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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith on his rumored Celtics Clippers trade

May 8, 2013|

Stephen A. joined the program to discuss the trade rumors he has reported regarding a possible trade including Doc Rivers and the Clippers. Stephen A. also told the guys that he has heard that Danny and Doc may be tiring of working together.

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Welcome back as a Callahan 6177797937. Will discuss that or rhetoric. Eight -- and all the injuries from the Boston Red Sox cap. Jeremy during the 9 o'clock hour away a couple of Red Sox tickets as well between now and the end of the program we check with Aston. It was a 65. Was at 653640. Or thereabouts -- down into his mind for a month but yeah yeah about right yeah network -- Yeah I'm -- again. Maybe yeah. They didn't get to -- were looking at two strikes probably it is revenge joining us on the AT&T like AT&T forgy LTE the -- available Stephen A Smith. Are written to the garden Friday night. Attribute it to -- person to guard to me -- how aria. It was good at this and you know what you always grab our attention here in Boston but in the last day or two you raise our eyebrows and grabbed our attention. With your reference to the rumor -- If you wouldn't mind Stephen to restate what it is you're hearing at least some people are discussing just what make sure I understand I have it right. Well first of all let me thank you sincerely and acknowledging -- All lots that is what people have discussed bright and and and are planning on discussing. Because. People which -- either the file reported that news is that something with imminent and that's exactly what what was going to happen which I did not do. I think it's now let me be equally. What I would try that they would. If you remember the book for the NBA trading deadline expire. There were rumors about the clippers and the Celtics that clippers I know for a fact -- stated Kevin Garnett. They wanted him to waive his no trade clause. They -- willing to unload eighty Andre Jordan along with -- Eric Bledsoe will quiet KG. But KG. Fiercely -- Tool to -- all these two over his job -- to -- Doc Rivers. Wasn't really interested in waiving -- no actually close as a result that could not happen. But in the aftermath of looting in this first round play host of -- to the New York Knicks. I happen to know that -- CP three is a Netflix terribly happy right now. He watched as they would the corporate I think he's planning on staying with the corporate that they can often quote thirty million more than anybody -- similar situation to Dwight Howard. He also looks at the clippers and has reached the conclusion that she needs help on the front lobby could mean that Blake Griffin nor the RJ due to -- had direct the -- to gain skills. To really make rule and the obsolete because they're incapable. Of pulling got away from the basket. And beat him at the right on the river though it will giving Chris -- operate a you've got Whitney yes right alongside -- -- from that standpoint. Once again that clip -- how. To -- woman so let go. All wanted old god they would prefer that it Beatty contrary Jordan because clearly Blake Griffin had a great up stopped within the better player. What they consider him one of the cornerstones of the threat on what you not TP story. So as a result in an effort to keep EP three who as a guy that quote to me -- they are looking to -- They are at the payment of what were a possibility. He called the ball so. We know KG is approaching third term view of the date of the late nineteen. We know that Paul Pierce will probably be on the chopping block because the more often felt trapped that you and upgrading. They KG and Paul create a god without. KG could electorate top forty career elect to play out his contract which has two years remain. But at the same can't even though he could contemplate would talk to one of the things -- cute one the wreckage acknowledging he would consider. It's poll -- because all it is that got he had just wanna leave them hanging in what goes -- on all of that stuff football pitch as well. Told the police. That according to god about open to an NBA circles. The Boston Celtics would look at -- got like eight KG woman on the motive and who knows they may be willing to market them as a package deal. If you look -- clippers obviously that's not enough to let go of somebody like a Blake Griffin. But if you combine. Keeping EP three as a priority. Only that he wants legitimate help or its plot line. The the immediate future combined with the fact it even though I've believed their -- -- -- has done a good job. That you've got others that don't believe Cho and don't believe he's the right coach for the job. If -- out the way. You can get your hands -- Doc Rivers in the same breath that you're getting KG and -- It could be something that could be a track. And that that attractive but not if you're at any age and UA. Where there is marquis you all were. Respect one another you just work with one another or -- you might be a little odd because it's they who knows what the situation. You might -- warmly. So let got rabbit out of that -- -- you're not gonna do Brooklyn or anybody within the Atlantic Division while probably -- -- conference but to move out west to challenge. Might be an attractive enough proposition. With the clippers at the end saying well you know what OK we would let go -- -- Under gold circle in. Over the -- that I heard that does not something that I came out with all of that they can about the corporate job. Wouldn't that -- not all of the usual my radio show in New York shouldn't pick and about the band Los Angeles Clippers well I got -- And these guys that the league looks the that's the possibility because you know of any age old book I. In getting KG and at its bread. You never know what he'll ask for it you'll never know what the clippers might get. Into taco born every minute imperfections well what was told to me and that's what I told. We we knew we heard many clipper rumors that the deadline Garnett would have to waive his throat today -- was obviously. Dangled but the Doc Rivers component comes out of left field Stephen -- when you heard that. This is a credible person you're a prompt and what did you say to them when they said. Doc might be thrown in this deal. Broke the -- I don't I don't I don't I don't quote or attribute anything to people that lacked credibility. You know I've been government NBA two years so it speaks for itself it is what it is. What I would say -- you about Doc Rivers that are removed under contract with the -- and -- the Boston took it absolutely love and respect Doc Rivers. But there have been some questions and NBA circles. As to whether or not be any age adopt from his desire to continue to call a bit. They have quote about respect with one another. There's no and -- could be a ball or anything like that. It's just that when you work with. Body everyday you do tend to get tired of looking at if they sizzle nearly Dearborn is what they did that make you know and a -- the only thing like X. It's not seen that going on they don't wobble itself could talk about the break up McCain and whether or not. That's not what I'm thing you do reach a point out we age you would like to it -- new challenges. We you're thinking about moving or Doc Rivers had a tremendous level of love and loyalty of those plays that he'd been culture. And that takes part -- No -- What is the event that the bought himself that are looking to move forward with a different set of plays. Who's to say that Doc Rivers who want to stick around to coach. New gotten what he loved it's. It's -- -- -- -- abort the organization is much respect the F dating age is what admiration and affection yet until the ownership. Which he's done. You get never know. What kind of attitude god cab when it comes to moving born in every pot that the because the relationship is going on long enough. Batted with the duck rabbit components come into play I haven't spoken about remember about that yet because obviously -- law been busy all the club up. But at the -- people who know. About dot Woodward and people who know Danny Ainge has expected that this is it possible. Steve and I would say that the vast majority of Celtic fans of people who. All basketball in this area while being sad to see Doc Rivers goal. Would embrace this deal if it ever came to fruition how to play on the other coast the LA clippers are making inroads on the LA lakers in terms of the love and adoration of basketball fans of Los Angeles -- this sit very well the straits that for -- corporate -- I don't believe that it would shoot that well because Blake Griffin -- so it is that is the human highlight right. And you've noted -- mood the upbeat -- useful and that's why I'm saying it will be taught and that happens because we didn't. You happy with -- -- and what a league you don't. KGB. Seven an approach in quality -- twilight that the Korea that they can legitimately get. Or peers who just completed it's 58 NBA season but that's why did dot -- component that -- attractive. Because you know at CPU difference got cal will play. You noted Doc Rivers has the championship pedigree at the culture. And the combination of both -- -- being a long term should give you the impression that it can be offset with their president and they are a lot. Delegates. That doesn't mean it go and have. Happened you lost it with clippers hold probably -- to daylight and you try to get them to take the outrage -- What you can make the argument that if you watch the Boston Celtics. What helped you with KG and pull -- and Eric Bledsoe is the future starting point ought in this -- and incredibly talented. If they think. He brought it and you think Rondo would be the next shoe to fall -- -- is let's let's doesn't wanna be a back up and now it is now. I don't think I don't think you would be a back -- what appointed. You've got legitimately at its -- question that some -- you have to remember. Part that compile because what you wanted to abort the topic right now are at the -- Robert Longo what you can. KG 37 years the -- how much -- going to -- appeared in the between these you know we know what he. He could call. Olympic reality got. He looked a bit old and a bit slow and all the time looked like -- knock on the door just a little bit more you know in this first -- -- we can get new York and it. So -- that was the one you don't commodities section. If you can get -- -- -- that's all along the old block that's important so that he will be in a forward direction and I don't Peabody he did that. A Stephen wrapping up the sold a portion of -- conversation if you had to guess keeping old gang -- for one more kick at the camp or breaking it up and doing it more like what what you're hearing might be happening what do you think more realistic for next season the Celtics. I think more realistic -- breaking that up because you can get it. You can get out to support them and let you wanna go complete rebuilding mode meaning. You know all issued by about that next year for the for the five million dollar buyout that he had that -- KG let -- -- You know it might give you won't you can look at it that way or you could look at it as. He's got a Bobble at the exit is deck in the system are getting Bob that he personally I don't even think the clip we're that stupid to let go -- Blake -- He they'd worked diligently to try to get to the take of the Audrey Jordan are. But at the same time god the leader saying that -- -- -- we're talking about it he always ask about how -- always look at. You look in the right. He's looking to get you know he's looking upon law -- complete Ike if he's capable of doing so these are -- war this is what they say and I'm not. -- nobody's that it's going to happen. But they're saying you can't put into it had been into what you ask for. That you can't put anything past the clippers know what they'd be willing to do to keep CP three because the market they -- -- -- You look at CP three not just the skill set not to support general ships. But the pit bull that he is on the court vacancy that then brought French. -- -- -- -- Sorry where I sit Derrick rose's teammates are saying all the right things and you have gang who's got spinal fluid leaking from his spine. You got yeah no out there with -- fascia it is these guys. Boston they're asked to try to get on there on the court. What do you think the story is with with Derrick Rose going to be really does -- 100% in his mind what do they just say he's not coming back because welcome back this year. I think Derek I think their rocket I think that's when they're well I think the Chicago board that told everybody this week. Access what that it was long when they're all probably the basic evening cleared to practice. -- -- world with a bit reluctant. But I also think that if you had Derrick Rose to get a Chicago bull you've got you know that the mentality of the player that we've got to be -- him. There's the got to play well -- bad yeah -- told that -- plant and back here and all of that of flashy. Or we would do when it this year. Anyplace to all that trauma help us compete for a championship. We can't fault them now that he's not sure that you can go because he went -- that's what looked last year look what the court the court for the top seed into the toward eight PL. So -- at a too late now I'm back and not what. But what I have everybody reminded so about. That the fact that has brought. Is the one that instigate a little bit. I think that has it dead Derrick Rose what should he come back the talent that -- it's not anybody quit the only reason why this is it -- -- -- as. Just a little and it because his brother. That it took the liberty out saying what to my brother wanna complete with fifteen because that he did not do anything in this team has done an option. Eight over key donation to watch it. Mallet looking at the Arab world because Bravo but it. I -- quick questions on the sell the -- more to two more on the Celtics Stephen A if doc leaves if he's traded or be just blocks away because active TB. Any sense of who the next coach would be. And what if they could get under the salary cap would that target -- who is out there. Other than Dwight -- I have -- that the old the next coach would be for the Boston Celtics to be quite honest that you are I do not know have been even match. At that Kate do you know what would the Celtics what I will say you bet. They are -- the Boston Celtics. It's the most storied. Franchises in NBA panels that simply cannot be disputed. What god blanket KG all part of fine. And although a lot on -- to age. To be a nice guy and out on the beach somebody that knows that they get to about the game of basketball obviously -- Of the reality of the situation is that his recording ability. Still remains a question walked in I had some hope in the NBA circles. They're wondering. What he can do to get dot com Boston because you have to remember. Before they got KG. It was a big top struggle their ship no doubt about that. And with cagey -- it to different animal is that intent to become -- focus become. He does loyalty based on what everybody has not built like KG and you don't hear people plan -- To go and play for the Boston -- because of dark ripped up because at any age they -- of the dollar plate for the ball as well it's because of Doc Rivers. Great stuff Steve and as always we appreciate your time this morning we'll talk to down the -- my friend. Thank you all and thank you David Smith with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T got like AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink on. -- everybody's Killen bumps and Mickens the -- you made the point what was the deal he sarcoma LeBron. And -- and yes to Miami two weeks before the -- that he he outlined the entire scenario of -- was gonna work with -- and LeBron joining -- wait two weeks before the decision and I was right. I would question any of it except the Doc Rivers part of it. And it all makes sense until you get that mean maybe then imminently Griffin doesn't make sense the would have CP three's condition to stay is. Get him out he does them alone game doesn't work -- -- whatever doesn't like personally quite easy Petrie isn't isn't a big fan of Vinny del -- grows and and maybe that would be parliament -- would be the sweetener that would be the sweetener to make this deal happen. Give a sense that doc wanted to go to LA no not really not really an end. You know I don't think wick and and and tags and Danny what doctor galway. But it would mean bringing in that kind of new fresh blood in here that they might say it would be worth that rush to find a different coach could have these pieces around this new -- and one of TARP was Santa Anita -- anyway right -- -- it was gonna walk away go home go to TV and they get nothing I mean. Stephen day a good point Stephen A we know is an Atlanta boy but he is also connected he has. You know may ease as he says he's just -- in the rumors that he's there 6177797937. Fault lines are open we'll talk with you are still covered the Rem dog in the -- o'clock hour and Red Sox tickets.

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