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Are horse races actually exciting?

May 6, 2013|

After seeing the crazy reaction of Tom Brady this weekend at the Kentucky Derby the guys wondered if that is a normal reaction. A caller told the program that horse racing is the most exciting sport around.

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Some phone calls and on this Monday 6177797937. AT&T -- -- -- -- 379. 37. Let's talk to. -- And 1 a bill that morning -- this morning got a bit better defense Tom Brady. And how -- will spend all my wife and I and I will watch racing so I have not claimed to be knocked it on and I. I'm going to try and that was it looked like -- If you if you don't act like while Brady when you're operation again that we have that you can eat -- out -- to -- liking -- I. That's the way you chill when Hillary going on there's nothing I I'm telling you what though life won't let him. Nothing more exciting. Heating oil in this world. When you have hockey roaring down the stretch hit -- -- Thousand pound boxes and hundred pound drop in auto. Reporting about them our. Unbelievable when you -- standing Del Rio on the -- -- -- -- I'll let -- rip off. And I am telling you the MTV jockey got what it. Unbelievable excitement. Not saying it's more exciting and Mitchell are shrinkage actually -- -- -- -- -- what can I. He was so would you would you have a winner billion squeal like Tom did. It in. You don't know what to us. Abbott -- -- silver added in the race is over there it's more lighthearted you know I don't write 125 grand allegedly in the and he saw the owner's friend in the in the you know his leg. Right that would that much about the guy's got -- on the. Golden valley mutually by I don't know what it -- Elvis -- It's the excitement of picking a winner I -- what it -- but I didn't have the option to go element any -- -- into regional I had that are well as he had. Probably had tried track there and that the wagering and all of the other exotic -- -- -- -- -- -- not my just took all of the wind -- show like that was you know years ago. The most exciting diamonds would know rewrite it got not nowhere do you go about our -- -- I go to all want the hawks are totally. Then what -- -- And it is so are you relieved -- -- that every team into the trap you know to really hit the lip ring wearing a coordinator. So no one can literally on its threat if there's nothing more exciting I agree then fourteen or fifteen undersized folks getting on an animal. Whipping an animal that all around the track the sarcasm with them and finishes I mean it is right there -- seven of -- thing they -- two minutes is -- us a lot of money on it. He was probably good for him now. Our rank it only got 125. Geez you would think honest talk about the last caller who said when you're standing on the -- -- Belmont park your Suffolk downs your anywhere -- just watching horses come down the stretch. That's the most exciting -- our reported I would say no not for me just below intermission of an MLS game. I'm now and just go -- it is an exciting to have money on it Muir and people do go nuts to get the rate was excitable but a bracelet over he saw the owner and and and they hugged in this still hugging. It was like it was like a military you have on TV with a guy shows at a school surprises kidnapped gray you know like you and and and Bruschi Gibson and Bruce is -- -- like thanks -- And. -- some like security. Or. -- and nobody patch on his -- security get maybe he's assigned to them he jumps on the on the Hubble went and does the double. Like -- somebody from the highest it got a good pick for guys. The -- big in the jumps on top Bruschi Brady now. Hey you -- -- -- on Tom Brady -- you know. As quarterback in the NFL and took it on its head wanted to get close -- and it is already tell that because the horse and I went round the track. Aston hill want to money it is. It's great for the owners and all that stuff like that mean I understand don't do a lot of horse he's made a lot of money from self. Right Gibson of the -- to you know -- don't. Right yeah that's really make the dollar I don't I think he should bring about that she'd you know no horses ever went back and I think they're credible suspect that's strictly an incredible stats and that. A decade derbies and wrongfully and that was -- you know jinx -- he never -- back winners. Talked to a Georgian Waltham George what -- network. It has on them with well -- -- I he does -- in about an actor earlier about you thinking together and I think we're gonna keep things together not only get the gonna let her out kept them out. Al Jones is Al Jefferson on mr. and yes here it. -- the -- gonna have to. It under the have -- a lot. As a matter you have to be under the cap together -- -- firms -- pre teen -- get paid he's not. It was negative 8% of -- they have to go to get on. And we beat out one dollar under the you have to get Paul Pierce out of town probably -- account problem right 61777. On. And have some ups contracts to Jason Terry's going nowhere is that two more years Courtney -- is going nowhere where he's fifteen million I think the next three years there's a -- Rondo has two years left on his deal before a Jeff Green has three years left on his deal Brandon Bass has two years left them you'll Courtney -- have three years left them you'll every two years left in the deal. Bradley enters the -- Of a five year rookie contracts with a lot of the problem. W it really matters you know it's a bargain. That Melo makes one point three million next year. And got the global reform and the patent battle and economic goodness the road third Gary Washington voted for Melo. NBC. And you guys -- I thought it just as we -- it was that he voted for Carmel -- as if we've had voted for the fab Melo. Honest to god -- you watch the NBA every night. That you full time job that guy number seven for the the New York mixed you think is the most valuable player. Forget the fact LeBron James was clearly the most valuable player. You you decided that it wasn't LeBron was Carmelo let me if he'd said. -- -- haven't -- as a roommate or even been that. Chris Paul maybe you don't look at Carmelo Anthony. That. Black hole that ball hog we just saw saw. In in the six games against the -- 121 voters was the only one. How about Toyota doesn't mean you know let's not I what I applaud the guys that do that sometimes if they've been good argument his. Argument here if you read the -- difficulty -- defends it I give credit at least right now against. Isn't brought to win the MVP in the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My vote in mid April I had no idea I'd be the only voter to leave LeBron out of for that -- about an island right now the only show little little will exposed. It's that secondly this is the best player in the game award it's the most valuable player. I think what Anthony accomplished this season was worthy of my vote he led the knicks to their first division title in nineteen years well. LeBron -- The heat to the best record in the MBA twelve dollars and 42. Out of 44 -- want. Having an insanely. Good season there is no. Against. Against LeBron James made just look at the numbers other than the scoring title which -- one. What is better. Mean obviously to this or watch that Anthony makes -- teammate and he's well he's falling back on the on on the this isn't the best player in the game I think he's admitting that LeBron is the best player in the game but. Without LeBron. Miami Heat probably do okay that's not true there with their other cast of ours. Is what he's making the point that he led Carmelo lead an old Knick team to the number 2 -- eastern on what -- -- -- players OK let's put let's put the -- mix this year Carmelo and he even maybe if LeBron the -- they might inserting one. Yes 66 games of that terrible Cleveland -- -- -- made -- I was in the games where you are in the east. Yeah -- it and coming up -- you -- LeBron James. Played more minutes. He. Scored fewer points obviously he shot 57%. From the field a -- shot 45. Shot better on the freeze shot better from the free throw line he won many many more game where rebounds as a batter he rebounds better he plays better defense. -- Your response general -- well he's a nice guy I'm sure it's it's your eighty to eighty. He's a boat race as he's probably embarrassed by -- should be legal because that while there and I thank him especially after LeBron when I mean Carmelo -- for 28 last -- -- -- shooting woes continue it's disgraceful our new DNC for -- next Joseph Andrew -- we'll get to use 6177797983787. -- on the -- -- -- leafs hockey or -- Red Sox baseball mind.

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