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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 05/06/13

May 6, 2013|

Lousy cranky bitch!

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Do you want -- Analysts negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job yeah. -- -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. Nice sitting room and now my job to wake up until Monday you know I'll rephrase -- -- really -- salt can holly. -- -- -- brought to you by AT&T. WEEI -- available on your iPhone or your android device brought to you by AT&T thinks that every text to donate line to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing it. Text the word Boston 28010. Aids. To donate ten dollars to one fund Boston messaging data rates may apply. Full terms that and the idea of dot org slash TV and the question here. Coming up right after Mike -- that he got a question for any question we'll try to answer any questions. This text that there -- -- 937 into what we got you know. Each Greinke. How often but I -- -- -- -- thick of things. And I is -- when it's going to be. And Cadillac is he says. -- collected. And -- called it. To put that ball. Had a fight it just. And message. It out strategize -- we haven't talked much today about this week. The sweep by the Texas Rangers. -- -- this series with Felix -- Then you're ahead and have they had John Lackey. NN Lester we're pretty -- the back end of your rotation and your number one year one day or one B on the -- worry about it. -- games. With number four number five starters and then a guy who's supposed to be there one that is actually their Q. And they're one pitches tonight yankees lost two out of three Oklahoma -- they had some great second either relax cranky Yankee. So the patriots put up -- -- We're really did it in the first responders the department. And my first thought was that's what -- I would look like help. It's. Madrid applying undue first pick of the second round. First pick of the second rounds. It was the -- this year this. Hell yeah I'm a bit but -- bit -- and this epic that I can't remember it compress. They get. Into bigger Dale Earnhardt inherited. Yeah that's carbonate extra practice well well in the end it help to accept the failed yeah. Ask her humor. It beat him. The global -- -- disciplines. Last year I was so excited for them it's all it's. It can't be it right will I am Fergie chase you again real period piece about the movie. Birdies song in the movie no it doesn't promoting a movie with. Crappy music that's sort of the ones aren't going to be in the move. -- you're mad about the promotion. You're mad about the promotion of a man they would associate music with -- novel. That doesn't mean the director does all that -- may be the studios taking his masterpiece into sterling. And I got -- -- not a deal with you if if various it doesn't match up period wise in the moving. Then all the critics will be all over and it will be thrashed him thrashed and trashed but I I can't imagine. Data -- there's Jay-Z in the movie I would I am right there with you I will be incredibly gifted and moved the closing credits but we're -- it's going to be this morning to all that while the eyes of doctor TJ ankle -- -- -- That -- -- because of you know told them quality. You know it's helpful. We watch out because of the celtics' victory just -- So the red book the war. In it and can move forward so reasonably good bite the Bruins. But if you smoke you know Michael you made of beaten. Now we -- -- -- game when you put it it was possible crap crap I think of the game -- news. And I start but -- but you know what I am not disappointed I'm not down and out what I'm gonna do tonight. For the second -- in -- room. Popcorn. Make it yours or not this I AMA no all of this stuff that the only way to -- -- but you're really gonna like only way automakers still excited about -- poverty yet. Just -- or red markers on the -- -- now could experiment you know Orville -- barker does not my thing don't go to commercial cocaine looked a commercial. You like hipster for help going there. You only know the popcorn kernels nobody else knows about yet that's -- commercial -- -- after that garbage bag of crack and brought in that time I was here you. You thought you had to do something is Kosher. Hey -- really worried it is little midget. You know the whole organization of the victors celebrated this are around the elite women won a title. You get a pathetic. Forward. And see how he not been thrown out of a game yet. There's going to be a game where or Spike Lee has been a distraction. Has just gone above and beyond what any fans should be doing in Toronto began. It should get a little bit get up you wearing an. I'm trying to. Game six game five is worst game five is the traffic cone right flying you bring in the tropical back in game six to market. I've never read any of or friend who works and I probably never will but he still. Gonna go down my -- Boston Globe reporter just because he didn't vocal about it -- -- -- couple. And then that other people out there saying Gary -- was trying to you know get his name out there to I don't think he's doing that. Is it possible he's endearing himself to the city of Boston I don't know if that was the goal with the intention what you think it would work pretty well I don't. -- -- get a name out there because the NBA. MVP voting it's not like baseball. Where those guys. What you know who they are and play and basketball publicize -- and baseball -- -- they -- -- and basketball if you know you know it. It was gonna be unanimous for LeBron James LeBron James is gonna win it. But I don't think everybody would vote for LeBron. In. -- Greinke of government and the armed. Well. I don't know that -- -- Because that and again. Yeah and and nobody -- -- right. Week about six. I think. What -- can't get. They have yet. And yeah. -- -- -- It was good. To put. It. And well thank you cranky and our. I imagine. Thinking that way I hope they bring them back so they can lose again. It's just imagine what they tell only goes on and Hermione where are you wired that way that Mike -- powered by AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins the most four G coverage. In doing that I would point out to her that that's also not true I mean they beat Oakland to. They beat Cleveland -- now -- and around and over 500 if they beat New York to out of there I mean they've beaten good teams Texas really the first team. The date that the first whip it out all year. What are you worried about. To possibly be and I know she's anxious to jump on something but that you might feel that your -- ask you question who's got the best record based -- Right now today in the Stiller it's doctors at the breadth of Red Sox the Rangers. In Saint Louis got one in eleven.

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