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Bob Ryan, Boston Globe, Danny has a tough job ahead

May 6, 2013|

Bob Ryan joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Celtics being eliminated from the playoffs and what's next for the team.

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We get to all your phone calls joining is now on the AT&T hotline. The commissioner Bob Ryan Bob but Lou how are you. I don't have the answer now that's what have you all blog -- like what I was gonna do you promise yet the personal and. In any circumstance -- would have a rough time -- complicated this. Whenever he said this awhile back I forget exactly when he's got a but he basically said eclectic long. That he had watched how big Gavin it'll be original Big Three -- to and one -- -- -- -- -- The way we know what ended -- wet one by one. Just brought our retired. Kevin retired barber retired and then within two years. They went fifteen it. There -- opportunities that Danny was aware of that -- and -- people specifically Kevin. And then at that data didn't know what I didn't wanna repeat the process. OK let eight could've been traded at the trade deadline last year we know that the OJ Mayo deal which has not until it. Lay down and became a free agent right left -- gone gotten up until right. One down two ago where did you stand with these two guys we know the Paul wants to retirees -- Celtics. We also know surprisingly the -- what do we -- the Celtics know what to what extent or any sentiment enter into any decision that Danny makes. I think you pierce has some value to a contender web question being used to wait -- being used by the I think Kevin has a lesser value with a similar valued at some good and they're being used the -- rate being used by the -- I think there is value but I don't know why you get back at them and I and I'm and that certainly it'll. He warned about in the draft this year -- about Obama global threat. It's a very very difficult situation and I don't have an answer and NBA he has a very difficult. Well let's start with Paul Pierce because you know there are some options here amnesty which ago player option or. Trade the player bring him back is it any chance at all. If he's not on this team will be because he was traded you think there's any chance that they would they pick up a player option and and the career here that way or just amnesty. Always that chance. But again that's -- cited appalled that so adamant that he went to pirate to stop even little part that we get -- -- that he ordered the it would come back upon what does know what got you power when they contracts. And now. That's -- touching and I -- and that means a lot to me I'm I'm impressed with it and I've always been impressed with the stability to the concept of being a Celtic and being involved. With the discussion of the all time great Celtics -- yet he is and will be forever. But. I don't know the market. Well and much I don't know the market I don't know may you may be one of the Smart guys maybe. Maybe the guys who are in this stated that which as you know I'm no longer -- and I know the market but tonight -- I don't know the market at all. I don't know but -- just seems to me as a basketball observers that there is still value left and Paul Pierce. And restore value that the Kevin Garnett we certainly saw evidence of that in the -- accurate with those consecutive rebounding. And but it's not that it's not the night in night out. They're like they're old players old players. Can still do it every now and then they wake up the next morning -- go up there and can't do it and probably have -- -- that back door yesterday part of the deal. All but the very very very rare few that part of the deal that's how you got that's how you go out. At that level and I don't want to buy into -- I know that Paul Pierce should be enough this year time. That that -- he could be a very valuable adjunct to it to an and that group. Four and be fortunate to keep and I think the same is true of Kevin Garnett has some value but what does it. Public this Bob is that there's that there's more value and an off season when he put eighteen to get short that trade deadline next year -- danger. Looking for now -- to -- I had to I'd guess the latter probably somebody says okay there is that if you know assuming you've got to perform somewhere near the level that we saw this year. Often enough for the people and people are realistic and about what they're getting yes I think that that would probably be a more likely scenario. And I am looking at that I'm looking at you know what you do without it what was giving you watch for these guys I don't know I just I don't I simply do not know the market. If they do come back specifically -- Reduced role and Jeff Green being more -- a factor -- crazy to think that appears this year for one -- year before. -- talks between -- at the deadline that Jeff -- got to play and Paul Pierce and his age might be better served in. I Cuba since a lot a sixth man role is -- -- for Paul Pierce. Green is the key to the promise -- he he he he improved -- command -- during the year we saw a ceiling. We stopped 43 point that they -- -- 31 against Phoenix we've sought. Our playoff games that were very impressive and stretches he's not a complete -- dependable reliable night in night out guy yet he's getting there slowly. If he can make that step up that you remember this was the first four -- back if the lead after the the heart. I think we have that. Take that a consideration I don't think it would take into consideration often enough exactly that particular personality it's relatively deferential it's not a chest pounding. -- -- -- -- -- I'd like to -- -- guy you know well that they need more than -- -- to -- -- they -- -- -- what to take charge he's got to be made aware. I think by by -- Over the off season or by Garnett -- the contents of this team. A purist those -- the only can be and and and and he -- being being more forceful. I think the talent is evident I think that the greatest skill that they saw in him is on display a great finisher goes to the basket well. Can spot up and shoot -- content play this game but there's that extra level of a action and pierce missed it he -- on a consistent basis. Is it possible could inject that into him a little bit more self. -- comes to KG you know it's not the deep inside that guys had -- try to figure out what he wants to do in the future but. Is all tied in the Paul Pierce or do you think that this decades to see you walking away from the game of the past and he plays and right now. It's -- that he's he's the hardest thing that we didn't I thought it would we're gonna do it's going to be I think it will be abrupt. He's not a farewell tour kind of guy would you agree that you -- -- yet there are bidding farewell tour is you know portrayed as a not I I don't see him do and that's just that's not what I think. -- is he wakes up and pick up the door I think it's going to be similar to what. What. -- -- -- that says that and that's spectacular. Wonderful it article that Jack McCallum was written on Popovich and outside. About belted and he thinks that that would pop -- said he thinks they'll take a wake up one -- it's say. That's about it. And I about it here in -- and and economic right behind them. And and I think Garnett web that's it I'm out of here kind of died and then laid out plan and then going out you know let people know it's big fat check yet. He's a very early. Interesting unique personality and I mean unique that has nobody been quite the total. Package of out of the way he looks at the world I think it in this game that important going and it's very very very. We're talking the great Bob Bryan in terms of the postscript on Friday the most surprising to meet Bob was that Doc Rivers. He is that a little bit guarded about what his future might be -- -- a contract for three more years but could you see a scenario. Long term that Doc Rivers is not here in 2013 2014. Well that would be at 180 -- once a year ago when he shocked the world that shocked me for oracle I'd written an -- column part -- -- -- with Miami that this could very likely be the end of dock it -- but it tick you off -- -- watched -- play blah blah blah. Any any any reaffirmed his ability to the topic by re upping. So I would find it difficult for me to believe that he's got such a 180 because he's a realistic course and he can understand all the scenarios by them all but one of the and and the wonder just pitiful one of many that could've happened. He could so I I find that difficult to believe that he is in that mode but I know what what's in this definitive this is what -- resolved yet and I understand that. But I have no indication I've had one -- communication with him and I it seemed to me that he's ready to blow obviously to get back to work. That would set a five year deal Bobby had to have known that this was coming yet to know who's going to be part of the transition Paul and Kevin and -- those guys were gonna be there for five years so I'd be shocked if he leaves yet the no this was right. He doesn't strike me never struck me -- kind of effect this person that would be. You were white I think he made that commitment he's gonna live up to that commitment. The other question I guess the the difficulty here the best asset is Rajon Rondo and as you said Bob we don't know what the trade market is -- the value would be but. Knowing that run as your best asset is that a guy you would build around going for orgy entertain. Trades for John Rondo in the office. I I I know I I gonna have to try to be consistent here because I went on record about a month ago that we're month into the post one -- Nothing about them like the cabinet and they were fortunate -- Bradley was playing great everything looked great. I'm not I'm really disappointed -- Bradley regression in the Bradley we'll play offensively and the playoffs. But he was better than -- and I don't know where -- -- -- I would have been so comfortable six weeks ago saying that one they'll go and we'll move on with this should not I don't wanna trust that he can be a leader I still. I don't I'll -- wary of him I don't believe video leadership qualities that they exceed I don't see them. I don't see it I I would I'd look at the time I hope people taking notes -- be wise I hope he comes back with a different kind of review. And and the more to I'm more about -- pound the ball view of war -- But he did find a way to calibrate the word is calibration guy that's what it is about what planet way to calibrate those. Special skills he has with the until those of the other four guys we know it. Green played better without -- noted that that Bradley pullout did although Bradley played what -- last year. We and I -- partnership. And gladly go back the playoff. Of bottom line though. I just. I don't trust Rondo quite frankly it got approved the -- he really is the leader I don't I don't like where this had gently -- that I just let him back basically upbeat personable. But I think he's got. People just. We don't look at what happened the Celtics and an inside city. You gotta have that kind of dominant player in the playoffs and I think his stock has in his -- never has been -- the rest of the league assuming that he you know it's as if he okay. -- -- on this yet MVP vote LeBron Carmelo Anthony. In the end okay I know oracle would that send and my my of course I would have put a little -- And I heard Gary explanation this morning and I respect Gary Gary they're very good about what me and I'm proud to have been working alongside him. Listen to and the Boston. And and I'm not and and I'm not gonna say it -- but we cannot be -- agree to disagree. -- that issue all MVPs guys you have the argument every sport. What is the meaning of the word valuable in the context we have here does it really needs indispensable. That it took this guy away from the team. Then where would they be if you believe that then okay I can see an argument for Carmelo Anthony. It's an argument for Chris Paul I. I can see an argument for for a lot of people. But if if you're at I believe that it's had its -- troublesome and also. Ridiculously out of relevant word double we're really talking about is outstanding best player then you and and I think that's what it really is and should be. Odd because valuable it's it's neat indispensable which means I'm not the GM that is probably -- to place is not my own. Of course I would have ordered the look what changed the best player or basketball get this accurate a year and and yet. People look at what I'd take that was valuable literally and I think that it's a dangerously stupid word that you should ignore. As always Bob great stuff we appreciate the time into the week. -- -- favorite spot Bryant joining us on the eighteenth the hotline at AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Of the ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T rethink possible your phone calls at 6177797983. -- problems we get to those in the Celtics and we're talking about these. Situations or potential theories that the what the Celtics gonna Google exports Stephen A Smith. Within the hour on ESPN has dropped a big one it terms a rumor he's hearing about the Celtics and -- in Paul Pierce and -- well here that with your phone calls next.

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