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Cedric Maxwell puts the wraps on the 2013 Boston Celtics with Salk and Holley

May 6, 2013|

We wrap up 2013, and perhaps the entire Big Three (and even Doc Rivers) eras with Cedric Maxwell, voice of your Boston Celtics. Max joins us in studio one last time before hitting the vacation roads for the summer.

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Well the rumors are out there Stephen A Smith starting all -- the controversy today with the trade rumor. I'd love. -- and race and it. Love Steve and how have a problem flat. This this scenario. -- -- got. I don't buy it senator Max closed with -- -- -- -- some NBA talk and Celtics after they bow out on Friday good for them. They gave -- a final run a -- refused to give up claw their way back into the game at Flint is a microcosm for the season they just didn't have enough to eating more talented New York teams OK. What do you do now. And Stephen -- Smith. Rode it out there his sources. Is rumor mill saying that the Celtics could look to trade. Paul Pierce. Kevin Garnett. Coach Doc Rivers to the LA clippers in exchange for Blake Griffin on Butler an error let's. Michaels is not so fast that is Eric Dickerson. Who source Greg Anderson I think Eric Eric Dickerson Dickerson bigger than that and documents make great -- Eric -- drugs or David Greg Greg Greg Dickerson tweeting spoke with a -- source about the Stephen A Smith story there one word response. Observed. Greg excellent -- is it observed and that the burden of the other Dickerson. Played at Arizona. Michael Michael and Michael he -- is -- MBA player to defraud yeah Dobson. Dickinson scan my my gut feel Lenovo loses I don't think this would happen like that. Industry -- happen. You don't rule out you don't -- that they'll rule it out in the reasonable rule it out because. Those two players. -- -- -- If you missed welcomes back the applicable. How how to make it in your paper to adopt if you still has public. -- graphed. Right now shoals where he's OK we. When you plan of doctor what is what he's young and healthy he's joke and he's not held up well yeah well I don't he's been -- -- young and Ed probably healthy but this review -- these young. And help the year. In the guys that he. Trading book but -- -- two guys in their twenties but my music is it depends on four guys in their mid thirties. Probably in the last of their careers if you're trying to win a championship in -- and points which it. Go this -- which you Michael. I think there was a guy who played here with the Celtics. In 198119. These. He was twenties on the news so. Entry into the world right. It. As a malcontent. Like that it. Our development there now could it what Malkin did he was -- -- that guy who would be your -- -- Her results so it was so renovated so what date it was Davis. It will point to take all of deeply problem along below. A year. -- couple years now know he played -- played here and he was that he played a year wrecked but put them over the top to win the championship. The -- to OK but see that's that careful of that example doesn't fly for one reason why. This team still had Larry bird's team team still had Robert here that got McKee well. And the team had won a championship. Just a year before Q let me try to win back to back championships -- what not in the capitol departure issues while this is they. Have all the respect relative numbers and I heard about we've had a -- And reconciliation has happened -- Asking you questions about why would you make a trade war younger guys and and due to older veterans that would Mitchell -- -- What what -- does not have as they don't have Gallic -- -- who can knock down shots. Consistently. And and they don't have that long athletic who could pick and pop like Kevin Garnett yes they are is that the twilight of their career. Well I steal they give you had Chris Paul you add that the mix. These two -- with that work yet it may be group which you'll just a lot closer deadly grip. Not likely Griffin he's he's dynamic. You know energetic and exciting player. In the whales might end up lay off he has not much in an effort is -- how old is -- and at this point 25. If that right and he's still in the one that we know was at the peak these guys -- look how long it took KG look how long it took -- before those guys apparently wants to look at this public breakdown steals. What is his -- Who's really darker -- before -- Lakers he's athletic he's athletic and he steals that athletically when it comes to what does he do well. -- -- -- -- The the pick and -- The do you have is -- reliable jump shoot everybody outside rebounds -- he rebounds but that means there are a lot definitely cool war. So nobody is at this point what could he project. I mean and -- and 25 think I'm not gonna look at him as a complete product. The steel things but look at his skills when he brings to the table. And he's been in the league a long time and we watch him every year in the playoffs over and over again when this happened to the clippers may have been sent home. Tom Watson and the street is going to happen but -- -- -- -- -- -- Garnett. More -- -- lightly reform that we see a lot of the same things Kevin Garnett when he was younger male no -- in some of those are things -- I had known as a more complete player. Yeah trouble in the playoffs every year to prepare a superior a complete player. Go all the pain. You look at Kevin -- there's no comparison between Kevin Garnett. Blake Griffin like -- is available later in a lot of different things we've been in the league of yours right. Mean accidentally worn powers up for sure didn't like that for sure he's glad he's played three years and anyway what is done in the playoffs as a -- it would have. -- -- does that say that what they do in the play that way is with -- than people. Give me. Terms of his number in his numbers are in his for he's been in the playoffs two times. In 20112012. They played in eleven games he averaged nineteen point one points -- -- -- and nineteen cents nineteen point seven rebounds this year thirteen point 651 series lost the second round right the next year the next time was this year 20122013. They only played in six games. And he only scored thirteen portrait of answers answers and I just don't. I don't again at least I would rather I would rather if you would talk enemy. I was we are talking about in the book and we are coming. And then Hugh Hewitt talk about a guy who is week two weeks they use you to jump shots on top they -- the biggest thing about he's Goldberg able. Which bleaker then. Is the fact he's went to the mean. He might not score many points as -- -- But what he's going to do on the other it is wrong but it 21 -- -- what I call it the Max for next year you're right. -- rather have next year I'd rather have Kevin Garnett even even. Even given the as Michael said the time Garnett would probably need to take off and practice game with a thinking about next year Michael is. The Celtics next when he champions all -- how all this gets to win a championship that makes what is so -- -- to -- is went to the beavers have the support. It would have to give birth so that that elect. By -- point you have to. Korea's situation M and -- -- have to lose games only gave me think about that but diplomat the lucky in the draft. And as Denny's QB war Stewart too cute she earth so they can just making some who. Create the possibility of -- in entry. Right now. Some good players and I think they're good enough right now by its LP with the guys they have left where -- -- to be a play off team. But what they do it implement these. Like in the -- seven re enter that and that is the deficit in the NBA that is that's right in the middle where you don't get -- -- -- -- -- -- look like after this tour if you -- have -- on Rondo and Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe and Jeff Green for the -- -- -- -- -- or -- that was not a team that can -- some -- like this that this is what -- -- and often. With a with a possible -- If you get back on the talent. With the possible Leo gave them three agent says look and play both yeah. Yes she works -- -- -- do you bring -- governor and yes and now the river Paul -- know you bring back Rondo. So this is so you get rid of Garnett. He waves his no trade because you have decided not to pick up pierce is -- you decide to file. I think I think the biggest thing right now UV you decide right now they use my my hope is Demetris it is my hope is Paul Pierce's back. My belief is hope Hughes it will buy out his option in Paul -- the next time he was seeing him in the -- Celtic uniform. It will be when he was signed a one day contract and he's retired. Do some little follow up out of -- the voting for for the last time. Thanks for the absolutely. Absolutely Prince Paul is there out there next to absolutely. -- -- estimate there are others in my mind that's the next time basketball wise system that time is Tebow appears to have something. So if that is the case that we her work of artists that Kim Garnett said I'm gonna base. The my decision on what Paul Pierce. That's what -- limited. The base it on that and limit. If you base it on that what Paul appears to -- -- right now that -- -- not the that number actually that's crazy if you base -- on what Paul Pierce is going to do the -- would be in the situation. That now. Where -- option was Doc Rivers on the so if -- -- -- to take populace of the table I think it it tales get Lynette okay. This team is going in the other direction. Particularly if -- Max brings up that the chip. -- the console consciousness that this you got sick so. You bring up that shipping on acquiring the chips and then bringing in free agents. While one way you bring in freeagent. Minutes Boston a lot of players look at LA yet we've been LA wanna -- -- Miami wanna be in its warm weather all that. Boston. Not necessarily down and so one you know one of your drawing cards is actually your head coach yes. So you if you've got to say good -- but I don't think I don't think about it Garnett and about appears I don't definitely and hold on to battleship policy that -- to Toledo a stock options. Fox option and and doctors and contract out for quite awhile yeah but he's he's fought two wars. A lot of guys what what what what did he say. Would you be back this year why they ask him that he's on the contract or why did you ask him that he says I don't know. You on the contract you if you're on the contrary you're going to be that you mentioned it but impressionist art work but if he says. But why would even say that if in fact he is not going if he's not commit -- on the contract for 34 more years. But if a report as she said well why aren't you are you coming back next -- -- he says well I haven't made up my mind yet. Danny's gonna have to give me a weaker to. That to me is is so clear it's red that he doesn't -- but I am I don't know I look at. I'm delighted audiences got when he went abuse story that nine. You wanna make himself the story I think -- -- I think this sort of let this in the story of the just say come under contract and he's not just being in better. -- -- but there's not but I don't wanna I don't wanna talk about what the future is just too early their emotions -- too -- all of us decided that we're not gonna talk about this. I'm under contract I don't know right now what you said they asking you come into inaudible the -- I her shot grant the casket instead doc are you coming back he says right now I don't know I am not mean the finish. That was before and a before the game so. If he said that to me. There's indicator and I think I heard an -- at doc has battled in the wars right now so there's a time for almost every -- that he needs to. Walk away from -- recharge his batteries because biographers to me is going to be an Olympic coach. And he will be actually come back and take it and other NBA team I just don't see. The energy level what he used this year to see a lot of the energy in the life in him a -- love that go not only. Is so talented -- say that suit doc nobody -- after that. He had a nice little radio teased with a Q I heard of course it was strange that no one. Has asked Doc Rivers. If he's coming back next year but I will next week. I will. You know what else I didn't except for. Sure Andre and mr. No no other that -- -- -- -- and Laura hello. Gary Washburn didn't vote for Carmelo at the role that gave me you can do that. A question about -- If he can actually attract free agents here eight what has he done that and be who would he do for next. What is he attracted a free free agents Doc Rivers attractive and that matter I mean a meaningful free agent Kevin Garnett. On the free agent and they are -- and -- -- -- But Garnett which had them was it just it was just talk what was about here's what you have now and now what with both those -- -- -- -- had convinced convinced you that this is a warrant harper agents by black do you adopt black -- -- -- had a couple of options to cut your -- he didn't have to sign a contract and that they dock to -- -- measurement I think doctors aren't as doc has been a very good recruiter. -- remember we used in Orlando -- treatment Grady -- -- -- he Albright -- -- -- -- anger in the almost had a real Big Three. If he would -- Tim Duncan was moments away from -- -- That is a great chip I don't look Doc Rivers are now has the energy to. Goal on what to do that the -- rebuilding process before you do that again because he did it is there another way to is there a way to keep doc. Without asking him to coach during the rebuilding process as it would consult I don't know I'm kind of asking the court he is at it here's the thing that is there a way to keep him on your payroll. They looked -- -- to coach this year. The year off a lot of money but we want you to deal well maybe ticket may -- -- cut salary for the year we're not -- we're not gonna pay you nothing but we're not gonna pay you what you're making right now. What we'd like you to be Danny's executive assistant whatever you whatever word you use sport for a year special assistant to the GM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now produces when you -- is that -- to a bandage for years as to what what do you think into the got to -- -- opera like what they're all right what I think -- and what you're option. Next year -- -- honest saying to them -- the year off and he's going to be around to help us get the next really good player to play here in Boston without him we can't do that to relate him around I really good players are excellent and have fun all auditors you know. That's the high salt -- right here I'll just try to come up with a you're telling me don't see if you're telling me Doc Rivers is that important to the future in terms of recruiting and you've got to have a coach to recruit that count as the city of Boston shares fell face and yet again on Wednesday is on this -- I don't know. States of the -- that hey I'm starting up front I thought I -- -- -- -- trying to solve all of the problems that I put my mistake you do that which you're asking the players who would be year. To just say okay dot -- take the Euro on you know -- -- what we we're gonna ditch it will get you a year go here but what it will late this year. To me I haven't had a plan a year I mean they're not gonna be good academic -- -- these -- -- solving the problem and solving this problem next -- is whether espy's talking while WE. Heck does that mean. The meeting. It doesn't mean anything -- -- it means something that what did you mean it Queensland in the basketball. Very quickly. Dealer and use the government is positioned on the other side which immigrant now happened so you have limited opportunities. And use they would ever might be very exciting and it may be people understand maybe you Lieberman's. Did you understand when you said squeeze it in not pulling out that that in the I just came out to Mike called some might call me as it would to me about it. That. Without navy -- to do with the dagger dollar and I don't squeeze and a dagger demise said that the guys are going to coaches. Pollard actually Tom I'll back your -- -- your coach of Georgia. -- -- you know and get a post -- what to squeeze it and pull it out don't pull it out to squeeze and it. Not Google -- there's a hundred no account description that could be a -- a you know the thinking what could be in a battle or squeeze it into the post or find a way to keep the -- and and a pull it out and you know being out of through I don't know -- that's the best I can you know what you goes away to too Smart for me to that'd -- -- thing about our. I want to say right now mr. Perry can go get a -- Really good like that's -- you're wearing a little bit topsy cute he is a big being I was still people if you don't have pitchers so. -- -- -- -- Are you hear that right now and it's pretty far out for praise pretty funny he never taught that the grand. It doesn't believe and -- -- -- him that those that were you I -- the Celtics that that's what that's what leads me to this it's not really even an idea to sort of throwing out options how are you gonna fix. The long term -- gonna get the Celtics back to being a championship contender. The fastest of doc doesn't wanna be around for rebuilt. If you don't how the horses right now you don't have a ton of trade value for the chips you have. And going through the draft is a long process that doctors and wanna be around four and B is really a crapshoot because you don't happen to get. Agree that -- a year on how how do you fix I'd get up back to playoff about this the fast here is the easiest way you do. -- that this is let's look at the teams who legitimate. Right now contenders with a well how did they do. How that might -- you got lucky in again they got a good draft pick with the way they were bad and they got lucky. In free agency the -- they also have a city and people want that they'd like Qaeda to win by excited at distributing just -- -- -- picture or G a -- a legal situation perhaps you don't have Celtics and you don't have a cool city help in that way now. So their talent OK -- -- to -- They drafted him down in the got abducted they got lucky teams. And they all in the all also had not only drafted him -- also had before Duncan had David Robinson. -- four year. So Robin to come back those circumstances like one of their -- -- First couple titles Robinson give -- credit are totally drafted Tony Parker they've -- they've done southern us that the without style and as always it is an expert about the content. -- -- Oh. Yes you you have got to be I don't think there's a quick fix at all for this situation. Lists you are extremely lucky in the draft or you have a destination. Cocktail of roster yards. This up a lot. So maybe you aren't up like Washington blizzards and maybe you end up like that asked how old city -- -- but -- -- luck is apart of didn't you go back even before Miami go back to LeBron. In for for Cleveland -- Cleveland is bad in 2002. What they're bad in 2004. Doesn't help and they happen to be bad at the right how do we get to be that every single year until you gotta get -- -- you gotta be bad at the right time. And you also have to have a Smart general manager. Who makes those moves and their teams that are bad regret the Smart general manager command as a requirement to -- automobile unexplained and explain because everybody says. Very simplistic. Gotta be bad before you -- in the NBA it depends on who you are. Sacramento Kings have been bad for a long time they have a good general manager. But she's being banned. Consistently is not enough. If you hear that that the clippers before Chris Paul it's already lottery picks they can never figure it out Charlotte would Michael Jordan but I had to have a good yet but as it but having this marginal manager. Who if you you're good at the top that's one that's part of it. You also have to be good later in the draft if you have additional draft picks and you gotta be able to find the right pieces to -- -- with your young play. Sold so I -- port saint TU. Like -- say to anybody how do you get back to the top. Again Uga and this will be accommodation one thing is -- the destination city port ABA players now he's it would Doc Rivers. Is Doc Rivers and I -- I think that got punished for it got to get to cover stock helps. But still this is not this is not Miami. This is it odd -- not enough that he does out of the around not LA process and this is not New York yet three destinations it. How did Oklahoma yet to be where their lucky draft now what Danny's helps -- with wants us to believe. Is that when he had that opportunity may be an opportunity he would taking care of the in the image. That take him with if he got the number one pick he would take care of the if that was happened there you go your your Lackey what you can't there's no quick fix at all. -- BA BA also that the let me throw this out -- the only there's only one other real example of something else and that's -- the Celtics this thing together. They didn't do this with block they didn't do it by being destination city -- -- -- -- -- on the short well how well what they found out they didn't get locked -- draft I think the timing of it was good though they found 88 soup a guy who was that superstar. Who was really relieved frustrated ready to move once simply self. Usually -- now a superstar at that you look in this league it is ready to. Go someplace for real try to help. Hey we're howitzer. White House to superstar can't be a superstar that wants to move on to a mode that makes you get elected. Very simply. What was the general manager of the timberwolves. At the time and Kevin Garnett was traded Kevin McHale Kevin McHale and Danny danger best friends. That was that that's part of the cover the conversation right there. It is just lucky that you have your very fortunate -- you have a former Celtic. Who is best friends with your general manager. You're talking trade can also lucky that Minnesota wanted to move on at that time yeah. And and you're able and you Leckey they were able to an elegy opposite -- a guy Dick Kevin Garnett coveted. He wanted to get you can definitely help on cam video coveted. And looked at him as a guy who could make that mixed league who personally like him in the post so it's always ask me like the only bit. In listening to you guys the only solution especially do you -- distinct. Is is did is to blow this thing up. Take it down to the studs get lucky in the draft or. Get a couple of of ships through the draft that another team might -- and then in three days seven or maybe 25 years -- -- -- speak about what I thought. Tell us look at it like this right now you you have used you have some chips right now that are treatable. Rajon Rondo is a really good player could be trade Jeff green is a really good clear they can't be treated so you have to take it all the way down to the studs and really be bad. You've got -- beginning -- -- giving you get one a top traffic for one of those guys. Top draft pick or you'd get a very good player for those few holes got. That was 040 wow that was from about -- beginning Rondo with a bit maybe for Chris well. It was -- -- was talk -- and that correction that -- what was thought I got an idea bring it up a completely different so that's a possibility so tell me how our cadets are talking about without itself in the last time something you're telling me there's a possibility. Of bringing in a superstar like Chris Paul now we've got a completely different well do you have do you have the chips right. You have Jeff Green who is dynamic. Who can be -- -- we have Rondo who can be done and so it's opinions on who -- law or if you look at it this team from afar thing -- while I wouldn't mind. Now in the NBA that being as you that you have to give up rights are being to recede something like. Is -- is Westbrook the guy who might be out there eventually. There's probably some guys who you we don't win it. Be some finger point oh you didn't do this -- what was -- right now Derrick Rose is is because he didn't play Chicago at all. Are they would be at the point where you know oil -- were were done. So at a -- to their combinations. You have pieces right now if you Celtics it could be pieces that are treatable you don't have that as you would say. Go out to the editors you don't have to go down to the barn -- You don't have to go down where that would be isn't stewardship of the way all the all the way to the you don't have to do that I've been through that with all the team two with when I first got here we don't. Have to -- but if you've got to plan if your plan is. I'm gonna target this freeagent in a year or two out. If if you look at it that way what you try to do is is clear enough space to go after the priest -- -- -- if that's what they wanted to touch you go also touched it labor. We lucky. To -- Larry Bird before he can Lara. You lucky draft W yet you lucky at that point might look here did you kind of cheat the system used by any good well I can't let America economy. Cheat the system -- cheat the system but you you play with in the confines of the solar system vulnerability out at this hour. I asked the judge not that you guys have been out of and he played his senior year well advantage and see but that's what I'm saying it. The Celtics Debian or a lot of teams have been over the years they have late in the system. And they have gotten lucky in different ways to grab different place but let's open up to the people got a while before you butcher -- Harvick again. -- -- -- -- -- who Norma Jo Berry character barely there. That she does know what -- so but but that's not to they gave me like nineteen. Understand what you're asking me again how you guys are pretty good -- -- Saturday may not have it out how to read our I didn't it would -- would -- change all that much. I was a little patent which gave him in the number three pick in the first place. Well up with Kevin McHale they were bad enough to be in that position and then they trade. The decision changed things a little bit. Things changed a couple years ago on LeBron and wade and bosh all down on a conference call together and today where do you wanna go play together next year. In that moment something changed in the NBA. The importance of having a city like Miami or Los Angeles or New York beat team. Even more than it used to be when those three guys got a conference call together and said this is where we wanna go play together and maybe there's a similarity of what Garnett. And pierce and and and Ray Allen and would talk privilege that well Libya should dispute that Westbrook. -- the ball on the news that this is while wanna play keeping the -- said that now let me just happened -- -- they have to be a lot greater than one way to skin got -- I -- still there's a couple of different ways Andy -- one was introduced to a point. When LeBron and bosh and -- all decided to play again America so what are -- how do you wanna do this out what what act is -- -- supposed to make now how was -- -- what a local to a caller what does he need to do -- level -- -- -- -- next six or 77797%. In fact is whether socket -- WEEI. We do as for a lot of years that's -- a -- staying over the last couple of these the inevitable stories about Paul Kevin every year the same thing now as the season gets -- about what's gonna happen in the future. But nobody really stuck to you two years ago Miami you said what you said you were staying that you knew I had time you don't for awhile. You're gonna -- you know right now if you're coaching next year. No I don't mean. You know most of the time I don't. That case I did I just every year is the same thing for me. I just need to detox and you know that's what I'm gonna do. And I'm sure that's what those guys and there was world. -- thought of this segment though not happening I mean and nasty because I'm glad the city's huge factor. Diverse. On -- John grandy partner Cedric Maxwell who is Willis here so college WEEI WBI dot com as well. We talk on the -- 45 minutes James Murphy Jimmy Murphy is in boston.com we'll join us get ready for game three tonight. With -- body language over their -- By late this -- my. Legs crossed so now structure as call vacation -- Albion on vacation -- We -- dragged we dragged magazine it is off a beach you get ready go to the beach today we had to drag him he allowed himself to be dragged him now. The lucky one to doubt about it from showed me that -- Sells about all about the money about -- that is that would get somebody here next year -- because I'm I'm listening to you guys go through and look you guys know much more about the MBA that I do and I'm I'm. I'm I'm trying to just draw out an answer from you of how do you fix how do you how do you get back to the top physical chipping out there there's an oh. Clear that answer if you look over the years -- love that the championship teams they have gotten lucky or in the draft. Chicago Bulls I can accept a lot -- -- look I can't would you. Well -- started in Europe are -- -- don't want -- Any -- I don't like you are not thought about a -- block if you do I can't I can't accept luck. -- opposite. San Antonio is maybe get him. Limits around to get Tim Duncan. That was that was a lucky it was a great break I didn't have pretenders to the other way they've arrived drafted him and waited two years David Robertson -- now. So you're you're still pinkie. You've got the factors that the end you know you want to say that it is not like baseball this is basketball were you have to. Be Google's rich star and in -- that the linemen yeah but at Celtic team that won the chairmanship is in a way. Look at the pitched here. -- outlaw all those guys. This year the -- -- was down because of all the injuries. Was essentially down the point 661777979837. Michaels and a car Michael. Hey guys what there's there's one reason why this keep moving forward Waltz up for the way it is the Celtics -- -- Robert. The only that's gonna happen is it Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green guy. People people like to conveniently forget that not only had little biased. And Reggie Lewis and you look at that you guys to a franchise player hall of famers are the word you know you would buy you don't know exactly -- potentially been one of the top five players in the week and Reggie Lewis who. Michael Jordan Michael Jordan made that was you know one of the -- has actually never played against them and -- we get that unlucky moving forward we have a great. Group a guide to build around that and I think -- -- if you look it would Rondo and -- and you know a B and Sally. Beauty to put a couple solid veteran pieces around those guys there's no reason whatsoever that they can't can can. With Doc Rivers their coach. What what happens well let me actually this is what happened or what what happened that monopoly fierce back and then performers early this year and then move forward after that. So you want you wanna bring Kevin. And Paul -- right so he -- -- using. -- I mean that there's one year left -- talk fielder's two years left on Campbell and you know I think it's are you willing to Paul -- your sakes man. And Kevin Garnett coming back is you know doc without -- -- I'm looking -- 45 minutes and that's it. Does that make big money might think the only -- and they're making big money they're making big money to ask them to do those things to -- a marked Gary's in Maine hi Gary. They'll -- gone man and I got a couple scenarios -- ability. An -- One scenario again that we. Auction at the cocker when you're on the fifteen million dollars next here. Garnett without the combat. I think any might be able to work the phones. It can't department get amnesty to bring him back -- our starting center next year. I was -- wonder what you got on that. In my second thing is -- -- that there might be comical prepare. And not let the -- hard while that might free up enough money more. To make a run it on like Dwight Howard has not -- I mean I know you got locked up without Utley hit a lot Perkins and I'm trying to get a -- -- quietly query in it and Nicholas who reject crap what the game. -- -- asserted there but Shannon is pretty good play pretty good defensive player good rebounder I -- biggest ever use again sick and tired of it well. Kevin Garnett. Is it is a good rebounder company's 37 yeah. -- Did you doing well and if you see him play here or oh no matter where he plays there are certain. Certain places on the floor he can't get to where there's certain places above the rim that he can't get too. There's nights that she look at this series though. What -- performance so by Q I was great. Like an immediate summer -- to rebound machine that's less at Augusta -- if you got sellinger coming back helped me if you had Rondo. Are you good enough to be that we Uga not to be the next. What with those two players with with -- -- turn -- -- though you add them to the mix -- -- that we -- -- to be the story is gonna have to. To sneak into the second round yet yet OK okay but then. Then then what then. That's that's the problem here -- that you are not doing for. Lay off into the center around you plan to win the championship so if you doing bad. To bring him back Perkins playing. How -- we -- after the game on we talked about doctor after the game on Friday night. And you feel like is not America etc. but now I'm not gonna reveal all of the conversation but just the the relevant the other relevant topics yeah. You feel like loses pacers have a better chance of winning a championship or a better chance of competing with the Miami than the next -- idea that the way things are. As you better think you can look at the Indians Tuesday. The same -- yes and you look at that team. And you have to give all these examples. Of how does the team become more competitive for the pacers. They were bad for awhile. They were stuck in a 1213. Fourteen draft position. They had to go through a couple of coaches know Jim O'Brien was there in the front and -- frank Volvo and -- -- talk about luck. About this lucky lucky strike for the pacers. When they drafted. Paul George. It was like 65 or 66. -- -- 'cause I happen. Well even happened is always very -- you've. You basically developed a different I protect you understand why I can't accept -- though I like that you -- if -- accept -- -- is a primary factor in into whether -- team wins champion builds champion is part Anderson on. In the GM's don't even matter when Virginia -- why we'll see what happens I think they let you play kick out there whatever happens there are many ways of that there are many ways a look at. You're a lock is also. If you're drafting -- that you're drafting 27. In the first round part of luck is. Hoping that other teams in front -- you make mistakes. So the Celtics SO guy falls to the Celtics have three draft to this one I'm with a 21. -- baked cake. Joseph Forte instead of Tony Parker and Tony Parker Foster and a 27 that's -- that's also good scouts both the -- because. You can pass on ultimately got me let I you're right there's an element of luck and I am not gonna deny that but when you're telling me that but how do you rebuild we'll get lucky. How do you get the right player get -- what -- went well -- well I'm glad -- -- all what we're saying no no it's a little more than that is they have also at the same time. You gonna be lucky to have a decent team the problem is you have set the standard. To win championships and that's the leaked so you have to be lucky to two BD league team to win chairmanship. You'd think of it this way Charlotte goes out and they take Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant says I don't -- -- Charlotte. Collectors say it okay will give you. What bloody diva. Inaba said the lakers say okay it would take Kobe -- -- that that is -- that that is that is a compilation of luck. He's taking advantage of somebody else's stupidity that I thought lost all the other teams out -- gonna do something stupid and you wanna take advantage of great. I got that to me is not luck but just saying hey we happened to be the number one pick the year Tim Duncan was available so I guess we're gonna win for the next twenty years. I don't know how to duplicate that. What I can duplicate what the lakers stayed with Kobe Bryant go looking for a team that's dome and try to take advantage of them into the guy do you scout that you love. Go go target a player and find a -- that it doesn't -- -- I can accept that that I can't does that sit around waiting. For God's fault no you don't have to because you don't -- Tim Duncan example. Isn't -- that's not how they won. I mean it helps a big part of it. But San Antonio not only did they pick up Tony Parker 27. The man who Ginobili in the second round they've made Smart trading moved on from David Robinson they bring in role play a role player that you would. -- you -- -- get him double figure out if that Dave Roberts and -- cannot bid city now for a whole year you only got like fifty or sixty games. Let's just do that date with a back problem I get I guess that is the way and it. Max thank you for coming in terms of vacation is good to have Max in here -- these calls will continue my guess is that throughout the summer as we figure out what the Celtics are gonna do to get back to being a championship contender up next for four including a sport where it's number one guy. Is boring and being -- how does that work. Coming up next -- W media.

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