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A lost weekend for Boston sports

May 6, 2013|

The guys opened the program discussing a disappointing weekend in Boston sports with all three teams in action unable to get a win. They turned their attention to tonight's game three in Toronto as the Leafs prepare to host their first playoff game in a decade.

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You know based on what was a hole -- lost. Sports we yen for Boston. -- a hard pressed to come up with what the second best highlight was of the weekend self. Were ousted the Bruins dug their so badly. The Red Sox were swept in Texas and in fact even if we put those around. Let's say the Celtics let's say the Bruins went up two games to none. Let's say the Red Sox swept the Texas Rangers. Number one pilot was none of those things it was just moments pregame appearance yeah prior to Bruins game which number two. It was hard to leave the area. I went out. Loss after that and yet thought like. I was going to be you know he's the ultimate rallying -- -- -- motivation and they would -- -- we did win like -- now than they beat it beat the -- police say nothing in the game -- -- -- thought that was was gonna happen -- didn't they do this before against buffalo in the first game back when they sang the National -- with -- -- -- not -- yeah yeah not lost to buffalo -- again you thought it would doesn't seem like -- in -- he get too -- you get too emotional -- -- you know one of the -- -- possible. Agassi baseball obviously has no effect at all Bay's all starts or even a basketball. Pot that's a -- help. Yeah when you have to a woman waving the flag when you -- let -- play around in the places just. Read you -- Victorino by the end of the first you canyon in the wrong. Played. Harder ball hard or -- Throughout the world even more physical. -- Team brought those who won the -- the and then and found. Innocent and it did it in the was there was very impressive. Maple -- and we have received you know we have a -- You report and what's incredible thing after game one I think we all thought five games you know maybe from a -- we went through games -- the conversation changes that's a facet that into the series and -- everything we thought it was right -- the Bruins does the same Bernstein saw the new season now that's gone out again. I think perhaps the most accurate -- daunting thing I heard was Randy Carlyle after the game said there was some doubt in our minds after game one tonight. We eliminated can -- -- compete with those guys will be attempting tonight in game three release are being. Drought field Toronto maple leaf fans outlook for the first time keep their team in the playoffs 2004 right. You know got their first don't give -- 2004 of that thing outside there arena may -- square one of the most -- you -- on the big board that never existed that this the first time that had a home playoff game. If the committee is some kind of tradition up there if -- ever done. There's going to be a massive crowd outside marina. And as well as inside I mean it's this new phenomenon we'll gather around and watch the game on the big screen it is obviously for game one and who they've never done it for a home game they don't play home playoff they don't play playoff games. Don't go to the playoffs don't do anything -- that the ultimate. Loser franchise for us of for it in a good marketing group like like you know these big the big compared to loss and the rates are right the Boston Red Sox won me much more than they will think of the city in general since the blue jays won. I have been terrible last twenty years -- yet elegant in the playoffs since they won the World Series 93 right bridges right to -- there's that he that he is a rappers have been. Often nonexistent among the are grownups are gonna. They're very good I've known. You wanna cup titles have they yet -- and you know that it. -- I think I -- acknowledge that the couple -- Ishmael was -- -- -- -- -- -- since then but in games one and -- here in Boston 3000 people gathered in that in that place outside of Air Canada -- this will be their first post season game since 2000 would have been waiting for 97. So is it will be gone franchise against will be able Jack and -- tonight a lot of the correct based on the fact that the -- allowed them to be beaten at their own game. They were -- by the Toronto maple -- 4435. It's one thing to be outscored losing game one of the case may be a flu here break their bad bounces off the with a case may be but they beat the Bruins at their own game. Yet there's this Kevin DuPont calls and heavy game had to do it. Bruins play heavy game and when you play try to match them and in the game you don't generally -- -- they -- -- heavy game much like the -- and he passes and it is going to me interest to me all they're there already bring in there and get ready for -- game already. By police are -- to grant them with the fans are already gathered outside may -- square. It's -- there are lots of will be gone franchises. Rarely do they have the passion for the game yeah that. And in -- under plated love on them and over some heated passion they root for the team the team loses. And then be prepared for the cubs right. The cubs fans. I'm just registering a good time writing the victory lap that. And energy. Much of the maple leaf fans do that I mean they love them. Aren't helping pick -- ride -- cubs do in you know. The portal companies right and they welcome Steve Simmons he's kind of missed the wrong. He can he can gauge the -- them but it's going to be wild that's been one of those wild. Canada Canadian within a -- he Canadian hockey crowds. That might actually have some going on here and I hate to say you know but I think this is it. It would give him for not normal game -- -- a pivotal game three and what happens to talk about instilling doubt. Game one -- it would say it was drilling out yet do Roemer as. Mine didn't drilled deep enough didn't drill and then Carlos and you know that we had doubts we don't anymore so that that the Dow. Out meters swings that doubt pendulum so we pivotal time if they win it that it may lose when again. Pivotal game three in that if the Bruins lose their trouble or the Maple -- was there trouble -- the Bruins lose her. -- there's the Bruins lose tonight they could still win the series having trying to lose tonight they can't -- called an injury. Well you gotta take one game at a time and hear it -- cliche in the and we got to turn the page on this one and you know -- team has been through a lot -- there we can certainly. I guess rebound from that and then we're gonna wind strong play -- former gimmickry and for once. A one game at a time yeah about that should play game four tonight right back a shell game three got a plan both anyway I like your coach says that just -- -- Who -- to get it to two games and I -- -- maybe three. -- if you can help your team like. He you know Spoelstra said that. In Milwaukee -- -- the walk yeah luck with that when we take a long series at midnight and three of the creative time. -- -- -- like your coach say we're gonna what are we need to give it 90% tonight we need to give every single player news again at nine cents a -- Chris Kelly grew up there he knows what's what to expect the mating game theory. Being from that area. There was a leaf fan growing up. It here thank you watch the games and they -- everywhere and it's from scanners you know. George CBC and targeting candidate on things they've got so. I know it's it's a big mediocre. You know that entire province. You know affiliates here. In the quest. Right if not for Jeff Pullman priority game number two. What would have been the second. Best highlight of the weekend the whole week and get a whole week the -- don't know -- -- and come -- was pretty amazing. And here I didn't pouring out of my years I didn't think. They were gonna win but I did that you revealed last sick and deal yeah and disappointed that the -- yet it -- it's a good word to fizzle and you didn't. You know put the pressure on. -- moral or who have brought any on any pressure on them to run a play to make a basket final you know. When he says that would have been. No symmetry to Google now chaos just chaos just came out of nowhere yet. That's the thing I mean just he's felt it was over. No sudden you've got a couple of baskets and all of a sudden couple more than also and you thought Avery Bradley couldn't get out of his own way is steel balls right and right and it and don't get it going to say. Avery you you don't look her there was this guy did you think when you were watching this unfold. That it was the knicks choking for the Celtics wresting control that basketball game away from I don't know little bit of -- I appeal it's the next Joseph usually you know that's so were there. If they just score. Occasional basket and they did it but it was when he overrun. Nearly enough don't -- just blow a gasket in there yes Tony to who won before it's a different -- And I think it was the next show and and I don't think I mean it the Celtics into in the straw ordinary human -- a sits on its pre Grotrian wrote every. From the trees were in that when he oh run. I mean -- I would him -- the boxer -- -- -- that crazy shot we've got you know they threw it -- -- right in front of the basket and he made it was the delay he would have. Right right. -- it was the next show in which. Kind of thought they would if you put the pressure on them and it was incredibly disappointing performance from the Celtics know they want on the little run and then it was just. Disappointing. Known at this hour and -- didn't quite finish the job in quite complete the comeback what the game was a microcosm of the series in both the series and the game the Celtics let them run out to a big lead and then they had to chip away. And they -- when the seriousness that we built with the game. I I will be interested to know we can start this today and back hurt some of it over the weekend with regular and some other B. I wanna know will there be anybody call the radio station -- -- that the Smart thing for Danny Ainge to do would be to -- here's what. One more shot at this core group. Will there be a logical. Symmetrical. -- and Danny to do would be what read did back in the day the data criticized. And stay too long to the dance with the old guys. Sure because red turned down. And could be in the red turned down. Chuck person for Larry Bird turned down that left shrimp. And -- -- persons for Kevin Cahill and he turned down the chance to get younger and get better you know and have a lot of chances. With these guys -- had a chance to the trading deadline back in February. The clippers trade him now they won't tell you that it really wasn't there to be had right but it seems to be based on all the reports -- all the talk and all the information out there. It was at least on the table whatever they wouldn't do this week -- whatever they wouldn't do to make the clippers happy I don't know. I don't think they're gonna get that kind of I don't try to treat these -- -- -- Garnett. Didn't sign -- right on -- -- I think I think you have that obstacles well ago -- -- says he's not malignancy. Plateau but they should use decision we'll open it is. So you still have that no trade clause and heard somebody might have been Craig and Larry not Daylon. And Brad oh and the guys Ray -- why did you give much a no trade had. -- -- You have who's not like you know -- said you don't care of a vibrant like have your own how about a no trade yeah. It was part of the deal Garnett wanted to go and negotiate before he got it. -- the time even if you don't want defenses we thought Garnett was. -- hanging out or even ten years yeah at least right at me it and it may have but hey he's a good player. He's a real good player at. Almost 37. I'll say this I island -- I would like trades and I like rebuilding in a trust any its normal for a we're we're making drastic blow for doctors won't and I know we know what that expression but -- -- for us. The team of Garnett pierce. -- album number of -- here -- else. Green. That's true war in our over if they do below is that -- going to be healthy June. It's a good question probably not now. And in June the -- to be mad and I'm Jane may but that team that I just -- is better than the one you'll see in our old yet it's a team -- four games under 500. But there is all we are critical injury and isn't the biggest upset at this particular year that either Kevin or Paul was that guy for years ago was Kevin Garnett lost to an injury three years ago was -- -- and Jeff Green after that where John Rundle this year. -- just a major upset. Neither hall KG went down for extended period time. We set this back in the middle of season at a certain point you're the spring. As the playoffs approach what are those two big -- those old guys for 35 was due to be 37 year old guy is going to go down you think they can go to another season. Talk -- pierce and Garnett. Not have some sort of major debilitating injury how is it ER YLIN one won't get -- I got I think. This was hurt. You know I mean that I. You heard that Robert Dickerson. At halftime whoever's in at halftime he didn't come out and here he was it treated. Or whatever the injury was and he certainly didn't have -- burst through an ounce. Your argument sideline it was Rondo soldier right this year that's you know that's the way in half and it's it's too bad you you can't. Rebuild on the fly you can make a deal I don't think Los Angeles Dodgers are gonna take care -- contracts that cinema -- them. It is like yours is on the value -- so I'm you know. Any reason to pick a team get you know not. I think your team and the Jerry just name with Bradley that's going to be team next year -- got going to be without you know with a run he could end any drafts well. Maybe better and as core group is going to be about I do I do. Because there's nothing we what's the deal I don't -- out -- that you're gonna get -- to accept a trade to just about anybody or anybody at all. The only way it seems sounds to me is if you can believe that we are retooling this whole deal you somehow treat all for something I don't know what. You trade off for some that and then -- says I don't wanna be here in about that a supply at a tea I was shocked last night watching. -- to Mexico with Felger. And -- said rivers. Garnett -- all gone. -- -- -- Even I mean listen he would know things why would -- on that deal while he sent a five year deal because he makes seven million a year to read. It was a good -- it's called giving yourself -- confident -- it -- -- is gonna Paul -- -- on -- doesn't wanna deal with right I did not get out I mean -- growth is up by the shock. I've done -- way I mean. From this deal it's a good deal he'd like to -- it likes -- tells every week -- a room. What you do is work with Danny -- -- with the owners in the whole crew and it but he also -- you heard that you. -- and ignored to -- he's he's he adores Kevin Garnett and it won the title and it changed everything is. River's board that was a good coach great Smart. And all that. But he became a champion and he will always be him you always have -- you'll always have a title because ago and because of -- and down. He loves those guys but he also knew when he signed a five year deal with it would be. Some throw -- maybe this moment was gonna half. We're right coaching young guys that he's struggled in the state of the 500 me maybe battle for the eighth spot and my guess is he probably thought that was coming to three years ago. Not not sick for seven years it was Missouri. And he answered the question why would you give Kevin Garnett. No trade contract. And no trade clause in his contract. Is because it gets you a championship in 2008. Get into the seventh game of the NBA finals in 2000 then get to the seventh game of the Eastern Conference finals against the Miami Heat -- this was -- -- this past us as an assistant at the last three years in a three year deal we just signed last year has been a threat yeah that's he had leverage gee you know I was -- -- Or -- me and he -- teams want to -- and he. They -- might. Be changed in wanna give whom I mean didn't want to give Ray Allen one to bring offered to give him one -- if you believe it to be true and I'm sure that it will try to -- this out as best he -- as will -- Of Paul Pierce is gone. It's not automatically make Kevin Garnett -- -- do something and not on the basketball team and if the answer to that is yes because the other answer -- probably not the -- -- Manhattan except Paul Pierce is the archer portion of the -- of Kevin Garnett and you know that to be true you go ahead and do it and just. Should you -- and just. Retool this and it is a great question. That we can have -- one year I mean one year in and too much money but you can have is for one more year. You have the option. He could you know I I think they're gonna bring -- -- man bring bacteria. The I mean. Max you should talk mess we should ask him the -- that the system punch yet we're talking to you all I I. Don't believe Doc Rivers is just gonna walk away -- away from the steamy likes of GM he likes he's known as he likes to seven million bucks a year. And do what TV for years or what we thought it recharges better Gundy might go to New Jersey in -- in the next to bring. I guess for a year to go coach tomorrow -- is no doubt in my mind if KG and Paul can back dot will be back. Yeah dark is so important to monitor talk of a -- Veterans free agents that knows uneasy. As we've seen it like Howard's avail together under the care of you go after freeagent if you are. Doc Rivers your job -- coach slash recruiter and always has been used -- recruit guys see when this was not a very healing place. It brought our rivers and and in the changed the culture he made it this nation. Players well and I mean that you did to our natural. Well he did that well that -- -- the first three or four years you do much after game six Kevin did not wanna talk a lot about the future based on the -- pain the moment here's what he did say about what will will not bring him back. We're reasons -- -- -- -- resort and those -- -- or. What obviously you know you wanna be in the situation was better. We'll make -- dormitories. Help -- team. Room from her position to where don't give us homeowners. And on demand a lot of myself. Almost fiscal year ago from the skill level. You know beyond -- Bellagio policy. Phone call them put into effect so. -- to some of the conversations -- right now. Usually do. Do know June 30 we'll have some more answers that's what they need to pick a contract. Out or buy him out by June 30. Up one will -- with a Kevin Garnett looked to be around here with or without all -- I don't think that wait that long. Than I mean that's. After the draft. Mean when you have to make a decision before that. On -- are -- able. And it's not he's gonna make of this decision well before that max's right -- -- is gonna walk away do TV. -- -- heir apparent. Anyone can result -- yeah. Just says some random I would think Emmys and a -- that was Lawrence Frank it's a bit you know Larry antibiotics available if the bridge is not. And if you think the the Celtics poked. Holes of all when would they have thrown out before and you know what -- probably -- -- he. All the can handle it may might ended five or six they -- they will take a it will take your physical hole on the on the heat. Vick get through this -- heat's toughest series I believe the whole playoffs 61777979837. -- seven Ronald stumbled join us at 8 o'clock to get the lay of the land up in Toronto. Gordon needs talking about the Red Sox in the Red Sox we in Texas it's a at a time or will everything be okay. When they get home against third and fourteen Minnesota starting tonight. Quick time out your phone calls next with PepsiCo.

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