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Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford Open Sports Sunday -- Reaction to the Bruins/Leafs Series Being Tied 1-1 on an Emotional Night with Jeff Bauman in the Building

May 5, 2013|

Dale and Rob kick things off talking about the B's struggling last night and just flat out being outplayed. The guys aren't worried though and think the better team here is the B's, therefore they'll bounce back. Dale discusses the awesome, emotional scene last night at the Garden with local hero Jeff Bauman there serving as Bruins banner captain.

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My name's Dale Arnold rob Bradford from WEEI dot com is -- started this a civil along side but that's the lines across the table mountain is right over there. Resplendent is always mine with his Deutsche Bank championship -- -- -- -- stuff I'm big in India now there's a long day. Longest sports now free -- young players say -- motivate -- a little frivolous concern after we -- -- If the Brad -- show from institute warning. Keep all I can call him the ball. Love there are commemorative I can't get enough because you weren't so many unanswered question really is between nine and one listen there's a lot to talk about -- now there is there's a lot to talk about. It will start with the Bruins because as a viable loss last night to the Toronto Maple Leafs. I I don't understand it -- I will never understand how you come out with less than. A complete effort and I thought the Bruins had less than a complete effort last night I mean game one they were dominant. In every phase of the game they were clearly the better team. Toronto to its credit amp up its game last night in the Bruins did not what are -- -- learn to go below. These narratives that we go down after these first games. One of whom weight wise Toronto has very very little playoff expert okay. Right in and I bet that's what affected them in that first game and that's fine. Usually after that it's it's with how it's gonna take over they have played in a playoff game now and what happened last night. -- large degree how typical. Might as well -- yeah I think it was not a more opulent I didn't I did not say that they are more talented team but they've played batter. Then the first game because there are more talented team in the show in the first. Well up to you this way if you if you feel that the Pittsburgh Penguins are among the best teams in the national hockey -- -- -- if not the best team in the national. The fact that they won game one handily and and lost game two of the islanders you're not sitting you're saying well all. Pittsburgh's in trouble. And they're not are -- I don't think the Bruins are -- -- exactly that's exactly the point I'm surrounding here. If you think the Bruins are a better team -- the Toronto Maple Leafs and I do. The fact that they lost on home ice to the Maple Leafs last night doesn't lead me to the next step which is all the Bruins are troubling mr. then. They certainly made it harder on themselves after losing last night they've now given up home ice advantage. Which they can re seized by winning either of the next two games in Toronto and I think they will win one of the next two games in Toronto. I thought this was gonna go six games I thought that the Bruins would win this series in six games. So -- obviously by fact I thought the Bruins lose a couple. And night. And I wasn't shocked that they lost I was disappointed. That Toronto seemed to respond better than the. Okay in we agree that we can't say that -- more talented and and we can't -- frozen when the series. But why did the Bruins lose last night. Toronto played are okay but they are in that that's that's the the the macro view of things. Why did they lose what part of the game did the Bruins lose defense of breakdowns -- okay why it was that. Firms can actually help them absolutely. Well and and again please don't misunderstand this those of you were driving around Boston screaming to radio -- our stop making excuses dale because I'm not okay. The fact of the matter is parents get suspended for game and should have been by the he deserved the one game that he got he didn't protest that he said you accept it you move on he's done that I've done that but because parents was out. You had a choice to make if you were if you were Claude Julian you can put -- Johnson and and immediately he's a left shooting defenseman like parents you keep the other defense -- the same and you move on from there. You elected to go with a more talented player -- Doug Hamilton. But he's a right handed shooting defenseman and what you had to do was disrupt all three defense pairs. To put Hamilton and you broke up char and Seidenberg. You moved Seidenberg. From the right side where he's infinitely more comfortable to the left side where he's nowhere near as comfortable. And Dennis Seidenberg was on the ice for three goals against last night. And the last time the Seidenberg has had my 3 February. I don't -- -- reality -- that and I that it was playing right defense that night to a fine if I went back and looked at a but my guess is he was probably playing that position. And you can see. Tangible evidence of what you're talking about affecting the Bruins in affecting net loss so I don't think you make an excuse at all. I think these are very real problems that they faced last night which they probably won't have the face the next game. Now ironically only that if parents back Monday and ironically I think the -- -- going to be suspended for Monday's game yet we were talking about that. That Buick Buick made mention that he win for the head. Person for most first point of contact was the -- it doesn't matter that he led with a shoulder. The first point of contact was the head which makes it. A violation of rule 48. And -- forty pointed out on the post game show its initial point of contact with the shoulder but that he followed through with the elbow and now there was no penalty called on the -- there was no penalty called on Andrew Ference. When he hit about right in game one and he was suspended for game and Japan and beyond but -- should be suspended for game. I don't know what enough track record is as they take that into consideration I don't know what his suspension track record as. But just based on the violation that he committed last night. I think -- Will be and should be suspended for two and as you point out that yes going to have number one to me. I also think you look at the follow -- And I know that gets -- clues of accent after the game last night as well you look at his follow through and that was pretty damning -- so. The same way with with parents as follow throw yes when he -- about ski in the heading game one. He'd he got what he deserved and that in that regard you know -- -- one game suspension which he served last night I think the least we'll have to play without enough. You'll look at some of the things that happen in the NHL. I mean I was one of the people who thought that Eric cry about not only didn't the service suspension I didn't think he deserved a penalty. But the hit on Lars -- He did not make they had the first point of contact. Unfortunately. -- got jarred by the shoulder to shoulder hit that big drive and gave him. And was knocked unconscious before he hit the ice he wasn't able to break his fall and brace himself and he went face first onto the ice and you saw you know the damaging results. Happened a similar sort of thing happened a number of years to go to Kevin Stephens. When he was playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins he took a hit was out. Went down face first and blow up his face the same way Lars tell -- -- and and unfortunately the results of the hit by gripe about. Outweighed the actual hit itself but he got suspended for two games for that and Ference got suspended for game for his shot. I don't see any way in the world and of escapes the same sort of punishment from Brendan Shanahan. Yeah I'm in so weak as you said -- we are making excuses here because. Why we focus on the micro in regards the Ference and the effect it has on defense I think your first point with the good one. Which is the Bruins distant come to play like. They didn't have the same intent right they had in game one -- exactly now I -- and you know what they did they did when it was too little too late. Or put not a pretty it's spurt there in the third period they were outshooting at least mile wide margin but got it to within a goal. And then gave up a back breaker to van riemsdyk well first ball. You can't let Cassel go on a breakaway when you're trying to fight from behind you're down not not a good way to start -- there and you know that that's kind of the way he's gonna play he's gonna look for that. Home run past you got to be aware of that after the bruins' defense. And then the the van riemsdyk goal was another back breaker. I think they didn't. They didn't come with the same intensity. That the Maple -- that you had to match that I think they also. On another fallout from the games they also -- Cassel get players incompetence almost son. Because if you look at the beginning of that game. And I think there was there was a two on one. And he could it take you could get in to this said Brecht said he could've got himself in position take a shot. But clearly he was setting up the pass the whole way you know what he won anything any part of it. Right and you kind of get that I had a feeling that oh okay it's in castles had the crowd out of the the moment everything else. Don't give this guy any conference but by the end of the game what's happening. You -- in these guys praising castle for what a good game point. Well according mentioned at the post game show last night in an -- Bruins fan which are concerned about is that this opens the floodgates. Now I don't happen to think it well. But here's -- here's the bottom line fact. That is the first. Yet even strength goal Kessel has scored against the Bruins in 24 career games against them. The first and only even strength goal he scored against the Bruins in 24 games. I was -- terrific play breakaway goal made that made the move beat to grasp all that's stuff that a gifted goal scorer like -- can do. But let's not go crazy about the -- suddenly being broken. Here and finally know why he's a talented player and opt -- to dole. Midway through that game you did you have that feeling of that this that this is the type of player who this environment especially in Boston is gonna get -- And on and but then all of a sudden you're right the dividend and a break open because the guy has one goal. We understand that. -- he's gonna play with more confidence now you want him heading into Toronto parents still shaken emotionally from from being yelled -- by the big bad. Bruins fans. But that's not the case. My daughter who was that the games featuring cast like that don't work and at EnerNOC. Said with a chip -- -- might wanna. Now it okay they're not cheering capital there. You left Paris which could well guy now calm it it's disappointing from the Bruins fans perspective simply because. You wanted to see -- come -- with the same effort that they had in game one and if they lost. If it primer stands on his head or are you know yeah a lot about a -- Google it if something happens you say our rights OB. But it Europe roads and you know what's in this. You know that Toronto -- up the intensity. The Bruins didn't didn't match it and that's where -- disappointment is you know what you know a lot of people are saying all this is like the last month and half the season. You know you have a great game in game one followed up with a not so great game in game two and the Bruins deserve those questions. Until they prove that it's that it's. I don't know if you -- heard this but the truth eyesore in the middle and all way to cut out at a -- billion times last year there in the Red Sox season. By retired a -- knowing you were wrong and the truth was that Gal Luft Hezbollah have solid plan that's out at sub key element key points this season the truth that Liza weren't built but not the overall overall it was part of -- -- and yes there was one way. But the EP -- driver in this one of the things is that you look at the next game in the series going forward. It's you don't get the feeling that hey you know what this -- carried them even when now he was fight right when he does that's exactly it in the in the third period when the Bruins finally woke up and they were putting pressure on him. Look at those rebounds look at how as you said look at how he's fighting the puck you don't get that sense of goalie day who was playing with a tremendous about a conference in that situation. I agree with the complete. I'll also say this and if if you weren't watching at the beginning of the telecast last night if you were in the building you obviously -- I I tried to give -- enough hints on on both Twitter and on the pregame show to make sure you caught the first few minutes of the game. There are some iconic sports moments in Boston sports history and we remember them. Ray Bork helping Norman Levy day skate around the Boston Garden ice there for a final time. Yeah there there are moments yeah as going around at the stands and high five being bans on yeah Tuesday. You know a fan yelling out we love you could lose. We saw one last. We saw one of those iconic sports moments. And and the reason that the Bruins didn't publicize it very much all there was twofold reason. One big didn't wanna make it appear as though they were trying to you know get some publicity advantage from this and they weren't. And to. Questions during the day whether Jeff Bowman would be able to be there and and I mean he's not. Completely out of vote the would series at Spaulding rehab but you know he is still hospitalized for. The grievous injuries that he suffered April 15 in the Boston Marathon bombing. But when they wheeled him out on the ice in the darkened arena. And most fans I don't think even saw that he came out then it brought the carpet out of the Zamboni entrance and and wield his wheelchair out onto the carpet in the dark. And then the video board at SATA rice. Was was running the -- they didn't have a vocal intro Jim Martin didn't introduce him it was strictly on video. And they talked about you know one of the heroes of the Boston Marathon bombing and then when they put his name up on the board it's -- a rice. And the spotlight shone on him and he's sitting there. It lower than the emotion of it floored me now neither team was out on the bench at the time. So there was no psychological advantage to be gained by the by the Bruins or or psychological damage to be suffered by the Toronto Maple -- neither team was out there. It was the fans moment it was Jeff Bowman's moment. And it just it war picture nuts and and he sit there with that big smile he has and he's waving that Boston's strong flag. And at the same time the fans are passing that giant Bruins banner around the arena and Brian Babineaux was one of the Bruins photographer yes. Gotten the shot. Of Jeff. Sitting in the chair. Waving the flag in the giant Bruins banner is right or don't find him going around the arena where Mercury you're through refinement. I I tweeted out last night I'll re tweet at the -- so that you concede -- picture. It is stunning. And I as I said last night I -- in law. Of the strength and spirit of a guy like Jeff Bowman I I I'm sold awestruck. By eight you know a lot of people who were heroes around the pair marathon bombing. Its -- some people don't know the story so I don't blame them when somebody on Twitter said to me last night. -- I said you know an American hero Jeff balance and he's at maybe you need to define hero form. Because they don't know the whole story in other words they think all because he was a victim he's a hero and he's a hero because he had both legs blown off in the marathon bombing. He went into surgery. Woody came out of surgery that very first thing he did was give his best friend who was sitting at his bedside waiting foreign. To go get a policeman he couldn't speak because he had a -- going down its throat. He got the policeman to come into the room any -- on a pad of paper I saw the guy. And and then described him. And then set black hat sunglasses. He said he looked right at me. So the policeman that was able to go back to the FBI -- this description they were able to go back and look through the videos and -- Various right that's the guy the first identification of these two. Dirt bags and tape from just -- moment -- That's why he's an American hero he's the one who put a finger on. On dirt bag number one and set I looked -- I saw him he looked me in BI this is who you're looking for. It was stunning last. He's going to even if he doesn't identify area who -- somebody to say he's not here who say that. The hernia -- -- I take that back right I TSA. And there are filed a frenzy there I know in and we although there people there. By what he had yeah absolutely what a great moment it was unbelievable last. And I I don't. How much of the game Jeff was able to stay for. I I know that they had accommodations -- a sweet but they they didn't know if he was going to be able to eat any more people know where he Watson. He you know he he did put out a statement through the Bruins thanking the Bruins in the people Boston for their support. He was there to service the -- banner captain before the game. And I don't know -- -- for the whole game I I honestly don't know where he went after he left the ice. What I'm telling you if you saw that on TV or if you saw that in the arena. Yeah and you didn't get a lump in your throat and -- hearing your eye and and it catching your heart doing human. It was unbelievable to see it happen. -- and and all the credit to -- What he's fighting his way through wind and the type of person that he is. I know Jerry knows him personally and -- talked about him. An emotional important has gotten to know Jeff a little bit the year and has talked about him how strong he is. It was an amazing moment to see last night at the garden and if if you didn't get the opportunity I'm sure you can find video of it on line. Bullock again before if you trio that photo. I'll put it out -- how recently -- I I tweeted it out last night Brian Babineaux took the shot is experiencing great photographer and I'm sure it's a great great show. I let's open up the lines bring you guys in 6177797937. -- telephone number. On the AT&T text line is 37937. You are always available. To reach out either of us by way of our Twitter accounts act Brad Ball. -- -- --

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