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Dale and Bradford React to the NHL's Lack of Reaction to the Dion Phaneuf Hit on Daniel Paille

May 5, 2013|

All morning long while discussing the Bruins series, Dale and Rob have been mentioning the Dion Phaneuf hit on Paille and how they thought the hit should, at the very least, be reviewed by Brendan Shanahan and the NHL. Well, the news came out this a.m. that the NHL will NOT review the play and therefore Phaneuf will skate scott free! Dale and Rob don't really understand, but Rob specifically is demanding answers...which of course he will not get.

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Bruins conspiracy theorists I have your ammunition Louis tonight. Our rain all of watt who is the yeah fine hockey reporter for RTS like of that role after -- -- tweet up the last couple of minutes no hearing for Maple Leafs the on and off after his hit on Bruins Daniel -- Interest -- not even hearing -- era. Birdie on and as I said look there are. Reasonable people who who disagree on this thing can someone explain that. Are are being steered I'm I'm I'm saying that -- the NHL looked at a and feel that it was a perfectly legal okay and -- and I understand that we can someone in the NHL explain this. Will they explain this -- the justice there was nothing Nancy it was a legal play that's all the gonna say. What happened to we do this in animated. Should have paid better attention to it by. NHL was going along so well there -- great explanations of every little thing what they do the videos Brendan Shanahan still does them when there's something -- to talk about I wanna talk about this but -- but they're saying there's no video because there's no. There's a -- They do they do a video when they suspend somebody in the going to -- the -- this is what he did this is the point of contact that I mean and Brenden still does them. He did temperate appearances. One game suspension. There is no video win in their opinion there's no penalty to be to be reviewed they've looked data they've said there's nothing to see here. Everything's fine play was perfectly legal can -- and. But I mean I as I let you don't understand I understand that that's the protocol if there's a penalty we're gonna explain it. Well here we are in the playoffs. With what is perceived as a controversial decision -- getting -- could argue that. -- they can be 5050 on who's right who's wrong but it is an argument whether this should have happened. So I think that he should get out there and explain that someone should explain this. It's playoffs well look I I I understand you want that how I demanded -- his his point is there's nothing to explain there's no penalty. This tonight demanded penalty -- Best of luck with that I've looked at a known -- -- long time I don't think you can take him I mean at this data -- of his life. I'm just gonna suggest that you might have a clear what a fight so I had to settle out. 6177797937. As the telephone number AT&T -- -- 37937. Again. Odd no hearing for -- enough nothing is seen here. Perfectly legal play. Disagree but reasonable people can disagree at times the Sports Radio WB. Text -- on the AT&T text line at 37937. Says LM FA Elton we think what that means. Dale Arnold is the only one who called for a suspension and actually I wasn't. I call for -- I know that Kevin do part of the of the globe. Was tweeting out today that he thought it was a suspension worthy play. Others did as well now I will say this the Toronto media seem to be unanimous I shouldn't -- that. Damien Cox. One of the Toronto media said that he thought that there should be hearing. Are possible suspension most of the Toronto media felt that it was a perfectly clean play. James myrtle has all already tweeted you know when he talked about -- there won't be hearing had good and we in this silly talk. -- Damien Cox did say this morning he thought it was worthy of -- hearing in front of -- well doesn't the conversation changed just because if nothing else the parents situation. Because you have rapid as the baseline here. Doesn't that at least start the conversation going in regards to this having a hearing about this. Now am I I I know you want them to now yet I -- explanations of things that are perfectly legal which they're not gonna do. The only time you're gonna get an explanation for Shanahan is if there's a reason. -- thank you very much for helping me out. Explaining what LM FAO means bank Q. Like I didn't actually -- and we know thank you very can be fitted I tax Allah while through. Dale all 6177797937. -- in Springfield hey Mike. What Erik -- right. Good. Look up. I agree about what that would -- earlier -- I think you. He. Eight. And I don't think that's a pretty realistic possibility by the way. I mean it's entirely up to it to Garnett. I know we haven't in our head. That if we ask him to waive his no trade he'll just automatically go. And I guess it's possible he would go to one of the LA teams because he also has a home in Malibu. But I can't even envision a scenario where he's gonna go play for a year in. Phoenix are now. Or there isn't a scenarios can -- -- -- -- We're not prepped and actually call. We're doing it here in the appeared. A little bit different depending now that we know that appeared in six. And the ball up court and -- Struggled mightily and I mean look yeah it's a big part in. -- eternal regret that. He -- it'll. You playing now and call went forward. Bring him up off the culprit is still opt in so it was all agree that -- series. You walk however it probably it. Now we're simply won't be back here would do that with the heat and so eager to get up and retreat. In the back from a board. They're gonna. Relatively not speaker here in Oakland -- But the if you can go and what who brilliant and it could -- Well that's moderate Democrat and there are. I mean if you go back to the trade deadline and and some of the the rumored and I'll stress that because I'm not sure that they were real but the rumored deals. The Andre Jordan and and Bledsoe and you know maybe that would have been the move to make at the time Danny didn't feel like the return was worthy of making the -- that the shift. You can make the argument that maybe that would then you have to deal. Pierce wasn't enough to get back a player that you needed that you thought was. -- value would Josh Smith. He wasn't enough in his value has only gone down since sent so. In regards to any trade would every gonna get back isn't gonna be a foundation type of guy. So if that's the case. Then your best tennis that's holding onto. Because he means more of the Celtics and another thing with a Rondo of you talk about the effect of Rondo and how much better team this is when Rondo on the court. We talked about how he relates to appears or green trouble Avery Bradley. They gave me Bradley is a much better player in the series of the Rondo on the court. Not having to do all things that he was asked of him. I don't think there's any doubt. Hot now for the texture who who seems to think that there's some league wide conspiracy here. He's asking me to not BA whatever and not say what's obvious that the league is helping the leafs anyway they can I'm sorry I'm not going there with. I don't buy into this leak conspiracy theory I don't buy into this you know the NHL wants to make sure Toronto. Either continues the series or maybe even wins the series I'm sorry I don't believe. At the National Hockey League or any. Leak any leak. Is in the position where they can try to fix games. Because it is the single act which will end their league forever if it ever comes out. And and I know we got our head we as sports fans -- urban Bruins fans think sake but -- try to get a sun and then I'm sorry I'm not going to. They got their favorite pick that was one thing to to have a conspiracy theory -- -- we could argue about this particular play. This is -- wants. I am sorry I don't gold there with the text her I don't goal that that you know that this is that the league helping the leafs anyway they can. I don't believe that the officiating during the game help beliefs anyway they can I don't think that officials in the National Hockey League. Have an agenda in terms of well you know be good for the league if the series went on to appear on Sacramento. I and it and I know and I know that's not -- Dustin Pedroia and and that's that the example everybody points to. -- I I don't believe that there is any league wide conspiracy anywhere might think that there were. Wrote dirty officials in the NBA it was probe. We -- and Tim -- he ended that facade forever. Such -- rate got blown up by by Donny but I don't believe that it officials in the National Hockey League. Be better if we can get this thing to go six or seven and we proved -- in this in four. Yeah and out. Don't believe that's up ever happens and it it Brendan Shanahan and Gary Bettman and and whoever sits there in their office on park avenue and -- The key in this thing in fact I'll take it one step further and it be just the opposite. From an American television perspective right from an NBC's. Her perspective in and -- your primary television partner. They're better off if the Bruins keep going up at a profit the Maple Leafs keep going. I don't buy it I don't like conspiracy theories I love Mikey. I know he sometimes. You know get into some of these conspiracy theories and and and and I and I love -- yet just disagree I don't think there's any you know. Any mobile put to screw your team. Now I don't think so either we couldn't. I'll say it again if you're gonna talk about conspiracy theories. What are we talking about in regard to this this isn't why the Bruins Gloucester or are the Bruins are going to lose. These decisions. Yeah we can argue them. -- I will say I still one explanation dale I know well good luck note nay I would I demand an explanation. I've got Brendan Shanahan says Twitter handle cool feel for it and direct McClellan -- feel free to message Apollo one. I mean and and good luck -- that I hope it works out for you they don't they don't talk about things that are clean. They have no reason they just say there's no penalty yeah I understand. You know we can always well -- one but it just below that and again it. And and another conspiracy theorist here in the AT&T -- -- don't the rest get paid by the game. So in other words F. Series would go seven games based on this right -- at referees need more games because they get paid per game so every single series that would never be a series excellent point there'd never be a five game series there'd never be a six game series. In the techsters world every single series with -- where. We go off the tracks here analyzing departments will losing in this -- the conspiracy theories that -- being paid by the game. It's. Still lots of exactly. I look I do think that there are a couple of calls that were questionable in last night's game ideal. But I think it was because of some you know conspiracy involving the rapper -- in the National Hockey League office. As I said there are very astute hockey people who think that there was nothing wrong with the deal on -- it. There rather astute hockey people who think there was something wrong you know at this astute hockey -- and thanks to demand an explanation to me. Which -- thank you 6177797937. -- telephone number all here we go dale -- power plays to the Bruins have last night. The Bruins don't deserve our place. It's it's been one of my biggest beefs with the Bruins. Especially over the last month and half of the season. They've got to make teens take penalties they've got to go to the dirty areas they've got to make people hold him or welcome or interfere with -- and the -- aren't doing data now. The Bruins aren't getting power play tries because they're not earning power play try and you know what you should be focused on focus on when. Blow -- these were on a power play. And -- was in the box and the defense pairing he had to have out there in what resulted because of focus on things like that instead. Let's get it 6177797937. -- telephone number you'd like to hop on board and join us. On the AT&T text line available to -- 37937. I'm Dale Arnold he's rob Bradford. Where I'm here to one -- here until midnight. And will be on the air all day and all night here on Sports Radio WEE.

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