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Bruins win game three in Toronto

May 7, 2013|

The guys opened the show reacting to a big game three win in Toronto.by the Bruins. They agreed that Rask has been by far the superior goalie thus far.

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A lot almost immediately after watching that impressive Bruins team wide win over the -- which by the way shut up 20000 people inside the building and another 101000 people outside the building. I immediately switched over the Red Sox only deceit Jules had -- hand. -- the day. Kill my buzz school called the buzz kill -- and the buzz kill. Love baseball -- love baseball but does it hurt baseball when you go back and forth -- quiet playoff talk. -- the just the thrill of the speed the pace slightly. That is the slow and ended and and -- an hour ago this tangent again but. It's just so easy to speeded up is just so easy to make it better. Like all right. And crazy like -- the -- make it better because it does change the tone the tenor in the fabric of Major League Baseball. He's the he's the guardian at the gate -- baseball mind it billion -- do something like having a it's clocked. It is this nine billion reasons that's the revenue last year thanks in perfect yeah. It's a great game it could be much much better when the kids that plan Little League. And hand and you watch from Portland has that -- of that -- of the box yes the open off the mom and rub in the ball problems there -- messages don't touch in the resin bag you -- -- What the hell happens it's inevitable. Mean the game's gonna be six hours twenty years and was that I don't -- or five fire ago that was 440 dollars and permanent. Or forty full -- or 44 seem like fives. Just a minute and I know that went. It went into overtime if you just weaken or so called it bonus based bonuses as -- as my best. I wanted to handle any remedies as grandpa. Told -- baseball. I think it hurts Remy -- anyone yet -- drag on. He wants to go off like like we do he wants to go off on but in baseball. You guys step and guys like themselves he. So -- to get out of him he has yet this remarkable penchant for being out of the broadcast Booth and in his car or -- a -- depending where -- on the road home. Before the person who was sitting next to the exit. You know watches Lara Richie you seem drink water jump up after many hold my breath and run -- the island rob Bartlett Mike Napoli to -- it India where does that -- Shaughnessy and indeed he -- Shaughnessy yet polite we'll go off to talk to anybody. They'll -- he's gone he's in his car before doing another one of those types that. Always Russians he's flying around. Yeah now back to Canada. With that moron held up the side Boston stronger. I don't know I don't you'll grow stronger arms to Ronald stronger accuse me. I know you won't agree with this minute hand -- to -- -- that god was paying attention to get elected via the Bruins win that game because of that moron boy that he take a beating unbelievable. 41 thing he looks like side which is a bad enough there is right here yeah yeah another it's the people around them to their credit nobody seems like there with him or encouraging him look at this picture. Here amid all just roll their eyes pretending he's not there -- not like egg and -- Probably because they understand it is it's a Toronto stronger Dina has written like a written yes yes -- like against -- say. And mocking mocking -- just grab you're around him just take it down -- the security of someplace there's no Bruins fans around I don't -- -- jobs -- right amid a black guy do you think he's saying. Guys -- from the same Lebanese. Older -- I don't hear that look at it look at the other people around him on the left got Doug Flutie a fright wig. You -- I don't know who that is and another fright wig and got Jimi Hendrix will both the left of it looks like all three they -- the punch them innovate is the only one that looks semi normal people decide. Excellent -- the X -- But. It didn't go over well and I don't think it would overwhelm the candidate to you know we can have an international incident -- for that. I don't mind you wanna. In the flames but -- rockets can get their -- -- I would hope that there and a -- I don't mind but. That this might be a rule. This is gonna read a little in line on the -- picture actor who ruled pink head. Yeah rogue hit I think hit up there it was not exactly encouraged egged on by his fellow Canadians love scenes from outside there can go outside the arena did you see at the very -- back at the end is like this and people in their -- they're on their Smartphones will we will loan but below it's like. Rare it's nice night obviously for -- typical you know Canadian weather would have been too cold for the kind of crowding. You gotta be into it to stand with 101000 people through an entire game not like I'm squares what it looked like. I don't know there's no move I I assume they have Puerto -- out there somewhere but I couldn't see you looking at the sea of people 101000 strong. And all packed in just like the our New Year's Eve in Times Square. The sitting there watch and have a hockey game that goes on three solid period and would rather be near your house your apartment -- TV and turning two out walk around watch again I guess that's the camaraderie. After a while I don't look like fun for awhile on that particular buy beer somewhere around this -- -- -- Kennedy can buy beer he compiled that anywhere. And you know what they haven't had a -- hurt him how to play -- game in nine years -- know that there and that in. He goes to -- about what they just soaks -- haven't been that broke this story. -- were you started your first returns to the massive atlas and how many times did you hear. Yesterday that they -- -- play of game there in nine years its debut runner and would be about forty and they haven't played 1997. But it's a good little rivalry even though doesn't not a rivalry that fills in -- it feels physical feels like it's. Building I don't expect the do you expect the bruised when the next two and clothes that I know. Mean that the better team they are but I do think Toronto and now. Well I was I was thinking last night literally and figure -- when they're up 41 I thought to myself if this goes to 521. Then it could get Montreal Ottawa won at some point. But Cassell -- got that loose puck in front -- -- fortitude so that's sort of calmed everybody down because they stop the game might have still been in in in reached Beckham scored another goal to make a 43 so so that never came to fruition but they get -- 6215 right to put the case may be that could get. There are guys whose job it is to fight the good veteran. Huge lessons -- -- -- cause he can play a little bit. But you know at times is going to be moment where. One of those guys one of those goons. Or is gonna say my time OK let's go to find who's gonna find Borden is gonna fund Quaid he's gonna fight and it might. You know go from there we might have a -- it devolved into that. Montreal that slap shot -- do in the Montreal Ottawa series but it's gonna get even more physical and it's already pretty physical it still amazes me that. They have to get up today go to escape rating in the play again tomorrow that again tomorrow yes it's almost unnatural but I'm I'm enjoyment. I do think. You hear all day I know you know silky and hall he'll probably talk about it a lot of the first -- second and what do you wanna call. The Lucic why do you call it today which was great and Lucic was as good as. -- and along long time and create she was great but. -- for a second think. May be too -- and do the Tim Thomas thing if the night I mean for the whole spring the whole spraying the way Tim Thomas did it look like you every damn judge shall. Anemic 45 saves. And in and rhyme or did you know you see the contrast to say. It really doesn't matter. How closer uneven or even the skaters that that that the for the if duke can do that and English. And the shots and the scoring chances as well eighteen of those came in the third period when the Bruins as a team not to cut. As a team were back on their heels and it was almost like they were trying to play not to lose as opposed to trying to win -- got in this defensive shelf we've pretty damn good. -- goalie gave up was not on him I mean he was great news great less like to these three games the Bruins to just absolutely dominated whatever that Toronto wins one more game. Thank the Bruins were in six -- just better you know I was -- -- -- better -- deeper you know -- more skilled. And they have a better goalie in the thick of the I was -- this thick of the goals primary gave. The the shorthanded goal in the button. Is this too could give that up. Mean that's -- that's -- a penalty killer. I know he's quick and those cuts and scale that's a penalty killer with a -- -- going back and took that I'm not sure maybe does does he give up the one apparently the. Yes yeah yeah I think so -- from the one from yarder that was -- that was -- applause please try to -- Procter and trying to get the stops that in his sleep because of five goals last with that. Whatever it is keynotes DB to. I was definitely hear what he's trying to make peace -- the -- I think you know who's right. Does this -- could stop that and that was so bang -- -- -- no chance to go west clubs so you give up the short side when this -- the other side win win younger -- where you are going -- came -- perfect perfect set up perfect space that was a pretty good -- and -- -- Google took the stops that those who would three Thomas doesn't stop him toss that in his sleep. I've ever seen -- slower breakaway in your life than joggers. There. It's true and he's got to sharpen skates. I think they double waters off the -- I know that's not his thing pleasing and -- -- old and I know still has good chances. As -- pointed out and god knows he can knows uses body but that was uncomfortable want -- as that. Aside and it was slow did that not seem of the three games the fastest paced game with the most action we've seen so far. Think about this and forget the -- comparison the contrast Major League Baseball because there is -- personal contrast. Even think about a fast break basketball -- think about the Celtics play in the next. There are times and they happen you know multiple times in each corner. Where after a made basket guys walked the -- the ball up the court it -- Rondo was here you see some of that -- us in drives -- not that this they they played a particular place. There is no point in that game where you see anybody sort of like resting on defense is Rondo would do there's no one -- game -- see anybody sort of like. Hands on their knees taken a break it is it is and and a hundred miles an hour without fail. In that -- got to do it again tomorrow night. And they will not the way NHL playoffs is that it's it is amazing when you flip around last night even the NBA playoffs sometimes you see guys resting spot that's -- yeah yeah pointed in. Obviously baseball forget -- the other gonna do the same thing tomorrow night and the next night and the next deployments is what's gonna be for next month. And don't should look at -- this certainly expect is and we just talked about -- and now he's better in the primary earnings. As the path to penalties of potential -- Toms is -- potential to get hot and be that proverbial hot goalie. But what you look at and say which team is better built for the next 345 days when it's a grind and -- And get out of bed your team and you got to step up and do it again I mean the Bruins are. And they're bigger we I don't have all the weeks and economy but they certainly appears stronger. And their ads as physical. -- they built for that kind of grind we've planned every other night. Yeah it would seem so it and the other thing he has this is the big difference the Bruins tough guys the Bruins fighters and a columnist fighters are much more skilled and -- here -- -- can play a little bit. I mean -- Dellucci its last night which it that's his best game we've seen in quite some time that rushed by -- was pretty amazing they're -- their I'll call these guys they're tough guys can't do that they don't have a hockey sense to do that. Here's took a talk about a win in net -- 20000 seat arena got quiet again. There was great really -- Right before the game. Novelists like playing air accidents and it's a great spring rates are great -- so. You know I really announcement. I don't subcommittee said. We're feeding off the energy of year old drought. And when Jeff Bowman comes out and when they passed the Bruins flag around the the interior of the arena and you give all jacked up although it did enter and a win for them. Is there anything more satisfying than going on the road shut up Tony -- know right at father played in front year old people advocate works both ways. -- you get them the energy from your home crowd like the Bruins did in game two in the road in game three booked. It only last the couple minutes and then just both teams are planned like their hair's on fire yeah football teams and it is emotional for both teams. You know that the future home crowd patrol also mean there is nothing better than shut them up there is nothing better than when you're on the guys new here and and you could suddenly here you know you're talking to teammates and not the -- blown out in -- that handsome brother behind -- an -- part I thought because you got nothing else to do I mean that's that the scars were really intimidation -- natural gas and -- took the ice and there was just -- thousand scarves. I mean I'd get a little nervous that it. It's a little chillier and drama this dummy you're there in Boston and had handouts go well if side is the season ticket holder will he be back to see -- of the signing -- come to Boston. Understand the thought process what is -- at -- -- I -- -- the same thing he has to be just dumb. You can't be intentionally Sam. I will exploit this tragedy in my uses that term limit opponents -- guess everyone off yet but just in. Boston but everyone in the civilized world and included in the people around me in Toronto and -- embarrass everybody he couldn't thought that through that much wants that again. A hole now mean. Yet seen is evil means of evil guys just got to tell them if you thought about it said let me take advantage of what happened in Boston three weeks ago and is evil I think -- right some Weickel memorial at the beginning of the program it probably didn't get the depth and -- of that kind of consideration what was going on he just -- -- in Boston's strong a lot right and and I'm sure I guess he thought about it he would know what it meant what related news isn't all all he thought it was Boston vs Toronto. Toronto stronger than bought him he can't read. His watch television probably I'm absorbing and I ask you must be our guy he must not be able to right. Now he saw Boston's strong he saw the -- did it related to the beside a symbol he's OK I was with Toronto earlier that put the freedom ribbon on it. I can't see with the ribbon says we need NC we need to figure. The ribbon -- -- Toronto stronger. Like on the ribbon on the ribbon and yet Toronto stronger says the same thing -- that says on the side. Doesn't say anything like. You know. The -- -- of who doubled -- on a -- bought the Bob coast Dallas yeah the girl into the opposite those kids now she. She is a -- he's probably going to game full right. Guess he has the sign again I expect he fell to reluctance on the ones nobody cynical and the entire game we don't know that two run Tony what -- Tony there are brutal fans in that bill that would have happened with any Toronto maple leaf fans defended this -- hole. At a Bruins got confront have been punched in the mouth. Probably not -- Unless that Jones dome like you said cartoon people Islamic art and people aren't cartoon people around them it bet that's -- fright wigs and Jimmy Hendrix and yeah. But I think if he does it again we'll all be up to speed on it and they will -- pick their scarves and they -- strangled side right there and right there and she actually not cheap seats on all the Greg I was not exactly black hole in Oakland those scars how does not an element too -- does it was spotted were assigned like this was spotted I don't know for a fact it was the same guy outside in the plaza. So he was seen outside yeah inside I was him I saw that picture inside and out yet. He came prepared. Well you saw that tunnel and clocked in game two at the garden if this guy were ever a lot of great. Maybe some little -- them invite him or without -- sort things out you know and and bring you sign during this time -- -- And it's gonna it's doctor Felix is gonna happen here mean Toronto. They're in the playoffs for the first time in nine years yeah you know that the -- how to yeah. They don't an and that there -- that. There at that point that it's gonna lose you know what on the ice or off the most is coming lose and they don't act really excited. Really emotional. Had the thought that this tomorrow could be electorate last. -- game I am sure last night was their first in the market the last little handle that well you think they'll go over well with all those. Hockey crazy -- a hockey great city you know it is yeah hockey crazed city they know their pocket they love their hockey but. Can handle well -- hockey at home ends tomorrow night. Libya like Vancouver writing. -- someone's up like that and about the I don't bring its stores that windows out scars on the series isn't over ago. Sense that if so tomorrow night goes like last night right and it's five to. Then the -- series premature right. They're gonna freeway on them against spanking -- -- cars and stuff. About burning cars might see a couple on the plaza floor -- duel in the wild thing you get busy yeah yeah may be you know they'll instead of -- -- -- Store on fire the center scarves on fire wooten wild that a -- start everywhere that burning skies float in the -- 1777979837. Phone lines hope we will talk -- Barry Petersen to break down the Bruins game in the 8 o'clock hour the fight one Bruce -- from ESPN and the 9 o'clock hour. The talk some basketball and. Well cartoon people protection. Exit relieves. Hello is creepy. I mean I don't have confirmation that it's not very talented guy. Couldn't be meets the man in the world could it's probably hockey fan -- -- into a sport event was that the Dodgers game right. Last week. Zero yeah yeah I'm sort of like it's going to be an answer tigers. -- -- had a bunch of strange strange stories across the country one out in California one in Ohio and man didn't -- go to the party we allowed to be our usual cynical selves when we read the story in the Cleveland yes we love to be yeah one. Would that be insensitive. Do. The three basic -- We can -- you know. I'd say we're happy for them men and Honeywell and other people don't understand where outfit that yes there's a so -- that kick out the damn Wendell Willard or whatever that aluminum thing we'll be right back.

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