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Dale and Bradford Talk about the Sox/Rangers Series and the End of the Celts Season

May 5, 2013|

Dale and Rob talk about the Sox trying to at least salvage 1 game in their series in Texas this weekend. Rob says this is what makes an ace, an ace - can Lester truly be the stopper and get a W today? The guys then move on the end of the Celtics season and talk about what the future may bring to the Green team.

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They came to play that's for sure how hard I think he deserves to. Doing tonight but I think we did some good the stuff -- -- -- -- call that's what we want that's what we talk about. And just couldn't get -- each of them until Tuesday. Bruins center David crate G after last night's loss. Dale Arnold rob Bradford in here on sports Sunday. I'm beginning to be a little concerned about the possibility that. There may not be a suspension for -- -- why because the guy who's probably most clued in on this stuff is. Bob McKenzie from TS and he tweeted out a few minutes ago that Detroit's Justin a Abdul -- But I have a telephone hearing with the NHL this afternoon for his hit on Tony -- last night. But I haven't seen anything from MacKenzie so far on a telephone hearing for the on and off. He knows that Abdul Khader has a hearing scheduled but nothing. As -- on patience patience outlook reasonable people can reasonably disagree on this. I know I've talked Aaliyah -- all about it last night she didn't think that it was a they suspend a bull hit balls get -- Leo on the phone and brighter outlook I think that there are people who who don't think it was. Other people who do think it was I don't find out when I saw that I thought that the the initial point of contact. Was on -- shoulder. To Daniel IA's head. And then as -- UN forty both pointed out he followed through with the elbow just have him to be -- now that's the tolerate up. So will will say at least up to this point I haven't seen anything indicating any hearing are real quickly before we get the calls video we're gonna do that right now. Sox lose last night look very anemic with the bats in Texas. I'm I'm going based on things that I've read and watch the highlights because I was obviously working while the game was going on last night. But this is at this early stage of the season. This is a very big start for Jon Lester tonight well this of this come off to clunkers general for him. If you want identify. What's the most important it's cliche to say the top of the rotation even starting pitching. But this is a perfect example of -- this is why the two most important guys on the east team Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester. Because you are you're facing you've gone you've got a little bit rough patch now you have to face when the best pitchers in the American League Yu Darvish. And normally you would say OK you know what just pack your bags units while the sweeping go home. But you have Jon Lester this is what he is therefore this is what Clay Buchholz is air for. So. You know and in so I think it is a big not a -- Huge starts -- big start for -- right coming off back to back non Lester like performances. You know and I know we still undefeated and an all lap but. He said to look around now where. That doesn't look like the Jon Lester I saw early in the season. And you you don't want him falling back or giving he said any hint of that big he's gonna go through struggles he went through last year even the second half. Which is he correct that some think after that Ronald start review of the eleven run. Was a little bit better but not quite you're going to want that pitcher the only pitcher you want is a guy who's on spring training and the first four games of the season. And you know so in that respect I do think it's a big start yeah. We'll see what happens tonight in Texas they wrap up the series against the Rangers and look the Sox are still off to a remarkable start. They're having a great early part of the season I love almost everything I've seen. Bats were silent lastly I don't as they face Yu Darvish and it's not only the bad so I do they haven't played well the last two connected to games. Defense of -- haven't played well. And you know they haven't been able -- situationally is LLC have been so I think all the whole across the board he just knew better all around game today. And the Celtics as you know or done for the season the question now becomes what's gonna happen in this offseason. Will Paul Pierce be bought out will. -- -- you've got to understand Kevin Garnett has a no trade clause I keep hearing will the Celtics trade Kevin Garnett has he holds the card right here's does not. Right in in Kevin Garnett case he can simply say not wanna go there and and everybody seems to think. -- Danny and doc go to and say hey when you accept the trade to -- the clippers acts the lakers whoever it is that is just go. I'm not sure that's true. They can decide they don't want pierce on the team anymore and I am out for a considerable sum of money make him a free agent he can move on down the highway. The question is is that their best -- Given where they are right now or is their best bet to -- to bring the band back together for one more -- bring back pierce and Garnett. You know Rondo will presumably be healthy Jeff Green you know is a much better player than he was Avery Bradley I mean that group. You take one last run at -- them or do you blow up now. Is to here's two things in regards to Kevin Garnett. If -- yeah you're right he holds the cards by his decision might be predicated largely on what appears assess. Well what they do with peers in other words if they do something with pierce then he says you know what I'll care I'll I'll I'll take that trade. By everything you a lot of but the -- about what you should do and it's such an easy reacts in the same blow it up. I don't think -- I think they should keep it I think they should keep it for another year and here's my reasoning is that. You have a much better chance of winning or you have the chance to win the only take a chance a chance at winning and I think. A semi legitimate chance at winning. If you keep them together because if you had this team. With Rondo won it with solid -- even with pierce and Garnett like they are. You were gonna have a series with might -- Miami Heat. And you're going to be. Probably not. But you're gonna have you you're gonna have an entertaining series -- them. And via the the other part of this argument which is why I think this way is because. It has gotten so far down the line with pierce and Garnett in regard to their trade value. I just think they mean more to this team and they do -- any trade right now I just don't think you can get the values that you need to in order to justify that -- -- -- the other part of it but Kevin Garnett agree. I I mean it looked like there was much slippage now pierce look a little old to me to be honest in this series Kevin Garnett didn't. It in in. If Kevin Garnett is what it is that. He's not the old Kevin Garnett beat that's fine because what is the one of the harder or what is the hardest thing to find in basketball which -- big man. And guess what you have a pretty good one not the guys and maybe you want is not the best but no he's pretty good we'll try out try going out and getting back guy in the open market. Not easy. -- let's get the call 6177797937. As the telephone number Tex lines available to me at the AT&T text line. And its common already at 37937. Thomas and Salem -- -- kick it off Boris here on sports on. Good morning gentlemen mourning mourning. And I think this is all it tickled by AMOCO was calling it a little lower income while. I call the appointment and I was sitting on the phone. And the public have indicated in the backseat that's a lot of Annika. Felt a little Italy quickly actors look like you know actually believes in and out -- picking and I appreciate it. Noble on dale a couple of and a -- and the anti. -- told ya so cruel I think it made you uncomfortable all bought into everything is just a final. I'm wary of showing how -- you. And this little two other guys I read. And and really gets -- and the other -- -- in mind wandering and the end and and bad -- Jackie went small and of course but. It's actually been property is an insult me act and brought them I told me that you Clinton felt finally. I'll look all of this guy had built in East London into the iconic moment a little guy I -- what you ejection on. What we all elite which got an eternity you're certainly going to the big walk away rightly. The dollar to achieve it shouldn't be -- it would picture do we. It was that -- but I don't I saw -- you up. Like the look at it and when you got mentioning Michael moments of -- -- making it mine mine and the little boy picture and -- Okay what you describe it didn't seem like you to scrabble night. Talk slowly and Internet look at. It was amazing I mean if you were in the building you felt that if you're watching on TV. -- -- -- I did -- week the picture out this morning it showed it to added this really is striking its enemy won't talk about. Iconic moments to me that's iconic picture. Seattle that -- is cynical by itself I. And and I'm. Very very small. And and -- -- -- the only thinking about that my original question is why it caught you need to be -- -- would it. Good young. Well I'll say this Tom and I think part of this has to do with the fact I think home ice. Means less in hockey in home court in basketball -- home field in footballer. -- I'm probably not even home field in baseball but home ice doesn't seem to be as big -- deal. In my opinion. You know of visiting team winning a playoff game is not something unusual look at the islanders. Going into Pittsburgh the -- Sidney Crosby returns from the islanders beat the Pittsburgh Penguins and come from three goals down to beat them. I mean that that's the sort of thing that kind of happens on a regular basis the San Jose Sharks who went to Vancouver and -- both the first two games invent who won. So. Am visiting team winning and hockey is just not that unusual so I wasn't shocked the Toronto took game out of here. I'll be shocked if the Bruins don't -- game out of Toronto Monday and Wednesday. -- you know I agree with you because I -- Why can't obviously proved this -- hockey such a fast moving game. There isn't the time for the the crowd to have such an enormous effect on things in other words in football you have. The offenses lead the crowd is making noise for the offense and can't hit the signals. In baseball as such it's slow moving game where you can maybe get in Summers had been. Such a fast moving game maybe that's the reason an individual match. Sure it's a pitcher and hitter you know it it it's not a teen thing it's an individual things so it's different mind and end all that said I. I am fascinated by the Toronto dynamic having been up there last week for the Red Sox instinct 5000 people four though. Wednesday night game it was probably generous in the in their assessment yes there was I didn't see one single paper airplane -- that's how few. Of them. But there was one person going to -- -- so few people there. But discs but being around that city. And there was a rally that Wednesday night out right a couple blocks down from Roger -- And that's what I'm fascinated with I don't think it'll have an enormous effect on the outcome of the game. But just Toronto being what it is and have not having a playoff game so long that that's to me if you're gonna take a first round. Storyline that's a pretty good one. Last night was the Maple Leafs first playoff victory in nine years. How they ever do it games in between them sick it did they're the only team that didn't have a playoff game between -- I say you know what Phil Kessel coming down a break away I'm surety respecting that I'd thrown out -- running through -- coursing through his head. 6177797937. -- telephone number AT&T text like 37937. -- -- sports Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah.

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