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ESPN's Bruce Bowen on a possible Doc trade

May 7, 2013|

Bruce Bowen joined the program to discuss his colleague Stephen A. Smiths rumor of a possible Celtics and Clippers blockbuster trade including Doc Rivers. Bruce told the guys he thought the rumor was baseless and that he cant see Doc coaching anywhere else anytime soon.

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If I have lost count we've had ESPN NBA analyst Bruce Bowen on three separate times on the Dennis and Callahan program and to my way of remembering he was aces all three top would give four shot as well. Brochure is on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- the morning -- -- how are you. You good to get on. I mean you really want the impression I Google local. So look we got about a 1008 outlets -- last -- first before move on to stuff the more parochial to Boston. What surprised you more last night Bruce the undermanned bulls going to Miami and steal home court advantage away from the heat or. Golden State blows -- sixteen point lead with four minutes left and loses in double overtime. -- heat game yeah they else -- what you saw lack of it with the team and that happened. When you don't mean it made it awful -- And it's not making excuses. And its form but this is where have. You really have to have that as it IE. Type of OK where. Even know. We don't know what we got a -- -- what we do because that's what would what that necessarily what Chicago albeit in the first athlete in the first recorded and the other thing given that there are reports that well or that I think he would understand how the not only because. They -- Shoot -- to gain back everything law that was at the moment so. For me it was one of the fact that you know grind it is that there are often there's a lot mistakes and -- -- in the first set. I'm in Miami right now I will watch the game. I'll I'll stand popped up this this isn't there out of sync right now it is they're -- their rent them. And end the use you know the term -- and it hit -- opposite -- it happened on the defense and bad we didn't see that -- out the front I think it will weed out with a lot of complaint to the officials. The bra and we're happy it was it was howling out. And that. What you're cut in with my -- Speaking of the Chicago Bulls we turn our attention to Derrick Rose I can't call another athlete in any sport and any year. -- that was cleared medically by the doctors and did not come back do you have a theory as to why he's not playing is he mentally unsure of himself. Is he possibly -- -- brother might have indicated or some other theory beyond that. Wolf he has Brothers days ride a player. In they get more as he does want to be that an -- I don't. I want it. Being the type of injury that he stopped for now he agent Peter bounce back but he's the freak of nature -- -- it is. You'd -- no is he holed up there. And he hit three injured. This yeah that will ever -- this thing. So you want to -- that he's want to present because. This does it. The technologies. Beating up a situation Mike is quicker. But he's still in the play that utilizes vertical -- get into the -- in -- -- would. Well. And you don't want to take that risk. I want to come back to hold. And and now for another year or even a lot more than ever getting that player back at the same level that -- what I think with. It at all it oddball we're gonna see their world combat it is to be just as good as well Portland out. And why and when will we see him bruised ebony I did you have -- guests. I got out there and the beginning of next year I think you want to be able to go to China Campbell who preceded. Because even come at this particular day. Did -- not be so far behind as -- -- the parity you know given what the recuperation of his legs. And let me about matters is the fact that you don't you'd either have players' lives right now they've along the whole season everybody's. In addition right now or what they have going on. He doesn't have that you don't want it as it -- me it will want the chemistry that basically as well this game is doing a good job. Utilizing a -- -- at point guard and an anchor even Okur didn't play that game but the past two games so. You know you keep them where they are because you don't want to disrupt. The flow. Our record player here Miami I'll go warm what it was kidney ailment issues Italy -- the great part our our our speed and we we are you welcome back eight years. He came back. You know we got swept. And the -- now of that -- no board and it is it about that and just don't tell -- bad. The -- in the the whole ordeal it is -- off our -- we're accustomed to where are those who have to make an -- that. And was OK that is that you want to contribute it was just looking hard for him because he hadn't been there as well as the. So do you expect -- Chicago make this a series to do you think it's gonna go. Six or seven or do you give the bulls shot to win. The hill will probably they've got sick I think love is sensitive to bounce back again. And really when they get ounces. To that -- -- definitely -- that put the ball justice sickout that sent the job of controlling the temple. And they so want that the and the person have more to do with that was guilty of all the fact that he is able to home. And he knows exactly where it needs to be obese patient that is so -- ballclub. And he he relishes that role he'd want to be that underdog. He wants people talk about how they shocked the world. And it was just the beginning of the bank argued that any chance that he's over there by BP. And about Utley now that would come back better than they were in that case. Realize that they've missed a lot of wide open shot. Expressed in that first half they didn't have written and it's yet to get back into the all important it is to locals or retrospect. And of the better games. The other road team won game one as well Bruce obviously Indian against New York I think Indiana wins that series in six games things that bad matchup for the knicks what do you think. You know. It can't happen with what they -- -- one on one basketball I actually I you don't you don't put any pressure on before it that way so it -- I look -- the make that assessment that this this game coming up. As far as ball movement and then get back to their defense of wait billion -- -- that is -- solid defender -- -- and he got -- anchor art at a Dow little. That is great gravity but down as far as the defense. -- when they don't want him out there often spurs. It at least there is that it defense decides so. They really need to get back on defense is psychic energy on. That's what create off the flow. And then they'll have the caught -- as they have before but walked orderly state -- need to get back to wait to be fit for that ballclub they'd be able to compete against the pace. We're talking with -- ESPN and media analyst Bruce -- Bruce I don't publicly Carmelo teammates have to say you know great teammate great player got one vote for the MVP but in -- quiet moments at home when when they're when -- -- we'll talk with their -- Do they call them something other than -- high volume shooter which is -- only Szczerbiak. Called him I don't think he makes his teammates better his isolation and his ball hogging if you will would drive me crazy if I were his teammate. Well this but the thing about what I don't know is certainly knows that -- score. And he's been courses and at least it is he's got a point guard that's looking to get others involved where. Carmelo. Those that are a lot of players on -- constant game of basketball is that they want are at the end of the game. If you agree or are we understand how you make it he -- better. I think he's on the war citizens or it is not an NBA but when you look at meadowlands in what -- definitely he's always -- score. So. He's not abroad he did not Kobe Bryant for us at one. Of realizing how important it is. All the key moment so. Now it's kind of like yeah he that -- try to put -- in the system where he could he could -- And the process -- and shot me you know a lot of that was simply score so you put group group forgot about him that understand at. And he -- that -- -- items there. When he was at Philadelphia on the coast Larry Brown. I was out at a lot of these -- the guys out AI guys that. You know they weren't terrible offensively. You know -- what scenario where you and I hope it will we -- get. I won't -- out right now because. You know we want to make sure he's okay is what to do with understanding your role in front got it meant they get confused. In their roles as far as you know because they become a little -- they won't shoot him. We have people understand their role that -- it will be it will benefit in the process with the amount of forward. As I'm sure you can imagine -- yesterday's Stephen A Smith raised a bunch of eyebrows around here and probably -- Los Angeles as well when he said the rumor mill is grinding out on a spot. There's KG Paul Pierce and doc might go to the clippers in exchange for -- Butler Eric Bledsoe and Blake Griffin does that make any sense to you whatsoever. And now. But at. There is about because as an athlete you he would talk about the war on speculation. Though. So for me whatever -- It is like where did you know what -- it who told you that. And it always. Call what that's what happened to real milk income from an article visit them are gonna see what else who's been there so. I bet that that biblical that seat belt they haven't given up Blake -- not one. And -- to that wanna build it around at all and and that crisp followed him and beyond that you would probably so. That would manner as little hard to fathom it. And the old bills Phil Jackson leaving in the confines of sunny California. You know what that little one here area in New York area. I don't know maybe maybe there at the combat support. We will quality. The -- is all speculation does Dwight Howard stay with the lakers. Well but did who knows look like house. And that -- I I find it oddly strange that that the lakers will want him as far as what. He was able to do this year but he's gone he's gone gone back money from someone because someone goes like. He wasn't treated fairly or or is it has been in the crisis so. I I think he's they have LA now you know that takes place just hope that he will be more accountable for the lakers -- not want the -- but -- Did this year. So -- your Danny Ainge what do you do with this team. Well Battier who -- It when you got to continue to put pieces. Along alongside. -- of your -- -- is absolutely you know week. I was talk about this on on my podcast and he got out Bruce -- you know old -- -- You know Dallas is peanut crop last and -- -- club does not change that. But you'd have to -- debris and pieces. And and it adds to highlight the bird -- you -- what the purses they have got bases and colony. And they add pieces -- -- -- yeah. You have you have any grain -- -- -- you know you just keep adding pieces to that allows you to keep that that standard you have. And in the process youthful look -- have gotten a raw opium to replace one of the key component. Unfortunately. -- huge law. Right John -- this year in -- end and then -- now believe it if he's there is a they'd be in that series but. It didn't happen and you did epic you know you look at the bent steel ball went to a plateau and you this year so you really. Five guys back -- it in. Some little holes. As far as coming in adding to look all the noise addict who work eight used on and and you know when you have that. That's where you're able to may not think of the bet that it. So Bruce itself like you would go one more shot one more round with the -- Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett he would you can accomplish one more time another -- at the camp. Absolutely and that is because there's so art today when you are breaking. You you know it immediately bit but I think there's -- way of rebuilding where he's still competitive where he's still it would put -- a great product on the floor. And that's what it boiled down to right now it is bring about. A great product what are we going to be able to do can we put out that is nice out there so you know where are bad could be proud of even that would. You know without winning lap we used to it stressed -- -- Boston and diplomacy somebody planned hard and given their best effort. If you could have felt like that that competitive. Badly conceived it. You know from a bit -- keep defense in the C entity -- the support of the of the white green. He's ESP NBA analyst Bruce Bowen your four for four Bruce we appreciate the time. All right talk to down the road. About his -- Dennis -- -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up the ten times faster than three G will do buzzer -- next.

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