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Charles Ramsey rescues Amanda Berry

May 7, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to the somewhat disturbing 911 calls made by Ramsey and Berry and also listen to Ramsey's interview after becoming a hero and saving the lives of three young innocent women.

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Final -- model -- not a 37 WEP eEye digital salt and holly you here on. Sports Radio your phone call 6177797937. Can text us AT&T text -- 379837. I have no idea. What to think about the story out of Cleveland. In which three which police are saying that missing teenagers. Amanda Barry -- did the excuse. And even a third woman Michelle might. Where actually have found after being abducted all three in the more than a decade ago. And found alive in the basement of the house in Ohio where their apparently held captive in chairs and chains. Amanda very 2016. 23. Michelle might 32. Escaped -- one house is a few miles from the city ready disappeared. The extraordinary rescue came after a neighbor heard Amanda went missing at the age of sixteen screaming for help. When their captor left the house arrest and unmanned aerial Castro. 52 years of age he's in custody connection with the kidnapping case -- his Q unnamed Brothers. Fifty and 54. A -- Israel does confirm that one of the children in the house is her daughter. And that she actually gave -- While being held captive against her will the girl is thought to be aged about six years old. Amanda Berry. Was last seen April 21 2003. Years they do your job Burger King. She disappeared the day before seventeenth birthday. Actually got a call the family did that month. From people saying that they abducted her she's gonna be released a couple of days she never once. Her mother died three years later part failure. Her daughter says Amanda's appearance broker mother's heart that was back in 2003. -- 2000 forced fourteen years old. She's walking home from Wilbur Wright middle school when Cleveland. This appearance comes nearly a year after that of a man to -- in about the roughly the same area. So for years the FBI's been looking for these women I -- as much and -- Michelle might 32. Who was also in this house but they're being held captive in chains in this house for ten years. And then all of -- sudden. This guy Lisa Malone. Amanda breaks free and that's what it's satellite with a man to -- held captive for ten years twelve years called on one for the first time yesterday. -- yeah police fire ambulance I couldn't help hey you know what's going on there. And I didn't completely you. I'm. Pretty open and. You're okay and what's your address I don't like the president yeah. He chose seven world particularly yeah. Now the neighborhood in my. -- case with. That there. -- There are open and that. We're OK okay I'm. Your college I went out. They implement the and I howl at any time you don't think he can do. All right and then even and he had many unknowns and I -- hear -- -- -- I can't -- -- arena. And yeah. And that you want to name again -- right now and if you let those same anger and panic what do wearing I don't know. Yeah. When he -- declaring. That the yeah. I. Ultimately ultimately yeah. Thank you yeah. Problem kind of with that a little bit and yes. You know big time. The stuff at that point to a 70 I -- -- lieutenant -- crap I'm out and look at your pointed to. You're pointed to that point 207 who cares. I was kidnapped ten years ago OK I gave birth to a six year old have been locked up in a basement. Just did a year arsenic up -- them. Like stay on the line until the cops can't or something they do this we have an open police car they'll be on the way what's he where I don't know what's his hobbies who cares. Talk to police when they get it underway. It locked up in -- for ten years now and when that's the problem I have with -- it would just stick whether you can hear on her voice and your right about the no one caller but take a step further. Doesn't that chill you to your -- war. Hear the voice of a woman who has been captive for ten years and how scared she sounds and the idea that there are across this country. Many more people like that that are part of human trafficking or held captive and I hear voice and I I it's tough to cut the -- that. Because you can tell it to protect -- she gave birth while she was there held against their will pretend freaking years I heard John Jerry say today -- is it is that a red flag that. More John replied she's sort of knows -- address and no she's been on TV. She's been held captive who knows right and then years. -- -- let -- watch TV I knew there was a search going on for her to America's Most Wanted to store was on America's -- wanna back in the last decade. The women and the child were taken to metro health medical center reportedly suffered from severe dehydration slightly malnourished alive. The disappearance of managing nick captured the attention entire city the past decade as a relatives have continually held vigils keep the story live local press. The -- more kidnapped on the same street. And found at the home just three miles as three miles away as their alleged kidnappers hid in plain sight. Cleveland police believe the women were tied up with chains in the home. -- at least ten years being held against their will there were finally freed freed her demand Barry's call by neighbor Charles Ramsey. -- -- -- -- Again continued cost so much discontinue other -- they aren't you heard scramble from the how to resist that down to eat his meal what to hear about he. This this girl a -- kidnapped. And held in the basement. As a six year old daughter. It has been -- absolute hell is she gets a phone and dials 911 the ladies iPod not so sure I got 2.2 tenure -- point to a seven. Talked to a cop there on -- -- and a man at that lady I don't know what it's -- -- -- and apparently there was a girl to a mature. And listen I'm sure that you 0911 operators like you who god bless them. -- was in that situation called for reason which -- show and liberty is great what they dope. -- gotta be kidding -- well this one isn't that either there's Charles Ramsey's. Cleveland I don't want to -- this hard. Yeah grow its tool that he quickly but it it's. Orgy ball right. It's. Called the importantly don't. Know what we will. She. Daughter in that. Area. That it is illegal immigrants and that order so you have to calm down a slope there is an industry. Opting for governor -- -- -- -- distributor which. I don't care you know policy upon me. -- Hispanic. -- she wanted the but it is there and witnessing here. Try to lighten. The period. Like Peter believed that president bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the hand behind him messy life was -- come over. But it was considered it and you know -- that amount or. And competitors are seeing an ambulance yeah. -- -- And we're keeping an absolute you know two -- to. Look at a place thinking -- -- -- Like hang up on Charles Ramsey at their -- and the police out my message so that come -- -- ambulance. Send one digger don't end there what has been kidnapped. As what does she need an ambulance result of this and everybody even god sakes. Mark Anderson sometime. I would have -- some of their bye -- Minister Steve from Fall River you don't just hang up on his desk you know demand. My wrong. Help me. On the print press conference this morning authorities confirm the little girl who was with the man to Berry was born to bury while she was in captivity. But it was not known which of the three suspects if any of the three was the father I'm guessing one. Today police praised Berry went missing -- for seventeenth birthday in 2003. -- keep in alerting authorities the two other women in the house quote. The real hero as a man. She came out of that house and started at all. As Reich is the real heroes are not the police in this case -- Mac well under our senior get on Cleveland 911. How about the Cleveland police. Who had these people three miles from where they were for ten years. And nobody -- the -- cannot be down police. This is this is you know Watertown based let this happen Texas I don't think so not not to defend 911 operators but they probably feel crank call. You know on this girl presumed debt for decade it was tonight. I can't imagine what they go through I don't I don't do that but I would think part of that job is actually do get some prank calls once in awhile. -- isn't part of that job ticket every single call seriously. When he asks. Me yeah I'm sure hate us and a lot of them. Forever referred 911 calls guys before right talking about like the stupid stuff like trying to order food you know I mean he's. Actually deal with a lot but don't you have to take every single call seriously and by no means everybody now on opera not done businessmen to Sanders distilled at the people just don't know right way these two particular. You're down to Cleveland on one there's no doubt. About the -- kidnap for not for ten years man. And what's where I don't know well I mean it just it just get somebody there public stay on the phone with me. He -- public comfort her who has been very aunt. In captive for ten years and don't hang up my man Charles Ramsey. Who is -- is outstanding I got more we -- Charles Ramsey ready for what you got 61777979. Victory Seve as a line apple to open your phone calls here Charles Ramsey. Not only became a hero on 911. -- and the stuff starts to happen you go on TV and Fox News eight in Cleveland. Got a hold of a man Charles Ramsey with Charles Ramsey is a neighbor -- to walk you through again what happened this afternoon near you you heard screaming hair streaming. And even McDonald's. Dot. As it is -- nuts. Trying to get my house so gold on board. But won't report. And she says helped me get out there I'm I'm gonna hear a long time so -- up because that a domestic violence dispute -- open the door and we can't get in that league and how the door is it's so much that nobody can't get -- your pain. So we -- -- the -- is she comes out with little girl and she -- called I want I want my name's Amanda Beard. Did you know that was when -- which says that what -- told me it didn't. Register. Until -- got the call and not -- war and -- -- problem not all want one kind of I thought that was. You don't meet him and she got on the -- -- used -- yet this is meat and the detective. Cook prayer. Detective Greg recoup these -- you know we rescued. A president and when did you see -- when did you see -- About. To about five minutes after police got here. The the girl Amanda. Told the police. Just don't want it's normal girls open that house so big win at the end. You know are reported deep and when they came out was just astonishing to wrap up the local would not. I think at -- meet whoever she was. My neighbor you'd -- them to beat testicles to pull this all -- but we do every. -- every day and let's -- Been here a year ago he's around. You would it would do we eat ribs and then what nightly business also music September. You know indicated there. Wrote not a clue that that girl but within that house when you're out there against their will because. Peace is if I just tumbled to his back yard plays with adult ticket what is cars and motorcycles go back in the house. So he's semis you look at you -- that he's not doing what Deborah stuff -- -- and other exciting about him. Well. Until the day. It was a reaction on the girl's faces I can't imagine to see the sunlight to be hero I knew something was wrong I went a little pretty white girl ran into a black -- -- Something wrong here. Dead giveaway and videos give away our second grade -- giveaway that you very much for your time indeed does he hold his most got a problem as we watch you -- to a man. Just like Becker being -- man Charles Ramsey neighbor heard the screaming about. Took action and went and did what he needed to do that -- unfolded before us here on C market is that a bacterial. Charles -- -- Ramsey. That's how you do it you -- and kicked out a door and then I give an interview like I don't care. What they find out about mr. Charles Ramsey I don't care -- got to pass I don't care I loved the man probably gonna find out some adjusting because if you watched that video. The first time in years to -- got a behind during the interview he spends his head like a Monday. So. Again and I think he's hysterical he's a hero he's a damn hero now on the play you a third this is thirty seconds right Joey this is a news. Story. From a year ago. Where the news and Cleveland was going around asking people. About the search for Amanda buried up this point or nine years into the search for -- -- a play this for you and there is a -- -- your not gonna believe at the end play the clip GO. He disappeared in April 2003. For two straight days crews exhausted themselves digging and sifting through dirt -- an empty lot less thirtieth and wade avenue Cleveland. But in the end another single Trace of the missing teen. That's a waste of money but we would be remiss if we can follow that -- to attend. So you heard at the beginning. Who was the person it's -- don't waste the money that's a waste of money this is unbelievable. That was the voice of Pedro Castro. Who has been arrested with his two younger Brothers. For the captivity. Of Barry. This is one of the three Brothers keeping Neman captive they have him on video year ago saying this investigation is a waste of money. That is on the toll a year ago the interview one of the guys don't know there interviewed -- saying the search is -- waste of money. He's got these three girls in his basement three Brothers three girls you get an apple was going on about what by the way what I mean just off everything surrounds of what -- What an unbelievable story. These three girls what they went there for ten years. There pretty white girl ran to a black man as dollars something is wrong here. Dead give -- don't -- -- -- Charles Ramsey but a year ago they get one of these Brothers and he says it's a waste of money. It's a small lot they'd dug up right -- they got this -- this guy called from prisoners there were dig up the swat Nebraska people was. The guy from prison as a -- that I know the bodies -- line into the bodies are in this possibly -- two blocks in the Seymour avenue. Our home with a three missing women were discovered on Monday and it turned up nothing so this guy says. The search for her is a waste the money -- no crap it is do you because you've got these three girls in your basement. On real this -- July 19 2012. So less than a year ago you got page of one of the three Brothers saying. It's a waste the money -- single Trace of the missing team. Because there were in your basement weeks. Son of a bitch and most. And I love Charles and I egg they're gonna do some digging here and and find out how much he -- bring some humor to worries sad story but if Bob McDonnell. He's not paying for make a big Mac in my restaurants for the next year. He as an economic point guard appointment -- many entry on both occasions 911 in the interview to sit Mary McDonnell. That's yet you you weren't alt. But the reaction is basically does get a siren that first under an interview -- He's trying to get out of there wasn't me. Now that's good. 6177797937. -- excellent 37937. It's good because -- -- oversee eggs. Statement for the most part unharmed. Meant to. But the police report said that he is now it's for certain now on the given a shot melt -- get it. There are meld their way to as the word what were their Mel Miller and on top of that there dehydrated. Monica but two words that once there. Obligates you Rezko. Of cowboy guy. Little bit I think is more together and act act and model would. -- -- He's way more together and I'm right. On guy. Dogs can. Number he should want Campbell to have -- Smart Charles and so much and borrow what you kind. -- like it is shall not be five by half hour shall be on HBO and half the crap that's on TV and it enabled him fascia. And yeah. Quick break we'll come back at your phone calls. Whenever you got its open -- to Sports Radio going to be big giveaway. Thank you very much -- time -- this -- -- what's your problem. Is what you went to a man.

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