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Paul Flannery, SB Nation, Joins Rob Bradford to Give His Take on Where the Celtics Go From Here

May 5, 2013|

Bradford talks with his old acquaintance Paul Flannery to discuss the Celtics and their plans this offseason. Paul does not agree with Bradford and thinks it is finally time to say goodbye to Paul Pierce and move on with the rebuilding process. Flannery says he isn't sure about Pierce's value on the market, but says Danny will explore every avenue to get a deal done. He would love KG to stay but understands that Garnett would probably retire if Pierce were to be traded.

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I'm rob Bradford care for another twenty below 151520. Minutes right before Red Sox pregame with grades on Ryder. Focusing Leo and Dave O'Brien -- before we get to the final stretch. Of the -- show I -- welcome in Paul Flannery of SB nation. A great friend of the show. The voice on all things Celtics MBA in terms of what I'm concerned. And the man was going to be able to answer definitively. My question as if if I'm wrong or a -- right. Ball you ready I'm ready -- are right. I think they should bring everyone back and my reasoning is this because I just don't think you get the value prepares. I think that if you trade them you by amount Garnett gone. And -- I don't mind the team that you might have if everyone's healthy in Salinger Rondo marine. A improved Avery Bradley with a Rondo along with Garnett pierce. Your thoughts. I don't. Yeah I think I'm a bit on which a Nokia has gotten out about oh but here's the thing is that people disagree but he they have and give me a good explanation I know you're gonna give me a much better companies in the night -- And you know rather than your collector for using the exact same thing -- tell me what you -- these tell me what your plan -- it. And it never has been a good plan to go back to 2010. There has never been a good plan -- That's and I don't think you're wrong either if you brought those guys back and presumably -- is healthy presumably -- -- helped -- be dead of night you know young big men in the day in the draft you can help battle a little bit. You know maybe you can ad and guy here -- there you can tinker at the margins can change the mix a little bit. That's still that's still a competitive team that's Philippines that will be the proverbial nobody wants to play them in the playoffs come on the kind of the deal that they get the right to rob maybe they can do something. But I understand that rationale and I don't think that it's wrong. At the same time. I think it's done I think it's I think it's run its course. And I am concerned that if they don't get something done now. -- you're going to be looking at a very very very long rebuilt and I think you have to really consider. Trying to trade -- Well okay so that that becomes as the most important part of the conversation. What you can get for Paul Pierce correct. OK so. You know why I use the term you've hit the Mendoza line and training peers because I just don't know if you can get what's acceptable back for what do you think you give back for years. That's the key question but the deadline you know they are talking about the the a -- package from the Brooklyn nets to their offering to everybody which was. Marshall brought Chris Humphries in the first round pick that frankly is not very good I'm not sure you can do better than that right now. The key thing yeah I don't care about players I don't care about that the players to get back to keeping from me. -- get pick in the 2014. Draft its -- fourteen draft is going to be allegedly you never know you know that these things work out. There's a great freshman class coming in college next year and that they penned out that between fourteen draft will be much -- much greater talent top end talent. The between their contract. But that's what I'm thinking about I'm thinking about -- did get -- excuse -- -- that's -- it will be more important -- players you weren't getting back to not take something back. OK so let me ask you this. Is there any down side -- we know -- the downside of -- -- down a little bit in terms of getting into the year. Getting to trade guidelines seen what you have four team and then if you if you get to that point. OK and maybe make a run the pick then. A team that might be a little bit more desperate than they are now. I got to eight is part of the conversation I do think as you said I think appears what you get back for peers may be the most important part of this whole thing. -- and like get in the way they would would basketball which I think is probably a little bit different than baseball or sports trade deadline pressured works for the -- -- about how to make deals in the summer. -- and everybody is sort of like you know if if if thinking optimistically about their lot like if you remember the flat trade deadline like nothing. Right it is the biggest -- JJ erratic. So you know if you're if you're thinking that you -- -- you can take it to the deadline and then you know credit -- team in and get them get you more probably not gonna happen that way. -- rob all -- said I think that you that you are right about one thing I don't know what kind of how you can get for peers and I don't think that. Did you should just give him the way I don't think you should I came out and so you can it get any then yeah. Well it's all here's the other part about it. The sin city trade Paul Pierce would you agree to me that if you do trade Paul Pierce is a very good chance Kevin Garnett miss Cecile later. OK so you leave you trade Paul Pierce you don't get good value back form Garnett says see you later you can say what you want about getting back for pierce. But. Finding a replacement for Kevin Garnett as old as he is as much as his game is gone downhill. That's already did though. You can't you can't replace you can replace -- care. You know I look to the left but you're talking about even know what -- use such unique player. And not -- that the player but as a as a personality as as someone who -- they were talk about well he changed the culture here and an expert gets old after -- -- what you really did. And it wouldn't debate you leave -- -- -- is going to be a completely different kind of the team. And you're right. KG to me is I would do anything I possibly could to get him to hang around for as long as possible and if that means keeping pierce. They'll probably swallow hard and keep that speed I think you still even for 25 minutes tonight. Not good to get the league but he's very very very good. And in that position for Garnett the person in the player what he's been what years that position. Gimme some answers in terms of finding social solutions at deposition and we're about -- about Chris Wilcox -- I know is can be gone. We're talking about giving some solutions here because much like it will use the baseball analogy the hardest thing to find in baseball as a middle of the order hitter. Harnessing the -- in basketball must be. A guy who can play that position. -- at the -- and not only that Miller play that position but but the office of drug as well amid. It a couple of guys that come to mind that are that are upcoming like markets saw -- -- -- near the offensive players Brothers but he's so good defensively. But he's a legitimate top ten MVP candidate just on the strength of being great defensively. Roy Hibbert had a terrible offense the year. But he hit the -- and his defense the president makes him an incredibly valuable player Garnett both. -- -- They're both guys are possible and I don't know where you find god. The Celtics spent two or three years. Hoarding assets targeting specifically Kevin Garnett. That was their plan for years to try to detect. So I don't know what happened after you leave that means they don't come along very often in the draft. You can look down the line you can say a guy like Kevin Love of the totally different player -- -- three years from now he's had some problems Minnesota pieces are feeling -- dramatic here. And maybe you have position to go to go get a guy like that. But they don't come along very often and until you have one of those guys. Do not have legitimate contender. Paul Flannery SB nation in the last question rule quick 'cause we're up against the clock so what do they do. I -- I that that's an unfair real quick question but it's it's the only is solely. Avenue I don't know I mean you know gut instinct I think you see major changes. That is real quick educated you know I think they keep the I think -- that pierce go. And I think that they try to figure out what to do with Garnett and you may indeed that may differ amateur that then that may force lieutenant. But I think you're gonna be major change. Ball play the greatest voice in the NBA media. SB nation I appreciate Paul thanks a lot. Of the day. That is the great off later recruits. -- statements real quick Rick -- statement what's up. You don't. I did so this could lead to what extent -- you gotta remember the knicks have a bar stopped by -- and it they have -- -- so you know. -- sort of went -- out now they -- Okay did exactly what. Well not on. That thanks for the call Adam what are -- I think that -- -- I think your question was why don't why not keep pierce well. What the upside for the -- next year we -- exact same came back at the -- we're gonna have. Road -- the papers will have ranger back. I mean that if everything goes well on their no entry door aging players we're looking at what are fighting for or five -- And then getting. In a wiped out by the all the pace of liberty and you can do something to get something you -- are there. I mean. We have two small -- work. If anything needs pierce laughs it's the Celtics. We have a younger up and coming player who needs the Mormon what do we need pierce form and you can't really put bring the power important -- cannot play it to. Adam I appreciate it you know what I saw that you get the value needs appears to you don't have -- you don't have Garnett. I like that team you might be bringing back Eric I need it quick real quick the scope. We're the outrage I think the Bruins are still getting a -- for winning the cup two years -- bet that was extremely uninspired. They were. They were I would hit I would skated. No effort. I was just I was disgusted. As. Liberal and Eric so -- I want you calling next Sunday for sports Sunday show Dale Arnold myself. Keep please call back. I wanna I wanna get your take then -- I think it's a little bit reactionary statement by you. But I'm gonna give you pass and I want you to call back next -- -- that becomes legitimate conversation that will know whether that right -- -- out all right I appreciate Eric.

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