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Bradford is Begging for Someone to Tell Him Why the Celtics Should Move on From Pierce and KG

May 5, 2013|

Rob Bradford is taking calls on the C's and is asking what is the plan if the Celtics truly do want to move on from Pierce. There's a variety of opinions out there on what to do with Pierce, Rondo, KG and if the Celtics can truly draw a free agent to come to Boston.

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-- -- I say we're it right back to a phone calls can we get a problem. Andre rocked him what he got. I think we get like power -- on you guys. Light Audi and beat upon local popular and gamble I don't know when that lands act and believe. Let me look up and -- a lot. I thought that Steve Nash who can do the slash and smash. All they all there we need some lag putt and here you need to bring back that swagger the Boston. You know what so way and so when Danny Ainge calls mixed subject you said we need some life up in here in Boston -- Dwight Howard. Or or are we go to Dwight Howard's agent when he becomes a free agent Arctic. How is that gonna work how is getting free agents the Boston gonna work it doesn't happen anymore Andrei you need some impromptu. On the word in the end he's young he's got lights. And he'll get that -- -- -- at Orlando even need to beat a focal point that's why can't an LA Andre not a man. Andre Andre is not appreciate the call. I appreciate the -- I I appreciate the intent and the call. But as I said in the previous four plus hours one thing -- Celtics fans don't wanna admit. Is that getting free agents to Boston in this current NBA. Is very very very very difficult. And they get they hit the right on the money when they got those other guys guys a couple years ago. They found a window to get those guys but typically in this MBA is only a few places the these guys are gonna go. And without the drawing power of the stars which it really don't have right now you can -- Rondo but all the guys against -- gonna come play -- Rhonda. It's going to be very different. Again to questions I want answered. I want answered what concerns you the most about the Red Sox as we see here right now and please tell me why I'm wrong that they shouldn't bring back. Jared silence -- Rajon Rondo Avery Bradley. Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce. Jeff Green tell me why. 6177797937. Bragg north out of borrow. What's going on. -- There Greg. Greg gonna put you on hold as I know they. It's on tempted to say Jennifer in the car what's going on. Are you the way. Not -- but. I MI. Port and well -- look at college like Albert. That you are at right. That agreement that -- but I can eat too. And pure. Yet that you've been to Japan. And -- record a record. -- -- No no absolutely Jennifer you're right on the money but the promise is that. You talked about bringing free agents when you get the players there Doc Rivers as the guy. But Doc Rivers is not the guy without the players this is the way of the MBA. You need the players and the coach only goes so far players are gonna -- on -- you know what. I'm just go to that bad team that had no chance of winning because they have a good coach. -- -- -- -- I would say that bite you know what I think the mentoring in the NBA is a little overrated. Because you know here's the problem Jennifer and that is a very good thought and I appreciate the call. Well here's the problem which was the stars in this league and the guys in this league. The guys who are the proteges. Are 2425. Years old. A mentoring guys who are a year two years younger than. Are talking about Garnett and here it's I used it yet but they are gonna listen because they've already show they can play in the NBA. I don't know how much you listen I don't know referred -- on Rondo wants to be mentored. That's the guy you're talking about wants to be mentored by Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce I don't know how much these other guys it can't hurt. I don't know if that's the reason why you keep these are guys around the reason you keep these guys around is because they bring the most valued team. Rate doesn't bring the value for Paul Pierce and if you do trade Paul -- I think Kevin Garnett Steele later Pete and hey I'm what's going on. We track and -- the -- -- -- core group of guys here. So while we talk about all -- exactly. We can do it through the draft. I don't know what that. Document -- quick PG entered the equation you're okay. -- we act all high tech degree per -- green we cheaper Bradley retracted Rondo. And we got that volley. Yes. -- do like that it would you trade Peter we get something for prop up perpetual score. Scored right now in the -- right. Didn't carry it into Jordan and not the -- of it he got a lot depends agent at twelve point. -- Eat eat eat it and are a lot -- -- Opportunity -- best example of why my argument might stick. I still don't buy into it and here's the reason is that you could say you bill through the draft and yes you get server so players and in so. It's of these other guys a little bit later but really -- those are the foundation guys in the guys that you're at -- trade Paul Pierce for not the foundation. Well why can't get these. Got a foundation guys. Because typically when you're drafted a guy all the seasons to the subject -- sixteen this year. Right now NBA draft dot net has the moral -- Eric. From Croatia. So let's not watch a lot of Croatian basketball. And I can tell you this guy's going to be the answer. Why -- need to -- it again I'd like that. What's gonna put it on T shirts. Are potent and hope to keep your weight and like it's going to be -- an extra part. And. Juan because he's probably isn't talented enough PO I appreciate you call is probably not a talented enough he's a good serviceable player in the NBA I think he showed that. But still. I think that role what you're gonna get for Paul Pierce -- because when you're saying blow it up rebuild or whatever it is. What you're talking about is trading Paul Peters that's what you're talking about. And what are you gonna get back for Paul Pierce I think that time has come and gone you have hit the Mendoza line of your value for getting something back for Paul Pierce. If you're not gonna get something back that is it more worth it to keep Kevin Garnett because those -- the hearted. Types of players the -- -- and yeah. You -- -- place. Replacing Paul Pierce. That person that Kevin Garnett is for the Boston Celtics -- anywhere in -- gonna get that type of player is that is very very difficult to get. 61777979837. AT&T -- line 37937. Sam you're in the car. -- I'm on the caught about the topic that and for the future yes. That what I'm thinking if you look at the drop for twenty or you know looks pretty historic week actually it's Randall Andrew Wiki and -- part Parker. It's not like its current drop which is pretty weak. And knowing that you -- in the lot all older players and it's really -- it in my opinion contrary every year. Why not want the teens get -- much you care and -- yet in -- -- -- -- -- might -- trade without. So we can accumulate but at the draft text. That to get Kevin Durant check the wire in the 2014 drop in retail. We -- beach post players we treat them and try to get a deal like we cute perky gene were -- -- Have I like to think and I really do like you thinking if you're thinking outside the box is thinking about the future you're not thinking about what's right in front if you. But -- this is what I would ask. Is that what the detriment. To holding on -- to Paul Pierce another year and I know you're saying trade him now -- to position yourself for the draft next year but. I think that Paul Pierce this trade value is probably settled in don't you. Well I think straight guy is actually fairly high appear contending team like golden -- the clippers because. He's not speak your score and you can't -- -- to be number one guy but as the number two -- number three -- computer I think you're ready earned the war. I'll get rebounds or anybody can do everything like he did get -- and Rondo went down he's very valuable part he played great defense and you know that's all on power in the play out. You know what he beat you might say that he has -- value -- By and you made some very very good point to why his trade value. I don't know if you sell that to a team I just don't know if you sell for the team I appreciate the call stamp that was really good call that was excellent call. Because that showed me something that showed me what the Celtics could possibly do after this year I'm just saying that you could possibly do that. Why having a good team a good team makes it certainly a better team. And what they face in the next I think this Celtics team if all of everybody's healthy. Were better team in next what do made an interesting series against the heat. We get 6177797937. Rowand will Graham what's going on out there and. -- -- you know what's the condition. And if you actually gotten a lot and it would make. -- Literally two minutes. They are -- -- -- and yeah -- -- at all the kind of guy that she didn't wanna go play at the trade deadline. Upload options out there you know the awkward -- reduced the budget so we are struggling. To play those guys 35 and. All right Ed -- yeah you have an excellent point and another thing you have to factor in terms of the evolution of Paul Pierce. As a player and contributor on this team is that what is he gonna do with Rondo there and what is Rondo gonna do with -- Jeff Green because. Roland you saw on the playoff to -- we see in the playoffs the answer -- scoring when they go cold. Is Jim O'Brien isolation for Paul Pierce yeah. Right right borrowed -- right that it doesn't work with Paul Pierce all the time anymore. Social Rondo got the beat -- -- green out to be the first few escort all got to be -- military. I need to cut off the -- if flash and then dig a little jumps. Our. -- agree a -- I think that's on dark RL I appreciate the call -- that's really on dark. The mayor says Manson I think it's also how much faith he's gonna happen Jeff Green I think that's what it comes down to. Because if PS facing Jeff Green he'd give Paul Pierce some minutes on the bench to give. Kevin Garnett -- assignments and other don't play the same position. But to do that to someone step up I mean you can't help me that -- sellinger on this roster healthy -- alliger. And I Jeff Greene who's performing at the level like we saw toward the end of the season won't give the garden arts and appears. More for break and make them more viable at the end of the year and also a -- into the playoffs and -- into the conversation which I'm talking about which is. At least making interesting series with the my series with the Miami Heat. It's all a great conversation we're gonna have Paul Flannery the guy who would either tell me ample who week. Or agree with me he's gonna be coming up after this break.

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