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LB: Game three is a "must win" for the Bruins

May 6, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Bruins game two loss to the Leafs and talks about the importance of Game 3 tonight in Toronto.

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Back out of Butler got a 37 WEEI Lyndon byers LB in the house when LB series. Love you guys brought to you by our friends abroad as smoke shop in Plymouth Pembroke Brockton where ham rain and and into on -- by LB's haired doctor. Doctor Robert letter changer lettuce. Change your life will change 100. Get there your calls a what you saw Saturday night. As any lingering concern the offensive breakdowns or -- -- lose. Case at pallor Sagan and not finishing with those fifteen shots -- first couple gain on seven. 77979837. AT&T -- -- 379837. I loved the show on important fight at the end of the game I love that it the end pissed off get into. Yeah that's that's sort of you know Z get a dime but not to knock the moderate I was screaming at the TV in the middle of a second for somebody did. Somebody out should happened earlier. Yeah it's not it's not the for the fourth rhinos have to do all right it's not it's not those guys already knows when he's gonna drop the gloves he knows when he has to have somebody takes a liberty on what I'm one of the top three lines. But those guys got to get engaged -- its exact same thing I scented too. He'll -- beliefs of the leafs don't. Turn this into a backyard brawl and which I did date they have yet they were more much more physical. Then in game Cuba the Bruins beat themselves I just. But you -- somebody on the top three lines is Garrett diving grab somebody and and slap around a little bit when they get -- when -- when they're that period. Then I think dead four really good score chances. There was going to be down low worsened to one out I think Grassley Toluca stretched stupid to do best laid out -- second got a. -- -- -- But I just -- it -- again a change -- momentum of the get momentum of the game. And yes I love what it would have been a -- -- -- game changer a little bit of a whole fair lawn today were there it's gone -- here by beliefs of somebody wanted to grab somebody and try. When asked about the enough you know piety because there's no hearing there will be no suspension and I think they got a right. I think it was different from the -- yet. When you watched a third -- they're going for the puck and he deliberately sticks his -- lot hits him in the face up that the enough put on by eight. Was she went with a shoulder. In my attic you know initial contact I thought was okay and it then the arm comes out -- -- -- it looks like a noble but that's after contact that's a fall proving yet I I didn't think it would suspend. You know what I'm I'm I'm I'm tired of trying to figure it out I saw us and it does the the officiating in the NHL so inconsistent. -- targets apparently for our area the guy stepped on -- stick and fell down. You know the if you Cartagena -- Rangers still. The Rangers defenseman dives. It -- -- it should throws stick out their trips ago I began the net no call. I'd say you know I mean he -- I -- watch so much targets everywhere you know ideally again. Also delivered the league game in a penalty to litigating call does watch a game as well it's all right Greg yeah they they did they would -- did a live -- -- on the stick out tomorrow will be asked why how what how. How can you not if it's it's apparently. Out of Soria it was -- it was an accident that I went off my stick it over the last -- The rules are the rock goes out over the glass up the -- -- -- in your own end up your static. It's a commitment to minimize and it's just crazy about it. You know what might it in my call as the brewers are gonna commodity and -- economic wealth is going to -- the body duke is not a problem. It's you know Seidenberg should be back with -- parents is back -- of that was the problem. Then now we better not. Have a defense to go down and get hurt. It's it's misty got it on the right all of -- that the for enough it. Mean that thing that I can't give Bayh is the fault shirt and a -- player now I'm trying to figure out to I had the liberty. To follow through like data fight aimed to the shoulder -- aim for the chest and knocked the ball throughout suspend all there was just that our reaction body reaction that's not the initial and I always say they must have Eric. All of that ahead of that always -- if that's the case then denied -- -- -- shouldn't be suspended. I you know mission -- you know. On the -- in other -- the ice caused all the damage it should be understood or -- dolls that they the rules. That the DN HL and have in place dictate that's for -- should have been in the box. That that's that's the rules that the rules dictate you know Ference is double one game I mean. If it -- out with a -- face and that end and anger and grabbing gets two games. Andrew Ference throws at an air and noble -- did doesn't doesn't even stop. Iger Bob ski at all. He got a pretty good yeah but I don't but I deeply address of the game yeah I mean examining how -- audio and I hit a -- guy that -- get a game that you know so that's if that. If that is apparently. Then the -- -- should be. You know five games and -- abductor in Detroit should be up from for five or more because -- he left his feet. I don't advantage you get either you want to the you know you -- here's what you guys don't protect themselves because they didn't think apparently you know because the guys won't do it. Now so sudden in -- and in in contrast. Dyke and I give whoever senator it was as the van riemsdyk whoever's playing a global. Lou knows global okay come across the middle Seidenberg could -- totally totally. Just. Taken to operate on the fourth totally. Dismantle them at the -- right and and then you think maybe and his caddies I stop. Every you know eyesight you know the I -- -- this guy -- somebody gets suspended. And they any NN you know he thinks he's an easier sell they did they think he's gonna give position. And so he's he's he's still got a because -- -- -- at that point and Johnny boy Jackie didn't really you know views of him or not that he was out of position. And as Friedrich Benz dreams die it pulls on out of -- out and and -- -- -- pretty incredible. Yeah I just to stick as far as that he went. And he goes the look in this report content and a fall through. The fall through. -- comes up afterwards but second -- what's the affiliated volatility due to -- liberty now for players to do -- they want to follow -- -- -- author -- -- why do you project I can take my hand and forearm you know get a guy and then -- -- of a -- not gonna get a hearing for this. To finish high every time that's not penalty right so now you -- him in the facility. But -- -- the essential point about a forearm came pretty close that up ahead carrier right I think that he hit him. With a shoulder move I thought it was Tokyo -- I was OK it was a high it was time. Was it is clear cut is Andrew Ference. Literally sticking his doubled and hit him in the -- what was not. It was not good yet now the fact that I didn't go down. And didn't react to ask you know obviously the jazz soda -- sat sellers out -- -- Null over Albright broken nose everything is done blood everywhere you know reaction. I atheistic if he hits the ice hard maybe get a penalty maybe Lucas venture to maybe get a penalty I guess I -- Augusta brace himself to. Makes -- confusion makes her confusion may strict enough I'm -- Blair you know why would ignited the why would not fall through on are on it tonight. And then and then you know you're gonna see the reviews you're gonna think you have that liberty they need unity -- whistled for two for for Al Gore aides insist. It's confusing and it sucks because it's playoff hockey in. And -- one yard -- political can be a difference had done it's just you know it's tough. Great way to get short on Twitter Adrian tweets justices guys we all agree need to establish a tough role earlier. A Tulsa was thwarted earlier and that gave up there at the end from sharp -- you -- wanted to break your call this a must win game -- the Bruins tonight. Money can't put out 21 in the series what do we see that is a Cali earlier will they try to do got to -- important did. They try to establish that early. In the game got a -- gotta have gotta have a guy out he got to be play Smart Smart physical. Incredibly physical hockey has to happen. -- happened tonight because there's 381. It in on their last twelve on the roads. It's -- there's you know it's in their head. That that's you know do you not -- -- united finishing out the season 500 you know they were planned for some at the end of the year we all talked about it. And you know you be a player to win and then now this is massive disaster be going down 31 design. It's crazy tough. They go to 21 with a loss tonight -- -- more another game here to Ronald on Wednesday. On the defensive parents go back the way the yacht that's certainly going to help. The yacht the third line question with a -- that -- earlier I just don't know if -- underwear we're gonna see. Consistent offense from him on that line with those now that -- I don't know if you're ever going to get a but I also don't think -- -- Is gonna put jar up enough firstly sold defensive minded it's always focus that I'm not sure he's gonna let. Jogger -- now salute salute great defense and I'll be a big body who -- -- again I'm not defending I just think I'm trying to think like Clark thinks and that's at first line's got to be physical they got to match that as a -- the first line in. Almost careful about defense. And he has offense and as much as jog would probably play better. Even if they lose tonight that they'll go tonight that you would go ya gonna first one that's. Adults tickets -- going to gain apply on that third line with a younger targets more speed at some point to make some moves around -- -- -- think like -- doesn't say what he ever gamble like that. That's manner modeled on the playoff manner must -- get checked out the fellas that backs against the wall and they always come through -- get a big advocates simply smarter -- Smarter -- you know close that gap between me back pressure. You know bad. There's a technical alliance these candidates second global goal. You got your boy chuck. Genesis and coaches still you know. Make sure you guys a greater role guys are gonna get demand in the game get their heads in the game know when they're guys. Coming gone you know you -- yet again ahead ahead this global -- you know those guys got to be on those guys -- so. It'd that I again they -- grows up there were cut off form. You know it's it's cliche but you know he. Tough chore when you know they played as bad as they have on the road. 6177797937. The phone number LB sang and out you mentioned him earlier. Phil -- get that first even strength goal in 24 games at. Against ever was and that's him. So that's that's one of those stats man unbelievable I hate the hate the static -- because that you continued his tenure here all we. You wonder is that has been in Toronto is that this is going to. Take the weight off Phil Kessel and that admission army and made clear in the race tomorrow I'll let you choosing when he's wanna play and go to for lines of -- That helped him in that game do you do you buy that this weekend at one goal and get your first even strength goal in 24 games -- the team. That'll also -- the switch and that lets you play free to play. Or offensive brand of hockey sure sure there any you know it's like -- it's like in any sport any big moment in the game or you know in a series. Can completely. Change everything. In. -- -- And is executed change -- guys that there'll fifteen it's a big hit the winning game -- is competent -- the next day. Weight of the World -- shoulders -- our first -- the garden first -- even strength that's our return home that's a street start of Phil Kessel has more golf that's what I do let me it's it's. -- at a beach -- -- Lisa decides impairment that building go out there and throw money that's class and am up against. Up against the Chara Seidenberg is we run out there -- what you confirmed to be big responsibility for that parent. And -- if you know do -- corporate area heard you know did you say he's clogging it you know dual -- coaching tonight to make sure that. Somebody comes off so that chart can be -- you -- your duty -- do you or do you say no I'm goal was -- Bergen. The whole time. Or you you know it's crazy I finally put -- body to be trying to get on and off the -- I watch on Saturday they detonated a -- the secrecy was -- -- on the -- -- -- -- our our coaches come up with a solution -- -- Jockey Club by the way -- that guy you know I mean. OC now buyers on the part of this is younger guys are Stanley Cup finals what -- I gonna. We we've seen as it turns that result of the Stanley Cup crumbled against. You know the great lines of the other team's going to be in a -- road rule here we go -- responsibility for the second pairing because it and that's techno eyelash shift so shift change so. They've been through this before. Yeah wily leader of what they're wily group and ought to get it done I -- that I do it's there series to win right. I thought it was -- mental mistakes more than anything last last game and and I think it's it's mentally you know I think you know you gotta bear down housing -- lose. In a fifty just two games up to fort. -- That's that's what that's -- thing I got a little brought this up for the show. I have a hard time placing much of the blame in these first two games on policy. I mean you talked about Greg -- Gregory Campbell. How wide open look inside defensively huge mental breakdown yeah Lucci Lucent can create opportunities for the Bruins offensively he's all all the -- I got to -- second period. Had a great break in -- or maybe the best finisher on this team. -- on March on private bucket and public second best. Sir you actually offending Jersey younger finish yarder he'll just say it if you get I think if you get out this is overall game has improved given credit for the work and grinding it -- certain. But at the same point here is what he has his finisher. -- then and there isn't any evidence climates you know his climbing it's gonna be accountable to you know I mean he gets Ernie EEE gets apart on that guy's got -- -- guy's gonna crash the net. You know you get the got to put the -- -- -- -- that number not even justice. And -- -- -- -- chuckled and Ambien just that I like counseling I like that a defense of Toronto where we're not saying I'm not seniors in Sagan played bad my I'm saying. If you took the top. Sagan player on every team and gave them fifteen you would you it's expect just more goals out of that -- yes quality shots out as a group. That that's exactly and we just put a case they don't just say he's not playing great but what you want from them what you expect what women need from what -- -- from the. And you know now -- plus one plus two that's what you need you need to David David great to deal in -- year top two lines it's not good enough to be even. In its second effort Thomas -- come back get his nose dirty play great defense. You know when you when you are -- the number one number two lines are all those guys all those guys all those guys got -- and -- -- gotta be a plus player. And then the only way those guys you know get there you know it -- just a garbage -- guy you know but he he's got you know I I think -- -- -- has appealed -- him credit for. By you know like martian you know -- got yet yet the opportunities gonna crash and it did edit. Did in there and talked a important. That's -- the more you do authority nobody is going to be -- and crashing the net yes a lot of these polls. These past does that and attacking the net and causing -- confront ministries got a couple of men so he's kidnapping done now it's time for -- to kind of get involved a little bit and game one was great game two was OK practice decried the -- sort of regular season game to. It was a non factor throw week we all group a texture is insisting onto grass being the issue. Plus you. Eight TT tech like 3793 days and we assessing real lot here and -- but if it. I got Dahlia do we all agree that this is not a Rask issue Dolly now when you -- -- some of those goals that he was point at which -- but the second goal from local maybe should go look at it again. You know all but there was a clear break in -- nobody slowed down at all in the puzzle. All by himself rules we have three guys in the ice at the time in one of them wasn't engaged at all in Russia -- Seoul -- on Joseph basically is why not do anything about it. And -- three and a clean tree onto him in the high slot and enough for now that's an automatic called in almost every. In any building can I say it's it to put the pairings together and it's great but the forwards. How many odd man rushes to Toronto have but again that's of talk about the speed -- neutral zone will be slow them down at all. There was enough it's about -- -- get that it defenseman in Austria until two long ones. Constantly almanac and that's. If that's that's Smart offensives. Chizik value that has to go down though the one on one battle. You know dead dead dead and Hyde -- whoever ends up -- and I slack I put no body so it's not an odd man rush. You know not not -- him by guy you know making him steal sidestepping a sidestep and isn't good enough -- And it just some besides steps if they're carrying speed and -- NN and it's confusion because. The defenseman just committed cede to you taking the body in you don't take the body immunity. -- He said I'm a genius and I break down -- lose your myself see -- concern -- wasn't a coach that's good question. I'm concerned because normally you are pretty positive guy called tonight a must win game in a 11 series game three on the road yes lost a couple of Saturday night. You like this a must win I think it estimates huge I don't I'd I'd most. If you face elimination to me that's the only time in mosques when -- rally but I still think about it what do you pick up you lost two games at home against Montreal I would say down 01. Game two at the garden going to much over to game two everybody -- said that's a must win you don't do nothing golden Montreal and come out even. I -- you lose tonight. You got to pull one back. It but I just give yeah at the way they've played I mean they've played worse on the road and they do it -- on the -- -- -- just glad we and we we you know so we we I said OK great I committing errors -- site to probably -- -- sweats. I'm mad genius I'm awesome I love my Bruins I'm homer to play that Dana -- we we have bleed on come -- I don't mind you can bust my balls all we were friends now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- David I -- I you know your appointment diamond. Hillary that is part of the end game -- excellent and you thought I -- you called for miles this is not let's let's this guy this is we stay mostly positive. Honestly I'm always abroad I win -- -- I. I am I believe the Bruins are going to be physical and they're gonna it's going to be like I'll call for two with -- empty netter at Sonoma McCall for the for the game tonight but. I I have I have concerns I I believe them. How -- tomorrow. They'd they didn't show up at all game one game two they showed up there a physical presence -- first secular line. Guys and I you know were were were -- up get it done and and because the brewers to -- -- the mistakes. And they -- they snuck out here with a win. Now you're you can't tell me that Randy Carlyle those guys are going to be -- even more physical tonight. And so might we don't you know my thought and what I believe is yes the Bruins will -- -- topic and win it. But -- just on -- -- created a formula. To knock off the Boston Bruins and I -- Picked to Toronto amid police because their top because they got water bugs up front. That day -- day with the confidence of beating the Boston Bruins in a playoff series will would give them enough confidence taken to a yes Stanley Cup final. Then you add everything and -- in the last ten years served it's gonna be crazy -- Toronto maple -- that's gonna be losing their -- you tell me what 4000 people stand outside watching on the big screen. Game one of the game one and two. You're the first another hole there first time -- nine Stanley Cup championship stuff you know on a beer choice open -- what do they drink at Labatt blue or camels -- Canadian blue. Blown pizza the pizza possibilities MIA I did get a what's it to eleven Gehrig's Leavitt fired up. Gary -- eleven was -- man's best buddy and -- he owns you on the blossomed pizza franchise. And that's where I wanted to junior hockey we see European daisy give -- free pizzas after we -- when Regina pats lose it for free -- -- free stuff. As a change from junior hockey right now this stuff out there you're good player -- guy back there. Halo like baseball high school baseball I mean I've been sliced come here -- -- stuck -- That's a big yet -- give you eight plus it -- didn't sleep -- class well. It was awesome. All day slide IKEA we actually. For my -- in Toronto unlikely love of the game I'd love and -- race extras like you know Toronto is if for people who don't know on users new York city of candidates throws. To a to an -- militants had a ball. Great greatest -- grace restaurant green is -- greatest of chemistry is yours at the greatest hockey fans and how small players don't forget exported all of. Don't forget when he between periods tonight you like it really excited that go to the radio side -- until it was called buckle up on top I'm so fired up I can't wait to break down what draws in a -- Let you know you don't in my head you vehicles to Raja get -- -- internally we have -- three flat screen so what I'll do us all watch the bees -- the sound down. You know -- and -- -- Lola that's tonight Noah and Al. The call to do that to you is a good at all like you aren't I thought we don't have monarch you don't have to -- with the and I know how it's going down keep it means is I love Jack. Breakdown buckle got a break get out of here we will talk to you soon -- Syria Golan -- and -- these who says a must win game tonight. Off for the Bruins 61777979837. The phone number can text this AT&T text line 3793. So at least are still play -- The Celtics season's over what does that mean -- next Bob Bryant next hour keep -- here.

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