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Shaughnessy grills Ortiz on steroids

May 8, 2013|

Mut and Tom Caron discuss if it is fair that Dan Shaughnessy repeatedly asked David Ortiz about potential steroid use.

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The -- in -- with a 32 offering to swing a broken bat line drive base and the left fielder went the other way. And has won seven straight for big -- He's just so hard to get out. It doesn't matter -- breaks his bat. He still really getting yet. That is Dave O'Brien a call last night Butler and ID 37 WEEI your full call 61777979837. Can text us. On the AT&T -- line 37937. Starting with the Red Sox got a lot of hockey to get into the next hour Andy Berkeley won ten -- only will join us. At twelve tan. In terms of judges tell the world what you were just doing you are not talking but you're adjusting the audio to -- and that's a -- -- no idea call multi tablet you're going to yeah that's does that surprise when you work Louis got a multitask. You've got to fix his computer you've got to pull up story. Q you've got to get thinks it just it's it's what we do -- I've got they like you know and yet he got the fancy you know. TV -- apparently at those abilities these certain cadillacs in your radio you don't have these -- pieces. You're just now I'm sorry or why do I stop I say -- this is meatball I'm TV guy. Part time radio guy who gets you don't get headphones that screw up your hair up Karen wonderful that people realize that these things are -- Well these aren't -- beautiful type people here understand every -- precious -- You know I had to say there -- media idea that every little bit you can squeeze out of that fourth line America guys. -- about every 45 seconds Bob do Meyer also a fan of this type headset as is Mike princess and princesses it's good. It's got a big and they help -- go off fully behind them and you record it -- yeah I'll sleep doesn't area. Hopefully not between now to -- now goes off Dan Shaughnessy. I don't what the response is going to be from Red Sox Nation reading has been Atlanta Boston a Boston Globe boston.com is hot topic Ortiz. Says he works hard not steroids. Has -- many toward pace and basically that the entire column is the 78910. Questions. That. Dan Shaughnessy asked David Ortiz about where he is and I updated the interest -- stuff with it was all interest to -- -- get towards the end. Yes about his bat speed Ortiz off two unbelievable start so far this year. And he's asked him by Shaughnessy what about your bat speed I can be better now. Then you work 34 how can he do that is any better. That's -- it has been the scenes at the first day I got here I just don't want to misunderstand they got no time this leap right now. But hitting is really hard Shaughnessy says you make it look easy -- spring training you're gonna four point six it's not easy David said. My good day goal for fourth not easy happens a work consistently to get better I don't work and I don't work consistently in the batting cage every day. I don't hit every day in a batting cage I don't watch video every -- to get worse. Wanna get worse from expected to get worse a committee or -- my chair for ten minutes for the game I get up. I get inured to it got a routine like everyone else one day it's not gonna continue to happen on file with that. But you understand why people are suspicious. And it finally getting to this the steroid question. I don't care of people say -- people don't feed my family I feed my family. You never gonna make everyone happy Ortiz says that's the bottom line if you struggle with -- if you do well it's bad to. I don't care I got nothing to hide testing is not my problem. Being test that I asked to go and I get it done I no problem that not gonna screw everything. That I have done in my career because they test positive for steroids that's not going to happen. If I can't get it done anymore because I can't get it done I go home but not because of that leap. I guarantee that later you're not gonna find out that I tested positive for -- it's not happening guaranteed. Guaranteed. That's like towards the end of the conversation with the Ortiz and -- All and the players union by the way for a long time to. Turned a blind eye to steroids in baseball and for that reason -- a lot of people have questions about what I think it's baseball's problem. The we city or 2013. Even what the stricter testing and we say whack at thirty sevenths at the ball well. But I have no problem Shaughnessy asking these questions I would've liked to come out and just said. Are you losing distance that appeal kind of walking around -- and do that wasn't Rick Reilly Sammy Sosa weepy and a cup forming. But he sort of talked about turkeys that is answers and because the way baseball -- this for so long. It -- questions forever right. -- have no problem demands asking the question. You can ask that question you want I didn't you know. I love Dan Shaughnessy who might question and -- surely. But I'm gonna question Dan -- is what was this call. This column was Dan Shaughnessy asking David Ortiz if he's on steroids David Ortiz saying now. Without him coming up there I don't Margaret Jones is there anything else and saying hey what you're doing looks like you must be cheating David Ortiz says I'm not -- It then went on how many more inches repeating the questions repeated chances is not David Ortiz on its number five in -- and I got me bro. Dave Dougherty. Dan Shaughnessy on question number seven didn't subtly introduce anything new to the conversation tour. Already you know I didn't ask him hey you're playing well at this age it looks like you're cheating. People think you're cheating. He's kept like going to -- or question or ask a different way that question you -- say some people say but he said I additional he didn't say he thinks he has. And it and get that feeling in the snow okay. So I just I. Barking up the tree not get anywhere and then and then make a column -- -- to the columnist. But if this becomes a hot topic today and I'm reading at the wrong way because I don't advocate the headlight is hot topics all. The globe thinks this is going to be a hot topic that I disagree because again I go get them to go back in time. I hosted at this very shell. For five days. Before the Mike risky began here at W the bridge the bridge here thank you very much -- -- -- -- that political duties to fill it up. -- major reason as the guys on the other side of the Glasgow. As balls in the dark ages now. The rich -- as we called it as a Steve Buckley most of that week. I introduced what I said at the time was the care and corollary on PD's. This is my. Mission statement. Bonds CC on. TV -- radio listening to hear about every case area -- -- -- corollary on Bee -- in baseball. It is fair to suspect. Every. Because we live and that there. It is completely unfair. Without proof to suspect an individual. And this for years how I've been there 48 years whenever that lives this exact call. Is one I was thought. The problem with the steroid era. Is that we suspect every. OK it is nor is it Major League Baseball ten years ago it is fair look at that say everyone who held his -- -- -- the MVP got off on a technicality whatever the Yankees history has shown Ryan brought. Because of that it is completely unfair I believe. A look at anybody who's doing well. And say like he must be used. That just ruins the entire experience of being a baseball with the entire experience. Of what we're watching. -- -- Dan Shaughnessy did not introduce any new proof into the conversation now with the proof was your thirties never hit your written for 2060 -- spring training at supper paintings -- well the proof is that you're successful. And an age and and may be hitting as well she did 56 years ago in an age where guys in baseball before the stuff. Didn't just didn't do that -- Barry Bonds we know now cream clear -- rinse repeat of that was what he was doing Roger Clemens the circulation and -- an -- birdies is on the 2003 list we know that yeah he has said there were extenuating circumstances we have never heard anything more about that there is no. Proof being introduced. There is no testimony being introduced. To the conversation today. That would suggest David Ortiz is doing anything that you wouldn't. Want cares only about your old Ryan Dempster struck -- -- -- He's striking out batters at a rate at which he never has in his life. Is he on steroids are doing a -- and a -- that Ryan Dempster must go on the Jews because he's not a great year late in his career. Not yet you want what you are are guys that are on your result -- I think you. Or you shouldn't David Ortiz. I get he's hitting well the difference is his name showed up money list of -- that's the difference is already decided it says that I know I coroner. Then go ahead but he didn't. But at that time he sat there with Michael Weiner and the and the quote was we're gonna get to the bottom of this what happened well it's been how many years and never happen I'm just trying to play. The other side how Dempster is different than Ortiz. As the differences. Ortiz -- name his battle with before hamsters has never been. So somebody get a discount everything David Ortiz dunce as 2000 and that's audio that's your project in decades they have a company boy or whatever. I don't care I would say about anybody because -- about anybody that right Ron fair enough there was proof you can have that discussion. My concern has always been that any body who hits well -- especially literate we're going to immediately this. -- -- -- -- I don't base last Saturday -- two and a half minutes saw quicker than I did the articles ought to pick but I I'm I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the year before I was on the can you prove. That nobody asked me -- not concern you nobody presbyterian. Lou rather -- at that any award tonight and I or Lester the night before -- A little over carbo loading -- wasn't quite I I didn't I don't remember hearing live of the time but the Caron corollary is I think a fair way of looking at this. These guys all as a group. Are open to any question you wanna -- and baseball well they've gone further than the NFL has baseball knowledge blood testing right there started implement that. They're testing policy still. -- while some cases archaic because we've heard stories -- stops on the -- B system in 24 hours and how easy it is to beat the system you are silly to think. That some guys aren't still using something to get around in the Ryan -- story is a perfect example he doesn't look like a steroid user. It looks like young athletic kid you got off on a technicalities testosterone levels were through the -- get up because they didn't handle it correctly. So don't tell me it's not possible I must say I went up and getting to remote camp where he cut me off again. I'm circling back to -- some level appointed a guy without proof. And needle in and say Arianna Arianna on the on it to get an answer. That's a tough spot to be no problem asking the questions I like your t.'s Internet but your help this now David if your name's analysts now we look back. 100% guarantee guarantee guarantee -- organic and I'll say real quickly anybody says I'm doing this job because it's the Red Sox is David Ortiz. I was actually filling -- at some point of I was with you Alou or if it was even show when I was -- -- -- last year and this conversation came up with Derek -- Ike is Jeter was having a pretty good year till he got heart everything up once -- line he can't do that. It's not fair. Derek Jeter and any -- Marcella she said because he's never been -- never been any discussion of energy about now looking at anybody who succeeds. And immediately thing. He must be so let's -- that -- let's do this we started baseball we got full lines to get to your phone calls next Tom Karen in for -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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