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NESN's Jack Edwards: Not so fast, this series just got interesting

May 7, 2013|

We check in with Jack Edwards from Toronto who wants to caution Bruins fans that a tough-forechecking Maple Leafs team means this series is FAR from in the bag.

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Everything you ever wanna see from the Bruins I'd say use on games one and three game till. And they'll look that bad. Clearly didn't look as good as they did in the two wins Michael is now gone out and his proverbial limb and say this whole thing is over. Dun forget it Toronto he went again. Which probably means -- win game four -- you say Jack Edwards. What do you say -- of that. I'm just hope I can figure -- what is a gold what is typical when they play again tomorrow night. House on thirty last night kept saying it. Got caught a spot I'd never seen before. Yeah I'd never seen it either and you know the referee Steve concern -- would write a lot of the goal. First mixes. This sort of half motion which is sore but I thought he was signaled interest rates off. If the -- -- sort of -- -- over the top I was talking to let their torture recent radio play by play guy he said he. He had no it was in either of them now go talk to work. So important and an introduction interview he said he didn't always it so that. I don't really wacky the puck got stuck on top of the transmitter for the remote ever. That's a goal and that's why nobody saw. All right so what what -- your other than that what was your your take away from from game three in this series. Well -- went abroad at the airport check going they win one -- gets its fore check going. Police went so I guess sequestered improves. That are focused and who's gonna bring more directed energy and that's really what playoff hockey the about we can always do what you want seemed to the other status in did that in. -- he didn't do that and really what it is it is you've got to. Qualified teams seeking improved over the course of 48 games and they deserve to be in here. It's an unpredictable result that's -- what -- -- are so great. But it's as much as we try to figure out what it was gonna look like. It sort of looked like that in the first period -- a -- of had a ton of energy but. I didn't really brutal. I enforcing the Bruins dominating the way they dominated for most of the game -- and I don't Toronto catapult shot in the third period but the shots. For the most part except for a couple scramble for the ball for the shot recovering. From the parameters for the Bruins always will be willing to give a popular confidence took a rest and stop the. Well the Bruins haven't taken when he shot from the point as well but I don't over the -- are confident that James -- can stop him he is looked shaky on every long slap shot I've seen Jack. It is -- a 100% definitely their goalie for the rest of the series. Are yet they don't wanna go to about -- you know that's -- has a chance to be a pretty good back up and you can't -- you. On some kind of a group maybe he can. -- where being a starter this current but without the physical ability that a guy like Robert does. But it if you look at a writer and your virtual management. You know after the playoffs what has done a lot -- they go on and somehow win the Stanley Cup you -- -- -- they're like you know there's there's a couple of couple of thousand bottles of beer go play baseball last the league and in -- up ecological played first base and you know victory errors but figure out how to catch. The park and and do it by beating first baseman. You know it gets well get some bad -- figure out how to get it done this. What is termed it a liability for Ronald puck goes in and out of that truck were so often and that's just the basic thing you got to be able to stop the play when somebody shoot -- side. What do you make of Phil -- so far Jack. Billick felt when he got the space he's really dangerous -- -- fast as anybody in the National Hockey League and the guy knows what she's got a -- for police. He's still very very potent scorer. But if you can limit fills space in and keep from getting the puck in the first place. He will not battle before you will not in too many -- battles that's not his game. Never been his comfort zone and that is -- litigation as a player as. As Mike Milbury. That early in -- career. Seemed to fall they're fatal and that's. -- its judgment a guy who. Has -- then scoring scale but really can't get himself involved in the gritty parts of game and both civil liability at Roland. Saw in him early. And why they didn't -- in the franchise type player. What are you got your Randy Carlyle and Jack and -- it doesn't it have to then be up to Randy Carlyle if your number you're not gonna change to -- is you've got to find a way to. Use him in and get him into free space is Randy Carlyle doing enough to get the most out of -- I again I think he's actually got a pretty good job because he's converted most of the rest of the team and being a budget cutters you know you look at the way of the choker koskie gets guys. They never ever ever did before. You've appealed to the greater part of group Huskies personality -- he rewarded. In verbally in front of the team many many times. Four. Being sacred your forward and so we've gotten that out of him. And really it's the job of the other four skaters on the ice to create some space for itself so all the wrong and you still has a pop and weapons and north of our strategy there are lots of players in the NHL would have -- limitations. Because they do all things brilliantly and allow them. He kept it out well in central council -- and that the political bad guys doesn't make an impact player he's an actual player. It just an actual player with a lot of limitations. If you can accept -- the patience and work with what they give you what it is US as a pop in scoring threat that requires. Defenseman to be completely. Preoccupied with the -- with councils on the ice. And you can use him in a way that'll help you I think Ronald got four or possible through a couple of minuses and even in this series I think we're all got more often than they've and a lot from. Let's go from talk about a young weapon to an old weapon. And as -- armor yarder for the Bruins what have you seen from him so far. Getting better. Getting better physically. Getting -- flu and getting -- more adjusted system. Always go overboard portrays regard her. After game three. Because it still got a lot of position a little bit it was occasionally in different -- -- all. And what exactly crisp in his line changes something that's becoming increasingly that you're not specifically -- blogger but. But with the Bruins in general. Because. It leaves of opposition which leaves them vulnerable to take penalties and it. They're totally -- right now it's just that but it hasn't been a lot for years -- inexplicable. Because this has been so solid and maybe their work -- out practiced today by. You know we won't find out moral. But I think -- getting buried becoming more destructive. And you know us as somebody following -- brought I hope that continues to prove he's not where he needs to be yet. He entertains me every time every time he touches the puck I find myself chuckling at home whether it's because he's slow and has breakaway and that's kind of funny to watch. Or because they can't take a puck away from a might I just find him entertaining. -- mile -- each justice to jump lines. You got a guy who Jack what he's going the Bruins seemed to win every time he's like the did the bell all the Bellwether for whether or not the Bruins are gonna have a good game. If your close Julianne how how do you keep the good did -- -- -- teach in there and stay away from the bad. Well it seems -- have. It was all about his fitness level and we've talked about this like Michael you know throughout. This season with which -- that. Where he came in it was a little -- shape but he was very productive early on admitted that was just on athletic ability and probably that the rest of the league wasn't exactly in tip top shape but that it wore down and he went into a prolonged slump. And it lasted most of the rest embassies and it got a little bit of a pulse there. About six weeks in but but but any key immediately -- off again and went into it or slow. But they had him on the bike after games even when he was points thirteen and a half minutes. The game you know what. Thirteen and a half minutes is not an a small amount of ice time usually guys who play less than ten minutes ago. The automatic like right after the game Dellucci was playing thirteen and a half minutes or so and they have been. Fifteen minutes of their holes on the bike high resistance and that means that they're trying to get him in better shape. Well it sure looks like he's in shape up because. You know he comes down now weighing in the -- -- looking over their shoulders going all -- own golf and here comes and it changes their decision making process. They get the -- and who can play you know I'm not criticizing Iran that the senate but we're making hurry passes. Every defenseman in the NHL like three passes what you see that teaching the -- and that's what that's the way he needs to collect edit the chain reaction. When Lucic played that way. He becomes you automatically an important Nathan Horton it gives David -- -- on the space at all three of them are productive. So gently -- a caller earlier who made an interesting point about -- each and said it. Big a hole on his body or maybe he needs to be mentally so riled up in order to play that game every night that we can't expect him to play that game. And I accept that premise for a moment. What else can he do on the nights where maybe he isn't able to do that to that it's not a lost cause. Unless he's completely destroying people out there. You know until about. What the to -- 23 years ago I would have I would I would agree with that premise. Like. Ray Bork who we all know a lot. Has only markedly once in my entire life. And I did it was obviously profound experience because I remember this day and it was when I present at that exact premise. -- -- that you can't play at that level every single night. I it the way I've I've straight there was isn't the regular season about preserving their bodies that you can use it up in the playoffs. And he actually erupted and he was angry it was not saying anger she was. Angry at me for even holding. The question. And and really what it is. Is that part of the Boston Bruins charities that you don't say that you don't save it for anything because you never know what the turning point of this season is going to be. Or or an opponent can turn your seat and against and you don't know when it's gonna happen in the playoffs. And so you popped the try to play that way every single game and that's what was bothering the Bruins management about Lucic gave. But it if she was physically incapable. Public opened the play that way every single game. And even -- The execution. Won't be at that level. 82 times in regular regular season. It ought to be either. At least seven times for guidance starting next you're gonna get paid six billion dollars a year that's what they saw -- teach that's what they still see which -- And that's what they expect what you -- -- -- I I I kinda. Rejected on the basis of force. Quarter century ago to answer to me which which really is the Credo of the Boston course that you don't save it for anything and you better bring it every single life. While -- -- quick question about the atmosphere we heard a lot about first first playoff game in Toronto in about a decade. -- how the atmosphere was going to be electric did you find that to be true and if so -- a benefit. If anybody. I thought an accident police to mudslide prone to know how to ride crowd like that and enjoy it and embrace experience but police force. So incredible -- The city -- just. All white all day yesterday and and it that there was there is very little circle the -- that -- Gardiner expressway has legendary -- chants and there was very little traffic on the -- people came to work in the morning and just state. They stayed in talent and even if they didn't have tickets what it is you're gathering at the sports part. Every it would appear for my last night on every sports bar at an outdoor cafe going with giant screens and another huge display in -- police -- right outside of Air Canada -- Then it was it was a wonderful mr. really order of police and I thought they got used by date that you really want off and if I can I can digress a little that -- I think. That the guy who who did the Boston. -- little stronger side was just. Badly mistaken I I think she just didn't know. What he was doing I think was a mistake of ignorance rather than arrogance. And he's he's probably pretty sorry he didn't. An and I you know also if there're any. Leaps and virtual systems out there are no where to look hooligans are will be up at least. At TD garden. In the first couple games of the series there's no excuse. That sport so you know parties in misbehavior on on both sides but they'll heal and move on and remember it's you know it's really important shut hockey games but they're just talking -- Jack thank you so much it was good to talk to you game four tomorrow night in the game five back at the garden on Friday we'll see you in year on Thursday afternoon. -- there are -- characters Jack Edwards from Toronto -- joins us like all guests via the AT&T hotline. He's right on that I would hope that that was a mistake of ignorance and not arrogance. I would hold. But it was really the wrong idea just the wrong message don't. Yeah I'd like I've tried hard to believe it's a mistake of ignorance when there was so much it of that in there appeared to be. Meticulous attention to detail again I hope and that's -- I just that I like to hope I don't look that way -- Jack is talking about he's absolutely right. I never understood. Most of the time if you go to Q and have been bitten too many games where. A Fenway Park -- you'll see people in in yankees. Jerseys. And get a part time in. Some back and -- -- I guess there will be fights over but that's just stupid to me. We saw we saw Knick fans in the garden. And they were little out of their their little -- through -- knowing. But to the point where you wanna you know beat him up because they're rooting for the New York -- in -- rooting for the Celtics simply getting the -- alcohol. I mean usually go into that well but -- alcohol. And alcohol bring out. Who you are renowned is that I imagine a -- into a different or sometimes it does -- sometimes it just turns you into completely different human being. But I mean I'm assuming that's the only that's the only answer that makes any sense for how you could possibly wanna beat somebody up because they were wearing another uniform talking trash sounds good actual -- -- Probably usually the result of alcohol are coming up here Michael. -- -- did it last night change your view it did for you. He did you watch that game that's changed your medium convert you went from having one opinion of the Bruins to having another or you alone. 617779793. Several hit the phones alcohol Adobe media. The series is over. The Bruins will not lose another game.

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