WEEI>On Demand>>Get your popcorn ready! This Senators-Canadiens series is a load of fun to watch!

Get your popcorn ready! This Senators-Canadiens series is a load of fun to watch!

May 6, 2013|

Not a lotta love lost between the Quebec and Ontario provinces right now up north! And as Boston fans, we just get to sit back, enjoy it, and laugh at the soundbites... you fat walrus.

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Takes on 77797. ID 37 -- your calls here in a moment. Is -- the demise of the Celtics is this the end. Is it a -- is it time to rebuild dorsett. Worth it to give it one more shot graphs of your calls -- -- Bruins calls as well there was an awful week and teams locally go over five Michael let's -- Especially after how awesome last week -- -- Wednesday nine we just everything was going in the right direction and all comes crashing now we can -- If there's what will happen you just -- that the Silver Line what -- this over you know it's a bronze silver line. As bad things or here in Boston they were worse in -- real. Re watching any the end of that Canadian senators game because it was easy deploy it ones but it. Here but -- liked the -- -- thanks won the final but the story is not the score although that's a nice fun part of it. It's at the Montreal Canadians were exposed. Exposed as scum bags. Exposed as the dirty team. Just a bunch a cheap shot artist embarrassing themselves in front of the entire league on national TV -- Yemen following the series we talked about the Lars -- hit that knocked him out. Right the Paul -- coach of the senators goes about. Gleaming in the guy who made the past the Canadian defenseman Diaz so. Once he does. Rain and frost who plays for a place for the Canadians that this. What he's been keeping her what all the queen's and after not recognizing Payne. Searching for others names. Players. He's a yard short enough disrespect to. There's so we don't really. Care group. With a -- it -- or so -- -- It starts with calling on the opposing coach you've seen the big stash it. Our guide for white got a great -- -- unkempt put. Its interest to take it to its organic Ohio and he calls them a bug -- about walrus. And then the Canadians proceed to go out there last night two handed slash is. Cheap shots -- process to run in the goalie at the end of the game. -- and Gallagher throwing down his gloves and fighting before Concord for Parker even had his gloves off. And then that though though the most embarrassing -- to me to Josh -- firing a slap shot at an opposing player in the final ten seconds of the game. Giving me dirty filthy. But this is gonna make this make you feel better fork over -- weaken a little bit. At least it's at least the Canadians are embarrassing themselves in public. Michael carrier Michelle Terri and their their head coach trying to explain why he result soaps at an embarrassing. That was classless and and and it was the Ottawa Senators. Who were embarrassing trying to embarrass the Canadians on the -- McClain and his response got a right. Or are -- here where Paul heard him refer to is classless. I just wondered it is it's. He's figured it's gonna put an end to the whatever you art -- two or things escalate from here or. Answer. Plot was -- culture clutch. All the time so. -- So that. This -- is another disrespectful thing that. Visit. If you really well you know what it mr. Hickey and all due respect. I I think they were doing real good job of that themselves. They took care of that themselves in Paris. As opposed to saying all along. I closed globe brought this up after they lost then and maybe you think about it -- he's only saying this because they lost the game and is sour grapes what. Rather we do that we knew this about Montreal and even if we get it even if it wasn't true we wanted to to be true with the Canadians I know it's true. And it was fun as bad as the weekend wasn't as bad I see that tax cut it out silk misery loves coming -- but that don't make me feel better really. Makes me feel the better not 100% it's working but makes me -- work and silk -- -- interest -- -- -- tonight Chris. You know are out there Chris was not mad but not. -- -- -- upbeat and there. And bought that -- becoming a pot. Or out -- were bought and well I. Bought it I. Don't look at it that are but -- got all -- Think art -- knocked out of -- I think. Writing that I think -- time where. A rebuilt and now that little thing where. -- -- well I don't think they're gone much but now topic foreign help and oh how -- you. Pretty -- -- yeah I guess and we and we go to our rebuilding. I mean how how far do we take that with the rebuild I think if you really want to if you got a flat out -- -- This is what we're we're starting over. You gotta look at. Who has value for. And that people have value for different reasons that the Fed I think Kevin Garnett is can still play whether he comes back or not and it's up to him who probably take. A few weeks to figure out what he wants to do. He can still play. Had he. I'd setting up 55 to sixty games can still play at a pretty good level and I you know what I would do he would like this -- -- left to practice. I would predict I would I would take I would slashes practice schedule in half -- he'd love that. Some -- Kevin you're just not gonna practice it's gonna be a mental day for you you can yell at guys you could be another coach out there. -- looking at what we do in advising guys are just riding the bike or whatever. Read the paper like Bill Russell used to do at times late in his career blood Red -- will be up there with the -- Bill Russell will be and that in the stands read the paper and have a cup of coffee because the red new gonna preserve our guy and what's really important is having them out -- for important games. I think that's I think that's where you are but if you're if you're not willing to do that and I'm willing to hold on to what you have now a rebuild is. Moving -- from Garnett who has valued. Moving on from -- one more year value to a team off the bench. Moving on from Rondo. In another guy who's got value of the -- a big contracts. And say does anybody else in the league like this player Jeff Green makes a point seven million dollars to anybody else in the league like him. Do you wanna go. Down to this stuff. Besides I mean you really want to build this thing over what do you want to call it raises a good question which is unless -- found a way to beat the heat what do you really doing the goal was to win championships I'll always say that and I agree with it. But basketball's a little different from the other three sports because only three teams a year have a legitimate shot at winning a championship. What does everyone else supposed to -- At least as quick as you know LeBron James and Dwyane Wade you've got to start building yourself. That day and and it's one after one more season that LeBron can opt out right that they can all make the decision that wanted to somewhere else. You got to at least be poised. In case something goes awry because as long as that team's -- team together I don't know how anybody really can effect is the fact is. Ron James just twenty years old. So it's not like. You know you've got a 3334. Gerald brought guns fire six more years it's a good a couple of years and starts to slow down not happy Johnson a car hi John. I had to do a good job. I want to call about the growing each I'll start off sort of loan -- troop harassed her side that -- -- -- into and out of occurred. I mean I brought -- to hold it here. Well all salute the wiring problem. -- combination -- -- -- Jews are drama about -- Campbell an elderly scoreboard when they learned I don't NY that you guys are up. Well that you wonder -- and I guess this is the one thing they could do is if you. If you don't think you need -- important for -- could you could you scratch on Thornton as they did at times in 2011 run. Put dog givens in the line up on the third line and then find a way as you said to put tying Campbell along with with younger because they were some success there. The -- really -- army -- yarder on the fourth line and no Shawn Thornton against the physical Toronto team I don't know that I can see that happening. There are no would be skeptical about well you sent a -- on the short bar and I didn't -- brought under a picture below or one player but you to play a lot. It is interesting I mean I was one of their better scores this year in your right Campbell did have that little run. But you wonder whether or not that stays the same in the playoffs or whether that's one of those regular season things right. Where you know -- effort from a guy and against the team that maybe isn't putting in Max effort. Well music of playoff thing or regular season thing. I think we know from from this coach. Having seen him operate in the playoffs for several years there is a different form now. Its interest in with a guy like Campbell who has who has given you everything -- done everything you've got to do and beyond. Do you throw a bone. In the post season you have them. You haven't in a role. You know home most of us a look at and or Gregory Campbell as that guy. Not a big -- guy a bone in the post season type of a man like. You you you get that job in the post season because that's the best thing for the team not because I wanna throw you will bone is no rewards. And you you get what is best for the team the problem is when you have the guys that really should be doing with there's -- debate in the Lucic is of the world they don't. But what -- do what do you think Gregory Campbell is a guy who -- do you wanna see him in an important role not really I wanna -- Milan Lucic do but I actually -- see him being mile -- each and not the shadow of meanwhile Lucic we watch for six weeks and that's why you go back to the regular season to this stuff have to be worked out then. Because you can't -- benching Lucic now. You can't be disciplining him and finally we are motivated now have to happen every every just oil but once again yes you can we've seen it from this -- we've seen -- Which we talked about this on Friday. Usually he doesn't with young players -- on me on Lucci to -- forty years old. But we're talking about first and second year players -- has done this before that it would Phil -- he's done it would have a Sagan. It is not a -- -- above that I mean he should be according to his time in the league but maybe he's not. Maybe do have to do something like that it's one of the things global have to consider. More on this to -- Jimmy Murphy -- -- -- comment for thirty Celtics as well as you figure out what do -- -- it down to the stunts and a full fledged rebuilding is there something in between -- you stick with his group for at least one more year Max is in studio for the next -- -- knowledge of --

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