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Jimmy Murphy: Bruins need a better effort than they got in Game Two to keep pace with Toronto

May 6, 2013|

We check in with ESPN Boston's Jimmy Murphy to find out if the effort in game two was acceptable, and what will happen moving forward as the Bruins take on the Leafs in game three up in Toronto.

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We don't really care group. With the -- hadn't. Felt more substance there. -- quite got Matt. In the Bruins series just yet that was spread across of the Montreal Canadians talking about Ottawa coach -- plane by. There's an asset. Column when the economy names care group. With a bargain. With the fat or -- to say it's awesome. How big do nothing about it guys. -- you can lose weight you can look at Boston could lose the stats but why would that things are distinctive things are fantastic. Doesn't bother me everything else that happened in the case and the Canadians in the at all bothered me. Doesn't bother me that's good that's theatrics that's drawing interest to a series the stuff was cheap who fires slap shot another guy out on the ice in the final seconds. That's lame. That's expendable to me I don't Daniel offered to dated in the 07 Stanley Cup finals and remember that too was shown to me but that's not suspend double. Does that Josh Georgia's. Who -- two teams who. Just don't like you know whatever that doesn't mean you get to go out there -- cheap shot -- there and that's exactly with the Canadians have been this year. Not a huge surprise gutless Canadians team the question is what do the Bruins do tonight against her. Comics I mean I'm excited and I have no idea of having this is part of the reason. We have no idea. What's gonna happen. In a playoff series is not fun and you wanna see. A typical one vs the typical eight we you know these series is not going beyond four or five games. Brought to come out tonight look like they did in game one. Toronto mean c'mon look like they did in game two I don't know the series to be be at six game series in my go to game seven who know -- in this in this game tonight. Is so exciting just because of uncertainty and eight. AT&T hotline right now Jayme Murphy ESP embossed in dot com also at Murphy's hockey laud dot com Murphy's hockey law dot com Merv. Which is -- game till I read your I read your right up afterwards and you you disagreed I didn't think they played as badly as you did. -- I guess I saw a lot of that that package. You know I think it's pretty pattern first period -- ought to make up a lead currently which is something different you know locker cubicle we passing a -- that -- Sort of lackadaisical approach after that. -- a lot of the bad habits that we're in this was seen in the last quarter received -- Are really crept in again and I into defense was forcing plays -- Lot of girls so let a lot of turnovers not -- and I I felt like it not to perhaps -- acted in a statement to blow up at least. So we're already how do you assess these teams if you look at Toronto vs Boston. Is that an even match up are we talking. Boston vs Washington last year we had a series for the ages in the first round I just give us your sense of how -- you see these these teams. You know -- -- -- it scouting report coming into this you know you're looking at it on paper Irsay was stats and all black. -- -- to really got to decide. Estrada had scored more goals and straight and contributed. But when you look. This skill. On paper there and the experience -- the Bruins have. You know there's no -- -- here I -- the Bruins -- seven -- because. That we can't believe partner that is it pretty reference that you make a lot so accurate is the capital. It doesn't matter -- static between about who's got the most skillet about a lot more in the playoffs and I think that hold true in steel cup playoffs Levy more so than any other pro sport I just think it's so much involved with intensity. And momentum. And I think it's really clean up your ability if you hit Japan -- any -- you get -- funny stuff on the golf course quickly. Omar I grew at all that that's why I was really concerned about the Bruins coming into the playoffs and they really legit concerned that they were in big trouble. Then I watch game one and maybe I overreacted but I said OK they've really did flip the switch they were capable of doing in. And now I guess I got a hold them to that standard because I know they're still capable of playing that game every night if they don't. Then who who am I supposed to look at where look at the players to look at the coach does ago. You know what it's great questionnaire I think with these specific team right now and their coach. You political -- interact. She's been with the Bruins and lucky dog. I mean obviously pregnant but it would cut the first time -- -- -- -- is the biggest accomplishment there but the inconsistency. I mean now respecting winningest coach and current history so I don't do the coaches I like young players right now. And I really think that. You know the players on the team. Maybe -- technical coordinator. Could it be locked up pretty early night I don't bleak future that couldn't Ellie Kemper that's what you -- -- you start walking up earlier gonna lose by. I think every doctor that. You know as many people into complacency and I think somebody's players really don't water not now or maybe. Feel like you don't have to -- and and I think that's trickled onto the ice there. But that isn't that the coach's job to find a way to motivate them again I get you're saying but Michael I've had this debate talking to Jimmy Murphy is in boston.com. I don't usually blame players either you should know lock them up to begin with the once you did it's on the coach to figure out how to motivate. You know it and that at this article appeared that the same apartment. You know you look at this floor right now. What -- what we're -- need to motivate them on me you know I'm not not to say that. It sure isn't -- Techniques motivate them when -- -- the whole thing with the marathon bobbing in the wheat crop was intuit. You're right PP Hewitt -- -- victim and suddenly I believe the slackening. You're human being tactical to -- Played better -- and pretty -- you I don't know what will it help that you brought your coach is gonna get his team motivated is taking it to a themselves. You look at the goaltending matchup that you mentioned that the Bruins. Winding your scouting report before the series if you look at the matchup of the goaltenders. What do you see is it lopsided there that does this -- -- have. A huge advantage. I think it -- -- -- you know what I'm talking illegally to interpret it click I am getting. I. Think right back at the other night eating -- but you want you miserable I mean it looked at perhaps it -- much political and you know ironically what different what -- popular today. The procedure opted out of the equity -- it's honestly wonder where they'll. I'm actually right now watching it here and I think -- which is the -- -- -- -- Why agree that that is a better goal they'll disagree the about game -- Illinois made a few saves but he still looked nervous to -- -- he still is leaving rebounds right out in front of right out front of the crease. If I were in Toronto I wouldn't trust them and I didn't trust him going into after watching the game one I'd be curious to see how we react to the raucous crowd at. At home first playoff game they've had in nine years I'd be curious to see how he reacts to that because he looked terrified in game one and I still thought shaking game to. You know that is an important you know what -- like I think. You look at this straight now the politically in its first cleanup came in nine years and yet it's gonna be just a great atmosphere and it's something. You know any hockey and they -- people who want to be apart but the thing I'm your right it also can work against them. And I think the Bruins have to see that situation as well they look. This crowd could easily decide this game one way or the other thing we can play a role about it speaking out at the corner or. Pilot in the original arena and it out of the building. They're gonna have a huge advances goes on but. You know that's a lot of press here at -- -- delivering it won without traction with. I certainly pretty battery into what you go back what you're saying about the 3COM. Coaching -- it's topical it's typically score those rebounds are there to welcome to do that the players have to do that more. And I think that the huge colleges in the doctor haven't won enough. I think the one of the cooler stats are seen in this series so far knows -- only two games and that Phil Kessel for the first time. -- -- four games his first even strength goal in 24 games -- it -- the basic. The great debt so the question is. What do you expect from bill Cassell tonight and going forward direct answers. Well you know I think a lot of people play it out he could -- he could. Make himself a huge X-Factor here because that he was ever able to find a way. The -- constraint he -- it needs to utilize that skill W out. He can really carry this team Ernie -- -- got some good weapons -- -- organic -- country but let's face it. If Apple's not going to be knocked it kind of pitching it offensively. And now he's got back confident that you know people come out and get it and thinking here. It can really help police are shortening benefit the both probably that they weren't in this set so he now that you got that I -- -- -- there. You -- yourself hey I can do the job against these guys that's a big conference this capsule. They might have been innocent there's a lot of room and -- a little extra weight these days hanging off the Giles is a little extra room inside that and Jimmy Murphy with a C is in boston.com Murphy's hockey blog dot com. As well just real quick on what happened and you do a lot of work up in Montreal in Europe there are a lot. Was -- one of them was that the most embarrassing display you've seen a long time what what did you think of of the way they handled the final period there. Well you know what I mean I have been totally different that -- going to be different haven't error there. That it couldn't even about the shock hearing. They should be coach of the year. Expected warning that book they're real shocker almost a lot that we also got a real Michelle Perry and back in 2002. And -- can't learn it Bridget Patton at any given slit the throats symbol for the current ratings are up for torque at the time. This guy to -- kid and and he's blocked it. And clean and a great job getting under his skin and now he's basically leading his team. It has been my distinct back portal coaching right there when you coach -- rapidly he has and the tactics he's using you cannot go and interact. I don't know just -- firing a slap shot at another player at the end of the game. We we -- -- know what I would like to -- one of the best guy to deal with the media usually stand up guy but. I don't know if you get -- a great partner what it means that this class. And may be Sar ran I don't know but that's in sustainable to me Jimmy Murphy -- it is BM boston.com. Up banks -- you sent. Our American Murphy there -- joining us via the AT&T. Hotline in. You know something's gonna have to give tonight right -- up to Toronto it's gonna be loud it's gonna be -- reckless it's gonna be crazy they're going to be pumped up. And I'm gonna have to give right off the bat. I -- it -- -- I think we were all we were all so. I'm surprised it's not the is that the right way to put it. To put it we're also fired up about game one from the Bruins. We've seen the Bruins electors before -- kind of fed into some of the doubts we had about Toronto. I'm coming into the series so you saw everything that you wanted to see from the Bruins and from the Maple Leafs. Think your point but -- -- awful the -- awful in game two now. But the Maple Leafs went from awful to well above average. It -- that allowed them to come away with a tough win on the road -- of the Bruins to what brewers did you expect and what knowing that what brought -- Police team do you expect -- opened up 61777979. -- threes and we got some time here welcome back to the Celtics calls as well in terms of moving toward them but the Bruins tonight the Bruins are immediate. What are you expecting. I expect to see eighteen closer to what we saw on game going on that what we saw on the six weeks leading up to that. Maybe it's gonna be a little bubble lease on game two and not quite -- game one but that's what I expect what do you expect. This team come out flying hitting you on lewd teacher into the corners. -- and everything they're supposed to do was interference that big -- difference maker that getting him back in the lineup changes everything shut down -- line again and everything's fine. Or is it the team that that that we worried about the last few weeks it was closer to what you -- on game 2061777979837. We get a seat and -- alcoholic WEEI.

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