WEEI>On Demand>>Ian Browne, Red Sox Beatwriter for MLB.com, Joins Rob Bradford to Discuss the State of the Red Sox and the Injury to Andrew Bailey

Ian Browne, Red Sox Beatwriter for MLB.com, Joins Rob Bradford to Discuss the State of the Red Sox and the Injury to Andrew Bailey

May 5, 2013|

Ian Browne calls his good friend Rob Bradford live from Texas to discuss the state of the Red Sox on the heels of losing 2 straight and the report that Andrew Bailey is on his way back to Boston to have an MRI. Ian disusses the state of the bullpen now minus Bailey and how it doesn't look as solid as it once did. He also gets into Ortiz and Pedroia's hot streak and what they will do with Daniel Nava in the future.

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Let's go to Ian -- brown. Ask you them brown. The great at -- and brown on Twitter down in Texas. Ian translations in the first guest ever on. It the -- Israel and put the somebody. My career and I like it. Well is that as the first previous two callers they have said the exact same thing so evidently is a great throw for everybody. Including myself who I want to ask you Ian. Union brown on Twitter. What some stint for violent. Anyway. What's -- what what does it give us some -- of the tidbits off the John -- media session this morning down. You know what it's not the most you know -- -- -- you know that they don't have to pitch -- better record in Vietnam tomorrow. -- get that -- looked -- it -- -- congress -- but the fact that it happened clear it -- to start. That's they -- -- -- And you know not be a student in my some peace -- -- -- MRI and see I would look on none of that by step that you need to do they opened the series -- he. -- -- Yeah. -- -- on the belly of the muscle. The government so it's not so well on the buy -- -- the split and opportunities Billy the last. 10% of the intensity when he when he should be tried to go to the extra room you know and that's at least they'll be over here. Are going to be -- the dislike the intestinal. Turmoil. Was a catch phrase for Terry Francona. The belly of the muscles are our our go -- for Ferraro aren't that. They're out here in 2013. What are. That's special work that there are and -- -- up -- Italy with doctor mark a little after the game I am not you see a little. A little -- just couldn't -- in summary. Of it this career pretty used to it and so well you know he doesn't want it. Get -- and anyone that closers job back to assist error terrible timing you know or something else to come up. Are you were also on the -- from the federal conversation. A lot of talk about just -- Duke or what you know what it's sort of almost -- and if belt -- dispute the fact that -- the guy. I thought it didn't throw much and it shouldn't in the offseason and I didn't get negotiate it made the or maybe some of that is. Can't see that first round -- import. But blunt conduct reflected on a little bit -- should he said look there are growing 93 at the passed ball spring training. And now he's down you know he propped up and ready to the other day that's not our average. Aaron I need to be paid their upper part sort of lit up a lot -- certain to please sit out. Complain about not being from a health standpoint -- -- -- peace keeping something from them both Europe -- perpetrated -- factory burned. I hated the even in our references before the first start of the year -- 46 times he ignited soup is it two times in the last couple outings or something there. Yeah there's got to be something -- -- -- keep running it there are. You know every every time he knew he had some. The result here every start the standard of the high wire act. You know we're pepper if you read -- bases loaded opportunity or all of every other batter -- -- Keep -- the Packers. I heard you alluded to act the second the other that a spectacular open to it now and yeah one guy coming back from from three jumpers at Lackey obviously darker there. Think I -- away. There are you -- going to be here and you are. You know our secure that restart you know so. It is that they -- it is they are a pretty quickly but you gotta go to Allen Webster and you know waiting in the -- to just poke -- always got a doctor. That's where it is because you have feelings to Bryant situation. I guess as he said he hasn't been terrible. But but when you have an alum Webster sitting there and so analyzing -- -- to take that leap. But he is the same time then what are you -- Dubroff I guess of the conversation for for down the road. Other then the -- brought other than the Bailey is there anything position only that it they're talking about it Victorino worked. Actually open it up middle Brooks just you know it states senate kind of a plan and downed -- the spectators. It is not like not -- I mean this yet but overall it should you know sitting. You know rhetoric 200 in particular are -- 81 or BP the you know like I struggle like that for the first time it. Struggled badly. And you -- -- -- -- he starts a little -- see him at Russia play it that way and that aren't quite similar to I think it's pretty -- In the now Darvish. There's still it is it is -- they've -- in the community are underdog here. You know Napoli there's earlier they've been neatly done. The middle order to produce it a middle it's you know it's something -- really -- a lot. Well you know why because David Ortiz at 14100 GO PS and Mike Napoli in the crap by the ball and and to your point is this when those guys start coming back down a little bit that's when the middle -- things become more evident. Yeah exactly that slug it -- in a certainty I'm number. Got some more or Pedroia Pedroia -- over the slope on the strip so. -- as what was is I guess his demeanor last night after the game and his demeanor before the game today. It's -- for the you know what it always -- teach it where he is giving everybody -- bad -- and yet you have interest that we. You -- -- commentator on their purse to the but he mercenary. Saying that you know Derrick Brooks speech. In Sacramento. If you're that there are very good. You last -- he you know the pork. That sort of panic question is the -- I can keep -- it that are out that he says direct quote on the you know what. And it actually wasn't a direct quote. So if you want to know army the fact that he got a single thing around the. Do you talk to the Specter of the camera. At the right under the light socket they say you you have on the you know what down. Well clearly -- -- who never swears has gotten to him and he's turnover and leads the what so what's the latest -- -- Go ahead. To circulate to try. Are you doctor -- over -- -- -- into -- -- it wouldn't rule out a lot more proper in this year's team and you have. Last appears they picked that this is just about opera computer Russell. My my last question the -- just the overall kind of vibe as we head into what is a very interesting game Lester Darvish. It in everyone back here where it's at all they're playing bad in in and there they've lost two in a row and this is if they lose can be unsuccessful road trip. You get any sense that the demeanor has changed within that clubhouse because as he said. It's a different year than last last year every single loss this kind of added another and puts more pressure on their backs. But did you sense any big they have -- differently this this morning. No I really have an elected to being nervous in bell on him you guys are joking around -- -- -- -- our buddies like to boot. You know and nobody really they'll -- or even he couldn't tell they lost. The last two games where. And they have a one run in the series so it does seem -- going -- -- still in the same direction Osaka because it's our. -- excellent work ethic that's your best do your best radio appearance of all time while ago. Let let it another what I wanna I wanna -- -- -- I tell you what next time we have the brat throws you know it's you know you're the first gas I promise you enjoy pop put those down there ex squeeze squeeze another mile and in. And we'll see you I think tomorrow. -- -- -- -- I while that was great you know brown -- act you know brown on Twitter mlb.com.

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