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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

May 6, 2013|

Joe Castiglione caught up with Red Sox Manager to recap a tough road trip ending with a sweep in Texas, and a look ahead at the upcoming home stand which begins tonight.

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But -- that it may be roster move to disabling and JaVale. We did -- he Andrew went through a full exam this morning including an MRI and it does confirm that there's an inflammation. In that by -- area. Not not the lower portion down towards and able but further up in the top horse in the biceps so. We've got to let that inflammation come down with the activity Craig Breslow to take his place but. We don't feel like this is a prolonged situation. With Andrew he's already missed eight days they would be day eight of the fifteen day period so. Were hopeful that once that fifteen days expires next Tuesday. He should be back and joining us at that time. How about that Joel Hanrahan do you feel that he's back where. He was last year at this point in terms of his physical capabilities. Physical capabilities yes you know because there's nothing lingering that a hamstring as he went on the disabled list he's into the MR arm strength with the outings he's had and ultimately reassignment and then. Also with us. And so. Went with that being said you know we know the with each additional outing that sharpest will continue. You know you look back it is April last year and things. Took a little bit of time to get don't firm as well at that point so he's our closer. And we're looking forward haven't games we build back to them. And you have a lot of bullpen appearances than you don't -- we believe in that personal appearances by relief pitchers that so us long outing would be -- the very welcome tonight. Yes -- well -- been able to do that you know expenses you know at least seven innings in each of -- six starts to date. We felt we were in line for the yesterday the way that game started out -- John but then Texas did a good job of of racking up the pitch count on John where he was done after six innings but. You know you mentioned the bullpen usage you know it. It's easy to call down there and and get to follow or you are going. But the fact is we've also won twenty ball games and you're going to be in those games were. You know were -- run up three runs where you're gonna go to your Frontline type guys and the fact is we've we've been in those positions so frequently appears you're gonna kind of rely on those guys maybe a little bit too much but. We've got to get other guys in the mix and we've got to get some additional deeper starts by our guys not in that rotation to give some guys a -- -- honorable and we know the whole thing is a non story with Clay Buchholz and then the accusations by the Toronto pitchers but this is his first time out that. Do you think that the it'll be in the back of his mind it at all do you think he can just put it aside. I think he will very much so and you know the thing about it is -- he's pitching was such confidence and you know they're they're going to be things to come up on Saturday given game that give pitchers or players. A reason to think K what what might be changing here whether it's an outside accusation whether it's something that they don't feel. Particular way and it on a given day those things are all commonplace that that any athlete deals with so. Clay will rely on his routine that uses so effectively. He'll walk out there and once he gets in the flow of the game gets that first inning under his belt. That's where the flow of the game really starts to unfold established for him. And effective as he can't take away his ability to command four pitches in and those are gonna go away so. What we're looking forward to another solid outing likely tonight. Sure he had is looking forward to seeing the green at Fenway. Yeah you know what so we are you you know we went through or did have a tough road trip and certainly a tough series down Texas they pitched very well against us. They execute at a certain players certain pitch where we didn't in a couple of instances and that's the difference in a in a couple of those games particularly games two and three. So we're looking for getting back home from our home crowd and drawn off the energy that they can give us. As a former pitcher I know it's it's tough to beat objective did you block your club to win but the watch Lester and the Irish -- up like that -- must've been that something. That day. He certainly enjoyed watching it in a manner of speaking yeah I think the way yesterday's game was build. You know have a lot of attention drawn to those two guys on the mound and rightfully so and you know we jump on -- pretty quick we we got a couple pitches up in the strike zones and a -- to Ortiz that stayed up middle of the plate. And then David Ross has done just an excellent job fortunately it's on a breaking ball that hangs in little played a little bit as well but. You know once he got into his rhythm he settled down and his ability to spin a breaking ball and and create such -- action along with mid ninety's fastball. He's a rare combination but at the same time we felt like. What Lester did he made some adjustments from his previous two outings he was very efficient early on he makes two mistakes himself and and here we are 33 ball games so. You know it's good to see Jon Lester getting back on the on the -- sort of speak as was its first four starts of the year. Our Mercedes-Benz manages question tonight the Minnesota Twins here you played him eight times in spring training does that help in building is guiding reporter. Is it entirely different thing. Well that. I was say yes it does -- it does build a little bit over. He'll have some reminders you know anytime you see someone physically that many times you know you gain some overall level of knowledge of which which can lead to some level of comfort. And our starters go up against their guys -- number times in spring training we don't back away from that here we are you know middle or early may with a four game series so. A while there's some familiarity. The same. The same rules apply you know it's going to be dictated primarily by clay tonight in this game and how he controls. The game from the start and give our offense a chance to get on track but most importantly. It's familiar surroundings being back in Fenway here and that's about small ball like tonight yeah OK Joseph -- question with a manager was brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers in the new 2014. -- class is an NB USA dot com today. John.

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