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Mut and Lou are excited after great performances from McQuaid and Drew

May 7, 2013|

Mut and Merloni open their show on Tuesday morning each praising their binky.

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I'm sure the 3000 Boston fans were hanging outside the garden watched the game on -- big screen. Play in this last night right. I don't do that Toronto. On Butler not a 37 WEEI I enjoyed my night. Pretty easy setup -- no I don't but we'll get tears in the second night. TV set up Bruins live there it's time Red Sox on DVR had you on the radio so on the iPod be sitting just here it's well. All the courage. COLT got a couple got nukes into like. Winner ice Butler -- counselor she took Eric Carter and not -- he's upstairs it's everyone's lights up the whole big team and myself. Full Georgia an awful I had a great sure scenario where it's a great night called beer off the bulls bears watched it like coach tested and -- guys could all sit back and enjoy yeah I'm. One of the most exciting occupants of the year NHL playoffs -- Bruins. Stated many many times. -- missed playoffs by most favored one watched the most exciting -- your seat. Wanna miss a single second of it it's awesome glad you guys had a great time. Like Buchholz looked sharp I think you know struggled in the first inning. The only thing and we all realize. How special last night really ones that kind of and that it shall later on tonight the -- Allman drop the Bruins clocked at 1 o'clock the extended DVR. And stay up till about 3 o'clock to want to be a reason why at that energy. Joey in mutt and all the people out there was the play appoints Steven -- don't want when they're the fly. Well -- better feel bad but -- all had -- shared fifth. Here cannot help. They're wrapped. That we. You know I haven't I think -- -- -- that speed -- -- more -- Beautiful. Both in the game you watch it talk because I help people heard that I never have never heard that the Red Sox boot to be honest with -- Joke is -- do in the play by play let just let them afford talk over the stock. Of people know this is not live you -- you know microphones -- listen -- the background of Jokester is called a big walk off for Stephen Drew. One when they're deployed wont let better feel bad I don't know all I had shared fifth. Here cannot opt. Iran and the Red Sox -- -- -- win but yet you haven't. Chuckle a laughing sarcastically -- call of Stephen Drew is big walk off hit there. That's so excited you war I you know what you out of legitimate drew doesn't last night justice drew gas of -- what you had game I have. You know wolf for five of the -- game winner it's beautiful here's the problem doing if the if the twins had a it was legit outfielder left or right field. His home run would've been perfectly placed and is double off. All the wall Joseph really off the base of the wall and completely misplayed by Ryan -- won't portrait deafening -- ball in left field only you -- a guy would go four for five. That's real underway it's not it's not just you because of people though. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's doing -- one good game. Nathan on Twitter -- people says please -- com -- doubt he's a low but the man at the lowest batting average in the team no nation boy actually he does not. Not anymore it was a good day for both you guys price. Adam McQuay it. Might be off the most beautiful thing these -- I was thicket of -- Not all idea that one up and up there McQuay with a goal -- Ball -- right now is to spend some quality time alone up thank god. That that it ever was in bed McQuay scored tackle these things got a little aggressive and equate scores things get aggressive. I'll play a lot who knew that he had that sort of shot was able to pinpoint accurate -- -- accurate and a great shot at the upper right hand corner and school goal goaltender that. Was all over the -- -- on an excellent late. And I'll still glowing -- idea. Political goals in public art that have been tipped twice I was -- Albert does as the latest going to be -- a second time. You see the replay again you always David tipped. The puck he actually got a good look at it. Happening now laser Becky -- Appreciate it yes some issues you think as James primer in net for the primary room flustered -- -- closely with the beacons in here it's it's a great game -- -- off last night for the -- which he did. It was a good likable the most -- and it is the game line or -- is no one in my big -- the game went four. Four hours and 44. Glorious minutes via walk off Stephen Drew much sleep what I do you walk out of a urine test -- to a while -- producer some producers drug urine tests could. Crickets. Hope not not today -- walk out what time. Vote on April 15 twelve point they make you little postgame wrap up after that they know. Which -- tickets Stephen Drew -- off. -- I don't -- personal. He was you know I Russert Jimmie dale he chose -- twelfth -- -- mean you get out there your your your home by one. Roughly ten before traffic that time. Expect a drop the puck -- -- and -- -- Indies assumes that the tweets last idols I got up a little concern I figured this what you were doing. But it's like 1 AM and you're saying boy. That's bad state it's gotta finish that. Fired up to watch the Bruins right now -- need this one like the way to come out so for hash tag long night. Ago all we get delayed -- we actually Watson is during the Red Sox game. He went home watched that entire thing a DVR after. Not damage the mistake and it's very very common and now I'm better than this. You know when you when you DV all our Red Sox game because you know you actually wanna live a life some time to go and have dinner always extend it I liken our baseball. The only DV all the Bruins you always extend it by half far because that's pretty much over time. Why did extended I know what admired you know affinity -- the game -- -- it gets close I got to extend the spot because I don't wanna miss OT. I see sport to a -- five human no need I go back last night with ten minutes ago pretty much right after my -- and Kessel. On abortion drop in the glove and Vicki want to get a shot and bar are gone now to -- or two and half hours were we doing your boys -- -- as the party. Published this one up I -- the ball a little bit Tsonga be honestly. -- -- -- Like Italians their fourth line -- outstanding you missiles. Al Maple Leafs will be out up pampering to -- well I going into the series -- will talk with LB topped the one of the greats in hockey hockey night -- join us at 1130 this war. Last night I pick the Maple -- to win the series but it became evident to me. If the Bruins are playing at their best and the Maple Leafs are playing at their best the Bruins are better team and should should win this series. Out it was evident for two major reasons last night will stop or start with the the depth of the Boston Bruins. -- the first line to the third like the fourth line everyone contributed. And they were physical they were skilled. Up and down that roster the best on this team has been the -- -- -- second line with -- -- -- and -- Terms of the scoreboard not a big factor nothing and you still it's nice score four before again and at the generally make it five to two and -- that sort of balance. And a play that well on the role in that atmosphere. The depth was so evident. During that I don't I -- I don't please -- ever a question whether you who's the better team. You know by the evening going in I had my doubts in the -- because you like what you saw down the stretch. But he felt like I and they flip the switch if they do -- the better team they should win this series. The better than Toronto it better talent the deeper everything better goaltending. Which gadget doubts I think game one it just washed away all the doubts it'll get there it is. I know is only one game median C game two but that was even more evidence there's no question. There's no course that's why I was sitting going to -- throughout company going to game took us excited about Toronto coming out playing better. If the Bruins continue to play at a high level that just the better team. And I got -- -- opener in LA it happened it's Pittsburgh same thing where the islanders. Help pretty good game one again Crosby coming back they have get Dana Lewis now I want and dog fight game three but the -- I think the wake up call rise to the occasion. Tough crowd out there and try their playoff hockey in a while some ground they saw the club that atmosphere again this is a a core group that went to Montreal down to -- a few years back. It came out of their -- to do so. Then they need that little bit game maybe got complacent net game to I don't know all the in game three it was a distant it was a different team your back the way that. That you thought this team comply -- do you think this was the you group -- the first real adversity faced in the series so far was tied 11 go back to throttle on the road the I thought it was adverse situation and I thought in the game itself. The way they played from really beginning to end. They responded Bluetooth that adversity we didn't see them respond a lot of adversity the in the regular season last year there were swept out not swept up the loss in the first round the bush every was this year. When it does get tight and it's 11 -- back to two run around nine years two days can you hear that enough. Between playoff games to try and I thought adversity -- they were as a team they responded to. YE adversity com. Being on the road. Actually think game one they faced some adversity. Because the biggest one for them -- doubt. The biggest one that well but the biggest product and played the biggest one for the Bruins going into game one was lack of confidence. Was doubt. Yani could sit there all you want and nick nick and tell the media all they want that playoff hockey is different different style and you're in you can flip the switch and everything else you tell me there wasn't dealt with the way they played down the stretch. I think there was profit that was a lot of adversity and try to figure out -- they all are trying to get their personality back game one. And I even it up and I go into -- the crowd it's ready for playoff hockey for the first time what nine years. -- -- yeah ya know useful to know that we heard a million times last night during the game nine years to days let's adversity but I do think that they're going into the post season. There's nothing worse than -- electric -- I think that's what they wore the way they came out. I think was probably that the biggest thing for them moving on but how about the way they responded during the game it's too often. Ronald gets that goal on the power play gets the ticket to one and the place is go on blockers. And -- man exactly a minute later. On the scoreboard. You get meanwhile blue sheet rocking. The other way finding -- support and fraud and he had a beautiful -- job golden no one quite knew was a global was a goal. Jack didn't know was a goal. I'm not sure which each knew was a goal. -- second security thing -- by the way I and he likened Al. I thought went up in times like under all over defy gravity the -- I don't get on that is is obviously the puck disappears. Jack doesn't know. What do you think Orton who takes the shot. Is falling apart and sees that he gets it by him. He does seem to react he -- -- skates over nonchalantly just awesome backed up against the wall then realizes it's a goal. -- strange thing that said beautiful answer because. Fifteen seconds I Toronto got that building on its feet most it's outside of 3000 fans outside it or nothing game and you're controlling the game. You know it that next goals and determine a lot of things it's either -- -- nothing. In your hope -- can put a fork in on ports to anyone and I got a game Waltz through at one place to go crazy their lives. The first time the beginning of the game fifty seconds later thank you very much. Talk about the depth in the way they responded to was huge last night the depth that team was seven. They have a competent goaltender I'm not sure to Ronald does. Tuukka Rask was unbelievable last night maybe I'm just listening to the wrong things and I'm not I'm not tied into -- most Bruins fans are saying. But I -- it -- is not getting enough credit. The way that he played last night. He made a humongous. -- saves. The little or right before they got the brewers get their second goal which are set up by younger heavily but it's a 211 breaking great about eternal over. Luke -- gets that little quick shot. And -- goes right to left and slides program makes what I think is say. Eight plus save. And then immediately after that both -- a couple of thirty seconds later in that same possession. Has an opportunity arrest of another save. So he's good early that it's the Bruins jumped up to nothing you go to the third period. And your DVR when out. But the last ten minutes. The last ten minutes the ice was killed that they're there -- -- -- -- -- out of their ass it was -- they finally woke up and got kind of pressure van riemsdyk -- -- from you -- -- is a beast in front. And it's shot after shot the at a ton of shots and that in the third period. And Rask -- the task every single time and on the other hand. Rebound primer for Toronto. He looked at his glove. Like a bat infield looks as glove after an error and -- that about ten times during the game. And the contrast between what Rask gave the Bruins and what Ryan McGee of Toronto. Was so stark and so it's such a stark contrast back and forth that. Like driver coming in I watched that game last lingo we put like that. There's no way Toronto win this series and to -- was I thought immense. And for some reason being overshadowed in this game for how good he wasn't some gold club likes is worth today. Timely save lots of hesitating on that saves in the in the Raymer and it's -- made a couple of them. They think back Gregory Campbell. I think back last night Tyler Sagan. But you know that these short handed goal by IA that's. That's a dagger off you know arrangement like you said attorney aegis bought it right Orton makes it 321 you get that power playing -- coming back -- it looked careless with the -- by gets but that's the timely type of save you know that you unique. Because that's the difference right there that's 41 in the second period that's. Again two goal lead Nichols won a few -- You broad political 308. Toronto again you know it's got your power play. Bruins. And leaky as of late on that penalty kill. Last month of the season number one in the league for the most part of the year that all of a sudden -- 69 the year imports. You leak it a little bit. Again I think that the lack of a big safe from him at times not control rebounds. -- big show -- right they get better goaltender in this the better team. There's no question about it it's just a question of you know why are you -- gay guys that are fully engaged. In are you going to be consistent with the puck mentally tough. The team to do things that you need to do to win playoff hockey they'll protect the balked at the puck out of his ultimate note results stop their speed through the neutral zone. You saw some nice adjustments I think may in game three. But the force of the little better job of slowing down some of their speed so. You are now going into game four and you got a chance to really realistic tool Baltic to a Toronto come back to Boston 31 thank you yet and -- -- I get caught up you. Correctly pointed out that I get too emotional about these things game to game the turn at bat two at bats I'm not gonna say anything about the long term. No viability what happens in game -- -- just think with stood out to me was. Your depth in your goaltender when they're at their bastard is better than Toronto that's at your better team -- not bad. They played much better I thought last night they played in game one of this series the for a ski in the loss and get -- power play goal. To make afforded to when you got nineteen minutes and thirteen seconds left. Toronto put eighteen shots onto grass between that power play goal the end of the game. He stop everyone of any stop with pressure after pressure after pressure. In any questions -- about -- actually look at that. The saves he makes last night they OK might not -- Might not beat Tim Thomas and nobody's going to be good to stop the shots levels saves that he made. I thought he was immense and I think -- the series goes on Reiner plays like that the gimme more for boggle games. Because you'll have a situation where collar Sagan does get a -- primer could duel last night he twittered about it about 130. Think it's gonna finish that it does. I -- it does it was a very it was a really really really good road win. Toronto played badly played in game one hostile atmosphere to one before you made it 31 minute later. Everything about that game was good if your Bruins. Everything -- talk about with the -- day 6177797937. AT&T -- -- 37937. Everything except for. -- -- Toronto maple leaf fan another everywhere in the history of hockey. We'll talk about him to get to your phone calls next.

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