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NESN's Leah Hextall talks Bruins and properly pronounces 'Poutin' for us

May 7, 2013|

We had to go to a Canadian source to get the real deal about what the heck Poutin is, and how you're supposed to pronounce it. So we check in with NESN's Leah Hextall, who is from the Manitoba province to get take on Poutin... and oh yeah, the Bruins too.

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-- -- -- noticed a little something about Phil Kessel how to -- castles face gets a fact harder curriculum pretty Rourke who in Iran in Maryland. He's even too much -- -- -- there and I must be an easy eating way too much boutiques in somebody's day routine. It when you say that I quicker something you hope the Republican I think it was right there with -- I've heard you want to make news Boudin. Packed full French Fries powdered roundly beat -- much relish. The sponsorship for programs are mad -- -- not about it and gravy and her and she's -- through geez now how notified go there. So people like. On you know -- immediately subsequent victory expect sheets -- -- expects so what exactly is this is healthy treaty again. They -- -- -- the game is that correct pronunciation. Is. -- Polish and well however you say it's posted. Until endeavors in this is really good but it is incredibly badly. It's apparently making Phil Kessel fat how to -- castles face gets a fat. Where you can post -- -- Finally a song about to a team. That's awful find out whether -- it correctly. Like at Canada insider on the phone there you're getting bowl pizza the Ontario version news team in the in the Quebec -- -- to push. I don't I don't care for I -- hear from -- textile she's she's she's going to be our Canadian have you -- -- -- on this and daily. Yes she's of the famous ex golfing and I was gonna say -- famous last name she is a cousin I believed Iran now. She's from and I think she's probably get that information let's get on it differently -- well be the AT&T now -- Canadian. No I don't argue from -- from Winnipeg. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I was working. At it sound like you're there right now. -- -- that it's occurs regardless of speakers and Micah. -- -- -- We can easily could have great ear only -- Shannon Brown -- -- aren't very technological and that I don't I don't want any technical body. You're a Bluetooth thing -- -- -- -- Bluetooth here here's here's what we need -- your official Canadian and -- can you give -- the correct pronunciation. Of French Fries gravy -- skirts. Yes. Oh that's very important he's right it's Putin. Well he was -- -- but people were telling him this day -- 101 person said -- and somebody else that puts scene with a like at TSN. -- -- -- If you were ranked -- -- it a little bit technical or not and so we're not going to be. How how would we say if we're French. Who -- adamant to have so I'm definitely not to but otherwise it's just routine and is that way Alter a candidate. I did I ever heard it from them any other way. -- can give you that -- needing after the critical. -- we appreciate and it Eric before we who get too far afield here we got to figure out the information so well. Be spreading misinformation. You. Are what Tehran next. Ironic that. Are at that -- OK so this is like you or your your dads or Brothers -- But wouldn't that make you his knees. And her dad. My dad I think it at a time at a rather than my -- if he's not on his dad. Our character got okay you are you get -- and -- I'm just trying to do that hold -- -- doing the imagery -- see the most important question here though Leo how much hootie has Phil Kessel -- in his few years in Toronto. Well actually the day for it as simple to get it right. So. I don't know you probably haven't -- Well and he looks at it he's storing some in his cheeks -- for the winter. Inky black who did not belong integrated got out of hibernation and in -- I think I like a global studies that we can happen as how to work not now. -- you got to. Put it got in the series over a putt well to question what would your food you have at the beginning of this series. And how did you see it playing out now -- how do you see it might not want to say the -- with with three games with three games of information so. -- isn't I -- but I haven't been guilty that that excited about because that and that apple said the militant. I have to -- -- game and I thought that it was in the near lock in -- And it has. In that game and I mean I know that they you know but at that they -- -- firm that. Really there are equally -- here is that -- -- first on tell me about the bracket. You know you're talking to a Canadian when she has a Stanley Cup -- Stanley Cup bracket like the NCAA tournament. My -- -- I'm here I hate the LA -- -- more of our -- and headed didn't like it. And I were -- here. -- you have to -- you're allowed to win money even though your cousin works for the LA kings. What he's not involved and it -- my racquet you know I have but to think you bet on him right now and back it down here at Canadian I mean I well. And that and that its -- and it. Are not and cannot be sold out instantly it. Well least at least you're winning right now with the Bruins we appreciate you for being our Canadian insider. Hardly got any others -- next columnist and daily correct I was corrected protein of why everybody was all over me. I'm gonna stick to my guns more. And your cookie. Cookie I would Munson -- team that you took everything out out of it can get routine around his lookalike castles. To give routine in this building you get in trouble for that got to go see human resources if I do start to look like castles I mean and and -- alligator arms to. War relic like council after the lunch bought us lunch today props. Launch from -- from Mike -- What a surprise. Organize was a surprise amid a DD yeah what'd you have what was the super now. Yeah that's the there actually is that I'm not the type of guy to bring you luck -- saying. It doesn't happen generally. In this building. That people are our -- -- just for example for example people do nice things though. Yet we appreciate mom happy and hopefully we can all start doing nice things will start paying it forward on hold through this is going to be like I -- thought -- lucky fairly and everybody's going to be very I don't think holder I won't Donald won't hold my breath on that. Are you -- still defend your guy Cassel is it seems like you've changed your tune after watching him last night. I think he's a fantastic goal -- he's unbelievable but in this series. This is nothing new or Brian Elliott did the same thing people talk about the third period and and how while Toronto was great in the third period admitted to beating it to play with the panic at the plate with the frenzy. When you enter the third period you're down 41 game three of the playoffs your home you better do something so that's not really a surprise. This is a this is a bad matchup -- -- that before the series started and it was a bad matchup for Toronto. Expect the Bruins to win probably in six games I would have been surprised to go on seven and that expect the Bruins to win in game seven. But what did surprise me to see Phil Kessel in the middle of the ice. Looking around for contact. Just being a little afraid of nothing shadows. So yes shocking I know he doesn't go into corners I know he's not a two way player and that's not close down he tried to make them into you try to make. -- Cassell -- to a player that he didn't wanna be I got that that was willing to live with its flaws but. I what I saw from him last last night pretty embarrassed. I loved it it makes me happy I mean I hate it does it makes me happy to watch Cassel played poorly against the Bruins because it just complete -- narrative. And then at the end to try to. To try to pick a fight -- Brad marsh and just added to it. And is expected to pick a fight with John Thorpe or some -- -- he found somebody is -- -- But he's saying today -- -- castles that are at anytime anywhere let's go I don't know can you see those guys throwing down before the end of the series it's a huge win for the Bruins out. I see one of them -- if they went on fight night. You know castle. Has got to know both -- them have to know what they are enough fighters but if they'd gotten to a fight. -- marks the first time I've noticed portions -- -- -- quiet series or not he's played badly. But quite series and you can see him hated Toronto said it Randy Carlyle senate before the series. That -- line is the first line for the Bruins disrespecting by the way but David -- line which actually is the technical first line for the Braves up the first got to say that though -- -- and -- Bruins fans have said that and for whatever reason. Great -- it seems to have ticked off -- and Lucic important there have been a series for the ages plus -- getting to play against the number two defensive pairing it's worked out gangbusters for them fine. Parts of Bergeron -- have made much of a difference neither -- finds a lot you're winning games because the other line has all kinds of room to score. I don't and maybe he tried to maybe he said that to tweak and I don't know but if you look at it. And we talk about this before so excuse me so we talked about just before it you know this is. I mean this is not groundbreaking information. Bergeron is their best player. It is pleased he's here invest all our employees are best tolerant place him -- -- -- jars like the Zdeno Chara or Patrice Bergeron. So at that the fact that an opposing coach says you know the Bergeron line at the line that we have to worry about with the number one line I think that's fair. Different say it but I hope it kicks off the other guys and I'm glad to see they've responded the way they have are -- Coming up here. My feet one of my favorite may be -- even my favorite piece of sound it's exactly 25 years old and one day. As of today we missed the opportunity to play yesterday so we will give it a happy belated birthday next alcoholic WE yeah.

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