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May 7, 2013|

Today on the Daily Planet the Bruins take a 2-1 series lead, the Red Sox get a run-off win, and we hear about cannibals and bible thieves.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A busy day of these daily planet newsroom today that's right we report you deride Toronto. They Boston Bruins spoiling the return of playoff hockey needed to run last night's going to quick keys in the second period of 52 win over the Maple Leafs. Adam Quaid rich Beverley Nathan Horton Daniel IA David Krejci. And it's musical 117 remaining scored for Boston. -- -- -- -- We had chances we bury them let's let's fix things for us you know we we haven't always been denounced those two days -- -- scoring. Faster grass who by the way did not score Eagles last night the line of Lucic and Krejci and Horton had two goals and six assists they've combined for seventeen points. In the first three post season games with five goals and twelve assists. It was the league's first home playoff game since may fourth 2004. And -- as for the last night's game a game four but it will be Wednesday night to -- original so tomorrow night after last night's game. Claude says wary that we held the -- and we did a great job and hanging on to lead and at the end of the night day you come out with a big win. We only Horton we did a good job of birds hanging onto two lead -- that. Again and I tell you tomorrow with a big win. Fenway Park Boston and a game that took freak him for ever to complete. The Red Sox fans watched his -- colts struggled early then settled down very very nicely they -- home runs from Victor Reno and drew and Dustin Pedroia his first of the year which gave the Sox the lately -- they saw a whole lot of weird crap starting -- that at a rest Hanrahan. The Sox bullpen really really screwed right now that Bailey's biceps and -- forearm strain somebody's bucket for a promotion and that terror arrest -- manager John Ferrell. I said Tuesday the Red Sox will go right hander Junichi his outlook. In closing situations for now. With last night's win the Sox again have the best record in baseball. And Stephen Drew says hey nobody gives up here we just wanna win games and have fun nobody. You know gives up here we're just -- -- names and -- tonight lefty Scott diamond for the twins against Ryan Dempster. Miami Florida it's worked really hard not to root for top of it on the balls. Twelve point underdogs last night against the -- make no mistake. It's hard to beat McCain. Decade -- decade it's hard to beat the chosen one it's hard to be king James. Nate Robinson scored 27 points Butler had 21. With fourteen rebounds in the bulls beat Miami 9386. Game 1 Eastern Conference semifinal series now. That says snapped. And did the team that snapped Miami's 27 game winning streak in regular season the second longest in NBA history found a way to topple the champs again last night. This time ending a run of twelve straight -- victories overall no -- no rose just guts. And Tom team meanwhile in San Antonio overtime thriller last night won by whispers. Monitored you know at least three pointer from the wing with one point two seconds left. In double OT. The real thing and 129127. Victory. Over the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry's 44 points that's game one of the Western Conference semifinals happened last night. And the spurs traded at trailed by as much as sixteen points at four minutes left in regulation before they want on an epic eighteen to run. The closed the fourth quarter and forced overtime so good for them former Red Sox outfielder. Otis Nixon charged. With. Possession of a crack pipe and it crack rock. During a traffic stop near Atlanta on Saturday. According to the Atlanta journal constitution report Nixon told police the crack cocaine found -- destruct. Did not belong to him rattled -- groups that just -- and the pipe belonged to his son. But nice to throw your summer under the bus another crack pipe was found following a search of the Trot Nixon reportedly transporting a female passenger. At the time of the arrest. Police subjected -- -- field sobriety test noted that the did not appear to be high or drunk. According to the journal constitution reports nix has been charged with cocaine. And paper -- -- that position. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark said Monday and ESP n.'s NFL live it to patriots quarterback Tom Brady quote sees ghosts. When defense is are able to bump his receivers to keep him under pressure working at Bristol as a guest analyst. Clark made his comments when asked how vulnerable patriots are given our given the offseason loss of Wes Welker Clark said the key to pulling the -- keeping pressure on Brady. He said in 2010 quote we saw -- start with the jets in the playoffs when Tom Brady gets pressure. And when your man demanded -- in those guys are making it hard for him to throw he sees ghosts. -- your patriots mistake. According to. Ryan. Clark. In Kentucky. And Kentucky police arrested Brandon -- last Wednesday he allegedly told one officers that he was quote. Eight cannibal and he is going to put her on a plate and eat her no mood in the room when -- some reporting that hocker 45. Was being picked up were allegedly stabbing his girlfriend. Several times -- night before. The -- five -- was arrested on second and assault charges he now also faces terroristic threatening charges. After his alleged comments about. Cannibalism. According to the Associated Press. If you steal a book that famously commands you not to steal does that drive home the point or does that negate the point. People find the -- up to us. Even -- me. George -- and there are a thief. Whose name is. Slamming. Somehow have lost her first name of powder springs Georgia arrested April 26 for allegedly stealing the good book. From a Barnes & Noble in Cobb County Georgia. Charged with misdemeanor shoplifting. -- Fleming was released on a 1000 dollar bond to me oh however she -- aboard the whole thing if she went to church instead of a bookstore where they. Many times will give out bibles. For free holy crap may sixteenth it's a roast I'm getting roasted comedians athletes famous people it's all for charity dinners included. Go to employment options dot org and get your tickets. To see bill Lee -- short way. Comedian Dave -- Greg Murphy Lenny megs John Fiore and yours truly and don't forget the dinner employment options dot org. For your tax deductible tickets. On this day in history birthdays first of all quarterback Alex Smith -- -- nine. Quarterback Johnny Unitas who is no longer witness says eighty it would have been if he were alive today. Another guy who's dead dead Tchaikovsky -- got -- wrote the nutcracker suite -- a 173 -- years old if you were alive today -- probably really tired. Tracy lords the porn star. Who was not legal when she did her porn movies is now 45. She's more than legal now. Dick Williams former Red Sox manager 84 but he's not alive either dead -- can evil is that if you don't -- people's life. He should be dead. Bodies alive. On the state history. Early morning hours of may seventh 1965. In Clearwater Florida in a motel room. -- bleary eyed Keith Richards woke up grab the tape recorder and laid down one of the greatest tracks of all time. The opening riff of I can't get no satisfaction. And then he promptly fell back to sleep debt satisfaction. The stones song it's. Was born on this day in 1965. On this day of 1780 ninth president George Washington attends a full a ball in his honor. Is walls now the president said the biggest balls of course they sell more tickets in the event. Provided a model for the first official inaugural ball need help to celebrate James Madison's. Ascension to the office ten years later but the first fancy real ball. Was George Washington's and 7089. And it's the fortieth anniversary of the designated hitter this year and tonight the first DH ever. Former Yankee Ron Bloomberg. Will be signing autographs. In honor of the occasion at sports world on route one -- -- August from five to 7 PM. -- you got about 45 minutes ago over there and get the autograph of the only the first only. DH in the history of Major League Baseball former Yankee. Ron Bloomberg. The daily planet has brought you by doctor Robert Leonard he's the best Perez for your hair transplantation. Leonard hair transplant associates look younger feel younger call 1800 get a hair and tell Mikey said --

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