WEEI>On Demand>>At the request from our listeners, Lou mentions Arquimedez Pozo on Red Sox broadcast

At the request from our listeners, Lou mentions Arquimedez Pozo on Red Sox broadcast

May 6, 2013|

Last week the listeners of the Mut and Merloni Show asked Lou to mix in the name Arquimedez Pozo at some point during the Red Sox Rangers broadcast Saturday night. The former utility infielder obliged.

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-- -- Butler not a 37 WEEI your phone calls up until 2 o'clock with salt and -- 617. 7797937. ATP text like 37. 937. I'll admit. As you well -- took the microphone in Texas. I was gonna try to listen to some of the game after the Kentucky Derby but once golden soul. Finished second exactly manner box. We celebration times -- -- detail and missed -- commercial broadcast. Celebration. I missed the broadcast on Saturday night. So I know this there was a a pop originals poll question we put out Thursday. People to get involved with the broadcast since Saturday actually gave you -- interactive chance to be part of the Red Sox game. We give -- three choices for what old school Red Sox player. You want mic stand outs of the broadcast by Lou it was his -- cantor was Donnie Sadler. Was great Archimedes -- when you guys came through with over what 50% of the vote. You want -- immediate -- Archimedes pose no he mentioned by Lou on the broadcaster we do we have. The payoff to the -- For Saturday night. The teachers -- develop -- better here lately after a tough go of it did miss missed a lot of spring training and so maybe it's time you back a little. And he takes lonely inside ball for eight at Nixon through the course. -- the well known as road trip. He got -- the -- runs scored home run three RBIs home run in Toronto used my -- Inflections you know how -- the army take awhile. Here's a -- strike who's taking home away. 83 of whom make for the last loomed -- -- results. Don't look that before but you'll win that Pedro fight down in Tampa. Although Williams that's when the dog -- was -- to deal. Strike call over the inside the answer that Roberto Hernandez in the bottom hello miles -- it was chaos. The first leg doesn't AAA. And brought to me dispose of -- out you -- -- no results that came in the dugout picked up the baton. Reached that he hit me in the head with -- first because with a bad yeah. They can high bar for our. Truth takes the walk. Emerged to a minor -- -- -- -- So hot that it happened to -- yet. To felt terrible and got back in. You get hit he gets to get hit in the head. Effective at -- -- woke up and grab the banner of the Iraq what he was gonna go charged the mound from the dugout when he pulled the bad -- hit me in the side of it. -- -- Number Grand Slam me get in Minnesota beaten them. Of course the nice kid and speak much English -- here's a little -- filed by -- very strike one. Lead off man. Remember we had him on the headset for the post in -- so we thought. But they don't they -- all the clubhouse guy that said here's he may pose no one who told us about your Grand Slam and he said well this is a clubhouse guy doesn't speaking. Wish -- -- later interview. Always like what was lost in the whole proposal thing that was a great block by Stephen Drew good at that. I was lost in all -- there was a Bozo you nailed that thing. As opposed OPC paid off the bat -- listeners thank you but this big -- and stole the stole the conversation -- tell oppose a story to a and -- can you say you get hit by bad Joseph with a back. Say that when -- got its good. We need -- suggestions from our text messengers four today for tonight's race we go to see your -- -- with the got to be professional here people know is going to be listening to the Bruins but can prayer WEEI and it three point seven. Check it out mean -- stakes. Click buckles lot of eyes will be on the young man the local get to that you wanna do that Joseph you want people text in a couple ideas will kind of read the names of red. It texting me some suggestions in the anti tax on 379 threesome. I was -- for on the au prince.

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