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Pierce, KG, and Doc to the Clippers for Blake Griffin?

May 6, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the swirling rumor about Doc, Pierce and KG potentially going to the Clippers in exchange for Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan and Caron Butler.

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And a lot of rumblings with the good with the -- going on with them and how they might to keep CP three they may wanna do some things. And it's not an accident. AKG people been asked of him waive his no trade clause for the clippers wanted him they will on the -- ever -- and -- joining it's not beyond the realm of comprehension what I'm here -- them to consider consider. Moving up Blake Griffin package with the rob Bartlett Eric Bledsoe in favor of getting KG it's not beyond the realm of god comprehension that -- age could ask. Foot KG a poll appears to be a package deal and it's not beyond the realm of comprehension that Doc Rivers may end up leave. Think Boston all the opportunities even if it means the Los Angeles -- I'm not saying these things a definitive but the people that I've spoken to with NBA circles since Saturday has said this is the tall that is going around at the momentum of that shadow will be escalating in the days to come not weeks the good days to come so stick around who knows. What will happen right now. -- -- And we what is right KG Paul Pierce and doc for Griffin Bledsoe and Cromwell -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- here Hitler I love that help anyone on there but what the hell is going on there. Butler Griffin and Bledsoe. For KG Paul Pierce and then doctor would -- we'll enjoy it isn't that a -- A Celtic -- -- you know it's it's give up piercing KG who are contemplating retirement. For some good young talent. But say sign me up by the way much I don't want to lose -- me up. They got to figure all that wanna do a blood so you know he's got a year he got it under contract next year according hoops hype for two point six in a qualifying -- 37 the year after. Cromwell is that the following year his deal maturity million it's Blake Griffin who was the absolute money companies. He's in a good player athletic player some guys are on the in NBA would tell you. Living up to the height athletically and don't pay the -- maybe the basketball skills. Have not met the -- -- schism and he is owed a ton of money. Sixteen next year seventeen after that eighteen to 1516. And 2000001617. Is a player. -- trade him an issue you would you reestablished you'd put Garnett next Jordan. Which I don't what you're doing it at point guard long term I guess -- Chris Paul's freeagent. I don't what you do there. That just sounds like something that's what textiles. And say hey guys I heard this from my friend and we go and Stephen A Smith says that then tweets out I said what's being talked about scenarios that are contemplating can't rule out anything -- nothing he followed up via Twitter. -- would be a pretty. Big change in scenery -- The Celtics and clippers going forward ballot stuffed under way at -- did you tell me -- the clippers would do that mean you know. Expiring deal appears four more years to connect keep crisp ball it look in the core duo would bring these guys is gonna help you win. Doc Rivers nice though give your own. Age doesn't matter you coach. KG. Every year to -- possible retirement Paul -- Last year maybe in his deal Lester he plays maybe to. There's a sense 61777979837. AT&T decks on 37937. -- says Stephen wasteful trash. -- and usually that's a pretty good sources though it's like he's this guy that's got thrown out there. So I think the Celtics will look to do something like that when they move their older pieces. And get back guys to build around in terms of how it all fits together I don't know you you've always hammered this point about. You're getting assets Europe and getting these pieces this would do that he that they don't quite fit and give -- some talent I guess. Penalty for -- -- point. All right I still can't get over the Blake Griffin nice city they dangle while he said no no often what I thought that digital age with asks you -- on you about balloons Paul Pierce and KG. And as a result I could add doubles and doc when does is on the contract but I think Doc Rivers W bourses got a little bit not -- does he loves that he bought that but haven't -- working together he just top which he's got -- -- -- -- just complicates. Would Doc Rivers might not mind wouldn't mind going to the clippers to LA the CP three -- his two troops from Boston he's still got some of those pieces did you absolutely would -- prefer to keep a Blake Griffin but at the same time he got to give it up. To keep CP three who knows what the clippers will do its all out there right now is the concept is being talked about that's all -- -- be talked about a -- officer or. On Internet chat -- And MBA message sport flat out the Eagles yet sports I think of people he talked sounds like a message board trade doesn't well that does. But he says that in sixty days -- -- People just thrown ideas to Twitter and -- talk about social media I think it's little more legit than Nat but it might just be. Out to somebody just talk you know off off the radar just feeling today I haven't also but this could happen. Does this zone can be serious it just seems way out there in Texas says no war craze in the Pluto trade. And it's a brawl right before a Magic Johnson is that -- -- this is your -- -- -- -- and the possible. Betrayed all that money at all those players and get a couple pretty good on -- return. 61777979837. AT&T text like 37. 937 year old Bob so what do you do with the Celtics team John is in Medford a job. Why I want attack on even that he can knighthood when -- put -- and 11:35. This morning and that's very intriguing act in the back. That you -- -- you look back. And it would mean I don't wanna keep -- that I have probably if it means you're gonna get that. I do the deal I mean indeed be the ultimate upshot is that. Even at the -- is doing this deal is no guarantee. Look at that even -- said by the an act he said. That this would be important to try to get CP believed. To re sign with them for a long term deal. Now there's no guarantee debt CPP would at least I put them. So they could do this deal and CP because they still out on the outcome rocking and end up what they got to basically accredited and that. If this deal were to go to school. Could it be that big -- in the back so that helped us become the big -- -- and maybe in the end. The Celtics might end up with CPP is well. Johnny at the point of you know you would do it that a lot of people here would do that. Because they just look Canadiens sit there saying while. And this goes back to my thought even the trade deadline to meet the team's not going anywhere what how we don't described often sunset with -- everybody -- At least it's something in return to move forward and -- don't like the players that they're great players and why he can't match is guys cricket ball -- grid Nike camp two can you match it. Two years from now of all yours might be gone we'll KG might be gone at least you got some bodies. That you might be able to spin another type of deal. Biologists to meet people who wouldn't. Make their trade near Boston I you do it right now Buick is second in a dock is a guy you hate. The -- lose lose him but if he went to LA and followed Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to free yourself of those two older players and Pattinson mutants of talent to what you already have. You would do that -- Bledsoe -- hot they coexist would that -- the beginning of Rondo trade somewhere a -- Max talked about last night on. Sports Sunday. You know what eagle the -- it's not just piercing Garnett they're sort of the side but that next step of would you trade Rajon Rondo. Or something would would you move him. To start the rebuild. That's a tough one for me -- tech guys supremely talented. I he's obviously it's a mission teammates but I think those have been overblown. And if you trade Rondo had -- often knee injury where's that is there value there. Is some team gonna give you were John Rondo is really worth on the MBA market can coming off. Rip up his -- So I don't high E*Trade him a what you get back and returned Toronto ya in the back of my mind if it OK move ball appears in the moment from KG. Well the EU trade them or find a way to make it happen and you gonna come back make sure Rondo and Bradley and Jeff Green and Jared soldier may be. Jefferson depending on the salaries match. -- make -- easy -- that's a playoff team next year. That's that's why I say you know going to look at the way this team has gone to -- keep going with the one more shot one more shot it and it is and so did the deadline heard from one more shot -- -- No Rajon Rondo. We can still. Nobody can beat -- but the heat that was kind of what you heard active kind of joking then even joke here now. To the -- that same thought of -- but if Rondo was back. He all the people that said about it without Rondo will -- jump on and say but if Rondo is there they've nobody would have beaten them exit the heat. So they'll believe they with the same exact team. They can get there again. And I just that a -- for -- mean tuning in the win. Really mean and of the year you've had Rondo Salinger may be one around may be one too. -- and even compete -- the same building with the heat right now. And as opposed -- -- Bledsoe. To what you've acquired appoint carton there AZ is talent and has -- things Rondo nobody's serviceable apps and I've not seen a plays and make what does -- make John Rondo more tradable shore. To -- a body -- two point guards if you trade away NASA Bledsoe to get more for blood so to -- mall for Rondo. It's now they got to make a decision -- with Rajon Rondo here because he's victories -- this deal twelve and thirteen million the next two years -- gonna keep them to us two years then resigning or get a trade down. Rajon -- is going to be part of a rebuilding phase. Only the first two years of and then more than you forced to give them big big -- money more than just let -- block for nothing. So you know if you are taking huge steps backwards as a team. What he delivers on -- Play those last two years of his contract and a rebuilding team. Russia makes what you need to get well -- said -- was -- healthy right I mean it's very tough to trade in this offseason coming off a knee -- -- became Bakken proved he was healthy. At some point during the year or next year you could see in trading heavy -- He -- a pretty team friendly deal last time around looking at his contract. Mixed up but other maps of other contracts help there at that position what he gave. Probably looking at a monster deal in two years. Willis seldom give -- a great question -- in Connecticut on the Celtics like what he got. And I heard this particular -- this morning and eliminate a Quaker click on Boston back -- last half a season he's a mental he's mentally soft each physically tough. In the by the winning a dunk contest and jumping over the hood of a three foot car. What you need done. He is not true spectacular superstar that you trade got like alters secure Internet or -- don't care how high he can jump it to sell the students trade. They're toast they're absolutely. So what do you expect -- get -- on -- what do you expect to get four. Thirty something year old Paul Pierce thirty something year old Kevin Garnett two years in one year done respected on the deal what type of player Mike the -- is getting back to return. I don't expect him to try and trade either one group on being honest I think he'd tell Paul Pierce -- -- the move to the bent I think we saw this play off that -- I guess you can say that actually you know that the passing of the torch to Jeff green is you know basically official and you look forward list. You know your course for -- -- Booz -- might criticize being removed he may or may not have made for him to put out of court contending team. And bringing young how to rebuild Iraq the future -- jacks and time is nothing short of miraculous if you look at the four guys do we have moving forward now with Rondo. Bradley Jeff -- injured soldier. That's phenomenal. For him to do that while still being able to contending team or bring your packet you're -- and I think when you got earlier. I don't know the rumors are true. But there was some of up and acting in a hot -- the great Mike Gorman commented on somebody there at Oklahoma City would be considering and bring him back on the friendly deal which Kendrick Perkins you know -- you know wink -- quoted that he would do. You put him out there are five you'd bring -- alphabet -- skiers and that's why not one of the top you can eat again. -- -- like -- over in Iraq or I don't need to treat a total is there I got Mikey my salary cap couple points number one. Your -- for. But -- Jeff Green who we don't know he has it you know we don't know he has -- at the end of games -- John Rondo question marks David Bradley disappeared. And -- zones in a reason why you got him in the draft so soon was -- all found out 'cause he's got a bad back that your core -- move forward. -- absolutely say you wouldn't trade these guys for Paul Pierce -- Are you you talk a -- or would you trade Paul Pierce you know trading guys that has a legacy in what he's meant the organization you trading him what he is right now. -- you would never trade and seems that your your still cooked on the whole thing is Paul Pierce was a great players you know. All the great things is Celtic and that's why you would never trade him having a look at who is now get younger in return. -- -- if you're getting the younger you wanna get younger and better quick correction. Are you gonna do that -- an alternate Paris wearing NBA -- without you wanna trade pierce all are you wanna get you a better player. Blake Richard not a better player than either younger and better -- woods right now that it about a career era. You as the worst contract but he's a better player than Paul Pierce's rights and wants him to -- auto dealers offer their lawyer right now due to better younger player. How the other team do that. How would another team. Trade football powers give them a play it's ten years younger Belle of the ball player I heard a lot of these calls that Bradford. And mustard and Johnson -- that -- or -- self experience through that core four gets you excited read off again for it that way or four Rondo Ray Allen Paul Pierce KG. Five years ago the court file that you get excited if you amnesty amnesty Parker bring -- back -- his defeat to highlight of the Celtics to call for. Was those four Davis said 05 years ago that should get you excited. It was Rondo Avery Bradley Jeff Green Jared soldier champion that's your core -- that's a core former 78 seed. Magical awful good enough to make the post season and that's about it. I see the great Jack from Lyn Watson on the Celtics let him jump in the conversation 61777979837. AT&T -- one. 379371. O'clock -- mix and some baseball including did Lou. On the broadcast Saturday do it the listeners hold him -- to do which -- state that after 1 o'clock keep it here.

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