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Sean Grande, Celtics Radio Network, talks with Butch Stearns about the Celtics future

May 5, 2013|

Grande brings his take on how the off-season will unfold in the wake of the Celtics’ first round exit. With all the focus on Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s future, Grande talks about the decision Doc Rivers will have to make about his future with the team.

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I welcome back to support Sunday night here on WEEI let's switch from. Ruins the Celtics let's switch from hockey to -- There are eight teams left playing in the NBA playoffs. Of course your Celtics are not among them. Tomorrow night Miami and Chicago will be game one in Miami of that series. The warriors in the spurs will be game one of that series in San Antonio today. What could have been for possible game sevens. Turned into none. We had been -- pacers in game one which the pacers one. And the founder and -- losing game one which the thunder one and so those theory teams. Again the Celtics are not among them insults are left. I know which corners to make tee times sent ask all the questions and part of the questions are about the future. Of the franchise in the future of three specific people Doc Rivers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce all the comments said after the game. And after their season ended the other night I found this one the most interesting the most intriguing this is Kevin Garnett. Talking about his relationship with Paul Pierce and talking about his future. We're we're reasons oil on the big resort and those phone or what obviously you know you -- been situation was better. Obama issued a mandatory -- between. Boom. From your position to where don't give us homeowners. And on demand a lot of myself. Almost fiscal year enough from the skill level. You know beyond small Bellagio policy. -- call them players sort of are so. But this is to some of the conversations -- right now. That's Kevin Garnett after the game there are a lot of people around the team that know what goes on with this team the players the staff family all this -- -- John grandy has done play by play for the -- for a long time. He's one of the best in the business he joins us on sports on and now Sean -- you my friend. But -- -- -- gonna ask me about you know more topics today and not being able to get to go ahead run and it. Does a lot to talk to economists aren't. You are doing Red Sox two games that's true but what -- shifted you know ready you know Kevin Garnett talk about mindset changing everything has. Worked out the question -- and move on. You're gonna learn I think most important we have learned by now anything that gets hit in the heat of the moment. Policy and ending loss. Have to be taken -- -- beyond agree is more than -- much salt -- -- got because for. Those three guys that you're talking about right now it's going to be a long process. Ahead and particularly for darker Kevin Garnett there's. Solitude is getting away from a you know Paul Pierce and -- much you know controller -- destiny. And the other -- do but nothing is gonna get excited you know immediately. Well when you say it is a long process let me ask you very specifically. Now how in the wind the wind being that there's a June 30 deadline of course. To deal with -- some respects -- -- how -- all three of them said they're gonna speak with each other -- gonna get a room. Are -- -- and have dinner one night not talk about their futures together because -- Piercing Garnett their futures sort of hinge on each other don't they yeah. You know I think that makes a better story than it does. The reality of situation -- mean to Paul Pierce issue was the one that -- I I think I don't think there is connected -- -- the people think that they do I think it Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett there could be a connection there and if the Celtics decide as -- logic in every indication would be it would open it was a lot of options with Paul Pierce's three options is a lot of but. It very difficult for me to envision. As cold as it -- Ideological decisions they reported seeing the public does not by Paul Pierce got the contract pro basketball and doesn't seem to make a lot of sense right now that said assuming that first domino -- all I think that Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett are two very separate. Things and Kevin Garnett decided because of that or mostly primarily because he didn't want to. Go through the process would ever take to get ready to play you go hiking of bullets. What it takes Kevin Garnett get ready to physical and play every night is really something that's what he can ask him now. Because now the worst possible time humbled by him at the game for me it's hard to envision him -- Kevin Garnett -- -- basketball in it and we know what can still play at a very. -- level and actually put them commit game typically vote for MVP so you know it was that. He was back in -- here but. I don't think. I you know if Doc Rivers -- to the situation in the third case. And -- McNamee backward and it is likely and Kevin Garnett is not coming back which I am not is willing to buy into it and people are right now. Then -- maybe Doc Rivers takes a long hard look at it and then but not I expect -- push comes to show. I think Kevin Garnett is back and I certainly think doctors back. I -- you just answered those three questions I was gonna ask you said did doc and KG are back. And European you don't think Paulus. Well there -- a lot of different circumstance who play here click here with. Does the popular situation does -- sixteen million dollars on the contract the public campaign spot and he can be bought out. Now where everybody kept saying it trade deadline was. While Paul Pierce has -- great -- it's a very attractive contractor teams. And I -- thing over and over you know wolf it's a very attractive contract from other teams why is it an attractive contract for the Celtics. And the answer is only because of the emotion. At the Memphis Grizzlies to pay him five million dollars to buy them out of the Minnesota Timberwolves to pay him five million dollars by not there's no emotional attachment. The data you need to do it that can be a difficult day. Pretty even if it is the right thing to do that says that you still -- Paul Pierce. Probably of course you could he would love that but logic will eventually come in here at CNET. Whatever money Paul Pierce worth on the open market and that the five million dollars and I don't think the public will be able to logically come close. -- what he could get. Well they will they want to come close Sean because now you're. I mean let's look at the Garnett deal thirty million over three years basically. He may play one more year and again and a pain and that money anyway but they they can afford do that would both guys over the next two years coming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think of the Paul -- contract becomes very valuable. Trading piece -- there are a lot of there are a lot of -- that that could fall here in the next little bit of time. You know the -- gonna contract is not. Is not a killer contracts for players that -- still you know perform an -- level you'd love to have -- locker room. He actually give you you know the minutes are coming down that's the issue Kevin Garnett has always gonna keep you quality it's the quantity. You know he kind went from being. Yes Doc Rivers department along runaway league playoff game Garnett played the big -- The only that. Very mild -- problem Kevin Garnett tire Wear his final two years in Minnesota. Seeking that missed the playoffs and they played they played in 4142. Minutes tonight. A team that you know we're lottery teams and those with a killer. You know I mean it's like Kevin Garnett so. He's gone down to about twenty to thirty minutes a game -- -- they'll play a lot more than that the playoffs and obviously that number will continue to go down but I don't think that's you know. Pretty valuable 25. Minutes a game. If even if -- a slight drop off at 37 from 36. He's still one of the top point 530 personally. Sean any thinking. I mean take us here around this team alive around -- a lot. We know that you know trader Danny's. Heartless in some ways and mean that is a compliment. We also know that he has great respect for. Pierce Garnett and doc what's he thinking in this whole situation is easy is it all or nothing. Is it time to move on -- speak or or can you bridge this transition. I think that the transition the answer to that was that transition has already been -- and this was the great illusion. Of the 20122013. Season seminal moment of course as a retriever he was talking about was the -- that Rondell went down nearly -- this season. Because that would that it would pull the curtain and -- said that day. Do an interview that night and the next day and it's up for a public that was to head and it won't be the last. I that the end result of the celtics' season. Did not change that everyone thought they were gonna miss playoff system -- not commit to -- out everyone's gonna cost him the chance to make one of the championship that it didn't because not a championship. Caliber team at construct that the Big Three Aaron that we liked caught in victory -- And god knows I'm as guilty as anybody. Given that this is the biggest loss of these women. New victory -- of the record and a victory -- and I do not jump on the bandwagon right away because he we received a special. It in the -- your mind. He ended on that floor. In game seven. And that's what that -- six this is -- one of whatever was next. But delusion was because on the matter at soldier got hurt and Barbosa got hurt and it took Jeff Green until midseason. Kevin Garnett Paul -- playoffs Jason Terry had to carry a big remote. And they were support to the post you passing of the torch here yet the guys that you -- -- -- -- court -- healthy enough. To -- so it looked like it was another -- Gears here and it turned out to -- but don't want to plant when you nine new players on your roster that's the turnover here at the cable car. Already turning and this is going to be looked at. Years later as you're one. Oh whatever next evenly still had. Pierce and Garnett out there. -- Funny you -- because. Nobody else did in the entire you know. I have an interesting job your team announcer. You tend not to. Be on the front line of these kind of questions kind of laid back there's always that -- dilemma. And as a player as a series is going on everyone's talking about pierce and Garnett pierce and Garnett. And the cut down to game five which is of course but you know in logic dictated game Bob is going to be the final game. -- you know obviously have a conversation with doctor every night and you know what it has the a lot of attention and people seem to enjoy it and finally I realized you know nobody had a stock nobody has asked what he's gonna do so I -- that well. Had something to do and I asked them. Before game 5% of looked like about pierce and Garnett. Do you know right now you're coming back assisting next and he said no. I don't know. On the diplomatic about it like I do most years 2011. With the exception. When and it is really have to staying out of lost the game five loss to Miami and did he would Doc Rivers that immediately afterward and stamped on the long deal. And I do believe that you know. There comes a point you don't realizes it's going on I think people are very much where the basketball mortality. Of Garnett and -- and how fragile. This -- what we were in the final days that the people were aware that appreciate you keeping pierce and Garnett out there together knowing that things like that come to an end. But there's gonna Telecom Doc Rivers and not coaching help. And that time you gotta think logic would dictate -- quoted at the end of the tenure with the Celtics and he is from the beginning and it's funny how it's about everybody. Radar well it's instinct Sean because he brought up this the other day can be talking about doc. -- forwards his first year you're correct -- talk about going on his tenth season. If I had said to you. And I was fortunate to be staying in on the field in Colorado in the Red Sox wanna know seventh -- said you from that moment on -- even in the next year. -- Terry Francona would be gone in the next two years. It's a no just no way Terry Francona is gonna be gone. Part of being a longer than that. Yeah and in this case it really is more about you know the Francona thing obviously history is going to. You know played and that we know now obviously the mistake that was made with Francona and howl. Circumstances how one bad month can really just create he put you put yourself in this present time I think I give an example. At the beginning of the period when all -- Jackson that was going on people I know what he Michael Jackson up when I threw the -- And the read and what to that's crazy my quote difficulty with a coach of the year candidate and by the way -- -- of the year candidate Peter -- -- got fired today and he about it from a top five years ago. But I had my equipment won't think you're crazy until wedeman. In -- in the third the next lose this series and Celtics. Suddenly at the colossal disappointment. And everything and it is two week period can change and that's sort of what happened with Francona. But I don't think in -- the skate more about the team going bad or having a bad strategy games like you did it started -- coast 71 people were chanting fired back. You know and nobody can he's big picture sometime. This is really about -- the city -- he's to meet. All the amount of time people are gonna spend on pierce and Garnett coming back. Is painful when he pulled Doc Rivers that to me is the most important piece. Going forward because obviously going to Kevin Garnett -- gonna become you know increasingly. Players that are not gonna make a difference. You know 23 years from now in winning and losing games Doc Rivers in the can be different a lot of players wanna come to Boston. So all that all of that said. Do we find out about doc before anybody else. A look at the British say yes to that based on just kind of looking at that calendar in the way it goes you know I think document -- it's happening earlier now. That it happened last couple years they wouldn't play until the middle of June. You know -- -- in seventeenth place. In also. The fact that you know made for me and that he's already -- -- -- government kind of more time to get it said the other. This is what I always say about dot yes they'll come with -- and not put in public anymore. Coming back to TV for awhile Portuguese got it back. Thanks coaching situation but. -- is was a very good player an all star in the eighties he is. Extremely popular guy with the media he was a very good he's. An extraordinary father as we've seen with everything you've been through but when it is all said and done. And the first line of you know the history Doc Rivers has written he is the coach. He had the basketball coach and -- to me he will do it. From very very long time when it got so -- not going to be one of the seven year old got coaching I would bet against. Yep but Sean not to -- do he's also one of these guys who's done it in other words taken a year off. Gone to the media and come back to coach and so. I truly respect your -- as you're around him and you know better than most and I agree with you that from a far I would think you know he's a coach that's what he does it's in his blood. But what I'm saying is there's a lot of guys who are a much show what is going to be like to -- -- Francona learned that in similar to doc he's back in the game. A year later so while I'm saying is docs already done that Jerry knows what it's like to take a year off so that. How do you think that factors into -- not taken now the are off now before it comes back again. I think at some point they'll happen I will again push them to show I don't believe that time now I know this about. Doc Rivers that much he -- coach I don't think and I know he is now wanna go through. You know rebuilding. Situation not to me I don't like it for rebuilding you know like term -- -- -- -- -- out on the got -- blow up -- but that doesn't love that -- -- how does it didn't work anymore -- At the reaction to the what the fell to two after twenty years ago because the work that way -- one. And the idea at worst get better and all the and it's it's about salary slots anymore and changing on the flight so it doesn't. It doesn't really work that way anymore but. You know I don't think docket no doubt that when -- go through a situation where. The team is going to be you know the team is going to be really bad things are gonna have no players that he feels he can win. This is not something you want to do. Well you know whatever people think about doc and he's had a great run here arm whatever he is gonna do. To me he's always been brutally honest he's candid. And he's as candid as any coach in this town that's for sure our knees I know in the heat of the moment as you said Sean you know rockets' red in the stuff but this was doc. After the game is candid is always about his future. -- can -- now movement among the contract. Bill. Loose we'll see him and obviously I just -- And he went on to say he's gonna take time. To go -- so he does he know does he not know what he wants to do yet. Yeah he doesn't hour now because just you go all in in this job in this life. You go all these are very long days and very long weeks and very long months and you have to get away from. I I believe that you know with Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers bowl committee that that is the connection to me that the popular thing. I don't think it completely just seems to. Like that's the direction that's almost irreversible but contractors to four years ago or three years ago here with the option for the fourth year having you know putting an appellate. To me. Soccer and Kevin Garnett sort of connect and like I can't it it's hard for me to see. You know when it comes back the other not coming back and I just don't think that this week and that is where this week. Friday night the question Doc Rivers opinion if you -- to dance servers and Kevin Garnett opinion if you force an answer -- that surprised me a lot different -- a lot different. Two weeks four weeks six weeks from now. -- -- Couple last things -- -- to go what woods did anything come with doc is Danny I mean let's face it did he's -- to be. He's got to be cold in this he's got to think what's best for the team but it is it a point where you know stocks says he wants to come back he's back and Danny aren't. -- out so. Absolutely I mean that doctor look at them home and it's a very unique you know we look around you take things for granted. In sports that are going well you know when when they Kevin Garnett got here and suddenly up quarterback an entire defense. -- truly can appreciate greatness of one of the greatest players in NBA history would get in the defense event. When you look around the league in every sport and he's the the -- coaches in general managers that. Don't get along don't communicate well -- talk to each other through the media and that's this functional a lot dysfunctional situations other. And Danny and -- you know I don't always agree on everything but their relationship as one of trust and it's it's not the second dot if you can't have Doc Rivers have been -- -- that Doc Rivers like -- coaching I don't know. A final question is the pierce thing he set off the top that. You know you don't think he's gonna be back but if you're wrong and if he is back which I'm sure is a possibility. How does it happen how is Paul Pierce back. But it happens. With him maybe taking a smaller deal. If after a -- it happen. There you'd you'd make a decision you could decide that he -- sixteen million for one more here. A minute captain and you know he potentially -- you -- dangling at the trade deadline again and expiring contract. That's why I'm not -- globally if I haven't been clear let me -- I'll be disappointed as anybody pulpit doesn't get to be one of those guys like Colby and Arkin who knows what it was posted yet. You know he it would be in this stage extraordinary have a guy played his entire. Career with one team. We know that number's -- the raptors we know if it doesn't work out and do that -- thing and come back and when -- contract. Is up and his career in the Celtic. It is still the situation where Paul is not ready to retire and you have boxed yourself then it was a it was a -- deal of the time but now. And in this fairly ethnic and French is gonna make a very difficult for any. -- block then as to whether to to pat them on you or cat for sixteen million. We're not and may be the only way it happens it. Period there are no better circumstances -- there there are up there isn't a better free agent direction to go there isn't a better trade the may. And you decide just not to. -- I just don't. Logically maybe the part that fatalistic -- -- so to be so disappointing to not of that data com by saying it's going to come over and over and -- -- rejecting it from happening. But to me a lot there's no other logical way. Cold been this way for the public to go then to buy -- not a deal. -- -- play by play of the Celtics and also -- when your first Red Sox came shall. We're looking at the may twentieth I believe enough in Chicago's starting. Monday night after next week and I think they're up on the hill on the thirteenth and may twentieth and Chicago and it's that's a pretty exciting or -- providing Tom rider to being a pre and post game. Host now with regard to recover enough. On that and it's. You know you know which we've been around a longtime work get along comes the this is the this is the Shakespeare of play by play opportunities to do based on the -- one thing to do Red Sox games on the radio this is a the bar is it is pretty -- that the pretty important thing in my in my world. I'm looking forward to a can I know and I know what you mean by that is a New England there and that's. It's a really cool thing NBC may twentieth today's may fifth so bulls and heat will probably be in game three by then right. Keep talking -- -- And exactly figured out didn't really anticipate. Well the the Blackhawks in the polls and and Rihanna comment never yeah. Only got to be talking about bull pens and and starting rotations you got to focus on its I do -- -- have a great night thanks for joining us Margaret -- John grandy -- but I played WEEI. Talking about the celtics' future this is sports Sunday night on WEEI your calls and more our next.

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