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DJ Bean, WEEI.com, joins Butch Stearns to preview Game 3 of Bruins-Leafs

May 5, 2013|

DJ and Butch discuss what the Bruins need to do to take the next game in Toronto. They also look at the atmosphere that the Bruins will face in the Maple Leafs’ first home playoff game since before the previous lockout.

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Quarterback sports Sunday night here on WER thanks to Derek Sanderson for joining us here on 93 point seven. -- your phone calls are welcome in just a little bit at six on 77797. 937 -- grandy and Jonas in the next hour talk about the future of the Celtics. But let's talk about the future of the Bruins right now it starts and it. Continues in Toronto. Tonight tomorrow night though is game three game four is Wednesday nights -- two games in Toronto. In what is now a five game series with the upstart Maple Leafs. With home ice advantage and we go to Toronto right now or are. TJ -- of WEEI dot com is LO DJ area. I'm doing well so let's get some nuts and bolts stuff out of the way while the Canadians trail Ottawa five to one it's turning into a wrestling match and boxing it. That one -- things going crazy right now. Or two on May be a toy even the -- in the it's a metal but for Bruins spent a good -- I guess because. Indicated it crossed here but. So the Bruins tomorrow we'll have skate right -- what time you know. 1130 they'll go after the police police would go at 1030 in the different outlook there. So you'll be tweeting out feverishly at the skate him when they take the ice -- the same thing in your opinion happen that happened today in other words will they show. The same lines that they showed in game two and they're normal defensive pairings like they showed in today's game with parents -- out there. Yeah I think they'll go back to normal section it'll be tougher to tell. Tomorrow because in morning skate they'd be Wear all black and white jerseys whereas in practice their color coded so. It could be your Poland. The -- -- will appeal the until. Lying -- drove I guess but yeah I would imagine that with the with the return of Andrew -- there'll be yet. But that bit of a return of things going back to normal or at least put Hayward gave one. Where you'll have. -- with -- chuck and the Renton Quaid Perry at the bottom and most importantly you have you know -- and Seidenberg back together because. Last night when you look at where things went wrong for the Bruins it was definitely on the on the defensive side of things though. Having to return to they're intended -- will oh go along way. It's easy to second guess in hindsight but to use in baseball analogy if David Ortiz can't play because of one game suspension or he's out for whatever reason. He stick in another DH. Right there may be some domino effect but should you move Mike Napoli did the cleanup hitter. You don't take a drug like you don't you don't move the 345. And six hitters I feel like. If there is that analogy works that there were too many other moves. That the Bruins did why couldn't they just keep Seidenberg with. Chara might be naive about this and why couldn't they put Hamilton wins McQuay who we read today not enough confidence in Hamilton. You're you're halfway right butch and and at least with the Hamilton -- you were betting on which is they did have to make. Quote Julian did end up making. Several move. By making one move in now wasn't by. Isn't that what you just did that he chose to break up than it does you know character in the sudden prepared. If that by putting Doug Hamilton and you have to be -- now adding a right shot defenseman in place left shot defenseman but it occurrences. So would then you have to take the left shot Batman who's playing on the right side which is Dennis Seidenberg that you -- -- -- -- playing on the right side when it with Chara. They moved him back left side and pick them up that area. And then you get that domino effect you were talking about and look. The Bruins didn't lose that game because the Doug Hamilton. But I mean if you put it Eric Johnson are not Archos ski instead of him. And I know Matt -- he is and on the team right now but Julian was talking about putting that yesterday so certainly they were at least considering. Or maybe they won't throw people off betrayal but they were released considering. Calling him up. So if you put in a left shot and in that case you don't have to break up there aren't in the Seidenberg. And then you never have Phil -- out there against. Seidenberg boy -- Perry. Which is where you scored -- breakaway goal in Denny Dennis Seidenberg was on the -- for all three of right. -- Toronto even strength goal so you could certainly say that while it is a budget deal and all that the prune glut that gave. The trickle down effect to the Andrew -- The budget and to depth and the -- of law. Well continuing the domino effect as you wrote in your article on WB -- dot com. Post game article about game two you know when Chara was in the penalty box now he really got a domino effect right does that affect you -- -- redden. With all due respect I love the -- and story I think -- has been an impact player. Actually for at the end of the season in these first two games in the playoffs but when he got read them Quaid as defensive pairing on pop a shorthanded situation. They took advantage the Toronto took advantage of that. Oh absolutely yeah and that's where that you -- the goal scorer and you look at the replay used the who pull had to deal with the front of the net and if you're thinking about Perry get out there and -- you know -- of the -- an undercurrent. In the press box so there's two -- your penalty killers right there and if we keep using the term domino effect but after that the pairing you never -- on the power play. If if the date of our hour and a -- is available there though. Definitely I mean cordially and after the game look we did lose the game because we didn't have parents. And you know like he he kind of dead end because. Thirds not being -- led to so many things that. Did that worked in the in the least favored. Yeah you wrote debt in your article I mean code says. Quote you miss a veteran like -- but I think it's certainly not the reason we lost I think we weren't as good a team that had nothing to do with -- And I thought Illini after that is great there's a difference between -- -- absence being the reason they lost and the loss having nothing to do with parents part of a panel. Right if he -- I mean if if Chara Seidenberg -- together that you probably the other Phil -- performance. Like you saw in in game one I was a debate with Mike talk on that and a couple nights ago and I used I used the staff that believed -- not -- cut -- she played in game one but you wouldn't know it based on. On the line he would no shots on goal of third period it was at one shot on goal we gave up -- -- point. And he was very quiet I don't think it's because -- couple chose not to show up I think it's because he's dominated by that top hearings though when you break them up. Suddenly it. You have all the odd man rush is that at least I had. It in game two which would mean they had two odd man rushes. In the first period alone and then council Odyssey scored on that breakaway in the third period so. It's at this in this state that which are inside burger together. The Bruins are obsolete lot include defensively because obviously you've seen throughout the regular season here that is in the Perry that you often the in the regular these are left are playing a team like Pittsburgh where they really do wanna try to shut down one particular line -- one particular player. But. That the pairings were generally unfamiliar I know that everyone on the Bruins. Defense played together at some point during the game because they they mix and match so much but Johnny boy check in Dennis Seidenberg hasn't been. A tried and true. Second pairing for them and they certainly weren't last night boy -- obviously had a goal and it is the kind of funny to think that. This is the Johnny boy chuck now many goals in the series is -- -- and Jean van riemsdyk. But they mean that that pairing obviously didn't work in. It's been a committee defensive issues. Argued used to this idea just -- -- -- to the top of the hour. I'm what Stearns as a sports on the united WEEI will take a couple of calls -- DJ if you'd like to chime -- it's 6177797937. If you wanna just text in a question I'll -- DJ to question a 37937. On the AT&T. -- are indeed you'll be with us -- top of the -- I don't -- make this all about the defense apparent because -- it's what we do in Boston. Mean it's how much we care about. Well it is an event in the other thing that then I got thinking about drive and here tonight was you know a fight if I said you there on Sunday night. There was going to be some issue. What was gonna be the issue I mean the story lines coming in these series it would have been ten to can handle it in the playoffs. Will the Bruins score some goals will they be able to flip the switch in all the things we were talking about. But then all this is what playoff hockey playoff series are all about Wilhelm who Ference was gonna get. I suspended for a game and then that this would be a story line about colleague -- was this. All during the year -- all know that that just goes to show you how one small thing kin can change so much. I remember before the suspension was handed down prepared. I was talked with a couple of writers -- -- but what a big deal would be it hurt you know you'd think. It's one guy -- affair and the kind of wrote about that where the -- the people were voting for the seventh player award on net and dot com. Certainly would think that Doug Hilton would be an upgrade Harvard interference. When you get into the specifics of it in. In the left in the right shots and everything. I mean that lead to what you -- at the last night the good thing is certainly for the Bruins. That it was just the one game suspension because if they -- to take that -- -- put that though there. Tomorrow night. In. In Toronto. Where at least a -- last line change. Then you're talking about a problem still don't see this as some of the series the will be overly challenging. For the maple -- they were better last night that I expected them to be. But I mean on the whole what they'll look at police in the but I -- people couple really good score but -- a lot of good -- a lot a lot of star power. Up front especially with some of the names you mentioned those are guys like -- -- thank -- talk removal. But on defense you don't see much in in that I mean for guys that meet 39 they've last night she came driver did not. But look look strong in all you'll put the battery down. Not at the end of the game especially. Right in that in the Bruins just didn't the bruises didn't get to themselves. I mean the issues that we're expecting definitely didn't involve the defense but some of the other issues I mean I was saying before that when you -- defense that. Here we are focusing on the one wrong thing but as I headed in the not so pretty silly because. This certainly more than one issue thus far you look at the depth on offense right now that the team that won it would cut. Because it had guys like Chris Kelly and Michael Ryder showing up in playing huge games that would recover the dead that third line. That halfway through that period against Montreal took over and they're wearing -- some games. Right now in the in game one what you had the the first drama played very well even though it and score they had a couple. Of close calls. The creche -- has been playing very well the below once and playing very well you haven't seen anything from that third mine younger younger especially dealing with. The flu late in the season and clearly not an odd percent he tried to come back but so. The issues that I would worry about for the Bruins would be offensively because I think the return of parents kind of shored up all those issues that you saw last night. So let's talk about their -- to -- gonna DJ being of WEEI dot com you can find all his Bruins coverage on WEEI dot com DJ -- in Toronto. Again it is a five game series now with Toronto. Team that hasn't been in the playoffs in ten years -- about that building's going to be like on Monday night with home ice advantage in a five game series now. Money money -- is gonna be madness. Coming into that field. Oh it's it's it's gonna be crazy and I wrote about it today. The Bruins. I mean obviously based on the circumstance than Boston. Have dealt especially this group of Bruins like the guys that have been here the last three years or so. They've dealt with every -- that scenario lower atmosphere you can deal with. They played in front of crazy Vancouver crowd that bled out and let their city on fire after after the game. With a deadly couple line to play in front of that. They've played. In front of a packed belt -- -- of which is just that mean in plain doesn't begin to describe that atmosphere. And I mean. They've played in probably the most difficult situation anyone could play it which is. Two days after a terrorist attack on their own city. I mean everyone in the head in that building had goose bumps you know -- have the already record out of poll nationally and think they have. Mean every. Single type of atmosphere you could imagine. And this -- not obviously compared to about when -- game after the marathon bombing. This is going to be one of those just in being allowed to raise the. DJ you bring up some great points in your article about what year cancer is going to be like in the first of all folks let's remember. What the leafs are. To Toronto anybody who's covered sports in any place around this country. If you go to Alabama football if you go to the Packers in Green -- the cowboys in Dallas if you go to. Up whatever that did did this mean that the Maple Leafs in Toronto. Mean more to that city than almost any other team in any other city correct yes okay so now you add in the fact that as you point on your article they opened this building. In 1999 and they were in the playoffs for six straight years. In a playoff sits in this building. Yeah I mean. That is Mike thought that a great the other day said -- the first time beliefs have been in the playoffs in the the games have been televised and I definitions. And the or hockey world that the people -- -- and and and put. I mean this is a -- talk a boat waiting for it. This is that the city I was talking -- until that don't mean it in Boston earlier in the day he was just talking a boat. Trying to watch a Red Sox game in Toronto during the playoffs a couple of years ago when the -- police cars even ended and they wouldn't turn up any of the hockey game and that's how much talking means for the city. I mean these guys they're gonna absolutely heated up though. I know that. -- -- with me longer teach. Who said that he expected to be crazier than it's been at that the belt that are allowed few years in Montreal and those have been some crazy -- While you got a lot of guys on this Bruins team that can understand the perspective not only because they -- open candid about Bergeron. Lucci each. Even yarder because he's playing -- the the league for so long I wanna go back to their Stanley Cup run. And on this night in other words after game two of their first round series let's remember that day I said this earlier. They lost games one and -- to the Canadians at home in Boston. They then went to Montreal for game three so getting ready to play the Canadians in the form they came out and scored three minutes into the game. They scored another goal creature and Orton got goals in the first period if you remember they they talk to the Canadians right away they're gonna have to have that seem. Effort hopefully same result. And didn't really have to come out and stem this tide right away. Yeah I mean that the that the that the great comparison you make their because I mean as far as. Look the belt that are a couple of years ago with their team up. Against the Canadian direct against their rivals. Ready to upset them. With the two nothing lead in this theory that place was absolutely crazy. And the Canadians were feeling very -- about themselves and right now the -- we feel pretty good about themselves and their fans should be. Should be really into it I mean. To have gotten. They didn't just get a win against the Bruins they got a rather convincingly and indeed to be showed that they -- they -- kind of hate with the Bruins -- coming into the series. As it's critical of as I've been of the bruins' late in the season is much is it ended inconsistent. And they've been that you're still on paper would put a bit of a lay up for them so right now the Bruins. Find themselves -- it probably different scenario than they probably would've expected where. -- police -- that home by their advantage of Randy Carlyle is clutter with -- matching as far as. Getting a lot like change and I mean the police could come out of this though the upper hand. Astute question about their lack of offense TJ keep for a couple more minutes. Come to me -- in my assessment tells you agree with this. I think -- senators all in all on the two games have played pretty well I think -- he's playing at a high level. I think Bergeron is as steady as you can get in professional sports and has been. In the first two games if that is the case if you agree with me then why have so many of their Winger struggle I know Sagan had. You know scoring chances for the ages and didn't convert a lot of -- game to -- Sanders imported that are also but -- continues. And not be the force of always had his moments -- that goal. In game or are in front of the net with game to come -- and yarder is 41 years old and claim with two guys he hasn't played with that I'm waiting to see what -- eleven a power play but they're not getting any power plays that's another whole story. The white marsh on why is Lucic what why those guys struggle if you agree with me at the centers are playing so well. No I mean I agree with actually in March on the guy that I put to that kind of the biggest question mark because -- -- And that he's he's not having good seat and I mean we you can chalk this W don't want -- it up this early is as a terrible in the formula to teach. We can certainly -- result in the post season but when you see me on the teach. Nodded as best right now what you can't be surprised because the other does that. This whole season you wonder maybe he -- up maybe is it may be the conditioning which was noted throughout the season in Europe for. Right after the lockout. Is it you -- -- good shape is he could be march on the guy you let your team goal -- mean this guy was put your best Buffett the players throughout the season. And for him to not make his presence felt yet is -- an issue with younger. I think you pointed that fact probably that he's not he's still not that is that after. After missing the last couple games this season. With the flu bears so I mean there's three guys right there at -- -- that you pointed to would be even even taking could play better. Think it was good -- it was a good game to. Owe a lot more physical mean. When he has uses body in front of the net good things have happened so if he can get -- do that that you did on Johnny boy kept -- that -- earlier in the season. On one of Marchand goal in the in that game against one there was yeah I was buffalo. In January. As the as the senators make it stick to one then. That line which is one line that you expected. The F content that they come without Bergeron Marchand -- Then that life can lead your team and remember that's also a lot that a lot of deep at the responsibilities so even if they're not scoring you can't write off the job that the -- around doing. I -- let's finish up with three quick question for you DJ against DJ -- confinement WEEI dot com he's in Toronto. Game three of this series tomorrow night's series tied up. At a game apiece the three questions going to be yarder. Rask and -- so as far as jogger I mean it's. If we go back to the trade deadline talk in the again one thing that all happened and ended up with yarder as a fallback plan. They expect something out of him in the playoffs is it just going to be on the power play or can Kelly in Beverly I guess two questions one will it be Kelly -- in yarder. Did go forward and number two deep what do you expect from younger. My expectation from the jogger is that he will actually get it going and I know that a lot of people that. A lot of people are kind of dog include -- for where he's putting jogger in the lineup but where else sees both the Clinton. Let's that I said to what -- gonna put among the first on and take Lucic off for a second -- and Jay marsh on off. Well you'd have to you'd have to take Nathan Horton off that first -- here to put it right on the right wing and Nathan Horton Walt. Yet and lighting the world on fire use Gordon -- to the first two games of the series and you the guy's been proven. It is very limited post he's an experience. To be a court players so not gonna move him off there I think that you do the -- and -- four process. Which is what they did. In 2011. With however early Italian rider member writer was thinking. Down the stretch the healthy scratch laid and that these and everyone was calling for quote taking him out of the lineup and put they didn't line up early in that series. Quote didn't do it in game four Michael Ryder explode that he's the reason they went that you're that slew of the series so I think you preached peace patience with there. I know what you go back to the fact that I don't think he's as healthy as he could be that you getting over the flu I think eventually hit cable -- hopefully sooner of later. -- let's -- the -- when I was gonna be whether the fight as any repercussions there were up against the breaks -- when it comes to Rask. I'll go back to the Tampa Bay series in the playoff run Tim Thomas gave up. Five goals in each of the first two games the Bruins fortunately 11 of them when he came back on the road in game three and pitched it to nothing. Shot out is Rask gonna have to do that Monday night. That you don't have to do that I think that would -- When your Bruins goaltender. You never need to it completely fit on your head but it you've seen from raptors with his style. He's not a guy who's gonna make the most crazy acrobatics the Braves but as long as he's steady. As long as he can keep police who won two gold the Bruins should be fine because I keep making this series the vote. The Maple Leafs defense and the Bruins often. One ST better than the other end to end as long as the -- -- better in the Maple Leafs defense which shouldn't be that hard route in the Brooklyn side. Found that when we talk about the Patriots defense vs other offenses. That's not that dissimilar discussion DJ great stuff -- -- following you up there. WEEI dot com and you can find a mad DJ being on Twitter thanks BJ but I'd DJ being -- WEEI dot com.

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