WEEI>On Demand>>This is how it ends? One more run for this Celtics team, or is it officially over?

This is how it ends? One more run for this Celtics team, or is it officially over?

May 6, 2013|

We discuss whether it's worth it for the Celtics to take another run with Pierce and Garnett, or if the time has finally arrived to start from scratch again and blow the whole thing up.

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Other other big news today as we get ready for the operator for the -- that is what the Celtics do now that it's over and it's over. For this year but is it over over is it over is this it. And -- sure seems to think like this is probably talking to him for an hour here and think Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce are back so what do you do are either you think they're down. Yeah I think. I think they. Well for -- they just buy out his contract. And if they don't buy out of contract that's fifteen million dollars on the books. There well over the cap anyway but. Fifteen million verses. You know the the alternative I think the goal of the alternatives and -- -- for five million dollars. And when that happens. Either Garnett is gonna be retired living in California somewhere. War he's going to be playing for a contender. Okay so are so so I cannot I kind of think he. Oh I would be surprised if he written are so let's use -- exit let let's go with that for now okay let's say that happened pierce -- Taylor Garnett which -- -- Is he backed it up -- and Barack doc is back doctors here there's no appears there's no Garnett there is Jeff Green there is Raj on Rondo. There is Avery Bradley there is. Brandon Bass some of the other players and rest team. What's your next move -- Danny Ainge if if if you know if let's -- Garnett retires -- you you bought out what you do next. While your your first move is. Looking at the draft. As if those guys are gone because the draft is gonna happen before. That does that official decision on Paul Pierce. So you you're going into the draft for the first time in five or six years in -- not looking at a guy. If you're not looking at the draft is as if no one of these guys are gonna. Be the ninth or tenth player for us you really have to look at and say. Maybe this guy helps us we need him to help us on our team right now or we won't just take. -- got we'll take another guard even though we don't need to guard but he's the best player available. On the board and he will help he's an attractive chip for another team. Resolution is -- mentality is changing you're you're you're staying longer looking for the complementary piece you're either looking very built a new building block or something that you could trade to get -- and absolutely taken of that and then. I have to look at the rest the roster and this is where it gets really interesting they're not totally. I'd I'd I'd just dismiss this whole notion that they are strapped. That they don't have any flexibility when I wanna go. Now if you wanna you wanna hold on and and be competitive playoff team when you. Well then that means you're not looking nutri grain you're not looking to trade Rondo you're not looking to move Avery Bradley in Brandon Bass. Any of these contracts that are not terrible. I -- you'll want from Garnett. And you move on from peers. What you have at the Celtics sure you're over the cap. Which have bad contracts there's not a single bad contract. On this -- does that mean then you can make trades with them you can make some moves depending on where you wanna go to -- to -- -- any bad. You wanna you wanna be bad for a couple of years you. You are that think it battleground damage -- one's got like 7797937. Harris in Roxbury high Harris. We'll -- you guys -- see the artists and companies still another stimulus will do they'll. Aka biscuit you know a little particular period oh Michael Michael well. -- -- -- -- -- If you don't my -- -- everyone's take on the whatever you I don't get the pride of ownership my -- -- anything. I'll I'll -- Philadelphia all so what you don't like the lot sat there in the NBA and unfortunately the -- you know Michael -- Floyd David -- the the postseason. -- you made that contract. It all hold the ball on the chance the words to opportunity. On the you know in the grip hopefully elect when Miami created opportunity critic Kaplan did Garrett beat Chicago at the same thing now the luck involved. All of the apartheid wanna play floor Chicago Miami for the dirt. -- -- -- Okay and is currently ballots in Brooklyn and I believe it landed on the same -- in Houston is that a bad thing for black -- period an opportunity to get. That commodity -- We're here at the NBA you don't look at it and say it -- guy within like the next five years. Trip Indian and high school or in college you gonna say in the create opportunity to get back. That there are two guys coming out pretty civil within the next five years there's one guy who's now give -- a freshman at duke. People like the next one day in the media that -- -- -- about him and at that data may seventh ward. And often not the name wrong let you know fourteen you'll stick to. Unbelievable high school freshman. Now that myself still good but there -- a lot of GM sentiment -- all purely to create the opportunity. To get that. I don't think I'm stupid at all well -- not all well I don't know I don't know it's utterly stupid either parent -- quite presumptuous if you're -- GM. You're looking at a guy who's fourteen. -- you know he's got to go to college for at least a year. So you're gonna get on when he's nineteen or twenty innings fourteen now. The NBA. You're lucky if you're if you're going to be around that long but I think in two years you can be taken that way maybe not Iraq at fourteen maybe that's a little early but it sixteen. At seventeen knowing -- two years out -- -- enshrined in the new over the fuel rationing in order to get there -- I don't think that's stupid I think you're right I agree with the you love completely dispelled the whole idea of -- -- that's exactly what I'm talking about it's coming up with a strategy. To two. To recognize what's going on out there are some of the difficulties some of the -- factored in its -- How to eliminate as much of it is possible to put yourself in a in a position to succeed a lot. Law that would Cedric Maxwell was Hussein -- -- you're arguing with the -- You want Zain at the way Harris did OK Harris made it very clear it's not like the way Harris -- Harris has more articulate that I'm not sure that's -- convinced me express my outlook that jettisoned off column -- if we go to Denver shot eighty does. No Harris. Grand inherits a political Tony wanting to be cleaner we wouldn't have to edit it at night do you skip him get a Mac now. Harrison rocket Roxbury 617779790%. -- the difference is. Max is making itself more like an excuse in the way I heard -- -- are -- teammates are more like when he unit at -- Harris' saying -- there's a lot factor there which I agree that. What do you do to try to. And limit the amount of -- that factors. And and that -- No luck existence sports of course crazy. But but it just to say what -- -- why is getting a lucky you'll just have to get lucky you put yourself in position to to best limit. -- Damage to put yourself in position for that but there's only so much time he can't do it if -- think about this. If you're the owner of a team. They don't -- up from their perspective. Owner says okay general manager silk. What do I tell what like tell my fan base in quite some Austrian based what is your plan here. Because we got we got season ticket renewals we got to get the media excited. I don't wanna talk about a -- Sports Radio right what do you what do you have and you say OK well. They're -- cute he sixteen years. He's doing a good. I don't -- -- -- right now but I'm telling you we get on this race will clear up is going to be a star going to be able to put them on our media guide. -- We got a kid out there. And in two years you can -- two or three years and we're gonna turn this thing around. It. It as an owner you step. You may not have a choice because what's the flip side being mediocre every year I'm paying -- a lot of money away you're gonna tell me is in three years that Michael it depends on what kind of own behalf you have an owner who's just trying to fill the seat every single year and make money or do you have an Oregon at a championship call that a gun owner to owner wants to fill the -- I -- -- to me great owner wants to win championships through the seats. Win championships I wanted to see your business -- -- don't wanna make money you're not just in this Europe got a somewhere else you got another big are your business here -- That is under way of making money if you wanna go make a hundred better ways to do with the sport you'll get another -- -- money in the public interest. That to -- -- you've got only sports can you wanna win what we're about owner you wanna win. Because in in and good business you wanna win and good business that's. Make a profit. Correct as part of the year the other businesses that there's a scoreboard in another business that all of the business. You wanna make some money in another business that if you lose a little money specially short term fine. My probably got a you don't wanna buy sport statement I gotta tell -- -- they're running a nonprofit. It I don't think I thought I honestly believe but -- -- -- nonprofit I'm not interested in an owner making a profit of interest in the owner bringing championships to my city. And he makes any money. And quite frankly I hope that he doesn't care that much about it either if you make money great great site -- -- if you win you'll probably make money that's a side effect of of excellence when you are when you are shooting for actually aiming for excellence. Yeah a part of part of that success is making money so I think they do go hand in hand happily it will all be happy together the owners because he's making money. Fans are happy because the team is winning but the owners got to make a choice that he wants to make money by winning it. And not by being okay. He wants to be excellent that he wants to win championships eleven -- -- commitment but I don't think there -- -- owner and town once 5000 people in the stands up for the a professional sports and virus 6000 -- -- -- to 25 minutes it's the question jerk right after that Tom or your calls until insult -- W media.

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