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Everything is falling into place for the Bruins

May 8, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show talking about the game four match-up tonight in Toronto. They all agreed that the chips seem to all be falling in the Bruins favor thus far this postseason.

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At the outset -- set aside. It's like camp for just a couple of minutes to areas of concern which we will certainly addressed in the next four hours number one. That may be the ugly best worst eighth inning I've ever seen in my life I'm sure there are others but since it's fresh in my mind that -- in the ugly just eighth inning I've ever seen. The second area of concern which -- certainly deal with would be the possibility. I'm not only the fourth surgery for wrong. But a fifth surgery for -- and -- -- missing considerable time certainly offseason conditioning stuff and maybe the beginning of next season but we will get to. At the top of my two items on the docket things. Is to predetermined. If before game. -- tonight in Toronto. Happened. Or human nature. Will carry the day. Now previewing a playoff hockey game or any hockey game for that matter is state is a Dicey thing. Well let's talk about the lines let's talk about the defensive pairings let's talk about who has let's talk about the face off all those kinds of things so superficial. In the big scope of things don't we have to determine if we -- preview tonight's game four -- talent. Or human nature will carry the day in game four tonight. Think about it this way. Game one clearly it was talent. The Bruins dominated the Maple Leafs they got cocky they felt good they should've felt good because their -- was better than Toronto's. Game two human nature convinced the Bruins they could just show up and win game two. Human nature carry the game. Game three I think you can make -- case that it was ball. The Bruins displayed more tablet clearly in that win at Toronto human nature being what it is up to game three bounced back. And the crazy crowd out of the game to bounce back and the crazy crowd in game three would carry them through the -- wrong. So game four tonight which will be human nature Boston authority accomplished or split where Toronto looking edited must win I. I think we have to do with this -- Dexter right of the top forwarded to that the second -- says. Did you guys see the leafs fan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And say what that we have a different gods -- the mail in London finds -- sun -- aerial craft store -- who lives like dual someplace else and does he sit down interview with them. We can't find decide guy happened to Ronald at least get a Nate and we'll drill -- Oregon and I'm looking at that that Toronto's at least four daily paper at least eight they did a day at the pistol. We'll see if someone tracked him down its if he's a season ticket holder will be in the same seats -- the people in Toronto or trying to ignore it either cause we put under the rug and forget it didn't happen -- fairest and guess and if he's back tonight he's not. During the -- and it's obvious that sat in Boston I'm probably. Feels pretty stupid is the best explanation for him is he's just just have to you know didn't he didn't -- an evil. Wasn't evil and as -- choice evil or stupid he stupid. I knew all the Boston strong science and I got no idea it was to -- most Unger here. Here's why I'm shocked we don't know his name. A million people more thousand people under his friends know who that is right it's like -- people recognized. The you know a speed bump and and and ships stay. On the video. And on the photographs of oh my god that's my UMass Dartmouth guy right that's my boxing partner whatever the -- it'd -- so a lot of people know this guy gets a surprise they haven't called the Toronto globe and mail and son and gazette Picayune and on whatever and said. Hey that's side. Jung IL a but you know look at the picture and it looked like he was alone I mean no one was taken -- -- matches. Analytical look at the other away and -- Ehrlich you know that the neighbors in Cleveland or just look the other way. We'll get to bed naked women on leeches in the back yet on their hands Sunnis and people. And we reported to -- often you know. Someone's life and someone has some explaining to do like Russia calling us about the art of runners and nobody -- As a terrorist -- like a mile from -- those bombs -- after terrorists -- -- that it's almost -- in -- right wing militia guys got to -- -- -- day but anyway. I forgot -- human nature is about what our date tonight. Well I don't think it's all or nothing -- that the Bruins have talent and what was your description of like human it would mean human -- Human nature I think the Bruins. Feel like they went to Montreal and Monterrey Toronto needed an accomplished what they needed to do they -- Already menus use you sought to the next you sought with the other facility had a solid night actual killer instinct though. It's human nature might also be what's -- these guys we win this game it's over we go back the series is done and annual. One -- what -- smell blood in the water figures are breaking right for you Boston Bruins if you're not paying real close attention. Pittsburg is fall apart they are in net. Montreal lost again to awful law -- a law. The Bruins are gonna have like home ice for the -- now statistically it plays out the way I mean. I I've flipped over a month Twitter or find out that the -- -- -- Pittsburgh. Games -- four. And if football were I saw the single softest goal and NHL history Marc-Andre. Laurie as just losses -- yeah he's done he's like I mean they Pittsburgh was the favorite going in everybody's choice to at least get to the Stanley Cup finals if not -- at all. You can't do that without a goal he can't do that. When your goal is is it is that Daniel Bard I mean this guy a sex yeah it has it's beyond if you see it can be seen it and see the last -- six -- noted beyond soft if they. Puts on his cornea. -- egregious whales and falls on you like Louie Anderson on the high. It is uncomfortable to watch it right there and then all the Barry Melrose is out there and Dale Arnold said. They got to go to the back of the gonna go to the third during the got to go somewhere else to -- amassed. If they were up five fortunate play out of run out the clock and I just slides it toward the good the net and Florida falls down and reaches in them I think is clubs on the wrong handers look bad. That's the kind of thing that affects the whole team and then you have a month ago going down. Against Ottawa things a break and right yeah -- the way it was two years ago so should that inspire them to have this this this killer instinct and keep your stay on the jugular only about is that the Vancouver's vote and you yeah wanna keep him Cooper alive and in in in in -- They're done NASA four straight their there'd that are out. So there will be no Vancouver the Bruins advance but there's identify another and that's true and -- congress was flooded or Montreal Chicago's -- spotlight -- I'm I want months ago. You don't want to Boston games are also yes of course mean Ottawa is in the bad little rivalry of -- you know don't dominated all Ottawa coach you think. And but you know I mean -- oh. Is it I mean we've been -- enough but do we have to -- and more is totally say let's give them the easiest -- I want Montreal I want Pittsburgh. When I want it to mean they're more. As -- -- islanders are images of the I wouldn't wish you just simple and islanders is my policy healthy that's only need to know is questionable operational priorities -- are planned. I mean that that would be okay but right now islanders the Brooklyn islanders. Don't want that I mean besides -- nothing to worry about it that don't clinical. Pittsburgh could be the greatest -- all belong to one last night beyond them beyond horse the -- worse -- that -- my best. That description would be and Louie Anderson trying to -- you dive we just fly royalty looked like me if I was in net. It was a goal yet on that final goal I mean might look like what do I do what handle use right. And it was bad enough that he gave up at the sixth was uncomfortable so Pittsburgh to mess Montreal's on the brink of elimination. Things are breaking right if I'm quote I'm telling my guys this is your opportunity now get rid of the dispense with these special rest. Get some rest get healthy start feeling that play at home get home ice. Doesn't it feel that way I mean. It was a really good night for the Bruins last night in a really bad night for the most threats. Yes but the reality of a what you think in what -- what often happens our -- 180 degrees apart what did we think after the game one domination. Is pretty over it's clear that the talent. Is so superior on the bruins' roster there's nothing to Toronto maple leaf can do to sustain. Any kind of attack to beat -- Eminem is a sweep I don't remember anybody I don't -- it did. Was predictions -- PayPal -- -- help but I don't like anyone was predicting a -- -- -- -- you said an effect we asked you -- the choice was 405. Six or seven those two choices and how long ago broad. Also at six -- seven right right so that we're gonna lose they lost a game talking about looking at the big picture I'm talking about looking at game number two after the Bruins domination in game number one and the general consensus was. Well it may not be a sweep it may not even be five. But clearly the Bruins have such superior talent that they cannot lose the series is -- to say. What about it yet they tossing her exit while it's hot right it's hockey in Pittsburgh can lose to the islanders and and and you think it's not basketball hockey things action on the -- it's a 45 matchup means it can't act. Clear cut but it seemed like it was that clear cut after game what's the weather through games one team has been clearly superior to the Bruins have been. Farce appear in games one and three yes but you know -- -- trauma can win six hits you right in the -- win the next two games into into the sixty tonight it could get ugly the advantage you have. When the public at Toronto teams of people in Toronto know their hockey and a friend Steve Simmons points out and it's the best point of wall Ronald doesn't have. Good defenseman in -- just don't have. Zdeno Chara they don't have in the -- paying that have sand paper. They don't have -- paper and on the Blue Line so what the paper right I mean they don't have stars studs back there -- captain defenseman has a heart attack defense. Alberto -- understood best is Simmons points out he's the best defensemen but then after one. There's a drop off to two after one and two is a big drop up to three and four and then after that again -- get. Nobody's stumble -- expect there -- who think that as an effect over a long -- I mean that it's. The Bruins will score you don't see game where their like. No Vancouver there in the struggling to get a goal that's not gonna happen with its identity of the regular season the Bruins at heartland Toronto. I -- I'm telling you see you you'll never see the Bruins. Be unable to score possible saw a lot of that last nine games of the regular season on explaining Q why this is different trials defense sucks. I it's 45 matchup Jerry Jumbotron a good score they just can't stop the Bruins in scoring hit it reduced the sentence at all. Up today and tomorrow on this they don't have. You're the one thing that is clear according to Steve Simmons. The eight different man Randy Kyle has utilized on defense through nine appeared to display of series aren't good enough to succeed. Big into -- night. You can do the job and shortened season that's true with the come -- short season but playoff time. With everything -- all the mistakes magnify it's become clear. General management -- general manager Dave no onus will have to upgrade the -- defense in the offseason to keep -- club. On the upswing Torre's right I'm glad to get through in the Nazis is the got to do it. What to do in the offseason they're done because they can't stop anyone they detonated this is a flawed team you want to see the Bruins in this spot with Pittsburg reeling with -- -- -- win tonight close them out Friday what Don T want people to start going -- here people excited I'm excited that -- also get a just monitor all -- -- hours rubber January -- struggles I mean it probably win but the -- seven -- -- mobile. Bloodbath -- -- ugly in the group of six goals a game. People are gonna go all the games six and -- -- by the way are back to back. -- days in conference Sunday Monday I think all of Saturday's ours and it's unemployment rose to some argue this in five games you're looking at Pittsburgh team that whoever put back to back games six and seven and -- two days later yeah you would imagine that's a very good point and -- I a minute -- count mean talent. If you have talent Pittsburgh and you gonna Google and got a question. The -- have talent and they real talent in that. I would I would only a circle back to Steve Simmons and with all due respect to the humor in -- and and and the guy. Talent as a as a writer -- from newspaper. I believe prior to game number one he said the Bruins are ripe for the taking they're not the Bruins team above we seem to -- in the past. No sandpaper no -- none of that dead wrong about that. And prior to game number two he said all the ups are ready game number three with a went back to throttle. After -- one game number two he said well things have really changed now aces there's confidence there's no more doubt. And the 20000 fans in the whatever it is Air Canada -- carry the guy he was wrong about all those people gonna be out there again tonight juror every game up the last hole playoff game for another minute. -- -- -- and what if it's like raining snowing would have it's now you know guards and that's to their guards they give -- outside just in deficit the people we scrubbed again tonight I think what happened after game number three everybody came out of the air -- Air Canada Centre and just -- to their scarves away. Shall -- -- partly homeless Obama to Iran that that nice as the white people we are white scarf and he. I've checked everything so while sitting multitasking at the trials on the trials. Globe and mail. Like anybody I -- I looked last night could not that is hard to do. Honestly it's causing a lot of -- the FBI and fortunately if this happened here. Forget about right that we all know to be here people we can't really -- -- I know that happened yet right and they -- -- garbage I don't think you'll think some friend of this digging didn't call one of these newspapers or some TV station up there and say I do that is that's an -- up that side while the course of any friends. The hornets didn't have relatives that people know they are I think you might -- mask. But you know on this signs and photos show Sony yeah. It's it was funny some of them are funny funny ones we care. Yeah right craft of the later he did that again next whom the -- that's pretty good aspect that ad hominem I miss them. Quite immature yes. Class of the bumper sticker Dina put in your car on the serve you know was that your. That was you know I feel as though are mature and made me laugh plant site outside I took my son Obama picked him up from his from his daycare and went back to the cars. Would that help him -- and went home today 4 o'clock yeah 3 o'clock anybody hot catcher. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can do descended into some gas is like it's like hazing you know you can do your when your us a freshman or sophomore and get paid -- green -- and you're. Some days you could do with the month or silky whoever well yeah. Its -- rental utility drives -- relentless in Paris it. Still -- you know fairly new it is rite of passage. We gotta do it. Packard is in -- -- -- troop Palin knew this man -- yet that's right to make it easy for you is you back your car in Idaho you know I made fairly easy what did you how would you be I read in the. I did it right at the show got the report you'd think that day. So what so wonderfully Mitchell we're just glad it wasn't a big -- on. Yes I was terrified yeah you thought the -- to get it you know group -- -- that's funny blogs -- these -- of them blowing up a -- -- that's -- You can think of the guy heavy -- to get rid of us failed to talk about professional athlete as -- money. Sure you do that I thought that was all right we need to take a break here six point 77797937. The great Steven A Smith joins us at 8 o'clock to lumps if he still thinks the rumor mill churning out doc. Being traded to the LA clippers and KG and Paul put -- to apologize to Steve -- if they do trade docked at the clip okay. He's been mocked and ridiculed obstacles that go bludgeoned about the head and shoulders yes and -- Jerry Remy the red dog will join us in the 9 o'clock or give Red Sox tickets away as well and when we come back this with the second on second item on my agenda. Aside from the worst eight -- I've ever seen and major concerns about grown maybe having a fourth of the surgery. As a military person. In the history of military people. Ever said any things putter. Winner and former US air force veteran Juli. Grind I guess that she's a total -- on us Della trembling like. Yes well she was a former military and I'm I'm on -- -- -- and guess in this that kind of as a that's got a lot lunatic yet this rises to the level of stupidity and and outrageous that's better work outrageousness. That Stella Trombley ventured into last week and. I have to ask -- get to the Slater and where is Shaughnessy gonna watch it's X games from now they are gonna locked him out of the -- advanced in the life and and the boss and explain why that is when we get back.

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