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May 6, 2013|

Today on the Daily Planet, the Red Sox hit a rough patch, the Bruins struggle a bit, dogs, DUI's, and "oh the humanity".

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I'm no going to handle problems doing. He's somewhere on the -- -- he needs doesn't believe Glenn went from really high fidelity -- them sound -- your. Good evening everyone this is here intrepid reporter newsman traveler. Warrior Mike Adams back from Vegas all the one parties we go to Arlington Texas wherever dateline today. Make it three in a row in the loss column for the Red Sox. After yesterday's walk off win for the Rangers now the Sox. On the bright side still on pace for a 104 wins but make no mistake Texas a good ball club. And crews. Owns Jon Lester made -- mistakes. Santa Monica this ballpark you can do that. That's owns his -- by the way to be more specific tonight Buchholz looks to go seven and -- Against the twins and starter JoAnne Worley game time seven and our coverage begins immediately following this program. A WEEI Red Sox radio network. Toronto Ontario Canada where to hookers speak at least two languages and that's pretty classy eight. The Bruins played as though they were shaken not stirred Saturday so maybe they need to bond James Bond. As an all playoff hockey game -- here's what you need friends the Bruins are gonna have to skate. They're gonna have to hit the governor of the mug and dig -- -- and -- the corners at the goaltenders gonna have to stand on his head and most important Boston has to put. The biscuit in the basket tonight now forgive me for. Oversimplifying this game threes tonight series even at one it's tied all square knotted up. Rom drive and adhere to all tied up you want to cliches is close. Well you gotta take one game at a time much easier -- you'll cliche in the and we got to turn a page on this one and you know our team has been through laden we can certainly. I guess rebound from that and then we're gonna wind strong play -- former -- in the first one. Most importantly -- tell the boys they got to put the puck in the net that's a key part of hockey then and now. The NBA I'm guessing things are just as commissioner David Stern -- wanted them to be in his final season the knicks actually won a playoff series. LeBron James is in control. Of the kingdom. Nearly becoming a unanimous. MVP. With the only dissenting vote coming from. God himself in heaven and decades and decades actually it's she's passed. -- haven't a league spokesman said Sunday. The NBA does not release the names of award voters. Or their ballots but Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe an article published in the newspaper Monday acknowledged he cast the sole vote for Anthony Carmelo that is. Washburn could not be reached for comment by the daily planet does he was busy eating it -- people Honey Nut Cheerios. Tonight at seven Tom Thibodeau is upstart bulls. Without gang when out roads. Posted by the chosen one and his minions that are -- NBA arrest. That's followed on TNT by game one of the warriors and spurs meanwhile the Brooklyn nets announced that PJ cart and may -- mole. Is out. As go to Brooklyn they said he did a great job although -- -- will still feels like -- you. Billy King. Wants Doc Rivers according to Stephen baseman previous the end but what does he. So Atlantic City. He and child family members of Utah's soccer -- who died a week after a player punched a -- dead. Called on athletes around the world Sunday night to hold their tempers in check. So another family doesn't have to suffer they spoke at a candlelight vigil held on the front lawn of the Salt Lake City home of Ricardo port deal 46. Police have accused a seventeen year old player in a recreational soccer league of punching port TO after he called a foul on him and issued a yellow card. We're TO died Saturday night after a week. In a coma. Riverside Illinois and Illinois woman was arrested early Friday morning for driving under the influence told police she'd been drinking. To celebrate the fact that she was getting your driver's license back after a previous -- -- arrest police said. A police officer of the Chicago suburb from Riverside is observed the driver -- -- James speeding around 2:10 in the morning Friday. A press release from the Riverside police said after stopping her. The officers suspected she might be under the influence of alcohol. The 58 year old driver. Failed multiple field sobriety tests and was taken into custody police said. At the Riverside police department she provided a breath sample which not only smelled awful. Which showed an alcohol content of point 155. Nearly double the legal limit of point 08 please. If it. -- -- Iowa and Iowa woman whose nose was severely injured by an attacking dog has her husband if the animal. -- the animals rather. Does a husband the animal have to make it stop assaulting her. -- Atlanta had retold the de Moines register on Thursday a fifty pound Labrador mix ran out of yardage. Rural Manfred on Sunday and attack the couple while they were walking their pet Beagle. Aaron Henry says the dog bit her -- debated right thigh scratched on her rise then clamped on her no staring at off. She says her husband was bit on the arm when he tried to help. Aaron Henry says her husband quote finally had to bite the dog on its nose. And it let loose. Birthdays today George Clooney 52 year results. Chris ball not only has the entire summer off but he's 28 today. Sigmund Freud would have -- If you weren't dead a 157. Years old today is born 1856. Bit America's funniest videos. -- no note Tom Bergeron is is still alive he's 58. Bob -- So yes Bob -- 68 today. Suffered at nite moves he's happy -- his bowels move. As has Bob -- Yes it is. Willie Mays 82 years old today 8204 really of the say hey kid here it is. -- mean today. He is great. It's the farm is not done man. It's her mother and aunt and swings back. And if they. And it needs to live off -- little right. And it's OK and today -- -- the greatest ballplayer that ever walked the planet earth. -- Sandburg -- 41 today the winningest goaltender ever. And you might remember the Bob Dylan's song about the boxer who went to jail or a crime he didn't commit Rubin hurricane Carter. Is 76. It's not audio from the Celtics final game it's actually a tragedy happen on Tuesday 1937 the German airship Hindenburg. And they were broadcasting live. The largest original bowl ever built exploded president arrived in Lakehurst New Jersey 36 people died in that fiery famous accent. And it became iconic in part because of the live radio broadcast of that disaster also on Tuesday in 1954. At the if they Rhode -- in Oxford England medical students Roger Bannister becomes the first president recorded history. Run a mile in under four minutes is wise saying afterwards that's not all he does in Honda. Four minutes. The daily planet has brought you by. Doctor Robert Leonard he's my hair dark you can call 1800 get hair get a no obligation appointment to sit down talk about York. Balding problem that's 1800 get here for doctor Robert -- & Associates we grow on people.

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