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Hey Schilling and Colin Cowherd! Nice straw man argument about Clay Bucholz and cheating

May 7, 2013|

We listen in on some audio, where Colin Cowherd tells Curt Schilling that the Boston media was ripe with people calling Clay Bucholz a cheater... and Curt agreed! We wonder if Colin wants a mulligan, because as far as we can tell there were maybe one or two people in the Boston media making a big deal about this.

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We followed Clay Buchholz and and whatever it is arm -- what do we call -- this -- -- -- Garth who skate thank you since the Garth who was was one of his biggest critics. He pitches last night doesn't pitch particularly well but I don't I don't think it was in any way related to whatever happened the week before. But Curt Schilling goes on -- with Colin Cowherd this morning you could hear it on now on 850 WEEI. And says this. You know it's I've -- -- -- -- the Saturday the Boston media station you know. And I kind of defended Clay Buchholz because I said you know he poured water on his head he's got -- and and garner oh okay. But I watched the Boston media occurred. They say basically they all said yeah we think he's cheating I was totally shocked by the Boston -- -- -- it but it but everything else who they don't have the ability when a lot of them don't have the ability pretty -- can't -- story they got to be you've got to be given. An end and that's what might have -- -- a lot of them. That that story that he's cheating and allow more -- he's not. An end. Very artistic world think that it's almost like I -- lap of the same where laugh when people say he meant to hit -- and -- to load the bases are loaded. It's been there's been increased spending pennies these juice in the ball. He's got more than enough moisture still without having any -- know exactly what was on his arm. And everybody tried to do with the same thing and it's not you trying to decrypt. And -- was doing it in the -- I would tell you right now the hardest stadium in Major League Baseball decrypt the baseball the pitcher is in Toronto. Because it's so try to manner. And I knew I have for me I was sick I got -- cotton mouth a lot of times there I could not keep my fingers. It's quick statement they keep -- just a typical plot point goes to put a low ball. -- for a guy that relies on a curve ball and -- -- and can manipulate the ball the way he does that's huge. So you -- up what should -- its if you -- the rotten -- if you put. What's the suntan -- that. -- -- People bull frog on and you can you put -- in the attempt rather run it'll turn darker it didn't -- and it it creates a substantive logic of the baseball. That's pretty good information I never heard the -- tried Toronto theory not a dry county is just a dry sort. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- has Curt Schilling almost can't cover earlier this morning are things am -- a few things number one. Powers that he was watching that's an okay good for NASA that he has that they have viewership. Of the national radio host blah. If one guy on -- and said he was cheating on who set to be Abraham zednik a fertile. Make the Boston haven't heard. Three people. In the Boston media. Today. I buckles is cheating. Boston media is saying -- and of course unless the gore who is the newest member of the S and -- I'm confused by the -- and of course straw man wanted to take -- course take out all your take on the Boston media on our show last week without us even bringing it up yeah yeah all the way to create stories immigrant. When in doubt start shelling attacks the Boston hosts yet. The Boston media -- miss. Like five members of the -- three members and two members of the Boston media who said he's he's cheating. And it is watching Justin did when he Dennis -- -- And just passionately and Jeremy -- Nazi Jerry Remy passionately defend them. And I just think it's a flawed premise if you -- rip the Boston media because -- purchase and -- to -- -- fine. But I. I don't think this was an -- -- decision by the Boston media to make a big story at our local collar lobbed in lobbed it up their forms thanks I was watching NASA and and I would surprise -- give Kurt some credit because he did today it's not everybody in the Boston that's fine okay fine -- eternal. Delegates you haven't heard too but maybe there out there may -- I haven't heard them I guess I'm loud but there hey guys out there that do that. But the car comes up with a couple of very interesting. Pieces of information the first being that it's incredibly dry in Toronto -- not heard that either Colin -- OK fine so when it's dry you need to find a way to get -- -- -- tacking this on to your fingers. And any he actually says what he believes the substance. Resin and -- But only to a Texas as Jim Rice and it. And -- -- -- Jim Rice and -- buckles is feeling so he thinks it's. So -- suntan lotion as curt Schilling's fair and -- suntan lotion mix it -- Resin. And then it in darkened and you have some type of substance that will allow you have a grip on a baseball. Feasible thought that's what it is in Schilling knows what it is. It comes back to our original question we asked last week morass encumbered -- this. Do other managers. Say anything about it the challenge Clay Buchholz. Do umpires. Go lots and amount make a little bit and say you know you got something you can't have that you -- have to yet go to dug out. Now wipe that off you're I'll write that off your arm and continue to pitch as an American let you have ads don't think it's a big deal of the -- most people -- saying. Now this -- says you guys you guys are are being homers he cheated. Okay. What I am saying is. Nobody that's a different art. What do you think you -- and what I'm saying. We haven't heard haven't heard anybody. Say that. No winning baseball. -- you mean I never heard anybody I have heard about in the Boston media failure Clay Buchholz is a cheater. And I definitely haven't heard anybody in -- -- I'm at Toronto Blue Jays are announcers did. The blue jays didn't argument didn't hitters didn't. I watched the Boston media current pace they basically they all said yeah we think he's cheating. If they say it you know drugs like -- -- overtime and that will more time -- but I watched the Boston media current. Yeah basically basically they all said yeah we think he's cheating they always add on that's -- We all said. Because we all gathered together on NASA I mean I love coward he is he is a brilliant brilliant radio -- But facts are not always. Is to. He's not always -- is the wielding his arguments. On full picture of sometimes it's I saw one thing I've extrapolated something enormous from it and now ions I'm gonna roll it out as if it is 100%. True. And that's clearly not the case here. At most there was a segment. Of the Boston media. -- believed Clay Buchholz was cheating in order to maybe pump their own tires help their ratings are sell papers. At most there was a small percentage but I certainly didn't get the impression that Boston started a witch hunt. For Clay Buchholz to figure out whether or not he was cheating not -- -- launch. Went to come back in speaking of facts have to come back and play. Some of the audio from our from our Tom -- to interview last week. Because I was trying to get him. A guy who has no attachment it has note that attachment to the Boston red sock especially since he has gone so yes -- -- anymore. The Red Sox. He said he watched the video he saw something on Clay Buchholz is arm on this form that wasn't there last year. It appears to be a substance on that left arm that was there on his right arm had a whole breakdown so -- you saw this poverty -- Do you think something's going on here do you think they -- is using this to manipulate the baseball. Do you think he's cheating wouldn't go there. Didn't say -- buckles is -- This said it's ultimately I'm OK Jack Morse is willing to go. Anyway so far to say that this fifth commonplace in baseball not a member of the most immediate number Gucci. National media member. Purdue coaching not buckles. In his in New Hampshire it's up -- Got up a what are your -- that are immediate today. Is. That he's gaining anything that it's commonplace in big ball. That's pretty much everybody brings -- using tapping. Into it grip on the ball. You know that -- -- -- any like cap that's attempting I think that's like. It's that important debate while -- at a -- that's okay whatever you know at Oakmont. Obviously a bad week because there and part of a lot. -- Whatever it. But exactly who we talked about Andy writes -- what -- the to miss direction play. Yeah. -- giving -- the -- commonplace in baseball right. Ever heard she said it's the equivalent of going 56 and 55. Get in trouble though to go ninety. And if you get Rangel 85 -- -- -- That's -- wanted to talk to you right now it's the equivalent going 56 and Retief aren't -- too worried about they can go 56 and 55 and finally too many people in the Boston media. Are either are coming up next wanna shift back to hockey out once again as your guy Michael has. Has not had a good stairs was like your guy you know who your guy yes. And finally it sounds like after talking to you today you've turned on your guy on on it seems like you've turned on your god no you'll have to explain how he didn't then -- and all the W.

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