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Dale and Bradford Discuss the What the Future will Bring for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

May 5, 2013|

Dale and Rob discuss how the future of the C's begins with the future of Pierce and KG. First, Ainge must determine Pierce's value on the trade market because the guys don't think a buyout really helps them in any way. If Pierce is traded, will Garnett simply retire? The guys discuss how Pierce and Garnett are truly linked at the hip now and that it may be either bringing them both back or moving without either of them.

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We need some additions. It's no help for just because we -- to -- And tension won't address it. Sure sounds like you guys coming back doesn't it. Yes we need some additions think that's obvious. Now they're gonna address that I'm south like guy here next year now again he has a no trade clause in -- go anywhere. I don't we have -- our -- somehow that if you ask you just go. I think short of the clippers or the lakers and I'm not even sure about those two I don't think he'd go anywhere I think I think it's also. More him made some sort of mention about pierce. About him being tied to -- -- decision being -- appears. Our government but you plan next. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's something I definitely expect me to be playing rob Bradford until -- -- That is at -- Europeans. To Jerry's. Text says end and act like this on. What's the over under on how often -- show that -- which is -- would you shut up about hockey during -- never never let me just say this we talked about the Red -- talked about the Celtics we talked about the Bruins. Feel free to jump in with what you want -- those people and New York. Who just field hockey should never be mentioned on the radio. Your bit of the dinosaur. Here let's beyond the well -- a -- -- a -- -- let's also be honest. This go off of what happened yesterday which is what we go off the for the show right. In large part -- happens on Saturday. And yeah okay in the red side while the Bruins lost game two of a game everyone thought they were gonna win. In the first round of the playoffs. If they will discuss that discussed discussed amongst yourself I'm Matt Coleman who tweets under Padilla Twitter handle the Bruins blog. It's a perfect between a few minutes ago. Enough talk about suspensions and penalties the better team won the first two games. It's about the that's what I said in a straight into recruitment. -- nightly. You know that's that's fair 6777. 7937. -- telephone number -- in Boston Mike night. A 801 thing I didn't have on their -- tool called stream there. What I love about hockey and they're like independent rock band band where. They're like why are you listening to the banner and underwent heart was being prepared and they're like that parents are. I couldn't even. -- thought to. Aren't -- But a lot thought about it Kevin Garnett but to think one thing at Kevin Garnett. You think it's possible that it. He's going to retire that they could trade him -- -- the clippers. Jennifer trumpet. And a crappy contract in need someone else. But he retires and then the clippers I -- out he's retired but it's clear cap space to -- -- congress all of -- someone else. Well I got out early you don't buy him out if he's gonna retire no money would change hands -- these retiring. And I'm trying to figure out why would Kevin Garnett do this. I just felt -- falcons again. I just I don't need -- every time or Nolan wouldn't want what went into retirement props like -- We don't I am not only did -- there's no money it's not like you're you're saying to Kevin Garnett look will pay -- you know six million dollars if you go away. If he retires. The files retirement papers with the NBA and he doesn't play in the NBA anymore and you don't pay him to play in the NBA anymore. Broker or just bigger hypocrite here and M night in saying that I'm just trying to figure out what's in it for everybody. And and is there is I can tell the only people who get anything out of your scenario or the Celtics. And bill yeah yeah yeah it just nailed my second point you are above and beyond better than anyone else Don TI other than possibly like Ali. And you -- you back very -- and what they did you were awful and I'm hearing your buck and a. I I appreciate call thank you very much 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. I I know we try to figure out away and and sports fans of course -- We try to figure out a way that our team can get better. And in this case what you're trying to do was come up with some convoluted way in which in early trade Kevin Garnett to the clippers you get something in return and any retires. It is gonna retirees gonna retire appearing. He's gonna walk away he's gonna retire as a member of the Boston Celtics now with some phony baloney LA clippers retirement. You know it's his swan song to the league. He's gonna retire as a member of the Celtics if he does that. If they buy out Paul Pierce. I think Kevin Garnett retires. I think so too if Paul Pierce is here if he comes back in place. I think. Well first ball. It's Kevin -- choice here he has a contract he's under contract for next year he has a no trade clause. If Paul Pierce comes back here next year I don't think Garnett retires. -- Nicky comes back any plays another year. They played together for another year and they go on for. -- if your if your assault expand and you put it perfectly when you said the entertainment value what you gonna get what you gonna be able to watch. Is going to be better than what you gonna watch if they blow this thing up if they buy out pierce and Garnett retires. And you're building your basketball team around Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. And you try to go from there probably not going to be a real entertaining product for one I think the of people over value what you could get for Paul Pierce. Because in if you can get something. If you can get something for Paul Pierce then the conversation changes. We're reasons -- when the big resort camera phone or what obviously you know you -- been situation was better. Obama issued a mandatory so between. Boom. From your position to where don't give us homeowners. And on demand a lot of myself. Almost fiscal year enough from skill level. You know beyond small Bellagio policy. -- call them players sort of are so. But this is to some of the conversations -- right now. There ego Gary Washburn as the article in the globe today and he mentions that. The Celtics -- with Memphis about Rudy get. And they've perceived regain it wasn't time player they want to give back Paul Pritchard to fair. Because here's a reality -- number while you know if you're gonna get Rudy Gay now. For Paul Pierce and he -- you do is that the type of player that is gonna change turn everything around him make next year more how gullible. I don't think so. I think the reality is that you are getting what you need back for Paul Pierce. And that -- gonna have a good enough team with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo injured soldier. To make it interesting run next year. I think you're at least in the mix in the Eastern Conference are are are you capable of beating the Miami Heat not there healthy. I mean assuming there's not some you know devastating injury to Dwyane Wade and LeBron James well LeBron James alone might make it enough so that you could possibly beat the heat a seven game series but if their -- they know I don't think you got a chance. -- this team back him with a healthy Rondo or not. I don't think that's fair but what's the the alternatives -- -- that appetizing. Did you start. And I certainly I think if you have that team you're gonna win this next series I think they win the next series and Rondo was -- that's a big yes. I understand that because guys get hurt. But they don't win that series. I like I don't mind that team going to next year but if they you buy help all -- which to me doesn't do anything for you. Or try to trade Paul you're set doesn't do anything for either because also Kevin Garnett on. I just I like the scenario of just bring in these guys back. While it gives -- watch. I mean it and and your point about the entertainment value was certainly valid. Now. Up on make the counterargument to -- and just say that you've got to begin the rebuilding process at some point here. The -- you begin the Sunni you're done. But if you begin the rebuilding process now you get to the other end of it. You get to the you know the competitive point the NBA again sooner you're a year closer to having that completed if you think that that's what the the end game. Shore and if you feel like the time is right to try if if there's an opportunity to get the right guy for Paul Pierce fine do it. I'm not averse to that by what we've seen so far that time might have come and gone. And you talk about starting the rebuilding process. I just don't know what the options are right now as we sit here to start that rebuilding process. Iraq as long as you have option B which is bring back everybody and have a pretty decent team next year I'll take that one. Over start a rebuilding process -- that really has no how no direction. And that's the question. You know. Does Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers wanna begin that process now. Frankly I was shocked when -- signed here. But the long term that he did it here's here's the beer we'd keep focusing on pierced too and we talked about Walt -- and here Garnett probably not going to be here as well. -- The bigger issue to me. Is that as long as you can keep Kevin Garnett on this team the better it is whether you have a rebuilding process no matter what. Because as I said before the find that guy is one of the hardest things to do would basketball. And it unless you're gonna tell me how you're -- that position with that Sorrell level of talent. And I'm keeping Garnett I'll do whatever it takes to keep Garnett here. I think that that's the best path as well and we agree. -- 6177797937. As telephone number. AT&T -- minus 37937. -- up and Salem Massachusetts say Peter -- -- They can't say -- here. Great look this smoke like I agree with all the you know I just saw in the senate say they I mean I think our guy that is. The -- -- replaced most -- I think they're both emotionally dependent on each other to at this point depending on what's gonna happen and we've never seen the back over David Bradley and and -- You know like healthy got to play at the same time. Well you have a -- short spurts you're right yeah haven't seen a lot of it. Right and as well as you know he conducts its entry to step into that three. Roll where you know immediate halt comes you know get -- -- comes off the bench and then now with you know I don't know -- -- to come back. God that I just think there are you really -- team. To be honest it took to make Iran and that's not greatly but I -- with the -- the and so we can just Miami. I I can't see them not have a. -- Peter. Peter we talk about piercing Garnett so much you know what we haven't seen. We haven't seen Rondo Avery Bradley Jeff Green. -- act together at their peak levels we haven't seen that that's fair. And to me. I think that's really that's what that -- really look that's due to you know keep everybody hopeful I think you know any neighbors everybody SA blown up I mean we all know. You know but it's just not. I I think I think -- like. I think it will move into a great heading -- yet really helpful I mean we showed that Sherwood the great man that office says -- yeah I mean I don't believe. Well it it it it's hopeful as far as getting to an Eastern Conference finals perhaps. You only -- hopeful when an NBA title area. No I mean I'm not saying that the same amount. For me to think to blow it up and and think about next -- ridiculous. At times now and has kept in mind it. What but this isn't C I look at I look at this team if you kept this team together look at this team going into next year -- -- as a team of abdic a bunch of decrepit players who you'd just hoping hangs on in and has no doubt they're gonna get. Blown out in the Eastern Conference -- I look at it very interesting team. And I'll look at it partly because what I just said. I wanna see if Jeff Greene continues down this road and if you do it why are playing with a Rajon Rondo. And Avery Bradley playing with -- Rondo the compliment his game so he can be the best players can be. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line AT&T text line at 37937. Ellen -- sports Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah. Well this'll mean something to rob because he'd you know is practically the tourism ambassador for the country of Canada in the city of Toronto I am. Word is out today who teen flavored soda is going to be released in the country of Canada. -- nice. I can't pick anything more disgusting than a team labor. The only question bill there's -- will it be on cells by August when you go back when I go back that's all I wanna know I don't care DJ beans on his way there today. I don't care DJ has that opportunity. I don't care. I care -- only myself and it is going to be there are. Routine flavored so news. Not put a quick news note from the Bruins practiced there on the ice right now TD garden. The line combinations forward line combinations for practice today -- the exact same as they were last night. The defense pairs went back to what they had in game one with parents back -- inside and -- back together you know they've they've gone back to their normal. You know alignment so it would appear based on practice today. But the plan for Claude Julian and it could change his mind obviously is to go with the forward combinations you saw last night and the defense pairs seesawing. More that makes sense right yes it because the biggest problem they had was the defense pairings yes. Now is that if you wanna talk about. A microwave looking things out add things that was it. That was the problem the bigger picture wise hey you know what eating come to play as much as you did in game one. Across and so that's what they've got going on over the TD garden a practice right now out -- Ellison -- -- the al-Qaeda. That. And thanks area it department went into. -- -- -- -- -- -- If we don't. -- -- That spin out all armed and at some people may not remember that include a hard time off. They're all right art art. -- -- -- -- And I bought out there or via chips they're let -- it. And they are. Why -- the -- and -- iron and caught up the fight. Every week out that now. That they've got they haven't gotten as they -- up. -- -- Well look you're gonna have to rebuild at some point and as I said you're either gonna do it this offseason or you're gonna do it next offseason it's gonna have to be one or the other it's a question of of whether or not you wanna. You -- you know. Take one more kick the can bring the band back together for one more run at -- or if you gonna begin what is an inevitable rebuilding process now. I think you hit the Mendoza line in terms of here's his trade value this might be the biggest part of the conversation. Because now you have to look at it as. Does copiers helped this team. Is Paul patriots having all you surround is that the best thing for the Celtics and it is it is for next year. It all sent its trade value if you're gonna go up next year. -- not gonna go up the year after that. Or the year after that -- keeps on playing. I I and I'll also say this. I I do think that there are players who are in the right. Through the the course of their career in the course of their play. Tend to kind of decide how they wanted to end. In other words you know ray -- wanted to take an opportunity to win a Stanley Cup championship and the Bruins traded him away. But if ray had said no I wanna retire as a member of the Boston Bruins Harry wouldn't trade him but you know what -- still he -- ended his career and Bruins uniform and I think pierce is in that. At least it was that's good that you think that way but did he doesn't think that way purity showed that. -- RD showed up I try to RD try to -- he's already trying to ignore it and tried to trade in places they you wanna go to play the lakers and the clippers in your hometown. Not like that. It's like hey you wanna go play in Memphis you wanna go play New Jersey. Or Brooklyn Brooklyn now while was New Jersey and -- trail for. Mean that that's that was the conversation that he was having won the 88 to -- the day we're gonna give you a soft landing spot for your retirement party. 6177797937. Johnson Hyannis -- -- -- and technical -- Ratio. You know I agree that Saddam -- I think he's company's commitment a -- had. -- -- And would help me who who better man to replace him a trade or retreat -- nobody explode in. The -- nobody else. -- for what for what you did get I mean the the problem is is that really what we're talking about -- trade right. And because Garnett if -- is gone Garnett probably gonna retire. And all I'm saying in regards to Garnett yeah you can give younger players like the hundred Jordan fine he's younger player you do a lot of different things. But. Kevin Garnett. Is a very valuable player on this team and you have him here. You're not gonna happen here if you trade Paul is for something it's not a very much -- I'm viewed his Celtics all that different from you know financial scene lever and I think that. Kevin Garnett is not complete chronology in these -- Celtic and I think that any change and that the smokescreen. I really don't think pulpit. -- coming to walker is -- Well. And look -- has correctly pointed -- the Danny may not agree with us you know that that. Paul Pierce has earned the right to retire as a member of the Celtics if that's what he decides he wants to do. -- apparently Danny doesn't agree because all reports are he's attempted to trade him on more than one occasion so far. An end in a way I I do think in general manager and I've said this about Bill Belichick is the general manager of the patriots you have to be heartless. Yes and he knew he had no matter how much you love a guy you know disguise my favorite player I ever had -- I love everything about -- If the move comes that will make your team better you make the move no matter what in in you gotta be heartless when you cut guys you gotta be heartless when you trade guys. And I do think in general manager and as much as it is possible to do it -- a look at these decisions. And I think Ainge pass aids Ainge obviously was very critical read our back for not making that move the and as well document the Rik Smits chuck person move from Larry Bird and he said hey you know what you wait through while you wait too long. I don't think -- is intentions were wrong here. Its intentions were the last couple years. -- betray these guys right he just hasn't found the deal. He he doesn't just make it for the sake of making it he feels that. Yeah he has held out for what he considers to be adequate compensation -- hasn't found in you know what he may not. I'll -- -- well. I don't think if you if you look at Danny Ainge. And what he has to do for the year for the team next year what the best thing is. I can't imagine that the best thing for the team is to trade Paul -- for fifty cents on the dollar and then -- Kevin Garnett. I can't imagine that's the right thing to -- Dexter says you know -- the depressing part of all this is no matter what the Celtics do. They won't be able to get past the heat for at least the next five or six years and textures. And I mean LeBron James just won his fourth MVP in the last five years. If anything looks like -- games getting better not worse. I mean they've got the -- put together there and I know we all mocked them. You know not not or not five not six if it. All but they're they've wrecked but realistically I mean do you see do you see a team that it's and that. Is it a position to knock them off while. And here's here's the other part of that conversation. Which is is nice that you have those players that's obviously the key but you know what -- puts them over the top. Is being that good to get the -- there because when you're that good they wanna gold and -- they get. They got Ray Allen Allen and Ray Allen if they win is going to be huge part of that equation just like the next guy. And out come back to because I think this is another part of the conversation that Celtics fans just don't want to realize. Which is. Free agency in this world of the MBA is not conducive to. Boston Celtics. It's just not. It wasn't before. It was for a brief glimpse. But now it's now well and we went back to the point about Chris Paul being a free agent in the offseason trade -- lingle signed Chris and good -- why would Chris -- come here. I and I know the easy obvious answer is will -- everybody loves -- everybody wants to play for doc and I think. I think that does Carey -- a little bit but not enough but what they want more than that it's an opportunity to win. Newton. And I don't see the opportunity to win here you know the one. The guy they missed out on which might have been the biggest hit with David West -- David west was a big -- and they thought they had a but that was a big hit for them. That was an opportunity -- -- -- not a top here -- but I guy who along the lines of what we saw with Jeff Green at the same -- player. But along that -- level which you can get by with -- you can take it to the next level. But they missed out. One Dexter says injury could stop them absolutely injury can stop anybody now. But but where we go wondered if we go into this discussion under an assumption that there's some semblance of health. Another -- says greed will bring down the heat in the end and egos while. I mean I again it sort of seems like you're whistling past the graveyard here. Because I look at that team. And I and I say thome thome who's gonna beat them anytime soon and I just -- once again. Yeah I mean you could be there could be injuries fine by. Even if they have lead that team even if they have an injury still going to be the favorite. It's Wallace at -- If it's labor moon may be that -- -- and -- there but as long as it's not LeBron who's the injured guy yes they're the favorites Anderson mentioned. Polio off topic but -- like mention the Red Sox lineup so place the Red Sox lineup is going to be without will middle Brooks in Shane Victorino today. -- buried now been right draw yeah Ortiz Napoli. Carpooling laughed Ross true in Syria -- go at third base with Jon Lester -- And now rob will be here. From 1 o'clock until the Red Sox pregame show it to third and then on the pregame show and then -- be there and he'll be here after the game and he would Stearns will cohost Arnaud -- DJB -- -- -- will be doing some sort of semblance of art he code 6177797937. -- telephone number text line. 37937. -- -- here until. One and then rock and that Sports Radio W the.

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