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Andy Brickley, NESN, on Bruins Leafs series

May 8, 2013|

Brick joins Mut and Tom Caron to talk about the play of David Krejci, Tuuka Rask, and the atmosphere in Toronto.

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In that game we'll see how -- response to my -- back on their home ice. In what was -- like pretty crazy atmosphere for hockey guy that was there. I -- throttle -- the call for it that alongside Jack Edwards on NASA and our good buddy Andy Berkeley who has joined by his good buddy. Tom Karen it's sort of a like a Beanpot reunion critical that's okay with you today. Did I do this year -- vote -- -- by the second game. Brett Wallace trying to try to win I would possibly forget a close and they forget they give a message you throw Wii -- plus per -- it's like you don't even exist. -- -- -- And. We've been duped the atmosphere brick looked -- awesome you know it in at 21 you thought OK here comes the building in the draw -- made it 31 but having been there. He talked about this crowd and was the atmosphere has built up as -- nine year two day wait three hole playoff games is built up well locally. Absolutely lived up to its billing everybody be a lot obviously of what Montreal could bring in the post season but they've been there are so many times socially championships that. That's what had a different feel because we have got to play our people here and eight or nine years and it was almost as if it had a similar atmosphere to the final 2011 with a -- to their -- about how much they wanted something special that happened in game three but the broad. Would not allow to happen they played real Smart he will be needed -- gave to. -- brick and David Craig G in April I think was like a minus four. Six points eleven games for the month a couple of goals. -- that line is it has looked so good through three games did you see this coming the great -- am -- by the other regular season was there anything he was doing that made you feel like okay he's gonna be ready to roll here in the playoffs. While TCU's built a couple of guys -- -- -- a -- -- blind basically. You know at that stretch a vote on a regular season -- -- pork -- -- -- and she knew that helped the year scratch in order to get its attention weather was bad or or. Conversational can't believe or the fact -- -- -- -- don't go administration told that he needed to be a much better player they're gonna do everything -- -- -- But David had to deal with that. No real huge jumps on top of -- game do the things that he does best then they won't still trying to find the way he wasn't really making any plays into this feeling the puck. And now he's doing what he does best that score goals so. Did we see it coming up big Beaver Creek she's history would -- suggest that he would be a really good player this postseason but now he has the two weapons with -- playing up to their capabilities. A brick that -- been great. -- it seems like in that the Toronto. That Randy Carlyle put his best defensive pair against the Bergeron line. Is that leading to the more opportunities for the David -- line or they just playing really really well. Yes culmination of both those factors so you don't match ups are so important in the post season and if you think that the Bruins are deeper clean than Toronto writes I would agree. Blood that allows you to chew you know clay players against certain players on the other team try to keep go to church there working your favorite. And accept the fact that the Bergeron -- has not been productive potential of what side of things even or better. They -- play against the top market to go along with Chara Seidenberg when you have people call with a retrenchment. That allows a creature you are to be more productive wide as long as you're getting some kind of affected -- -- third -- white support why it's been great. As advertised. And finally the third -- and effective gain in -- To harass gun not a finalist for the dozen are you surprised. Yes disappointed to but he definitely deserved to be in the conversation what do you think he's a winner not a buddy was one of the top three goes in the league this year. I seem to be as as aggressive they are zero -- -- of the 45 saves and and how well he played but he looked to be more aggressive in these last few games then. Then we've seen in awhile do what are you see right now on grass what's he doing while. Try to -- -- well to your point army. You know. Toronto one of their mandate is the minute they step over the blue letting you know that put pucks on goal they want to have that -- drive down the middle BI said that -- approach is pretty good job in game three of a boxing out you know he is and that's all chair but does not allowing. Really two -- three bodies to get for -- but what their wives he had the ability to be aggressive get out in public in order try to make the save before there was any chance or redirect. For the inability to control the rebound and put it where -- wanted to put it so. -- -- -- -- is injuries real good but he has that come demeanor which is what you wanna do goaltender but do you aggressive all the time calls are there any he'd get all that the other that I don't think the scoring chances guys we're. We're very high in double figures despite these you know -- -- workshops they have. As a faulted to Tom's question you know the the idea that he's not a finals for the vezina. His numbers were almost identical to Lundqvist except for the games played and which leads the question I know general managers determined this. Does he get hurt in some people's eyes Rick because he plays in such a good defensive system like you GM's looking go well. He's got Sharif got Seidenberg club plays defenses some even those numbers are if -- a little bit because that's the only reason why in my mind look at the numbers. That he wouldn't be included he's POP3 this year it's ridiculous he's not a finalist for this award. Yeah you accretion to the choir and it's your question in my opinion would be here with the Rangers the best defensive team in the east last year. Need also wanted to compare you know -- -- -- systems that because its systems and you know and not have that be part of the equation just that the eyeball test and take. You know who the top three golden in the league this year. And I would not put what was ahead of Rask. Even at the numbers are that you know eventual. -- with a better -- the one course this year. You know the decision -- brick when now when Ference was out to separate Chara and Seidenberg. How much of that played into that we success and again. But I don't have a lot to do that. You know that was the decision that they had to make you know give that -- Hamilton champs. It break those two guys force -- -- that you ought to deal that was -- -- -- political Archos here aren't you wanted to play at Gillette in the shot and keep those two guys together. Than what the -- of trying to give a young guy some good NHL playoff experience they thought he had enough ha. Took off for the Bruins to you know to play the game that they want but. It was a factor TC but not a huge factor if you went down the list of reasons they lost game two I put that probably somewhere around. I don't know 678 you know it was their decision making their inability to manage the park and not controlling generational two of the three major topics for why they lost game two. Who has been a bigger factor in your my brick in these first three games offensively for Toronto castle. Well. I don't know are probably the I'd probably say capsule only because of the lack of success. Prior to this is a big play up to him a chance to. Say something to the NHL hockey community to the trial database into -- organization that you know he's ready to. Continue his maturation processor as -- as it has been in terms of getting results against the broadens its been real good everywhere else. He needed to do something in this series to have some kind of an impact. You know he's got a couple of goals -- to creep toward one's a real good scoring chances that he helped create. Police had an opportunity you get away from Chara Seidenberg he's been effective so. -- they agreed to it's gonna get what he's giving it you can go to medical try to play a little nasty got a drop the gloves. But he's going to be a big body trying to get in front of them that they can be widened to speed but I think -- really that said the more the focus. And I thought van riemsdyk what he's done a -- you just mentioned it and he he seems like a player that you'll fights very -- out I was surprising you and Jack we're talking about where. You know he got hit in the face the other night we try to get a call and it seems like. I don't wanna point out just him but throughout the NHL playoffs there are guys who work. They try to get those calls brick they try to get those power plays and and sometimes like van riemsdyk -- It's so obvious that stands out -- he didn't try to play -- try to get a penalty. Those are the only going to really try to talk about a delicious -- yeah Brett when he getting into that aspect of the analysis of the game but. Yeah he's the pop Carrie -- put him behind. For chuckle when you do that and you try to reach it and retrieve it in your head gonna come down a little bit of a shoulder height yes. And then to have that control back just didn't care parties you know he's a better player than that he's more physical players that not a time to do it. And I'm glad there was no call that play in a Kentucky has coached and ready Carlyle you do a lot of props because you know. He's open minded hockey to -- in the playoffs series with concrete place and things like that. And you don't try to sell. Rick what can you get -- Bergeron line don't hear. There are usually get reps I just think it's a better time really you know I'm looking around the league and look at a certain players on on other teams CPR so trended. -- -- look at it and Chicago the amount of minutes and -- played some very little productions are as you know goals and assists. Corey Perry out -- and hide the wrinkle to a lot of the teams that are in the playoffs right now Jeff Carter Delhi particularly country European winner. -- a Wimbledon one point so. This is not uncommon nearly three games in the first round you hope that it's a long playoff for a and eventually. The match -- shall save the Bergeron line. If they're able to attention to other series so. As long as they are the positive side of things that are on the actual goals against that neutralizing whoever they play against her. And they continue to play good -- checking her right temple gave up much on Sega and eventually the production will be. A brick do you feel like the Bruins are aware of the James driver seven a hard time. Where that glove his -- make during the fifth when they can focus their shots that way and attacking you without scouting report. Yeah absolutely you know very well aware you know obviously try to take what the goal and it gives you -- -- he'll be overplayed their glove side -- -- as a result of knowing that its not its strength and you know when you take what you give him but yeah I don't heavily short side shell or shortsighted shelf. Well you know you -- they -- the first school we gave -- no that's on the other side and that so. But yeah they're aware that -- -- get a club on this still seems to be real good rebounds -- mean that action happening in the color of the trap or her recent open. Greg guide on the night off viewers somewhere that DR penguins islanders game had to be on a TV somewhere there are you as impressed by what the others doing so far as we have been. Very very -- I was -- but the Bruins. Would would probably have the best match up in the easiest. Series if I could use that term in the postseason. Her you ordered that the intro before five I -- hope that might be realities that now they've impressed everybody with their ability to protect its score goals that being set. There a -- that he vocal and they gained because flurry. After all they have to awful that mean that the -- of the of the the last goal he gave up as a soft the gets African unmasking a throw guys on the bus I don't wanna name but when you're. At that level when you're out there and you know all the guide that your play in front of his having a hard time any -- -- the way that. A flurry is right now doesn't that trickled down turn the rest of the team where they goalless in and we played great. This guy might let one in that he shouldn't let it. The analogy I use it's you know we're we're broadcasting in the finals when Boston played their Cooper but just as an observer and an -- level almost -- watching the body language. Or -- being cool to bench the Jews in Boston little one -- goal he saw the same kind of belief or no believability that this guy is ridiculous our -- -- -- winter I don't know what they said publicly you know almost to read the body language and just see that they just didn't believe quarters abroad at every culprits in the world. It's -- published in that. And that's a big scorer with Pittsburgh right now but I would say that much is that series has been taking the focus up here north of the border where is all about what a lot of. A football game that was -- and after two and auto storm that was. That that's it it's a tough day for Montreal to -- those fans go out of their mind they might be out of this thing. The you know I was actually you know there's one of the few times in my -- -- of the -- of these words -- gonna pull for the -- that I don't look at for a long series and I would remind you that it went to to back. It -- to lose in that fashion the way they lost in the way things went the six -- -- as far as all the line brawl to insert. Can feel that tree off. All right as a reminder tonight. Any brick he'll be on nests and that is a NASA in and that Tom -- on. NASA and tremendous responsibility brick be careful whether. Were. -- in the area are brick great stuff is always travel simple plug you next week. -- Randy Brinkley joins us every single Wednesday at this time he's brought to you by. Our friends at Toyota -- visit the all new Toyota national megaplex during their ongoing spring saving salesmen come see. What all the buzz is about and by violent a direct mortgage lender at 855. My land one. Your phone call 6177797937. ATP text line at 37937. -- about 145 today your voice activated tax. On where the hell is good today and welcome Tom -- to the program no need for that let's focus on Lou let's focus on TC you don't going.

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