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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 05/06/13

May 6, 2013|

You ask us, we answer it. Seriously.

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It's time for answers the question generic answer the question which sunk -- how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. It's the question would draw sheer drama brought to you by heiress restoration specialist. Your property or facilities manager or insurance for a call heiress to -- you have a disaster restoration game plan and please call 877461. 1111 ARS serve dot com Mike Adams. As a returned. I'm positives and he's he's trying to punish me something not possible yet. How's things that we -- so so now you're stifling me you're censoring me told -- -- Big Brother is watching me until sure that you're not going to be that voice yes. Your earnings you know it's it was great in Spanish it's contest -- a big picture York. -- work Vegas was great. News like its biggest whores and prostitutes. Slots. And boobs I -- when is there a lot. Yeah no yeah walking around or Khatami probably expert I had a question 150 bucks for every prostitute. Toward slot it's been 150 bucks back 400 -- -- -- I -- that that MGM grand well question number one how many hookers that Mikey higher and -- I don't hire -- -- you don't hire them. Coming hookers to hang out back you never know there and -- -- be sitting right next to wanted to black checked you don't usually. You its surprise usually. -- mr. today when they ask you for money you can usually just two smells like a French barge port -- and he should work and that night. Jerks what. Posters hung on your wall as a kid. Oh how hotly kid -- our -- Oscars for how far backward going was that your Julio Franco post animal got -- have a Julio posters. No no back in the day. Ziggy Marley and Ziggy Marley poster edit an excess poster on in accents in world Jesse Michael -- All have -- tree put up at a world B free picture Lloyd I you know win over Michael Hudson's death. There are no not a -- -- I love Lloyd for the guy the guy had a great voice and how he died I don't I heard about it. You wanted to Jewish over the Glasser and mentally and it was a is what I have people go to the Google's self clustering in itself X succeeding so well -- was gone to New Hampshire didn't quite make a new language double -- What a question about your -- -- -- I had a my account was embarrassing both gone off the court that I served court either one of those who will door sized negative Dick -- had posters like that weird creature that was the negative guy. I had one there huge -- is this is pre puberty was right right about in the middle of puberty that was like puberty. Yeah that was -- that was not not pre or post that was puberty right there next question lots of negative from island. We've perfectly innocent -- slayer Metallica. Needed. I gotta go Metallica -- you're absolutely. Right for one guess whenever anything Metallica's one of the did you see Kirk Hammett James Hatfield -- Star spangled -- That was for it was amazing as opposed to get some of Metallica songs radio besides -- answers and please I heard. Her master puppets on my way into work. To. Next question talked as -- jerks what is the best sport outside the big four. Soccer next rugby next question rugby now all night. Yes finally -- the -- hearsay -- your number five yes really you mean they are trying to educate men and sport where reps get killed by being punched in the face that's a good sport for you. You can tell you -- thought about that in the NBA just. To watch Bennett Salvatore on Friday -- it's I could no joke -- six or seven sports that are not in the big four but would be and it's such NASCAR would be ahead of the NASCAR -- he -- Australian rules football road rules football and is -- an Australian rules football and a -- of and it and it wouldn't it be clothes I'd rather watch Aussie rules football. Swimming question I even luge. Lose huge to a man luge. -- Bob sled there'll at a soccer when you make -- it's doable PNC -- Well question -- honest judgment. C'mon now I know this has happened before but -- Chris Brown has done he's shown no remorse. What the pictures were I don't we all know what happened did you give that great interview and it was a Diane Sawyer give the great interview. She said this is more than this is not about loved. What he did to mean I'm representing other women I cannot. I cannot go back into that negative situation in the fact she did. I gotta go did you see his quote today dusty said he couldn't be worried about -- finger plus it's just whether -- beyoncé is better looking. She's a better looking will be you'd have more phone. Now I -- yes and -- this point you it's still being worked out saving it all your bad guys is -- to fat guys. Well depends on your preference but next question that's our right to me with the best condiment. -- on the catcher catch a Trojan king. And what it would do what you do what you know from them and that's an immediate. I've finally what is the oldest piece of technology you'll. -- My joke. About that our oldest is the technology. -- geo -- command. I don't walk if you want to old scenario of technology. They don't. -- and old that his stereo. I got it from. What is it play physically tapes -- that tape player tape how he uses this as high technology. Tape and -- me. To go from city to tape from like ninety million denied that. Is that of one of those radio Raheem who boxes like you to look at that he's got an idea I don't have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- those those -- you -- as. Can't use it but it's just you know he's like make envelopes or something address envelopes. It -- not the vintage boom boxes were some rockets as a I can imagine that paper and I -- record player record player a couple of I was troubled. East street. -- from imminent and an -- The work of the -- if diploma in York. You do after your body doubles those old school loans that the dialogue. It. It's awful from -- the most to. You for. Mike Adams coming up it'll show on. Its equipment here at daily planet and its expertise Osgood stick around for Mikey we will be back tomorrow break -- going -- -- that particular that if they would close and they -- close literally every 20 okay. Victims. We'll find out tomorrow the.

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