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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 05/06/13

May 6, 2013|

Four guys tackle four topics we haven't yet touched upon today. Topics include Floyd Mayweather, Bobby V on Buchholz and more.

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-- now our Silicon -- school. All right roller board or the four. Fun for me. Green card. Well we solved it Kelly and sports radio and WE. Floyd Mayweather made easy work of Robert Guerrero Saturday night and won by unanimous decision. That brings his record to an undefeated 44 and oh. You can hear Floyd Mayweather getting booted. It's like Mayweather an all time great boxer. -- he is but that's sticks. And yes he is he's 44 -- no he's dominated this sport for years he's not a heavy weight but that's not his fault he is the class that he's in he's been the best in the game for a long time. But he's been booed. He's the crowd was leaving at the end now I don't part of it's because he's he's likable often -- -- outside the ring -- part of -- is because these days likable inside the ring and I know these boxing -- out there you go on and on about his technical thing in how much they love it you know craftsman you're a small group of people and I know a lot of people watch it I'm not saying that they don't. A boxing would be in better shape. If guys like me who want to like boxing but in board and burned every time I've ever tried to watch Floyd Mayweather fight. But -- but they're under exciting. Beat her baby -- going to be the. If you think that aren't there other boxers if you if you wanna like boxing out their other boxes you can follow. Mayweather is -- an all time great of course he's an all time great my question is can I think. Of another champion. With the pedigree that Mayweather has who who was more disliked again maybe go back way back. Through this time of Ali Ali saying. With the UConn never called him and how he was not going to you fight. Against them are still people said there are people who. The word I'm defending the country into it I can't believe he would do that I can't stand and the people who were on his side for standing up boards principals. Even Ali in the and the controversy that he had. Our early in his career with not just like -- ever gonna like it in rhetoric as he was exciting because he was pulled all right Johnny got in -- Larry Holmes and Larry don't -- no. Over all the great guy twice and had his issues type so exciting inside -- champions right as the champion was Tyson disliked like this question for you Floyd -- good for boxing. Yes. Think sort of yes. If you've got to be pretty fairly that you -- like it went in the the -- the other like a few of Manama the other one. I beat some of -- there. 44 no in a -- good for box. -- Yeah. Speaking with -- blind side football dot com Terrell Owens said about signing with New England I think it's a no brainer. You look at what they've done over the years under the tutelage of Parliament Funkadelic. I think this guy would be the limit in terms of what I'd be able to do considering my body of work -- history of playing the game. It's not what. Alone so the patriots that'll happen. No -- for home. -- 20. That's the only person ever hurt nobody. Nobody thinks more highly of himself then Terrell Owens. And this big gap between what he isn't what he thinks he is could not be larger -- 39 Michael we cannot have this a serious conversation we need to find out. When Tom Brady -- the favorite to be thrown ball and now it's just like it probably -- pestering everybody around Brady who he can I wanna read that article he says it was all circumstances just happened to be there at the same time -- this week Leo stocking Brady. He's like camped out outside his house -- get the people following all the time mrs. Brady instantly use he's like OK okay -- -- -- in the back -- -- plays -- today we can't have a congress there and about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and how it's time to move on. And then. Seriously consider. Terrell Owens who's older. In less effective than those guys for the patriots that makes it does know what the position they need -- he does the -- I'm not I'm not advocating it. But he does fit the position they need. -- -- -- -- It's 2000 they're not 2013 he doesn't. Pretty. This we get LeBron James won his fourth MVP award joining greats like Jordan Kareem wilt and Russell. -- came up one vote short of winning unanimously. Gary Washburn of the globe voted for Carmelo Anthony how would you have cast a viewer vote. Ali I -- would have voted for armed Islamic. I -- and voted for LeBron James like every one except for Gary washed up. Through live through -- rare Washburn. His defense today. He goes on and on about Carmelo led the league in scoring took an old mixed team without Amare Stoudemire. For long stretches and Tyson Chandler for long stretches to 54 went to Atlantic Division title number two seed in the east. They don't -- he made that at a perfect case today saw. War like Carmelo Anthony should -- -- accurate. Everything MVP voting -- -- and he was still. On the second best team in the Eastern Conference. Twelve games behind the Miami Heat where the best player in the conference and in the league. Player that is most efficient season for the Miami. A player who led the heat to an all time record for a franchise record and victories and this little 27 game winning streak. During the regular season there is. There was no argument for Carmelo. Being the MVP ability. -- -- Last week Toronto media members raised the question of whether Clay Buchholz was using a foreign substance on the ball Packers Lee and Jack -- is gone to a feud over it. And now the man of reason has come to clear up this mess. They see in the video is pretty inclusive. That an inkling that the great competitor out there and -- here and you he's just like Richard they're trying to get an edge I don't doubt that these doctoring the ball you might be. Internet news group. And and you know the big cabinet to determine whether in and an agreement is something that -- through. -- Using. -- -- duke. -- better grip. It. That it would know that there in the I'm not sure about yeah I'm -- And I'll definitely. What is your reaction to Bobbie -- com. That's pretty well sums it up because -- -- action group. Think group of them there it is Claybrook Caldwell was using a substance that. Problem grip the ball. York and I think everybody even somber -- who was who studied the film and saw it on buckled as -- Well all through this year all throughout the season. I said I saw something on his arm and that's pretty standard for baseball and 2013. It didn't go too far is -- loading up they say it that's the question but. In terms of having something to help you -- the baseball. Felt like most guys -- it'll be interesting to see how it goes to nine and obviously now he becomes. Much more scrutinized than he -- in any of his previous games because now it's been out there now Jack Morse has made a big deal out of it and thankfully Bobby -- -- is it not just. Talk about Buchholz. Sort of forget exactly under the bus and start levying accusations against people. From back in the days of good appreciate that thank you Bobby for thrown under the -- what would you do you're the twins. Do you. Do you play that game the talent who's pitching for them to tell me umpires into our parents. Stick around to -- if anything or. You just. Just play along because maybe some are your guys are doing the same I think we'll find out just how seriously this is viewed in baseball when you think. If -- -- if -- if that word around the campfire inside the game is debacle is gone too far my guess is that Minnesota will do something about it. And if not then I'll assume that he's essentially not going any for the than anyone else has and that the messages they've received it and there's no need for any further action that is today is. Four at four.

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