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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 05.07.13

May 7, 2013|

Charles Ramsey is the KING!

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Do you want -- Analysts negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job. -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. Nice inning -- and now my job to wake -- -- -- -- basis maybe ultimately enough way to solve -- holly. Good questions coming in right now -- of the questions here we'll do that just a few minutes Texas 379. AT&T. -- really I live available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T they sent a text to donate line. To benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing text Boston. 280108. To donate ten dollars to one on Boston message data rates may apply full terms that and give dot org and what we got. Yeah. -- ask Michael Bolton. That was the big shows so this is what good that you remembered fairway and all the problems we have got and remember I. Yes sir. Yes sir -- Max represented for a while I'm away -- constant. The show called guy Max right I think it's pretty simple what was difficult was it to other than an hour is about Max the Max Kellerman show -- There was just -- talk show. Times and what was your role. I mean -- I'm not sure. The show lasted about seven months until seven months what was your older those seven months. I changed several times what was the initials. That was supposed to be the voice of reason and you Max Kellerman. Outlandish reasons okay and what was the by the end. I was chipping and every every. Every like two or three minutes Bernama you know every. -- once every ten or fifteen minutes and it was a half hour show but that was -- or have charter member. Those were the days. Seemed like -- and it really -- It really does but I gotta tell -- they were. They were given away money that's like -- fox Fox Sports Net. That's what worked there they were and that's no longer exists they were printing money it is burning. It. -- nevertheless the group which group which group of get under the -- group. Just after the all characteristic of the -- group left over the leftovers it was called the group good times. Killing commenting on treating it like Rush Limbaugh's comment on pocket aren't you. Like Eddie Murphy -- I think I'm good will be -- -- backdoor -- but you're still got a long shot -- If he's just -- out there now -- just got to give him credit. To a degree. There's no. There's no shame. In his game I know what man as he polarizing -- is hitting a resilient polarizing or is he just people so angry. I think if you are if -- from Rhode Island yeah. If you know if he's got polarizing you probably don't like is they're still group of Curt Schilling and who we're so thankful for what he did know four -- they ignore anything else. They're all outside programs. I was fortunate to out of -- him last night thousands of fans outside watched the game on TV. Creative insight school of our national ads that. And besides like. Toronto stronger. It all I could think it was. Game seven big -- I'd open it suited the bullets -- they brought the guardian sitting down and. Think that stood for Toronto last night. I don't think the one guy with the Toronto it's not like they've made in the -- and everybody was holding it. Then again if you wanted to run under the so. Much oh really they've lasted a quote desperate right. And it still that's lane they should strip the guys to sign -- -- Big -- -- you know those people but Toronto didn't. Okay gotta gotta be some pretty ugly out there. And at and T I don't know about you know pronouncing it right -- hootie and the same as silk and -- textile explain it to listed there are Kennedy insiders told us that boutique. Didn't hey. Quote hey. It is true we've we've been through. And that message. What you assassination. Is true with J. D. Drew thank you. It -- thank you. Let's hope that the rumor is not true that you can think. He didn't. This. -- this. Yeah I voted upon that people get what I bet you're darker but you know we're gonna take part. I don't know Leo expert would pick up to have it -- drinks include pick up there is no market. Well -- to a -- might give anybody game. -- And himself was -- I went a little pretty white girl ran into a black man zone something is wrong gear. Up dead giveaway. -- -- -- Well then he says so -- -- white. But as our. Yeah it was even trouble but we got problem. Is he holed his most get round. We do what you went to a pregnant and I think they have read you some fans and other exciting about Hilton school. Until the day that it was. And -- progressed that was good but. Because of the -- one tape. That's the best we -- a place to -- activism to -- you expected. To miss -- Cleveland I don't want police ambulances harder. Yeah April -- -- that the war was actually they have made bigger out of paper and I'm glad you orgy you know little -- right. -- -- And the -- -- -- a little bit about the streak right now. What will out of Cuba and -- -- and -- dollar -- resentment later in the area. -- -- what do you know we approach certainly aren't that are doing this and all of us -- -- -- -- history. Anymore covenant -- it's basically steel industry -- -- to -- I'm not humanity Reiner if you going to college or other follow me. -- -- -- Errors sheet like it would have been look at then it was a -- A great job like -- -- it's. So -- like what Peter believed that respect bill. Vicious it was clear he had Gingrich or certain outlook hit it about that the whatsoever but I definitely want more of an aircraft and how are we can't public display Buehrle commandment number -- I don't know why we are -- a messy life. The people that typically -- a bit of an out -- Don't brought a government panel and you can -- senator -- an ambulance. Yeah. I want it. And everybody is nobody else kinda broader debate didn't have -- you know but it requires you -- -- ultimately. Thank you could. It's your chances this scam. Girl that's all under percent -- goal there is zero chance to scam to skip McDonald's is behind me I don't know seventy McDonald's that's what makes me wonder like come on how many times you -- -- McDonald's to the key guys here did that took them 911 hop artist priceless come on that's -- -- -- mr. She's white but the baby electrostatic. There -- is his argument man it's great that much that's Mike de powered by ATD. Official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins almost four G coverage in New England went to answer the question.

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