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Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston on Buchholz spit ball drama

May 6, 2013|

Gordon Edes joined the program to discuss a lost weekend in Texas and Clay Buchholz's start tonight. Gordon said that while he does not know for sure if Clay was cheating that he has a long enough track record to earn his trust and get the benefit of the doubt.

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Espn.com. Our baseball guy Gordon needs with the Vasily victim -- and and water on his typing fingers. Joins us on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTT are you doctor about your keyboard -- I don't know if you read my patriot I did John yes I can I -- you -- that remark original I'm good on our orders put on the bottom of my computer -- Went up twenty words a minute -- my typing I I -- the results are gonna. -- told -- and I believe it gives you more movement on your prose is that we understand it absolutely right good. Yeah I need some of that to guru so where we're gonna buy this. You can find that most guys drugstores and -- and you can order it online. You don't care you're one of the guys let you know she obviously. I'm on my in my heart that he's already out of the press box -- like Q you're really quick wit here. Like -- always wondered what you see what I'm I'm the -- now you know what if you read deer -- rate to what substances you you can turn out like -- war and peace in twenty minutes. Yeah you know I actually thought about on your Hitler's regime is that the call but I figured it would confuse the issue -- Gordon I mean I it was amazing how quickly people around his circle the wagons around play book called beginning of course with the with Eric in Rem dog and and and be guys and it just the question. Offended them do you think it's fair to ask if if if -- is -- and saw that he's -- to be dark in the ball he's someone that he's been unhittable. The most part and those guys I picked up a front we're just asking the question what has he done differently. Well here's that here's -- thing that jumped on me. -- -- -- War as hard as nails guy you know he's never been you know I I'd go to guy for the media. And he's not the kind of guy who. Seeks attention towards. I mean to hurt I'd -- he would watch video after the game in Indy was introduced thrown its letter so I went to him and enough to operate in he would Perry what right. And I could even talk about it on your knees so well I don't know you know maybe not. So it wasn't until -- picked -- up in Toronto understood that we were gonna write about it that they not only committed. Are you talking about on the beat in the struggle video in August. You marquis jet's owner or pension and all. Why would one of the first things -- to. Was walked over to the other side of the yield twelve John Allen probably catches I mean I'm want these guys you know -- up -- was loading up -- here's why there aren't people are guys who you are trying to seek attention. And -- restraining. I know is that he's -- In over a hundred feet over and it's not been in close -- seventies and not one on the deal -- to anyone ever accuse him of doing so I mean there could be some gamesmanship involved here I -- going to be fascinating and I can see it on diet higher in opening. That you could drive a Mack truck -- general and I do all the umpires attention to a and all -- will he do that. It's a great question and we'll have him pop culture it's it's it's not that he's going to be fretting about it and doing a good. -- his -- RBB two I you know I mean it is -- -- to -- a there are going to be battery -- Well he says it won't be any different his routine will be the same I I think what will be fascinating about tonight. The -- in any way this doesn't get in his head and get him off his game mobile. And guys are gonna change. I know this sector saying it's hiding in the white old and it. Fortunate to be a little more Scotland and putting up on your left arm and going yeah you're left out. Aren't just about or every -- I mean. You're gonna even -- -- -- in pro later on every day they look at me. I -- colts would constantly going to do is let's -- let Ormond and and knowing that they're trying to you know we've in this era 880 considered in every move mean. Expose the public scrutiny. That would be pretty all pretty brazen to be cheating out in the open like. Gordon. Buchholz ERA it was 909. He'd given up. A number of home. Yes and dirty doing correct this season he's allowed one home run in 44 and two thirds inning and his ERA is 101. What is the difference is it as simple as John -- back. I think that. Contributing. There's no doubt I I would give one yet this credit here too but I think the record settlement is the fact. Of going to collapse fees and. Buchholz was -- common are orchestra are accurate and that it is constant the end of the 2011 season. I mean in his head certainly there was also some concern about whether he would hurt himself and I may have been -- it out. His delivery it is and it. I can you look at I certainly the second -- last week and really after mid may last year he pitched very well. Are so I don't think this is this as they -- overnight transformation I mean that. He certainly picking up the result of an eye out for all our -- street art we've only given up to. Who aren't there or you're in and gone in seven innings in each of those course expect you couldn't -- for more than that. I think that he is who seamer. It's sinking fastball and all that great movement on it and he could. Scott wore it Tuesday -- could throw a strike. Simon. And you do it -- I keep pitching with pretty competent and yes I -- being John Carol back to part of. Or do you concern about middle Brooks sort of long terminal -- is -- numbers are never -- he strikes a lot. Horrible slump right now I'm sure he'll be you know this -- can be OK to take him as a potential -- you look at these numbers. Is their reason for some pause here now he reevaluate him. Well I think of course. Any time the guard goes to such a alarm companies go relic. Laramie dignity your -- -- by gains in its currencies last year or getting hurt our. The question is legitimate agency gonna make. Necessary adjustments. Through these adjustments to pitchers have -- and -- them in until he does call. You -- -- You're right about some concern but I. On this joke that is there. I think -- he's gotten himself out more than any now during the opening really. Meaning it. Which shall they talk the other it will create an obvious problem -- for it because it's right or. There's ups and you know he's edited out he edited out you know pitchers are gonna take an I. I'd -- it too soon to. Eric page went on the -- I -- middle or are you in its gonna make an assessment mentally I think it's an option. Is it to sell out too soon to sound the alarm that a three game sweep in Texas -- three game losing streak six and four of their last ten maybe we're watching the Red Sox water seek its own level and that might be the mediocrity to 500 baseball team court. Job would -- -- EU three game sweep in practice -- You'll and you say thank god we're going home. He's got the Minnesota Twins are waiting or you know all of by the Toronto blue gave -- -- -- -- -- -- told -- that. -- -- -- will will preach against it who cases we get. Well let me make an issue. Obvious stuff. And I. You know the Texas Rangers playing through it all right now. The Red Sox obviously get out last in game three in total yesterday it was was. I could've gone either way I. Our old friend Adrian Beltre. It could damage again. -- he's one that you would see the -- I. No I don't know -- mr. I think they will be guys that -- regain access to the read option saying they have but really no fear and trepidation about Bailey's -- -- -- whistling past the graveyard with this from Gordon from our. Absolutely. Because you look at his -- Injury history -- -- that races -- on to -- lack. You know it -- if you know of course last it was a freak magnet on the entry of Puerto. You know he would or heart problems he's had elbow problems that -- too cold so far he's gotten hurt a lot. In his career so I -- I get a on the Red Sox -- -- elected in 88. A clean up all of a on this MRI today I'm -- -- -- -- -- It's important things where we were all wrong and it could be and be paid. And it should I'm I'm concerned on the right side and Gordon what. If Toronto makes an issue that they've Gibbons demand to look at his club look at his hat in the -- to what will. John Farrell then do. Well you know. I might I say it on the -- hitting well. -- -- -- -- -- There will be caught or the union can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- a mountain Pena -- the guy you need to make -- -- -- you just sit. It also amid I'm I'm guessing also might look at but -- his bat or something like that there. I'm tired -- -- sure I mean it means you can be wrap it up. I'm very neatly in a situation like. There that and I hadn't thought an interpreter when you make it cured that that would be a an appropriate response. And I'm not convinced I'd let you into his ready to do that. That's judging by the reaction. A big case. In the club option they have it in that broadcasters may. I was taking it didn't seem ready to go down that road will matter matters more at hand -- -- pitching tonight why wouldn't garden higher already at a game below 500 -- shot it may be get this guy off his game tonight rattling him a little bit making it less than super human. Yet it's -- great -- when wind quintet camps Worley who his own or with a seven point two to -- going my right. I could be made yet. Trying to get whatever IQ and I'm reading thing you don't do that is. You know it as one in in and cherry actually kind of embrace the issue you know once you are you an. Who threw another club they're gonna start doing that he would not all of a sudden. You're gonna get your -- check writer and bitter back and all that and you may wanna put on that. I know like we member Kenny Rogers in the in the 2002 World Series. When television clearly showed that aren't -- in the palm of his hand and in really good to catch up on Rogers channel. And he did. -- and and 'cause. Inner beauty and wonder I wonder if you present the page the World Series he didn't want a pitcher thrown out of a World Series game. That. I think you all so. You wanna get him Balkan it's mature or that what are. Required under response from -- -- -- -- he had something to hide as well he has ESPN dot com's Gordon -- scored by the time always a pleasure talking baseball with. Open -- -- need to Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TTE when we come back. Gary wash burn on basketball Boston Globe defend why he was the wind out of a 121 people not to vote for LeBron James as MVP.

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