomy. Just don't do anything to get into to turn in my are trying to. -- Edwards -- -- up -- You guys figure comes at a roast a week from Thursday night auntie is not Marlboro. -- as the -- -- roasted and have been roasted before the Mikey out of euros it's at the best western Marlboro royal ball room. To bring your balls. Go to employment options dot org for tickets it's off for charity boys. -- -- -- -- Everybody everybody like everybody -- anybody everybody every single well a tea there's going to be his basement -- that couple comedians Jon Stewart Greg Murphy from a famous from Mauricio Robert -- first nation. To the big dog ever heard that -- and I heard it was going to be there and not letting makes John Fiore were gonna get rocked. Well that's good to be big I don't know what does this next week while you guys can't go -- -- at 6 o'clock we keep him to -- starts at 6 o'clock yes it is and it ends and god -- obviously any party worked in the short -- -- going to be able to go to odds are 6 o'clock. 6 o'clock. That's how wise scheduled so you guys and Thomas why over how can you go doesn't your show start at 6 o'clock and I think I'm going to be given a reprieve from my 27 minutes after bad shot for charity. I think John rioters have an opportunity to wrote yeah he's going to be -- you know anyways likes of premium. What's the name of the website again employment options dot org. That's answered if Clinton shouldn't limit options -- he -- hit you could. -- let's get to the questions better movie predator or commando. The next question and. Not a normal fan apparently. Took command though it could. Next question that it could it jerks would you ever want Phil Jackson the coach the Celtics never about the next question only if he brings all we do. The possible bad karma going your utility you handpicked you know some of the best talent and I did I'm -- he coaches teams and it was a. Yeah -- you hear there are red got a better question is are you read guy you're -- a -- guy he can't be both got to be a great guy toga. I agree next question. Michael listens closely for you who would be more fun to get drunk dale or new. Go to jail jail is he's never been drunk. -- we should be able to. Michael let's look at last to the microphone well. -- -- browser plug in -- this is what people don't know about -- bill. As a side to them everything everybody thinks. Adele is always deny aids in com Padilla decide -- and didn't go off I can't take any more than that. And go up even warned that doesn't get into. Give him drugs. As in to -- violate Shalit to avoid jail a rock in the main diner culture today. Your microphone on your rookie thank -- Next question other food question -- spicy brown are classic yellow mustard on your hot dogs. A classic person like ground up or put the spicy brown on anything. Written out of that's not a mean like the great -- that's that's actually spicy. Like golden spicy brown the -- out of it like -- taste of the actual reader itself. Next question next question I don't know how to respond to that I wouldn't. Jerks which would you rather fight Shaq. Or 27 graders. Would you rather rights act or twenties very. Graders by that point -- -- you'd rather like Jack because art beat the demonstrators -- but -- right to enable. Upside that fight against the demonstrators though she -- yeah -- -- get what you. Want to Shaq. The reach to stick in meet. Me. Still it's the imagine. That project. Your chances this admin question for -- what are the chances for Triple Crown winner this year it is important to the sport that. Sport. Well whatever and important -- you know needs to crown winner could be -- it is crazy that has happened essentially. But eventually it went right. And if it does happen don't you think it will bring together. Like ring ring horse racing into the mainstream -- for a little while. Ayers in his sport though it was horse it's never the horse that -- put down that the name of the few little book form. No you haven't you -- beast is. Off. I don't you know I just think by the united can neutralize Shaq. And I can neutralize again. Huntsman and that's no TV camera. But a TV camera in front of a start talking about a Buick and won't do anything. Next question like sketches Buick all right -- get out here Mike Adams coming up let's tell you that tomorrow. For twenty. We -- Bruins -- port 2420. Tomorrow Bruins tickets for game five game four of course tonight. Always the separate her from site to watch it go about it really got tonight we got called it. Bruins Bruins what kind of game. Like all the close in the last time it didn't quite a personal thing that happens tonight -- -- this one's for the Atlantic global waiting game fives or say they win it tonight to one. Whatever those tickets tomorrow -- -- went porch on our twenty try to remember that -- and you -- twenty new time I'm ready to try to think of Portland tomorrow tickets for game five will be back at 2 o'clock Mike he's up next. -- -- -- That's the goal lead.

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